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TITLE: Archives of Ontario Computerized Land Records Index

Accession Number: 80-009
Description: This index consists of computer output microfiches of land records held in Archives of Ontario. The microfiches provide an index to Crown Land Papers, Canada Company Papers, and the Peter Robinson Papers from 1819 to 1830.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed 26 Feb. 1979
Extent: 126 fiche
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Joyce Anderson fonds

Accession Number: 14-004
Description: Fonds pertains to the Cairnduff family and McWilliams family of Nogie’s Creek, Ontario. Items include two photo albums, two Bibles, and a handwritten music book for violin. Also included are two envelopes, one containing postcards pertaining to Buckhorn and the surrounding area with postmarks dating from 1907 to 1949, collected by Clayton Grant, the other containing a newspaper clipping, photograph, and colour scripture book. Also included are two books: My Bookhouse Through Fairy Halls, and The Standard Horse and Stock Book.
Inclusive Dates: 1851-1954
Extent: 32 cm of textual records; ca. 60 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Diary and report of the Bell's Line Survey / by Robert Bell

Accession Number: 77-1017
Description: The fonds consists of typescripts of the field diary and report of the survey of Bell's Line by Robert Bell, August 1847-September 1848.
Inclusive Dates: Transcribed [before 1977]
Extent: 28 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: W.T.C. Boyd fonds

Accession Number: 01-019
Description: Fonds consists of 27 diaries of William Thornton Cust Boyd dated 1878 through 1917. Five of the diaries, 1884-1888, include financial records. The diaries recount the private and public life of Boyd, and include references to his wife, Meta, and their children, and social activities with family and friends including boating excursions and picnics. He refers throughout to Richard Birdsall Rogers (1857-1927), superintending engineer of the Peterborough Lift Lock, in social and business terms, and the two often conduct business relating to the Trent Valley Canal. Activities which Boyd participated in regularly include yachting and boating (on the "Calumet", "Ogemah", and "Ajax"), curling, hunting, gardening, tree planting, playing cards, skating, canoeing, and attending the theatre. He recounts details of the illnesses, deaths and funerals of acquaintances and family members, including his step-brother, Mossom (Mossie) Martin Boyd. Boyd recounts in detail the building of his house by John E. Belcher ([184-]-1915), architect, civil engineer, and surveyor. This house is now operated as Case Manor Nursing Home. The diaries speak of local and federal politics, World War I, and the activities of the church. They also detail the activities of the Lindsay, Bobcaygeon and Pontypool Railway Company, the Trent Valley Navigation Steamship Company, and the day-to-day operation of the family lumbering and cattle/buffalo enterprises.
Inclusive Dates: 1878-1917
Extent: 14 cm of textual records
Restrictions: N

TITLE: W.T.C. Boyd fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 02-014
Description: Fonds consists of diaries, notebooks, and "cash books" of W.T.C. Boyd relating primarily to business matters, with occasional references to personal matters. Also included are photographs of family members; letters written during WWI by Boyd's son, Thornton; letters and documents related to the building of Boyd's house by architect, John E. Belcher; and letters and documents relating to the family cattle/buffalo cross-breeding enterprise.
Inclusive Dates: 1863-1917
Extent: 12 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: W.T.C. Boyd fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 04-003
Description: Fonds consists of photographs of Boyd's family, postcards, a notebook, and a book entitled Canada in Khaki: A Tribute to the Officers and Men now serving in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1917.
Inclusive Dates: 1889-1917
Extent: 6 cm of textual records; 8 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: W.T.C. Boyd fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 04-011
Description: Fonds consists of the wills of W.T.C. Boyd and Ida Lillian Boyd, with attached deed of Laurence Chadwick Boyd. Also included are several Boyd family photographs and one portrait. One of the albums has a photograph of Anne Langton, pioneer artist and teacher who settled in the Sturgeon Lake area, and whose journals have been published.
Inclusive Dates: [183-?]-[188-?]; 1918; 1983
Extent: 6 cm of textual records; 1 portrait; 54 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Christ Church fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 75-1023
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of photocopies of the records of Christ Church, Bobcaygeon, giving an outline history of the beginnings of the congregation and church construction, treasurer's accounts (Building Committee), Font Account (Reverend C.W. Paterson), Bazaar Account, and Liabilities Account (Building Committee). The records photocopied range from 1869 to 1881.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [between 1970 and 1975]
Extent: 21 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Re-survey : Bobcaygeon Road fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 77-1004
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of photocopies of the original report, field notes, diary and index of the re-survey of free grants on the Bobcaygeon Road, south of Bell's Line. The field notes are in diagram form with remarks on soil and timber. The fonds also includes notes on side roads, Concession "A", Township of Sherbourne, Ridout, Franklin and the "Queen's Line", and the Township of Franklin. Also included is a typescript of a report dated July 15, 1862 to Hon. Wm. Macdougall, Commissioner of Crown Lands.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [between 1963 and 1973]
Extent: 171 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Somerville Township to Bell's line : Bobcaygeon Road fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 77-1002
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of photocopies of the field notes, diary and report of the survey of the Bobcaygeon Road (Township of Bobcaygeon) from Somerville to Bell's Line, 1858 by Michael Deane. Includes comments on timber and soil with diagrams and a typescript of a letter to the Commissioner of Crown Lands dated September 7, 1858.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [between 1963 and 1973]
Extent: 133 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Boyd family fonds

