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Accession Number: 96-003

Drawer 13

#628 - #758


628. "That Fossil Skull Discovery"

Humorous comment on contemporary characters and theirdistinctive skulls


629. "Now Extinct: A Tip for the Curator of McGill's Museum"

Shows a coal hod carrier in a glass speciman case


630. [Canadian and American Relations] February 23, 1935

Depicts statue of justice balancing U.S. benefits with Canadianbenefits


631. Side A. [The N.R.A.] November 28, 1933

Comment on a recent exhibition where hair was being moldedto represent the N.R.A. blue eagle

Side B. "The Lesson of the Bi-Elections" October 28, 1933

Comment on the "big bad wolf" of debt, governmentover-spending and unbalanced budgets, chasing some political partisancandidates as "little pigs" under a bed


632. "An Expensive Piece of Ceramic Bric-a-Brac for TheseHard Times" November 2, 1933

Comment on the cost of belonging to the League of Nations. Canadapays $312,574 annually.


633. "The Bright Sun and the Cloud" May 20, 1933

Depicts the world economic conference with its brightprospects overshadowed by war debts


634. "Long May Be It Be Competed For" September 18, 1934

Cartoon about America's Cup (yacht race)


635. [Welcoming the Royal Tour of May 1939] May 20, 1939

A Canadian offering a toast to their Royal Majesties on theRoyal Tour of Canada, May 1939


636. "Boy, Page the Truth Serum Doctor"

Three-panel cartoon about frightening mythical sea creatures


637. "Science and Inventions"

Racey is commenting on such modern inventions as horselesscarriages and wireless phones and wonders why scientists cannot produce astingless mosquito and a mudless election campaign


638. [Stock Market]

Shows a morose looking stock broker treading up the steps of"disorganized business, lack of shipping facilities and war fears" to a doormarked "Stock Exchange"

Watching anxiously from around a corner are a bull, a bear,and a sheep


639. [A Royal Tour] 1939

Shows a Mountie bearing scrolls of welcome to the Royalvisitors


640. [Tariffs]

Racey's comment on desirable effects of U.S. tariffsencouraging people to buy Canadian


641. [Russian Turkey Politics]

Shows a Russian bear sitting down at the dinner table tocarve a turkey marked with a dollar sign


642. [Hitler and Nazism] March 22, 1938

Depicts Hitler bursting his buttons with pride and holding apiece of paper entitled "Planned Aggression"


643. [Stock Market]

Depicts a group of business men showing sheep shears intheir hands hiding around the corner of Wall Street while an innocent lambapproaches


644. [Inflation]

Depicts an air balloon full of frightened sheep floating toofar above the earth


645. [R.B. Bennett and Government Spending] March 25, 1935

Comment on extravagance in the face of a desperate economy


646. [The Welfare System] April 23, 1931

Depicts John Bull fighting off dragons with such labels as"Indolence," "Abuse of the Dole System", "Unwillingness to Work," and LoweringMoral"


647. [St. Lawrence RiverPower Resources]

Shops a smug looking Canadian threatened by the WashingtonPost


648. "In Sack Cloth and Ashes, or, In a Spirit of HumilityChastened by Adversity" June 2, 1933

Shows a group of monks as pilgrims lining up to enter theworld economic conference


649. "Behind Golden Bars: The Poor Little Rich Boys" September 26, 1931

Shows France and the U.S.A. as little boys confinedbehind the bars of the gold standard while the rest of the world experiences arevival of business


650. "Bien Venue" April6, 1931

Shows Canadawelcoming her new Governor General Lord Bessborough


651. "Canada'sNeighbor" November 6, 1939

Cartoon about the end of the U.S. arms embargo


652. [Reviving the Economy] April 7, 1931

Shows two couples dancing, John Bull and France, and Germanyand Italy with Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia,Czechoslovakia, and Rumania looking


653. "Call for George Washington" February 21, 1933

Comment on the damage that American trade and tariffpolicies have done to Canadaand other countries participating in the Ottawaimperial conference


654. "Undesirables, or, No Admission to the 'Pals' April 18, 1931

Cartoon regarding Premier Bennett refusing idleness and thedole


655. "Sh-h-h! Operation on the Constituencies"

