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TITLE: Boyd family fonds

Accession Number: 88-011
Description: This fonds consists of records encompassing three generations of the Boyd family of Bobcaygeon. The fonds has been divided into the following series: photographs and glass negatives; Reverend Henry C. Avant; Mossom Boyd; Mossom Martin Boyd (Mossie); Lillian de Grassi Boyd; the De Grassi papers which are records of Dr. Alex De Grassi, Lillian Boyd's father, a physician from Lindsay, Upper Canada; Gardiner Cust Boyd; Mildred Boyd; Winnett (Brownie) Boyd; Laurence Chadwick Boyd; Mossom de Grassi Boyd; A. Sheila Boyd; stamps; artifacts; business which deals with the Boyds interests in lumbering; agricultural papers which deal with the Boyd's farming interests in buffalo and cattle; and, estate papers. The strength of this fonds lies in its completeness. Nothing was thrown away and there are grocery lists, laundry lists, staff salary books, furniture receipts, party and wedding invitations, school report cards, ship and railway timetables, diaries and approximately 20,000 pieces of correspondence. This has resulted in a remarkable record of a large household from the 1880s to the 1980s and an invaluable source for social and business historians.
Inclusive Dates: 1857-1982
Extent: 20 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: W.T.C. Boyd fonds

Accession Number: 01-019
Description: Fonds consists of 27 diaries of William Thornton Cust Boyd dated 1878 through 1917. Five of the diaries, 1884-1888, include financial records. The diaries recount the private and public life of Boyd, and include references to his wife, Meta, and their children, and social activities with family and friends including boating excursions and picnics. He refers throughout to Richard Birdsall Rogers (1857-1927), superintending engineer of the Peterborough Lift Lock, in social and business terms, and the two often conduct business relating to the Trent Valley Canal. Activities which Boyd participated in regularly include yachting and boating (on the "Calumet", "Ogemah", and "Ajax"), curling, hunting, gardening, tree planting, playing cards, skating, canoeing, and attending the theatre. He recounts details of the illnesses, deaths and funerals of acquaintances and family members, including his step-brother, Mossom (Mossie) Martin Boyd. Boyd recounts in detail the building of his house by John E. Belcher ([184-]-1915), architect, civil engineer, and surveyor. This house is now operated as Case Manor Nursing Home. The diaries speak of local and federal politics, World War I, and the activities of the church. They also detail the activities of the Lindsay, Bobcaygeon and Pontypool Railway Company, the Trent Valley Navigation Steamship Company, and the day-to-day operation of the family lumbering and cattle/buffalo enterprises.
Inclusive Dates: 1878-1917
Extent: 14 cm of textual records
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Alan Brunger fonds

Accession Number: 08-004
Description: Fonds consists of Professor Alan Brunger's research material pertaining to the historical geography of Bon Echo Provincial Park and Algonquin Provincial Park. Included in the Algonquin materials are aerial photographs and photographs of the Dennison Farm property. Also included is historical geography research material and microfilm reels relating to the Peter Robinson Irish emigration to the Peterborough area.
Inclusive Dates: 1972-1992
Extent: 44 cm of textual records; 125 photographs : 100 negatives; 4 microfilm reels
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Canada. Parks Canada Transcripts fonds

Accession Number: 80-017
Description: This fonds consists of photocopies of 43 interview transcripts of residents of the Trent Valley area. The interviews were conducted by Daniel Francis under contract, in 1979, to Parks Canada and focus on such themes as transportation, commerce, settlement, tourism, and resource development. They relate to the section of the Trent-Severn waterway stretching from the mouth of the Otonabee River to Bobcaygeon.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied 1980
Extent: 25 cm
Restrictions: Permission from the interviewees is required to quote from interviews.

TITLE: Department of Railways and Canals fonds

Accession Number: 73-1001
Description: The fonds consists of two documents: 1) R.B. Rogers' (superintending engineer) covering report on the proposed Trent Canal from Port Hope to Rice Lake, 8 pages, January 31, 1900. 2) The supporting, or investigated, document submitted by Robt. A. Maingy (mining and civil engineer) to Lt. Gov. Sir John Colborne on the same topic on March 6, 1833, 8 pages. Roger's report was submitted to Collingwood Scheiber, Chief Engineer of the Department of Railways and Canals.
Inclusive Dates: 1833 1900
Extent: 16 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Choate family fonds

Accession Number: 77-026
Description: The fonds of the Choate family consist of day books, journals and accounts of the Choate family general merchandising business, 1850-1910, at Warsaw, Canada West and Ontario; records of the Warsaw Division of the Sons of Temperance Fraternal Society, 1849-1858; a general record of registered letters, Warsaw post office, 1884-1889; and a family day book, a scrapbook of clippings, and photographs.
Inclusive Dates: 1849-1910
Extent: 90 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: George Cobb tapes