Accession Number: 88-011
Description: This fonds consists of records encompasing three generations of the Boyd family of Bobcaygeon. The fonds has been divided into the following series: photographs and glass negatives; Reverend Henry C. Avant; Mossom Boyd; Mossom Martin Boyd (Mossie); Lillian de Grassi Boyd; the De Grassi papers which are records of Dr. Alex De Grassi, Lillian Boyd's father, a physician from Lindsay, Upper Canada; Gardiner Cust Boyd; Mildred Boyd; Winnett (Brownie) Boyd; Laurence Chadwick Boyd; Mossom de Grassi Boyd; A. Sheila Boyd; stamps; artifacts; business which deals with the Boyds interests in lumbering; agricultural papers which deal with the Boyd's farming interests in buffalo and cattle; and, estate papers. The strength of this fonds lies in its completeness. Nothing was thrown away and there are grocery lists, laundry lists, staff salary books, furniture receipts, party and wedding invitations, school report cards, ship and railway timetables, diaries and approximately 20,000 pieces of correspondence. This has resulted in a remarkable record of a large household from the 1880s to the 1980s and an invaluable source for social and business historians.
Inclusive Dates: 1857-1982
Extent: 20 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Sheila Boyd fonds

Accession Number: 75-1025
Description: The fonds consists of photocopies of the following memoirs of settlement in the Bobcaygeon Area. a) Reminiscence of Mossom Boyd, written down by M.M. Boyd, 1875-1877, typescript copy, 5 pages. b) Manuscript copy of J.W. Bicks "Reminiscences and Memorandum on Coming to Canada in 1837 and Dunsford family in 1838;" gathered 1891 (January 9) 5 pages. c) George Dunsford Reminiscences, taken down by H.J. Wickham, 1894 in Miss Boyd's hand.
Inclusive Dates: 1875-1894
Extent: 15 pages
Restrictions: Not for publication outside of undergraduate essays.

TITLE: Mossom Boyd last will and testament

Accession Number: 75-1024
Description: This item is a photocopy of the last will and testament of Mossom Boyd, written May 7, 1880 and probated August 27, 1883.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [ca. 1975]
Extent: 15 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Sheila Boyd fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 97-1013
Description: This fonds consists of two certificates: a Horticultural Service Diploma dated 1952, awarded to Sheila Boyd by the Bobcaygeon Horticultural Society for "meritorious service to horticulture"; and, a Canadian Legion certificate dated 1955, awarded to Sheila Boyd as an expression of appreciation for her work with Bobcaygeon Branch 239.
Inclusive Dates: 1952 1955
Extent: 2 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Carrie Brady notebooks fonds

Accession Number: 89-1012
Description: This fonds consists of notebooks belonging to Carrie Brady. The notebooks cover a wide range of subjects such as grammar, French, geography, mathematics and calligraphy.
Inclusive Dates: Dec. 1877
Extent: 1 file
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Bobcaygeon-Nipissing Road fonds

Accession Number: 77-1003
Description: This fonds consists of photocopies of the field notes of a Bobcaygeon-Nipissing Road survey, in diagram form, with notations as to timber and soil types as well as other important observations. The fonds also includes photocopies and a transcript of final report dated September 1, 1860 by Crosbie Brady.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [between 1963 and 1973]
Extent: 1 volume
Restrictions: N

TITLE: David Brown Collection

Accession Number: 98-015
Description: This collection consists of miscellanous ledgers and legal documents of businesses, doctors, etc. in Peterborough, surrounding counties and areas in southern Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1826-1967
Extent: 2 m & 1 large folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Bury's Green Women's Institute collection

Accession Number: 01-011
Description: Collection consists of three pamphlets, "Our Own Cookbook" / by the East Victoria Women's Institute, 1905, "Pioneer Gleanings from Verulam, 1867-1967" / by T.H. Martin, and "Bury's Green Branch of the Women's Institute, 1953-1993". Also included are items which were removed from a scrapbook: seven photographs, brochures, and several newspaper clippings relating to Fenelon Falls, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, and Bury's Green, Ontario, 1961, 1984-1994. The photographs include Women's Institute members such as Nan McGhee, Phyllis Fell, Esther Humphries, Laura Flett, Mrs. Tiers, Clara Flett, and Grace Barker; also included are photos of Sherry L. Telford and Kim Chambers during the Olympic Torch Run, 1988. This collection also consists of a scrapbook entitled "Tweedsmuir History: Bury's Green Branch Women's Institute". Enclosed are approximately 70 photographs, a history of Bury's Green branch of the Women's Institute, maps, brochures, correspondence, historical accounts, and memorabilia, n.d.
Inclusive Dates: 1904-1993
Extent: 10 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Ian Campbell fonds

