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Racey Cartoon List: Drawer 8

# 1- # 121


1. “Right Over His Employers Head Again”

Montreal:Graft in city council


2. “The Man Who Pays for It All”

Arbitration for MontrealWater and Power Company


3. “Finest in the World”



4. “Vivisection”

Montrealwater deal and the Royal Commission


5. “The Civic Elections”

Electing the right people to eliminate crime, vice, andimmorality


6. “Desecration for Money-Making Purposes”

University of Montreal’s proposal to build a universitybuilding on Mount Royal Park


7. “The Warning Sign”



8. “The Province and the Man Who Put It on the Map”

Sir Jean Lomer Gouin


9. “Why Encourage the Crow to Damage Your Crop? BuyCanadian Made Goods and Keep the Dollars for Yourself”

Foreign made goods


10. “Be Careful”

Montrealmunicipal elections


11. “Blindfolded and in the Dark”

Montrealproperty owners voting on a loan three months before the elections


12. “Pre-empire Conference Dreams”

R.B. Bennett dreaming about the glory of a new economicempire reached by inter-empire trade


13. “Our Grasshopper Government”

McMurray, Bureau, King pictured as grasshoppers hoppingamongst various federal government issues


14. “Quite Encouraging”

Complaint against solicitor general E.J. McMurray who hasreduced the sentence on Montrealcriminals


15. “Food for Thought”

Advertising Montrealas a dangerous place to visit


16. “The Magnet That Draws Them”

Negative portrayal of Montrealbeing soft on criminals


17. “Tied to His Tail”

Negative comment on the Montreal police force not being able to dotheir job because of political interference


18. “Bienvenue!”

Visit of the Empire Parliamentary Association to Montreal


19. “Automobile Accessory”

Mounting toll of automobile fatalities


20. “The Market Convalescent”

Economy suffering from German liquidation, minimum prices,and trade restrictions


21. “Labor Lost”

Baldwin-Poincare conference


22. “A Journalistic Error in France”

British spy story


23. “Where March Came in Like a Roaring Lion”

Chamberlain being buffeted by a roaring lion labelled“league dispute”


24. “Another One Gone. And Then There Were Two”

“Russiaand the United Statesare the only big nations not in the League in Nations!!”

Uncle Sam and his Russian counter-part sitting on a fence


25. “Interesting Mural Fragment Dealing With Some VeryAncient Custom Taken from Tutankhamen’s Tomb, Now Being Translated byEgyptologists”

Quebecwater commission


26. “It Should Be An Easy Choice”

The Saar having to chosebetween Nazi Germany and France


27. “As It Appears From Over the Fence”

A mish-mash of American political parties depicted asmythical animals


28. “He Seldom Has Occasion to Laugh But When He DoesHe Enjoys It”

Montreal tax-payer versus Montreal city council whohave enormous borrowing powers


29. “The New Deal”

Canadaholding 5 cards: R.B. Bennett, agriculture, industry, labour, & protection


30. “What the Solid Bloc Would Let Quebec In For”

Shake-down of Quebec andthe east by westerners who will be making them pay for the Hudson Bay railway


31. “Old Montreal”

Criticism of the city of Montreal dump which pollutes and poisons theair “instead of using incineration or other scientific methods ofdisposal”


32. “Who Gets the Apple?”

Montrealmayorality race


33. “A Suggestion”

Policeman posting a public notice saying that vehicles musthave a light within the Montrealcity limits


34. “Very Much So”

A stinking garbage can labelled “conditions whichcaused the Coderre police probe report”


35. “The Nigger in the Needed Woodpile”

An indictment of ward politics


36. “Sur la Grève Provinciale”

Votes for women in Quebec


37. “Another Can to Fill”

Shows Montrealtax-payer as a cow having to fill a lot of buckets labelled“Taxation”


38. “Petty and Contemptible, or, the Little FellowsMeans of Livelihood in Danger”

Plutocrat addressing a newsboy. Patronage and corruption in Montreal.


39. “It Makes a Difference”

Quote from Smollett re how the apothecary squirmed whentaking his own medicine. French tariff commentary.


40. “Montreal’sTumblerig”

Mayor Martin shown as a wobble toy.


41. “Nailing It Up for Watchful Reference”

Calendar is being nailed up showing Jan. 1931 and callingfor the return of Dr. Manion back to Montrealin 1936.


42. “What the Public Wants to Know”

Montreal City Council not responding to investigation oftyphoid epidemic


43. “The Attempted Dust Screen”

Slanderous accusations were being made against Patenaude bythe King candidate.


44. “The Systematic Purchase of Canadian-Made Goodswould soon…Give employment to the Unemployed”

Wants exports to outweigh imports.