Accession Number: 82-006
Description: This fonds consists of oral history tapes made by George Cobb. Topics covered on the tapes include: Trent Canal, lumbering, early medicine and dentistry in Peterborough County, native studies, mills and so forth. Also included are composite tapes on the subjects of "The Story of the Peterborough Lift Locks", "Logging in the 1890's", "River Boating on the Otonabee River, Rice and Stoney Lakes", "Early Life in Rural Ontario", and "Medicine, Dentistry and Cures of the Backwoods."
Inclusive Dates: 1962-1967
Extent: 86 tapes
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Jean Murray Cole fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 03-009
Description: Fonds consists of correspondence, manuscripts, published papers and booklets, and research materials relating to the many papers, articles, and books written by Jean Murray Cole.
Inclusive Dates: 1968-2001
Extent: 42 cm of textual records; 1 photograph
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Bernhard E. Fernow letter

Accession Number: 77-1008
Description: This item is a photocopy of a typescript of a letter from J.B. McWilliams to Dean B.E. Fernow at the University of Toronto giving a very detailed account of timber licences in the Trent Valley (first licences, abandoned or cancelled licences) and of the amount of lumber taken out in 1872-3 as opposed to 1912. His concerns were conservation and failing that, reforestation of the area. He also describes the Trent system of forest conservation. The letter is dated December 16, 1912.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [ca. 1977]
Extent: 23 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Fowlds family and business fonds

Accession Number: 72-001
Description: The fonds consists of family and related papers of Henry Fowlds and his family including James S. Fowlds and H.M. Fowlds. It also includes business correspondence, invoices, some journals and cashbooks, mortgages as well as deeds regarding the business of Henry Fowlds, Jas. S. Fowlds and Bros. and H.M. Fowlds.
Inclusive Dates: 1838-1935
Extent: 2.74 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: J. Gainey fonds

Accession Number: 72-003
Description: The fonds consists of records of several of the early Peterborough Unions. Included are: Moulders' Local 191, Journeymen Tailors 23, Bricklayers 17, Painters and Decorators 370 and 725, United Brotherhood of Carpenters 672, Barbers 402, Pattern Makers, Machinists 286 and Operating Engineers 690. Original correspondence from sister unions in Canada is included as well as large volumes of correspondence from the American headquarters of each local. In addition there are several original minute books, secretaries' books, and treasurer's reports for the locals. Published material includes circulars, by-laws, rules of order and constitutions. There are also records dealing with the Peterborough Trades and Labour Council (1902), the Labour Educational Association of Ontario, the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada and the American Federation of Labour, material from the latter two being mostly in the form of circular-type letters.
Inclusive Dates: 1882-1937
Extent: 2.9 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Geale-Rogers family fonds

Accession Number: 82-022
Description: This fonds consists of the personal and business records of the Geale, Hamilton, Peck, Barker and Rogers families. There are letters relating to World War I written by Beresford and Robert Hamilton and Heber and Harry Rogers; letters, diaries, journals of Richard Birdsall Rogers (superintending engineer of the Peterborough Lift Lock); the records of Hon. Robert Hamilton, a factor at the Hudson's Bay Company stationed at Fort Edmonton. The fonds also contains stereographs, approximately 1000 photographs, and a C.E. Goad fire insurance plan for the city of Peterborough, 1882. Items of interst include a group of photographs of the Trent Valley area and the building of the canal; Rogers family pictures of the Stoney Lake area and the Juniper Island Regatta; photos of early aircraft and the Curtiss Aviation School; photos of hydraulic lift lock at Peterborough; and one letter from Catharine Parr Traill to Robert Miles Hamilton.
Inclusive Dates: 1834-1966
Extent: 3.7 m
Restrictions: Y No copying of the Fire Insurance Plan without permission of the University Archivist. No reprinting of the Fire Insurance Plan without the permission of the Underwriter's Association.

TITLE: Dr. Edwin C. Guillet fonds

Accession Number: 74-003
Description: This fonds consists of the original and collected papers of E.C. Guillet, relating to his works and research on the Trent Valley/Peterborough/Kawartha area. Included is correspondence, primarily with George M. Douglas and Helen Marryat; maps (photocopies); newspaper articles regarding above area; collected manuscripts of historical authors; photographs; and Guillet's own unpublished manuscript of Canadian Literary Pioneers.
Inclusive Dates: 1632-1970
Extent: 45 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Miscellanea photographic collection