Accession Number: 02-019
Description: Fonds consists of the printed genealogy of the families of Ian Lachlan Campbell (1927-) and Marion Isabel (Wellwood) Campbell (1926-). The spiral-bound 2 volume set, Part 1 - Volume 1, and Part 1 - Volume 2, has the title "Difficulty Overcome" and is a study of the clans, extended families, lineages and families of the descendants of Colin Campbell (b. Islay 1792, d. Eldon Twp., Ontario - 1877); Isabella Carmichael (b. Islay 1792, d. Eldon Twp., Ontario - 1830); William McLachlan (b. Isle of Islay, d. Victoria County, Ontario); Christina Bell; William McCoy (b. Co. Down, Ireland, 1819, d. Hamilton, Ontario, 1887), Ann Hamilton (Ireland); Samuel Jeffery (b. County Down, Ireland, d. Haley Station, Ontario); John Elis Gilpin (b. United Kingdom, d. Jellys, Ontario - 1869); and Margaret Laycock (d. Haley Station, Ontario - 1900).
Inclusive Dates: 2002
Extent: 6 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Canada. Census

Accession Number: 83-007
Description: This fonds consists of five microfilm reels of the decennial nominal census, of 1881, of Peterborough, Victoria, Hastings, Durham and Northumberland Counties. This collection includes the census of the towns, villages, and townships of Hastings County (north) and are listed as follows: Marmora Lake, Wollaston, Monteagle, Hershel, Wicklow, McClure, Bangor, Mayo, Carlo, Grimsthorpe, Elzevir, Dungannon, Faraday, Cashel, Limerick, Tudor, Sabine, Airey, Lyell, Murchison and Robinson; also Northumberland County (east), including Cramahe, Colborne (village), Brighton, Brighton (village), Murray, Percy, Seymour, Campbellford (village) and Hastings (village). Included also is Northumberland County (west) encompassing Alnwick, Haldimand, Hamilton, and Cobourg (town); and Peterborough County (east), which includes Ashburnham (village), Norwood (village), Burleigh, Anstruther, Chandos, Harvey, Galway, Cavendish, Belmont, Methuen, Hastings (village), Asphodel, Stanhope, Sherborne, McClintock, Dudley, Dysart, Harcourt, Snowden, Glamorgan, Monmouth, Cardiff, Minden, Douro, Otonabee, and Dummer. Also included is Peterborough County (west), encompassing Peterborough (town), Smith, Monaghan (north), Monaghan (south), and Ennismore; also Durham County (east), which includes Hope, Port Hope (town), Cavan, Manvers, Millbrook (village); also Durham County (west), which includes Darlington, Newcastle (village), Clarke, Cartwright, and Bowmanville (town); also Victoria County (south), which includes Ops, Lindsay (town), Mariposa, Emily, Verulam, Omemee (village), and Bobcaygeon (village); also Victoria County (north), which includes Eldon, Fenelon, Fenelon Falls (village), Carden, Dalton, Bexley, Somerville, Digby, Laxton, Longford, Lutterworth, Hindon, and Anson; also Muskoka, which includes Morrison, Gravenhurst (village), Muskoka, Wood, Medora, Monk, Cardwell, Watt, Conger, Humphrey, Oakley, Ryde, Draper, Bracebridge (village), Macauly, Brunel, Stephenson, Ridout, McLean, Sinclair, Franklin, Proudfoot, Chaffey, Bethune, Perry, McDougall, Cowper, and Foley. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed [ca. 1983]
Extent: 5 reels
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Canada. Census

Accession Number: 86-026
Description: This fonds consists of census records for Victoria, Peterborough, Northumberland and Durham Counties from 1891. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed [ca. 1986]
Extent: 8 reels
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Canada. Victoria County and Durham (East) County Census

Accession Number: 80-002
Description: Microfilm copy of nominal, decennial census of Victoria County and Durham (East) County for 1871. The census for Durham East includes only the Townships of Cavan and Manvers. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed 21 Nov. 1979
Extent: 3 reels
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Canada West. Victoria County Census

Accession Number: 80-001
Description: The Microfilm are copies of the National Archives of Canada decennial, nominal census for the County of Victoria, 1851 and 1861. Also included on the microfilm are the nominal census for Stormont County, 1861 and Waterloo County, 1861. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed 21 Nov. 1979
Extent: 4 reels
Restrictions: N

TITLE: William Chirpaw fonds

Accession Number: 94-1004
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence, invoices and receipts of William Chirpaw who ran a hotel and a lumber business at Victoria Road, Bexley Township in Victoria County.
Inclusive Dates: 1898-1920
Extent: .5 inches
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Christ Church fonds

Accession Number: 75-004
Description: The fonds consists of photocopies of records of Christ Church, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, including minute books, parish registers (baptisms, marriages, burials and confirmations), and a vestry book including both accounts and minutes. The photocopied records cover approximately a hundred-year span from 1865 to 1960. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [between 1970 and 1975]
Extent: 15 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Amy Cosh collection

Accession Number: 05-006
Description: Collection consists of a photograph album containing 188 photographs and newspaper clippings of soldiers from Bobcaygeon, Ontario who served in WWII. Also included is a booklet entitled "The Royal Canadian Legion, Bobcaygeon Branch 239, 1932-1992."
Inclusive Dates: 1942-1946
Extent: 188 photographs; 2 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Harley R. Cummings fonds

