Bibliography Of Native North Americans


The Bibliography of Native North Americans, from Human Relations Area Files (HRAF), is an electronic publication that contains the citations from the cumulative eight volumes of the Ethnographic Bibliography of North America as well as additional new citations.

The Bibliography of Native North Americans contains citations to literature about native peoples of North America published from the sixteenth century to the present. Native North Americans include Aleuts; Eskimos or Inuit of Greenland, northern Canada, Alaska, and eastern Siberia; and other native peoples of Alaska, Canada, the United States, and Mexico north of the northern boundary of Mesoamerica.

All citations are to published materials: books, journal articles, essays, conference papers, and US and Canadian government documents.

The Bibliography of Native North Americans is available through the EBSCOhost interface, and can be searched simultaneously with other EBSCO databases by selecting them at the "Choose Databases" screen. Including Academic Search Elite may increase the number of results you find.


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