Accession Number: 91-1025
Description: This collection consists of a number of photographs which include John Butcher, sexton of St. John's Church in Peterborough. There is one photograph of his family outside their home as well as one photograph of John at age 34. There are also a number of photographs of the Hastings Lock, Healey's Falls and steam logging and boat with log boom. There is also one photograph of William Dawson's house in South Monaghan from 1910; a photograph of "Strathormond" in Peterborough and the Champion soccer team of Fairview School from around the 1970's.
Inclusive Dates: 1884-1979 ; (predominant 1884-1910)
Extent: 14 photos
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Professor Kenneth E. Kidd fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 93-011
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of correspondence, research notes, newspaper clippings, art catalogues, manuscripts relating to Paul Kane; anthropological research, Irish literary personalities, native art, culture and artifacts, cutlery and trade beads. Also included are personal records of Professor Kidd and his career at the Royal Ontario Museum and Trent University.
Inclusive Dates: 1935-1991
Extent: 10 m
Restrictions: Diaries closed (Boxes 9, 10 and 11). Research materials and Trent University materials open.

TITLE: Lakefield Heritage Research collection

Accession Number: 12-004
Description: Collection consists primarily of photocopies and emails with information pertaining to various aspects of Peterborough's history, from both the city and the county. Brief history of the town of Lakefield is also included.
Inclusive Dates: 2003-2012
Extent: 32 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Helen Marryat fonds

Accession Number: 69-001
Description: The fonds consists mostly of Helen Marryat's (nee Helen Fowlds) personal experiences as a nurse in World War I, and her activities as a local historian. There are clippings of her articles in local newspapers, historical maps (drawn by Gerald Marryat) and other materials relating to settlement of Hastings and district such as education and nursing. Also included are the correspondence and photograph collections of her brothers, Donald and Eric (mostly from World War I), and material on Frederick Marryat (1792-1848), navy captain and novelist.
Inclusive Dates: 4 Feb. 1912-21 Nov. 1964
Extent: 1.7 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: A.B. Mills fonds

Accession Number: 77-1013
Description: The fonds consists of photocopies of records relating to boats on the Trent waterway including a typescript of a list of boats, a typescript of an article title the "Trent Canal System: Peterborough Hydraulic Lift Lock", a map of the Trent-Severn waterway, two photographs of the S.S. Water Lily (of the Calcutt line), one photograph of the fleet of the Stoney Lake Navigation Company of Young's Point, and a clipping which includes a photograph of the Peterborough hydraulic lift lock.
Inclusive Dates: 1890-1930
Extent: 7 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Workmen's time books fonds

Accession Number: 89-1029
Description: This fonds consists of five time books for men and material for boat and scow repairing at Lakefield and various places on the Trent Canal from 1889 to 1920.
Inclusive Dates: 1889-1920
Extent: 1 folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Munro family fonds

Accession Number: 79-006
Description: This fonds consists of the family and personal papers of William Hamilton Munro, his brothers Reid and Alan and his sister Effie. The materials in the fonds make reference to World War I; Peterborough County; hydro-electric companies in Canada and the third world; photographs, postcards, maps and plans of the Trent Canal; City of Peterborough; and locations in Bolivia, Europe and North America.
Inclusive Dates: 1856-1975
Extent: 4 m
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Orgill family collection

Accession Number: 11-008
Description: Collection consists of nine Boyd family photograph albums, 14 glass plate negatives, and several strip negatives. The images depict the lives and activities of the Boyd family of Bobcaygeon, Ontario, and include lumbering scenes, Trent Canal steamboats, buffalo/Hereford animals, and travel excursions. Also included are copies of the wills of WT.C. Boyd and Mossom Boyd.
Inclusive Dates: ca. 1888-1910
Extent: 9 photograph albums. -- 14 glass plate negatives : ca. 100 strip negatives. -- 1 cm of textual records.
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Howard T. Pammett fonds

Accession Number: 77-010
Description: The fonds consists of photocopies, originals and typescripts, brought together by Howard Pammett, of newspaper articles and unpublished articles on a variety of subjects such as Mossom Boyd, lumbering in the Kawarthas, Katherine Wallis, Peterborough Canoe Company, Trent Valley Navigation Company, and steamboats on the Trent-Severn system. The newspaper articles are from the "Progress of Peterborough" series by Pammet (Peterborough Examiner, 1950-51). The unpublished articles are "A Survey of Kawartha Lumbering 1815-1965" by Pammet and "The Peterborough Canoe" by Donald Cameron. There is also correspondence of Katherine Wallis, Mossom Boyd, and the Trent Valley Navigation Company.
Inclusive Dates: 1819-1908; 1950-1975
Extent: 15 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Peterborough and Northumberland Counties General Map Collection