45. “Summer Sports”

Profiteer fisherman trolling the public “fish.”


46. “Old Mother Hubbard”

Empty stock market cupboard with a bull looking in;speculator as a dog looking in on empty shelves.


47. “Mr. Micawber Lamb Waiting for Something to turnUp”

A sheared sheep in patched clothes waiting outside porticoof the stock market.


48. “The Financial Natural Historian”

Cartoon bank president with a butterfly net chasing anotheropposition president portrayed as a butterfly


49. “An Anomalous Condition that Should Soon Cease– We Hope”

Comment on the unemployment situation. Cart drawn by anexhausted farmer, the cart loaded with sacks of “taxation forrelief” and a horse representing the physically fit on relief.


50. “The New Temporary Pilot”

[Hugh] Guthrie [Conservative leader 1926-1927] flying anairplane labelled “conservative policy”


51. “Those Broadcast Disputes”

The devil sitting in a dressing gown listening to radiobroadcasts of church controversies.


52. “Hard at Work”

A wildcat shearing a sheep marked “sucker”referring to proceeds of sales of phoney stocks


53. “Wanted – a Little EducationalPropaganda”

Shows Prime Minister W.L.M. King as a lumberman referring toridiculous questions he was asked on a Londontrip.


54.”Four Hearts With But a Single Thought; Four Clubsthat Beat as One”

Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewanand Albertadeclare prohibition and beat John Barleycorn back into a grave


55. “Human Nature”

Comment on violence and war. Angel recovering at home(“Peace – and me scarcely convalescent”) while reading ofnations’ plans to prepare for another war.


56. “Another Attempt”

Dove of peace anchored to a rock labelled “Franco-BritishMisunderstanding”


57. “Playing the Duce With Her Nerves”

Peace of Europe portrayedas a woman in a chaise threatened by Mussolini


58. “Just One Spark and ---Sept. 23, 1930

Fanatical man inTurkish dress waving a pistol and sitting on a powder keg labelled “War Powder”


59. “The Katzenjammer Kids”

Portrays the world as aninjured, beaten and distracted man while various German threats run amok


60. “Stupidity and Vandalism or, the Thin Edge of theWedge”

A “patronage-peddling” alderman chopping downtrees in Mount Royal Parkto make way for a “stupid and useless sunken automobile road.”


61. “Feeding the Dog of War”

Representative of the Japanesenavy feeding a vicious dog from a plate labelled“appropriations for 22 new battleships”


62. “En avent”

Quebecbudget commentary


63. “Such a SuperiorityComplex”

The “technocracy twins” named “doom”and “gloom” say that politics and economics don’t matter


64. “A Monument to Human Nature”

Disarmament talks portrayed as a tower of babel


65. “In the U.S.A.”

Hey-diddle-diddle theme showing a bull (market) jumping overa moon (stock values) while a cat (business situation) plays a fiddle (restoredconfidence).


66. “Indifferentto Protests”

A car labelled “Jap Army and Navy” filled with Japanese riders careening over peace, the League of Nations and world interests;


67. “Disturbing Her Peaceful Meditations”

League of Nations knitting, disturbed by Japan’s refusal to be governed by League of Nations vote in the Sino-Japanese affair


68. “My Lady – My Watchdog Seems to InspireAmusement Instead of Fear in Him”

Figure representing world peace and a tiny lap dog as League of Nations threatened by figure dressed as a Romansoldier with tag “World Armaments”


69. “Those Rapid Change Cabinets”

Comment on French government financial crisis and changingcabinet


70. “Unsophisticated in Foreign Diplomacy”

“Uncle Sam” boy character poking at a wasp nest labelled “Japan”


71. “Perfidious Samuel! He Wants His Money!”

Figure of Uncle Sam demanding repayment of war debts from Europe whose expenditures have been on armaments instead


72. “Viva Italia”

Figure of “John Bull” [England] receiving war debt paymentfrom Italian


73. “The HolidaySeason”

The plundering of humanity through constant holiday travelto Europe by North Americans


74. “The New Easter Hat”

Nations of the world spending more money on armaments thanany other consumer products


75. “The Last of the Hatch That Was Nearly TooLate…” April 16, 1927

Prorogation of Parliament


76. “Disintegration”

Collapseof German financial institutions


77. “The New Razor”

A world where the hair is armaments being shaved by a razornamed “Naval Parley”


78. “In the League of NationsTonsorial Parlours”

Customer in a barber chair with bayonets sticking out allover his head; barber is labelled“Disarmament Commission”


79. “Another Stepping Stone”

Depicts a man as the world jumping across a stream on rocks labelled “Genoa”and “Lausanne”


80. “Contra-accounts”

Turkeyvs. Greecepresenting reparation bills


81. “No Accident”