Accession Number: 00-001
Description: This fonds consists of primary research material and the manuscript and photographs for Harley R. Cummings' book, "Early Days in Haliburton". The fonds also consists of correspondence, including letters from the Honorable Leslie Frost, photographs, maps, and an original 1863 surveyor's diary for Eyre Township. Also included are the C.R. Stewart diaries, dated 1902-1904. C.R. Stewart (1826-1905) was resident agent for the Canadian Land and Immigration Company and was the first settler in the Village of Haliburton. In his diaries he refers to Colonel Samuel Hughes and Mossom Boyd. Stewart's son, C.E. Stewart (1851-1921) was editor of the "Bobcaygeon Independent". The fonds also includes several historical papers and publications written by Cummings and others.
Inclusive Dates: 1863-1999
Extent: .75 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Harley R. Cummings fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 01-009
Description: Fonds consists of maps and plans of the Ottawa and Haliburton areas, time-books of Bronsons and Weston logging firm, and photographs of the building of a railway, and of the Haliburton area. Included also are research material and manuscripts relating to books which Harley R. Cummings wrote about schools in the Ottawa area, and on the history of Haliburton. Included are notes on John Strachan and a transcript of his diary.The fonds also includes several genealogical charts of the MacCallum family.
Inclusive Dates: 1864-1999
Extent: .5 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Harley R. Cummings fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 02-009
Description: Fonds consists of call-up notification postcards (1874-1880) sent by Lieut.-Col. Alex. McKenzie of Barrie, Ontario, to Lieut. John Sutherland of Bond Head, Ontario regarding the Battalion being raised at Barrie for the Northwest Rebellion. Also included are genealogical records related to the Cummings and MacCallum families, a photocopy of a book written by Harley Cummings entitled "Cummings-MacCallum: A Tale of Two Families"; notes and other materials related to the teaching career of Cummings; three photographs, "Hon. Thos. Mackay's Mills, Distillery etc. and part of New Edinburgh, Rideau Falls", "New Edinburgh, from Railway Bridge", and an unidentified photo similar to the previous two; and three maps: 1. "Ontario Department of Highways Road Map of the Provisional County of Haliburton", 1952 (original); 2. "Plan of Part of York River and its Southern Tributaries, Egan's River, Hudson's Creek & Allen's Creek together with the Head Waters of the E. & W. Branches of Crow River & Buckhorn Branch of Ottanabe [Otonabee] River, Tributaries to the St. Lawrence", surveyed by John A. Snow, Hull, 1855 (in four sheets, copied from microfilm); 3. "Plan of Part of York River, commencing at the Floorwood Jam", surveyed by John A. Snow, Hull, 1854 (in three sheets, copied from microfilm).
Inclusive Dates: 1874-1986
Extent: 7 cm of textual records 3 maps 3 photographs
Restrictions: N 

TITLE: Harley R. Cummings fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 04-006
Description: Fonds consists of documents and photographs relating to Harley Cummings' education and military career; his research notes, correspondence, and manuscripts relating to family history and Ottawa schools history; and miscellaneous scrapbooks.
Inclusive Dates: 1864-1999
Extent: 60 cm of textual records; 50 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Harley R. Cummings fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 08-022
Description: Fonds consists of Harley Cummings' research material for Early Days in Haliburton, published in 1963. Included are original wage lists, letters, receipts, accounting records, and agreements of the Ottawa logging company, Bronsons and Weston, with several documents relating to their York Branch operation. Documents relating to business transactions with the Boyd lumbering company of Bobcaygeon, and with individuals along the Peterson Road and Bobcaygeon Road who provided supplies and lodging for the workers comprise a part of the holdings. Mentioned are the Egan Farm in Dungannon Township, Hastings County, and the Bruton Farm on the Peterson Road in Haliburton County. There are references, too, to the operation of cadges between locations (commercial carriers which transported supplies by horses and sleigh/buggy). Also included are copy maps; photographs; notes; handwritten transcriptions of diaries of Alexander Niven and of Mrs. C.R. Stewart; and photographs of Lillian de Grassi Boyd, the Blomfield [Blumfield] family of Lakefield, and the Strickland homestead in Lakefield.
Inclusive Dates: 1869-1963
Extent: 19 cm of textual records; 15 photographs : 13 negatives
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Lieutenant Colonel J. Deacon notebook

Accession Number: 77-1018
Description: This item is a notebook containing orders and correspondence of Lieutenant Colonel J. Deacon, commanding officer of the Midland Regiment, during the Riel Rebellion of 1885. Also included in the notebook are telegrams and copies of Deacon's own correspondence to General Middleton.
Inclusive Dates: 1885
Extent: 5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Gertrude Duncan postcard collection

Accession Number: 03-1001
Description: Collection consists of 10 postcards of Coboconk, Ontario, ca. 1920s.
Inclusive Dates: 192?
Extent: 10 postcards
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Dunsford family tree

Accession Number: 04-1008
Description: Item is a rolled family tree with the title "Pedigree of the family of Dunsford." It was compiled in 1886 by George Lichigaray Dunsford of Exeter. The earliest information is dated 1631 and the latest 1884.
Inclusive Dates: 04-1008
Extent: 1 rolled item
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Emily Township Municipal Records

