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For over 70 years the National Film Board of Canada has been creating documentaries, films and animations. Now they are providing streaming video access to almost 3,000 films, clips and trailers from the NFB collection via their website.

Some films are public, but others require a subscription; use the link from our library homepages for access to all the content we pay for.  Or, search TOPCAT to find the videos we have access to.

Trent also subscribes to CAMPUS, the media tool for educators. This includes more than 500 top educational films, educational resources like teaching guides and tools that allow you to create your own clips and playlists.

Access to CAMPUS features requires a personal account. Create your own account:

  • Go to and create a profile (or login to your existing profile, if you have one already) by clicking on sign in.
  • On the next page, for "Find your school" search for Trent University, select it, and click "Continue".
  • Click on the link to "Education".
  • From now on, you can log in to your account any time you wish and view NFB titles under our campus license.

See the Mobile Access information for NFB.

Most of the videos available on this site can be found by searching TOPCAT, which provides a link to the video.

Trent has purchased the performance rights to access these video resources for classroom use.

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A stable url (or persistent link) is a link that connects a user to a particular item in a database or on the web.

NFB Online Screening Room provides a unique url for each video, which you can copy from the "address" bar and use later.

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