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Accession Number: 96-003

Racey Cartoon List: Drawer 9

# 122- # 243


122. "Hurl Your Campaign Speech At Them"

A political candidate rescuing a swimmer


123. "Wanted - A Square Deal"

Quebecelections and unsubstantiated charges on the part of Taschereau & Trepanier


124. "The Eastoner in the West - 3"

Comment on visitors from the eastern provinces of Canadaexpecting to see "Wild West" characters instead of well-dressed prosperousfinanciers


125. "An Unique Welcoming Bouquet"

Arrival of Governor-General (1931-1935) Lord Bessborough andLady Bessborough in Ottawa


126. "Those Disgruntled British Harvesters"

Canadadepicted as a Mountie offering jobs on farms to British workers who arecomplaining about the hard work


127. "As Expected"

Shows Russiaas a dishevelled and tattered headless character and suggests that "after eightyears of brainless communistic orgy, Russia discovers that it cannotmanage without its brains" - the head he is holding in his hands is labelled"Bourgeoisie"


128. "Is it the Hot Weather or Conscience?"

Seen in a railway car, depicting high cost of the CNR


129. "A Story With a Moral, or, Helping Him to Break In"

Complaint about citizens too indifferent to bother voting inMontreal


130. "The Smoking Room"

Comment on the disorder and bad behaviour in the House ofCommons


131. "The Eastoner in the West - 5"

A character standing amidst "one of the most gorgeous scenesin the world - sunset at Banff"and commenting on what a fellow tourist is wearing instead of looking at the vista


132. "Protecting the 'Sucker' from the 'Sucker List' makers"

Comment on legislation preventing people from seeing copiesof any lists of shareholders that have been filed in the province of Ontario


133. "The Indian Autonomy Puzzle"

Comment on the problem of solving the Indian-Pakistan partition


134. "Won't Take a Tumble"

Comment on the Board of Commerce trying to bring down theH.C. of L.


135. "Madam, A Thousand Welcomes, The City is Yours"

Queen Marie of Rumaniabeing welcomed to the city of Montreal


136. "Our Own Omar Khayyman Has Idealistic Visions"

Lord Beaverbrook making overtures to Europewith regard to free trade


137. "Perplexity"

The British working man puzzled over the importation offoreign goods


138. "The British House of Commons"

Big Ben with a factory whistle on the top in compliance withlabour union rules


139. "Stopped in Time"

Refers to a strike in the British coal industry beingaverted after seeing what happened in the Scottish coal miners strike


140. "The New Occupant"

A menacing socialist about to break in to 10 Downing Street as labour PrimeMinister (Ramsay MacDonald)


141. "Natural History Query"

Complaint that the MacDonald government will not resign;shows Ramsay MacDonald as a cat with nine lives


142. "Churchill and his Hats"

Winston Churchill contemplating Conservative partyleadership


143. "A Narrow Escape"

Comment on aborted miners' strike


144. "Joining the Issue, or, A Showdown at Long Last"

A showdown between Britain characterized as John Bullfacing down unionized labour


145. "Spreading the Messiest Oil Gusher in the History of North America"

Teapot Dome scandal, ca.1924


146. "Alma Mater According to the Carnegie FoundationReport"

Comment on U.S.universities being dedicated to extra-curricular activities, particularlysports


147. "Roosevelt and thePooch"

Politics shown as a snapping dog brought to heel by tariffs


148. "President Hoover's Fishing Trip"

President Hoover being looked at with suspicion by aportrait of George Washington


149. "The Holiday Season"

Comment on the U.S. coastguard holding too muchpower


150. "The Dying Emperor"

Depicts the leader of the striking coal miners deflating asthe miners return to the pits


151. "The Will of the People"

Premier Howard Ferguson swept in on a wave labelled "Will ofthe People"


152. "Financial Natural History"

Britainas the leading financial centre in the world


153. "Getting Them in Batches"

Nazi U-boats as a cage full of rats trapped by Britain


154. "Maritime Rights"

The other Canadian provinces being hung in effigy as robbersand Maritimes secession as a skeleton


155. "The Reckless Speeder"

Comment on the Canadian Senate trying to control governmentexpenditures of W.L.M. King and the progressive party


156. "Excelsior"

Shows British Prime Minister holding banner which reads "TheNation First" striving against various crises


157. "Reform Needed"

Opposition candidates working the hustings


158. "And in the Meantime"

Depicts the Canadian ship of state drifting rudderless foranother term of Parliament


159. "An Albertan Triumviri"

Congratulations to Albertans who have won worldchampionships for wheat and oats in Chicago


160. "The Obesity Reduction Clinic at St.James"

A patient labelled "Naval Armaments" with representativesfrom various countries dressed as doctors and wielding saws and axes ready toreduce the size of the patient


161. "The Open Sesame"

Refers to tariff agreements between Britain and Canada


162. "Thanks for the Amusement"

Caustic comment on U.S.desires to absorb Canadain payment for British war debt


163. "Crash! - Smash!"