Accession Number: 82-002
Description: This fonds consists of minutes, by-laws, assessment and collectors rolls, cash books and miscellaneous correspondence of Emily Township, Victoria County, Ontario. The large assessment and collectors rolls are shelved with the Victoria County municipal records. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: 1850-1966
Extent: 90 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Upper Canada. Victoria County. Emily Township Petition

Accession Number: 75-1008
Description: This item is a petition of freeholders of Emily Township to John Huston, Surveyor of Highways, paying for alterations in roads, especially along the Emily/Ennismore boundary.
Inclusive Dates: 20 Mar. 1829
Extent: 2 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Bernhard E. Fernow letter

Accession Number: 77-1008
Description: This item is a photocopy of a typescript of a letter from J.B. McWilliams to Dean B.E. Fernow at the University of Toronto giving a very detailed account of timber licences in the Trent Valley (first licences, abandoned or cancelled licences) and of the amount of lumber taken out in 1872-3 as opposed to 1912. His concerns were conservation and failing that, reforestation of the area. He also describes the Trent system of forest conservation. The letter is dated December 16, 1912.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [ca. 1977]
Extent: 23 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Department of Lands and Forests. Field Survey Notes

Accession Number: 83-015
Description: The 15 microfilm reels from the Department of Lands and Forests holdings contain field survey notes for most townships in southern Ontario dating from 1784 to 1945. The handwritten guide to the survey notes was prepared by students in a geography course at Trent University.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed 1947
Extent: 15 reels
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Fowlds family and business fonds

Accession Number: 72-001
Description: The fonds consists of family and related papers of Henry Fowlds and his family including James S. Fowlds and H.M. Fowlds. It also includes business correspondence, invoices, some journals and cashbooks, mortgages as well as deeds regarding the business of Henry Fowlds, Jas. S. Fowlds and Bros. and H.M. Fowlds.
Inclusive Dates: 1838-1935
Extent: 2.74 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Cecil Gray Frost fonds

Accession Number: 77-025
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence, reports, notes and other records relating to the provincial election of 1937, federal election of 1940, Progressive Conservative party conventions of 1938 and 1942, Port Hope conference of 1942, meetings of the Dominion Conservative party in 1944 and 1946. It also includes material regarding the murder trial of John Schell, 1923-25 (C.G. Frost most important early case) and to municipal and school board affairs, Lindsay, 1936-47.
Inclusive Dates: 1923-1947
Extent: 30 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Leslie M. Frost fonds

Accession Number: 77-024
Description: This fonds consists of the personal and collected papers of the Honourable Leslie M. Frost, former Premier of Ontario. It contains correspondence; letter books from World War I through his legal and political career to post-retirement phase of public and private directorships; scrapbooks of Leslie Frost and his wife Gertrude; and historical files on various subjects, including the Frost family, the Carew family, various political figures, and Victoria, Peterborough and Haliburton Counties. The fonds is especially valuable for the study of Conservatism and it includes collected campaign material from 1891 to 1971, material on federal and provincial elections, and original and copied historical material on many individuals and events. Also included in the fonds are photographs, miscellaneous graphic materials, and audio visual materials.
Inclusive Dates: 1798-1973
Extent: 36.6 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Gavin A. Gibson fonds

Accession Number: 76-010
Description: The fonds consists of an account book of the general store of G.A. Gibson, Kent Street in Lindsay, Ontario for the period of May 1888 to December 1888; four diaries, May 1898 to July 1906, in which Gibson records the chores performed daily by himself and his family as well as money received (for the sale of produce) and money spent. The fonds also contains one additional diary, January 1910 to April 1914, which records chores and events on the farm. It is possible that the diary was written by Gibson's wife, Alice, but written as if Gibson had written it himself.
Inclusive Dates: 1888-1914
Extent: 8 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Haliburton, Kawartha & Pine Ridge District Health Council fonds

Accession Number: 04-009
Description: Fonds consists of reports, directional plans, reviews, and proceedings of the Haliburton, Kawartha & Pine Ridge District Health Council (1989-1998). Also included are some meeting minutes of the Well-Being in the Rural Community Task (1995-1996); the Ontario Health Survey Liaison Group (1991-1992); the Creating a Future that Works Healthy Community Group (1994-1995); the District Health Council/Trent Conservation Coalition GIS Meeting with Stanhope Township (1996-1997); the District Health Council/Trent Conservation Coalition/GIS Project Intensification Study Technical Committee (1995-1996); the GIS Technical Committee (1997); and the GIS Planning Task Force (1995-1996).
Inclusive Dates: 1989-1998
Extent: 30 cm of textual records; 4 computer disks
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Theodore Thorne Hamilton fonds

Accession Number: 13-003

Description: Fonds pertains to the life of Theodore Thorne Hamilton (1890-1959) and his extended family. The documents, comprised of original letters, vital statistic certificates, photographs, and postcards, are interleaved with detailed biographical information compiled by the donor, Mr. Jim Hamilton, a second cousin (twice removed) of Theodore Thorne Hamilton. Included are approximately 100 photographs pertaining to the Skeena River flood of 1936, approximately 30 early 20th-century Bobcaygeon area postcards, and two Bibles.
Inclusive Dates: ca. 1890-1959
Extent: 26 cm of textual records. -- ca. 30 postcards. -- ca. 270 photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: John Huston letters fonds