A man being bombarded by falling bricks, depicting high costof building in Quebec


82. “No Milk Forthcoming”January 18, 1923

Germanyas a skinny rundown cow unable to give milk; i.e., reparations


83. “The Voter”

Telling Canadians to take off their rose-coloured glassesand demand cooperation of all parties in light of the political and economicconditions in Canada


84. “Outside the Great Gain”

Countries peaking through knot-holes in a high fence labelled “League of NationsPeace of the World Series”


85. “Forward Montreal”

Mayor Martin as an equivocator


86. “You Can Stop It”

Comment on buying Canadiangoods and having more money in your pocket from your paycheque


87. “The Winner and the Loser”

The world burdened under war costs and a prosperous Germanymarching along behind bearing no costs


88. “Fed Up With a Public Nuisance: Nova Scotia Also Throws a Brick”

Government liquor control of bootlegging


89. “A Useful Use”

Taxation of liquor by the Province of Quebec Liquor Control Board


90. “The Usual Ending to a Strike”

Three characters as bashed and beaten survivors of a strikein the coal mines, labelled“Miner,” “Public,” and “Owner”


91. “The War at Sea”

Destruction of a war ship


92. “Riding Forward Backwards”

A character labelled “Europe” facing backwards on a horse labelled “International Reconciliation”


93. “An Epochal Episode in World History”

British and Americanstatesmen working at the armament reduction conference with taxpayers of theirrespective countries peeking in the window


94. “The Third Attempt”

An angel listening at a door in Genevaas the League of Nations meets for the thirdtime to try to deal with disarmament


95. “The Struggling Trees”

Trees are labelled “Disarmament” and“Arbitration” and a dove of peace is wondering when they will growbig enough for him to shelter in


96. “Then and Now”

Two panels: top panel is labelledAugust 1914 and shows a militant Prussion vanquishing an angel of peace; bottompanel is labelled August 1929 and shows the angel driving away the tatteredPrussion


97. “Just See What He Left Behind”

Depicts 1932 as a victim of technocracies gloomy forebodings


98. “Montreal’s HeavyTaxation”

Depicts the government of Montreal dressed as Alicein Wonderland looking up at a grinning Cheshirecat in a tree; the Cheshire cat is labelled“Business and Working Enterprise”


99. “The Turning Tables”

A locomotive careening down a track labelled “Heavy Investment”threatening “Bus, Truck, Waterway, Air, Pipe & Co.”


100. “Tis Wisdom to Visualize the Result Before Acting”

A figure labelled“Labor” contemplating the residue of a bonfire labelled “The Ashes of Regret”


101. “The Only Way”

A developer hindered by the high costs of labour andbuilding materials


102. “He Dared to be a Daniel”

Senator Borah who proposed that war debts be cancelled inthe interests of world economic recovery


103. “The High Price of Fruit and Truck”

Indicatesthat false reports of bad crops mean that the price of produce will be high


104. “The Leak Caused by the Stock Slump”

President Hoover with his finger in the “U.S. Business Dyke” calling for help from industry, commerce andtrade


105. “The Relativeness of Rent and Landlords”

Comment on rapatious landlords


106. “Economy Extraordinary”

A long train full of family members and assorted relativesof “OntarioFarmers Economy Government Minister On An Official Trip”


107. “The Championship”

A huge hog in a trough, a commentary on profiteers


108. “More Margin Please”

A statement relating to the stock market


109. “Getting Larger and Larger”
Public demand for tax reduction


110. “The Receding Tide”

Labour and wages in a rowboat paddling away from rocks ofunemployment and inflated war-time prices


111. “The Avalanche, or, Another Royalist Autocrat Dethroned”

Defeat of a coal monopoly


112. “Her Star Boarder”

Hollandprofiting from Kaiser Wilhelmstaying in the country


113. “ChurchillKnows!”

Churchill as Santa Clauspromising to get rid of Hitler and his gang of rowdies


114. “With Heat and Fog Also”

British elections


115. “The Coolidge Navel Plan”

Hooverpresents limiting naval armament to a person depicted as a battered anddebt-ridden taxpaying world


116. “Can’t Be Kept Down”

Prime Minister Asquith as a bobble toy


117. “The Coal Strike”

A striking miner as the ultimate loser in the coal strike


118. “The UnionJack”
A tattered flag and is a call to support theBritish military


119. “Wanted – A Strict Cattle Protection Law”

Cruel and inhumane treatment of cattle cars on trains


120. “The Test”

Tariff protection of Made in Canada goods; shows a housewifesaying she would certainly buy Canadian made goods if they were equal inquality to imported goods


121. “Last at War”

Uncle Sam angry because the U.S. Senate has refused to ratifythe peace treaty



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