Accession Number: 91-1018
Description: This collection consists of 3 maps. One map shows a portion of Northumberland County showing Hope and Emily Townships on the west and Murray and Methuen Townships on the east from the 1830s. Another map shows a portion of Peterborough County, from 1897, showing North Monaghan Township to Belmont Township on the south and Harvey to Methuen Townships on the north. Another map is an original 1897 Peterborough County map.
Inclusive Dates: 1830-1897
Extent: 3 maps
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Peterborough Board of Trade fonds

Accession Number: 73-003
Description: The fonds consists of a photocopy of the Charter, 1889; a photocopy of the name change Order-in-Council, April 1922; original minute books from 1893 to 1918, plus excerpted items; and the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce bulletin on the Lift Lock post-1922.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [ca. 1973]
Extent: 15 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Peterborough newspaper files fonds

Accession Number: 88-025
Description: This fonds is comprised of typescripts of newspaper articles from the Peterborough Weekly Despatch, the Peterborough Review and the Peterborough Examiner. The articles have been arranged chronologically under a number of subject headings.
Inclusive Dates: 1846-1860
Extent: 25 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Ice on Rice Lake fonds

Accession Number: 89-1070
Description: This fonds consists of an article entitled "Ice on Rice Lake" which was written in 1985 for the "Trent Alumnus" magazine. Also included in the fonds is a photocopy of the September, 1858 issue of "The Canadian Journal of Industry, Science and Art" entitled "Ice Phenomena, from Observations on Rice Lake" by J.H. Dumble. An original copy of "The Canadian Journal" from June 1855 is included in the fonds. It has an article entitled "On the Action of Ice Upon the Bridge at Rice Lake" by T.C. Clarke and two copies of an article from the "Arctic" journal in 1992 entitled "J.B. Tyrell and D.H. Dumble on Lake Ice".
Inclusive Dates: 1855; 1858; 1985
Extent: 0.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Douglas Sadler fonds. Additions

Accession Number: 96-001
Description: This addition to the fonds consists of bird spotting forms for the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas and Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas error forms. Also included in the fonds are numerous publications and newsletters from various naturalist clubs across Ontario.
Inclusive Dates: 1930-1990 ; predominant 1952-1959
Extent: 61 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Steamships for the Lakefield and Young's Point Run fonds

Accession Number: 91-1015
Description: This fonds consists of a photograph of the steamship Lintonia which plied the waters between Lakefield and Young's Point. There is also a ticket for the Empress in this fonds which was sister ship to the Lintonia.
Inclusive Dates: 1900
Extent: 1 photo
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Trent Canal glass negatives fonds

Accession Number: 83-009
Description: This fonds consists of 82 glass negatives of the Trent Canal waterway including shots of various locks along the route and several industries.
Inclusive Dates: [18?-19?]
Extent: 82 glass negatives
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Trent Valley Navigation Company (Limited) fonds

Accession Number: 75-1035
Description: This fonds consists of photocopies of: a) a minute book including the letters patent incorporating the company (October 19, 1883) and minutes of a Director's meeting, February 5, 1900; b) by-laws of the company passed in Lindsay January 26, 1884; c) document headed "by-laws" repealing previous by-laws and a list of shareholders, December 31, 1884; and d) document with signatures of shareholders, October 8, 1883, minutes of a meeting on January 19, 1884, and advertisements. The addition on April 1, 1977 consisted of a photocopy of a brochure titled "Kawartha Lakes: The Bright Waters and Happy Land" with timetables for 1907. The fonds also includes some records pertaining to the Trent Valley Navigation Company.
Inclusive Dates: Photocopied [before 1975]
Extent: 1 folder
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Trent Valley Woollen Manufacturing Company Limited fonds

Accession Number: 81-015
Description: This fonds consists of a 263 page scrapbook of invoices and accounts relating to the Trent Valley Woollen Manufacturing Company Limited. It also includes correspondence of the Company from 1906 to 1910.
Inclusive Dates: 1906-1910
Extent: 253 pages
Restrictions: N

TITLE: United Counties of Peterborough and Victoria. Minutes and by-laws fonds

Accession Number: 91-1002
Description: This fonds consists of minutes and by-laws of the Proceedings of the Municipal Council of the United Counties of Peterborough & Victoria.
Inclusive Dates: 1853-1857
Extent: 0.5 cm
Restrictions: N

TITLE: Wallace Point Bridge and Road Company fonds

Accession Number: 74-017
Description: The fonds consists of a minute book of the directors of Wallace Point Bridge and Road Company, dated October 31, 1886 to June 15, 1879 and a stock book. The fonds also includes a subscription list of the company's stock holders, dated October 31, 1866 and a plan of a bridge under construction, dated February 15, 1867.
Inclusive Dates: 1866 1879
Extent: 1 folder; 2 maps folders
Restrictions: N