Accession Number: 77-1021
Description: This fonds consists of photocopies of letters relating to the survey of Verulam Township including a letter of complaint from John Langton to Thomas Parkes regarding errors that were made in the survey; and letters from Huston to Peter Robinson and John Macaulay explaining how the errors were made. There is also a letter of recommendation from G. Boulton to Thomas Ridout recommending John Huston for his surveyor's licence on October 23, 1820.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [before 1977]
Extent: 17 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Professor Ross Irwin fonds

Accession Number: 85-010
Description: This fonds consists of research materials collected by Professor Irwin for his book on Mariposa Township, Victoria County. Material added August, 1992 includes a copy of "Mariposa: The Banner Township" and a series of 8 scrapbooks created by Mrs. Alex McIntyre of Oakwood, Ontario and donated via Professor Irwin. Additions of 1994 include slides of Lindsay, Ontario and other scenes in Victoria County taken in approximately the 1960's. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: 1893-1980
Extent: 1.2 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Kawartha Rail-Trail collection

Accession Number: 97-1010
Description: This collection consists of a covering letter providing some historical background of the Rail Trail movement, a bibliography on the subject, two issues of the organization's periodical, a map of Southern Ontario called "Trails for Today and Tomorrow" showing proposed trails and green-ways, and a folder outlining Kawartha Rail Trails.
Inclusive Dates: 1991-1995
Extent: 6 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Norbert Krommer postcard collection

Accession Number: 15-014
Description: Collection is comprised of approximately 7500 postcards (including some duplicates) pertaining primarily to the former Victoria County (now City of Kawartha Lakes). Dating from about 1900 to 1960, this collection was created by Norbert Erasmus Hyacinth Krommer of Lindsay, Ontario. A few postcards portray photographs of unidentified people, while others include handwritten messages on the reverse along with postal stamps and markings.
Inclusive Dates: ca. 1900-1960
Extent: 3 m of postcards
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Colonel George E. Laidlaw fonds

Accession Number: 74-011
Description: The fonds consists of microfilm of typescript and manuscript forms of "The Aboriginal Remains of Victoria County" by Colonel George E. Laidlaw from June, 1912.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed [ca. 1974]
Extent: 1 reel
Restrictions: N

TITLE: John Langton fonds

Accession Number: 92-1003
Description: This fonds consists of six photographs of "Blyth", the home of John Langton and his family. The photos were taken in 1911 and 1912. The home, which has since been demolished, was close to Fenelon Falls on Sturgeon Lake. The people in the photographs are not identified. Written on an envelope, included with the photographs, is "1911 & 1912. Old photos of "Blyth" Given to M. McCulloch by Mrs. [Frances] George Douglas."
Inclusive Dates: 1911-1912
Extent: 6 Photographs
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Lindsay, Ontario: fire insurance plan / Underwriters' Survey Bureau

Accession Number: 76-003
Description: This item is an insurance Plan of the Town of Lindsay, including key of symbols. The scale varies on individual sheets.
Inclusive Dates: Mar. 1949
Extent: 2 sheets plus index
Restrictions: No copying without permission of the University Archivist. No reprinting without the permission of the Underwriter's Association.

TITLE: Town of Lindsay map

Accession Number: 78-1000
Description: This item is a map of the Town of Lindsay, Ontario, 1916, drawn by A.E. Guidal. There is a notation on the map which states "Property of Leslie M. Frost.
Inclusive Dates: 1916
Extent: 1 page
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Hugh David Lumsden diaries fonds

Accession Number: 77-001
Description: This fonds consists of photocopies of the diaries of Hugh Lumsden, from 1901 to 1928. The early diaries show some evidence of surveying activity while the later ones are mainly of a personal nature. Yearly cash accounts are included.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [ca. 1977]
Extent: 46 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Professor David Macmillan fonds

Accession Number: 90-001
Description: This fonds consists of correspondence, research notes and original documents which were collected by Professor David Macmillan during his research. Items such as voters' lists for Victoria County, Ontario and a series of broadsides advertising land in Victoria County; documents from the Hudson's Bay Company, East Indies; minutes from the Barbados Board of Legislative Council, a Sydney Australia Company, and the Sydney Australian Committee of the New Steam Company; letter and share books from the Scottish Australian Investment Company; and a number of reproduction engravings and prints are included in the fonds. Also included in the fonds is a copy of Macmillan's 1964 Ph.D. thesis: "The Scottish Australian Connection..." and assorted pamphets relating to New South Wales. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: 1757-1978 ; predominant 1821-1870
Extent: 91 cm
Restrictions: Permission of University Archivist

TITLE: Helen Marryat fonds

Accession Number: 69-001
Description: The fonds consists mostly of Helen Marryat's (nee Helen Fowlds) personal experiences as a nurse in World War I, and her activities as a local historian. There are clippings of her articles in local newspapers, historical maps (drawn by Gerald Marryat) and other materials relating to settlement of Hastings and district such as education and nursing. Also included are the correspondence and photograph collections of her brothers, Donald and Eric (mostly from World War I), and material on Frederick Marryat (1792-1848), navy captain and novelist.
Inclusive Dates: 4 Feb. 1912-21 Nov. 1964
Extent: 1.7 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Eliza Jane (Hughes) McAlpine fonds

