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Accession Number: 97-1014


Willan family fonds. -- 1806, 1832.-- 2 workbooks.

Biography / History

Robert Willan and Edward Willan seem to havebeen the owners of the two workbooks which comprise this fonds.Robert and Edward may have been brothers or even father and son.Their books are dated 1806 and 1832, respectively. An inscriptionon the last page of Edward's book reads "Thomas M. Willan,South Monaghan."

Custodial History


Scope and Content

This fonds consists of two "CountingCopy Books" which set down the basic rules of arithmeticand provide examples for solving, including reduction, the ruleof three, compound interest, rebate or discount, equation of payments,barter, and profit and loss. Under "Reduction" can befound listings of units of: Avoirdupois Weight, Troy Weight, Time,Cloth Measure, Long Measure, Apothecary's Weight, Dry Measure,Winchester Measure, and Wine Measure. Some references in the backof Robert Willan's book record payments for shearing in 1819 and1820. An inscription on Robert's book reads "Wm. Marshall,Aughton near Lancaster" [teacher?]. Another inscription onthe last page of Edwards book reads "Thomas M. Willan, SouthMonaghan." A loose slip of paper in Edward's book reads "RobertWillan, Challan Hall, Febery 14, 1819."


Title based on the creators of the fonds.

The two workbooks are fragile. Handle withcare.

This fonds was donated by an unknown source.

Restrictions: N

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