Dire predictions regarding the effects of U.S. tariffs against Quebec maple syrup and dairy products


164. "King for a Day, or, Before and After"

Comment on the importance of the electorate on voting day


165. "The Horns, Horns, Horns, Horns, Horns!"

Automobile noise pollution


166. "Roused at Last, or, An Example for Other Nations toEmulate" - August 11, 1925

Suffering of the British economy due to labour strife


167. "The Eastoner in the West - 14"

Well-dressed Englishman bartering for a totem pole


168. "Right Up to Date"

Englandas a very stylish woman in the wake of the conference of dominion premiers


169. "Once More His Gauntlet Throws"

Viscount Snowden dressed as a knight throwing down thegauntlet into the British political arena


170. "Enlightening the World"

Secretary of U.S. Navy Daniels and John Bull discussing theeffectiveness of the British navy


171. "His Last Official Act"

Relates to the Fordney tariff bill of 1922


172. "The Morning After"

Uncle Sam nursing a hangover after the recent elections


173. "No Canadian Government Information to Guide Him"

Posit of information about Canada for immigrants, hence toomany are going to America


174. "Safeguarding His Interests"

Comment on the U.S. senate protecting the rightsof the electorate by cutting spending


175. "The Old Man"

John Bull (Britain)holding two winning trophies for courage and integrity


176. "Bagged the Whole Flock"

Sir Auckland Geddes as a duck hunter killing anti-Britishlies & canards


177. "Which Will It Be?"

The world watching the U.S. presidential electionscontested by Franklin Roosevelt and Wendel Wilke


178. "Anything for Votes"

Daylight saving time as an election issue


179. "Our Embassy Show"

The left panel shows a palacial front to the CanadianEmbassy; the right panel shows behind the House with dirty laundry hanging onthe line with labels such as "Huge National Debt"


180. "Insulted!"

A fierce looking Mexican holding a broadside alerting peopleto the fact that British subjects are being persecuted and having theirproperty stolen in Mexico


181. "More Heated Controversy"

Comment on the new liquor laws in the U.S. that say that you can notdrink hard liquor while standing at the bar


182. "In ChicagoSoon"

Chicagogangsters using a fully equipped machine gun to hold up passers-by


183. "The Poor Starving American Miner"

American labour as bloated and overpaid


184. "Hee-Haw!

A donkey portrayed as a German prince denunciating the war


185. "Little Voices From the Hills"

Depicts claimants to European thrones popping up all overthe Alps


186. "One Obstacle That is Prolonging the Lady's Stay"

Depicts a car labelled "Prosperity" on the edge of a cliffand just about to run into a big rock labelled "War Debts"


187. "A Humiliating Situation"

Shows Britannia dressed as a nursemaid protecting depictionsof the navies of South African, New Zealand,Canada, and Australiaand commenting on the burden of naval protection being borne by the taxpayer


188. "Enough Trouble Without Him"

Shows Canadakicking out the gentry who preach discord and destruction


189. "Boom: Live Shell or Dud?"

Customs mal-administration charges being lobbed at theLiberals


190. "The Kitten and the Yarns"

Canada as a cat entwined in a tangle of political partiessuch as the National Liberal and Conservative Party, the United Farmer's Party,the National Liberal Party


191. "Loud Wireless to Ottawa"

Depicts a taxpayer calling for parliamentary speeches to beshorter and for M.P.s to receive less pay.


192. "Give Canadaa Chance"

A comment on unfair competition from imported goods.


193. "Opportunity Knocks"

Depicts the nationalgovernment as a woman bearing solutions knocking on a door labelled "Perplexingand Dangerous Railway, Economy, Wheat, and Relief Problems."


194. "The WestminsterCocoanut Shy"

Comment on British Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald's refusalto resign.


195. "More Work Please"

Comment on the H.C. of L.


196. "The Knight the Rode from the West to Do Battle onParliament Hill"

Knight on an exhausted horse carrying a banner "Western BlueRuin M.P."


197. "Halloween"

Shows a character out trick or treating with labels"political situation" and numerous political parties on his costume.


198. "Back Again and the Party Who Brought Him"

Shows a loutish character wading across from Asia Minor to Europe with a Turkish character on his back.


199. "The Thinker"

A caricature of Rodin's sculpture pondering how to end theeconomic depression. Sub-title advocates buying Canadian goods.


200. "Those Growing War-Debt Settlement Proposals"

Shows a ship sailing to Americaloaded with Scotland, Wales and England.


201. "The Would-Be Lifesavers"

Comment on Women's Suffrage in the U.S. BothRepublicans and Democrats throwing life saving devices labelled "Ratification"at a drowning woman.