Accession Number: 97-1037
Description: This fonds consists of a two-volume biography of Eliza Jane (Hughes) McAlpine, 1854-1938, written by her grandson, Wallace McAlpine, fifty years after her death. The biography contains the Hughes family history from the Napoleonic era, follows Eliza's parents to Canada in the 1840's, describes the marriages of her siblings, and gives a fine sense of life in Durham County in the early years of Canada's nationhood. Eliza's battle with spinal meningitis is recounted. The volumes trace the events, joys, and sorrows of the sizeable Hughes family, the accomplishments of Eliza's husband, Dr. John McAlpine, and the experiences with horses and subsequently automobiles. The extraordinary impact of Hardy's "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" is described. The famous Sir Sam Hughes was Eliza's brother and some of his exploits are described. Eliza's tour of Europe is described as it took place just before the outbreak of World War I. Lt. A.A. MacLeod's story is told. There is an account of Lt. Col. Cyril D.H. McAlpine's fateful expedition in the Arctic; a biographical sketch of J.W.L. Foster who painted a portrait of Eliza; an account of M.P. Tom Stinson's visits with Eliza; Eliza's disgust with Vicki Baum; her pleasure in talking with Chief Paudash; and finally her death and its aftermath. The volumes provide a wide, varied sketch of the times in which the events transpire. Attached to the pages within the volumes are approximately 30 photographs, most of which are portraits, and are both in black and white, and colour.
Inclusive Dates: [1988]
Extent: 2 items
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Roy Russell Merifield fonds

Accession Number: 90-015
Description: This fonds consists of draft manuscripts and research notes for the book "From County Trust To National Trust" published in 1988 by Roy Russell Merifield; annual reports for Victoria and Grey Trust and affiliated merged trust companies; company and media biographical sketches of company officers and directors; correspondence to and from company president Walter Harris 1968 to 1971; photocopies of press clippings relating to the collapse of the Atlantic Acceptance/British Mortgage and Trust Company and the Hughes Royal Commission.
Inclusive Dates: 1844-1988
Extent: 60 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Miscellaneous graphic materials collection

Accession Number: 04-021
Description: Collection consists of miscellaneous photographs, engravings, posters, broadsides, and a newspaper supplement.
Inclusive Dates: 1830-2001
Extent: 1.2 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Miscellaneous map collection

Accession Number: 93-008
Description: This collection consists of miscellaneous maps of Upper Canada, Canada West and Ontario. The maps consist mostly of the Peterborough area.
Inclusive Dates: 1846-1949
Extent: 35 maps
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Colonel R.I. Moore fonds

Accession Number: 74-005
Description: The fonds consists of a collection of deeds, bonds, land grants, indentures, mortgages, writs and conveyances from the following townships and municipalities: Ops, Cavan, Manvers, Mariposa, Emily, Eldon, Cambray, Fenelon, Lindsay, Toronto, Monaghan, Somerville.
Inclusive Dates: 1830-1916
Extent: 61 cm (flat)
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Upper Canada. Newcastle District. Assessment and census rolls, pollbooks and voter's lists

Accession Number: 77-030
Description: The microfilms are copies of assessment and census rolls, 1803-1850, voter's lists, 1854, and poll books, 1816, 1820, 1824 for the Newcastle District. Area covered includes various townships in the present-day counties of Peterborough, Northumberland, Durham and Victoria. The townships of Hamilton and Haldimand were not filmed. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: Microfilmed 24 Jan. 1957
Extent: 11 reels
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Ontario's Heritage fonds

Accession Number: 87-007
Description: This fonds consists of research materials pertaining to the publication in 1978 of "Ontario's Heritage: A Guide to Archival Sources".
Inclusive Dates: 1977-1978
Extent: 5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Orgill family collection

Accession Number: 11-008
Description: Collection consists of nine Boyd family photograph albums, 14 glass plate negatives, and several strip negatives. The images depict the lives and activities of the Boyd family of Bobcaygeon, Ontario, and include lumbering scenes, Trent Canal steamboats, buffalo/Hereford animals, and travel excursions. Also included are copies of the wills of WT.C. Boyd and Mossom Boyd.
Inclusive Dates: ca. 1888-1910
Extent: 9 photograph albums. -- 14 glass plate negatives : ca. 100 strip negatives. -- 1 cm of textual records.
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Howard T. Pammett fonds

Accession Number: 77-010
Description: The fonds consists of photocopies, originals and typescripts, brought together by Howard Pammett, of newspaper articles and unpublished articles on a variety of subjects such as Mossom Boyd, lumbering in the Kawarthas, Katherine Wallis, Peterborough Canoe Company, Trent Valley Navigation Company, and steamboats on the Trent-Severn system. The newspaper articles are from the "Progress of Peterborough" series by Pammet (Peterborough Examiner, 1950-51). The unpublished articles are "A Survey of Kawartha Lumbering 1815-1965" by Pammet and "The Peterborough Canoe" by Donald Cameron. There is also correspondence of Katherine Wallis, Mossom Boyd, and the Trent Valley Navigation Company.
Inclusive Dates: 1819-1908; 1950-1975
Extent: 15 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: G.M. Roche fonds : survey of the Bobcaygeon Road

Accession Number: 77-1016
Description: This fonds consists of typescript copies of correspondence of G.M. Roche, October 1859 from Fenelon Falls, and Lindsay, Canada West, relating to the death of his brother John K. Roche, Provincial Land Surveyor, while surveying the Bobcaygeon Road. Also included are extracts from the diary of William Bell, chief chairman of John Roche's party from July 1859 to April 1860. The survey was completed by Mr. Brady, Provincial Land Surveyor, in 1860.
Inclusive Dates: Transcribed [before 1977]
Extent: 9 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Margaret Scott fonds

Accession Number: 94-1003
Description: This fonds consists of the original diary of Margaret Jane Scott who attended Lindsay Model School and then Toronto Normal School before teaching in Omemee, Ontario. The diary covers the period of time Margaret spent in Toronto at Normal School. Also included in the fonds is a typescript copy of the diary which is bound and includes an introduction, photograph and a section entitled conversations with Ida Scott which was produced September 12, 1994.
Inclusive Dates: 1903-1904, 1959
Extent: 1 folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Dennis Patrick Sears interview fonds

Accession Number: 83-011
Description: This fonds consists of a transcript and two audio reels containing an interview with Dennis Patrick Sears regarding history of Victoria County, logging, life styles, importance of the church, education, World War I and prohibition.
Inclusive Dates: 1975
Extent: 6 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Dennis Dickens Sweeting fonds

Accession Number: 01-013
Description: Fonds consists of an original unpublished manuscript written by Dennis Dickens Sweeting about his life. There is reference throughout to his involvement with theatre. Also included are two letters (1999) addressed to Jean Murray Cole from Beth Clarke-Gilman (niece of Dennis Sweeting) and Dennis Sweeting. These letters concern the reading of Sweeting's manuscript. I
nclusive Dates: 1999
Extent: 6 cm of textual records
Restrictions: N 

TITLE: Gabriel Switzer account book

Accession Number: 76-1010
Description: This item is an account book of Gabriel Switzer showing expenses and money received from 1883 to 1884. Also included is a list of officers and directors of the Emily Branch Agricultural Society, 1876.
Inclusive Dates: 1876-1884
Extent: 40 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Lieutenant Colonel R.H. Sylvester order book

Accession Number: 77-1019
Description: This item is an order book of Lt. Col. R.H. Sylvester, officer commanding of the 45th Regiment (Victoria and Haliburton). It contains daily regimental orders while at Camp Barriefield and Sturgeon Point, Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1905-1911
Extent: 5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Tolmie collection

Accession Number: 88-012
Description: This collection consists of three ledgers of business accounts and one ledger of accounts for School Section No. 5, Mariposa Township, Victoria County. This is especially interesting as it goes from 1856 to 1907 giving teacher salaries and other expenses. Also included are 58 black and white photographs of Nova Scotia circa 1900.
Inclusive Dates: 1846-1907
Extent: 13 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Trotter family photographic fonds

Accession Number: 81-016
Description: The fonds consists of 25 black and white photographs (8"X10") of scenes, in and around Lindsay, Ontario, which cover such topics as parades and processions, military, industrial, social and family gatherings. The photographs were created by the Trotter family.
Inclusive Dates: 1880-1913
Extent: 3 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: The United Counties of Peterborough and Victoria. Minutes and by-laws fonds

Accession Number: 91-1002
Description: This fonds consists of minutes and by-laws of the Proceedings of the Municipal Council of the United Counties of Peterborough & Victoria.
Inclusive Dates: 1853-1857
Extent: 0.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Victoria County. Assessment and collectors rolls

Accession Number: 78-001
Description: This fonds consists of assessment and collectors rolls for Victoria County, Canada West and Ontario. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: 1857-1930
Extent: 10.7 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Victoria County court records fonds

Accession Number: 90-005
Description: This fonds consists of 575 bound volumes of Victoria County administrative and financial records and court records. It includes 228 local business journals, day books, ledgers, County council material, criminal justice accounts and court documents. Genealogical resource.
Inclusive Dates: 1834-1969
Extent: 28.5 m
Restrictions: 90 restriction on Clerk of the Peace Records

TITLE: Edwin Zimmerman Yerex fonds

Accession Number: 02-1000
Description: Fonds consists of a diary (1910-1921) that belonged to Edwin Zimmerman Yerex of Little Britain, Ontario. The diary is a rich source of information on the people and events of Little Britain and the surrounding area. Place names such as Oakwood, Uxbridge, Port Perry, Sunderville, Omemee, Peterborough, etc. are mentioned. People with surnames such as Archer, Ashton, Chapman, Trick, Yeo, Snelgrove, Drews, and many others, are referred to throughout, and death dates of family members and acquaintances, and circumstances surrounding the deaths are often recorded. Yerex has entered his daily activities, such as excursions to "the lake", fishing trips, and trips to the Canadian National Exhibition, and often mentions the church, gardening, hockey, politics, i.e. Sam Hughes political meetings, the weather, and musical performances and fairs in the area. He has also recorded world events such as the Halifax explosion and news relating to WWI. Several pages at the end of the diary are comprised of jokes, puzzles, and poems.
Inclusive Dates: 1910-1921
Extent: 3 cm of textual records
Restrictions: N