202. "Diamond Jubilee Suggestions"

Comment on repetitious jargon in politicians' speeches


203. "The Elephant Ate All the Time"

Conversation between taxpayer and Minister of Finance reincrease in taxes to operate the Canadian National Railway


204. "Something Very, Very, New Today"

Comment on female modesty


205. "Sitting Tight"

Comment on lack of responsible leadership in furtheringcultural development


206. "The Little Chap and His Huge Steed"

Comment on federalism; shows Canada being towed by a hugeelephant comprised of all the premiers and lieutenant governors of theprovinces


207. "Throne of the British Empire"

Standing firm on the rock of liberty and freedom surroundedby the wreckage of other thrones of oppression


208. "The Theatrical Season Opens"

Incomplete drawing - comment on interpretive dance


209. "The Beggar Outside the Templed Gates"

Depicts music as a woman standing outside the temple ofnoise, confusion, and construction


210. "Anxiously Listening"

A bull and bear (representing the stock market) listening atthe door of German American diplomatic talks


211. "A Few More Chips Off the Mill Stone"

Minister of Finance chipping away at exorbitant taxation inthe aid of a strong Canada


212. "Spanish Bull: It's An Ill Wind That Blows Nobody AnyGood. We Bulls Are Getting a Rest"

Comment on the Spanish Civil War


213. "Wonderful Old John Bull"

Uncle Sam (the U.S.)showing amazement at Britainbeing able to balance its budget


214. "De Mortuis"

Comment on recent attacks on the memory of those who died inthe first world war


215. "Quite Indifferent to Probable Consequence"

Comment on the perils of British and American coal minersthreatening strike action


216. "Bon Voyage"

A beaver (Canada)swimming towards the trades exhibition in the British West Indies laden with Canadian goods


217. "In Five Weeks, or, Where to Next?"

Maybe a comment on U.S. entering world diplomacy


218. "School Days Again"

An irate Quebectax payer complaining about school taxes


219. "Woe, Woe, Woe!"

Gloomy Englishman preaching against unpatriotic Canada


220. "The Annual Reminder"

Racey (who loved animals) was reminding to people not toleave their cat abandoned when they went to the country for the summer season


221. "The Vote Thieves"

Warning to voters to obey the electoral rules in the comingelections


222. "Nerve Wracking"

Comment on noise pollution in the city of Montreal


223. "Civilization Points"

A caricature of civilization in Grecian dress pointingtowards a sign that reads "Buy Bonds to Beat Barbarism"


224. "A Bit Too Much"

Comment on an overly rainy season in Canada


225. "The Experienced Ark-Builder" - August 18, 1924

British navy ark with "Noah" standing in the doorwaywondering why Canada spends so much on her navy and requires British protectionin times of trouble


226. "Twenty-Eight Godfathers for Little Pan-Europa" - September 9, 1929

Geneva Convention which discussed unification of Europe


227. "One Thing After Another For Him"

A typical family man threatened by the economic implicationsof impending coal strikes


228. "The First Dirigible to Fly Over"

The "Dirigible Norge" flying over the North Pole


229. "Keeping the Nations Waiting"

Caricatures of a number of nations lined up at a theatre boxoffice while the U.S. Senate keeps them waiting while buying a ticket to worldpeace


230. "The Death Knell of Protection"

William Lyon Mackenzie King threatening to destroy Canadianindustry by reducing tariffs


231. "The Eastoner in the West - No. 4"

Typical urbanite confronting natives at the CalgaryStampede"


232. "Up It Goes"

Uncle Sam building a strong protectionist America throughthe imposition of high tariffs


233. "The Holiday Season -No. 2"

Comic character, a golf ball manufacturer, watching golferslose their balls in the rough and water traps


234. "Much Damaged But Preparing for Renewed Action"

Tammany Hall as a salivating tiger hurt but heading to therepair shop


235. "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi"

A typical taxpayer relieved that government officials willbe using public transit instead of buying expensive cars


236. "The False Fire Alarm Ass"

Comment on senseless nuisance of false alarms


237. "Summer Sensations"

A couple of tourists arriving at a hotel for their summerholiday and everyone is staring at them to see what they are wearing


238. "The Hon. Frank Cochrane, Min. of Railways and Canals"

Commenting on the appearance of Cochrane and the Hon. RobertRogers, Minister of the Interior, talking about coats and vests


239. "Twas a Few Days After Christmas" - December 27, 1926

A hapless householder with the bills pouring in the frontdoor


240. "A Prickly Cactus"

President Coolidge just about to sit down on a chair coveredin cactuses, placed their by the President of Nicaragua


241. "Nippon Resents'

Comment on Japanand Russia quarrelling over China


242. "Oh Well! He Will Be - "

Doorn of Holland on an isolated and protected island


243. "Can It Be Possible?"

Bedraggled and hung over Russia taking medicine to recoverfrom the latest brands of Communism

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