Comment on redistribution and the inability of the voter toget any information


656. "Super Tragedy"

Cartoon makes reference to the Steven's customs scandal


657. "Wisdom"

Comment on the 1930s depression and the Prime Minister'sspecial committee set up to deal with the economy. Members of the committee arelabelled: Common Sense, Retrenchment, Economy, and Rehabilitation


658. [Royal Visit] 1939

Canadacelebrates the Royal tour


659. "In the Senate" February9, 1912

Cartoon showing Sir Richard Cartwright denouncing the OldAge pension scheme even though he's a senator


660. "The Honorable Geo. Perley" March 4, 1912

Portrait of Perley in evening dress


661. "The Bald Heads of Parliament" March 4, 1912

Shows the heads of 12 members of parliament all with varyingdegrees of baldness


662. "The Modern Tempest"

Cartoon which refers to the autonomy of the Canadian radiobroadcasting system


663. [Royal Visit] 1939

Cartoon which depicts the wild enthusiasm of western Canada fortheir Majesty's Royal visit


664. "More 'Umbug"

Cartoon showing clogged roads lined with ugly billboards aspeople leave the cities to try to find quiet and beautiful scenery


665. [Nazism]

Depicts Nazism as Nero watching and fiddling while the wholeworld burns


666. "It's Tough to Be Forced to Associate With Radio and MahJongg Fans When You Understand Only English"

Humorous cartoon about the new technological jargon associatedwith radios and the abstruse jargon of the game of mah jongg


667. "Colonization Extraordinary, or, the CanadianPhilantropist" 1930

Cartoon says that in 1929, 9 more people left the countrythan came in to it


668. "The Holiday Season" July 5, 1929

A plea for people planning their summer vacations to supportthe "Fresh Air Fund" which will help children trapped in the cities


669. "The FloridaDisaster" September 21, 1926

Comment on a recent Floridatornado and Canada'ssupport for her neighbour


670. "Directly Imported Tropical Fruit from the B.W.I. is OnCanada's Market Now" February 1929

Shows a bloated Uncle Sam as an unnecessary middlemancharging huge profits and brokerage fees when Canadacould be importing fruits from the British West Indies


671. "Has the Sun Commenced to Set in the West?" June 8, 1929

Predicts the demise of the liberal regime in Saskatchewan


672. [War Mongering] [September8, 1933]

Depicts profiteering which will accompany the glorificationof war


673. "Progress in the Medical World" Oct. 24, 1928

A satirical comment on medical advancement showing a doctormaking a house call to Mars.


674. [Celebrating the month of Weddings] June 1, 1926

A beaming minister in a decorated church.


675. "The Mysterious Colonel" Feb. 1929

A 6 panel cartoon depicting the various disguises andmachinations of Col. Lawrence (of Arabia) according to the foreign press.


676. "Mother's Day"May 9, 1925

A collage of gifts for mothers.


677. [No Winners]April 10, 1929

Two battling men with black eyes labelled "Indifference toPublic Health" and "Cowardly Race Cry"


678. "Our Backward summer" May 29, 1924

Suburban family finally seeing signs of beans coming up intheir gardens.


679. "The Great Trans-Atlantic Air Race" May19, 1927

All the world watching planes taking off from the USA


680. "Phelps Johnson" 1921

Portrait of Phelps Johnson (1850-1926), an engineer with theToronto Bridge Company and builder of the famous Quebec Bridge. He died inMontreal February 20, 1926.


681. "By all Means Let Him Have It" April 26, 1926

Admonition to punish drug peddlers by whipping with thecat-o-nine-tails which Racey says they fear more than imprisonment.


682. "Another British Political Puzzle" June 11, 1929

Shows British liberals holding the balance of power betweenLabor (288 seats) and Conservatives (252 seats)


683. "Micky Gives it Up" June 10, 1930

Shows King Carol of Romania returning to power and demandingthat his son Mihai and regent give upthe throne and return it to Carol.


684. [Anti-Turkish]

Shows a dangerous Turk hiding a knife behind his back asships approach. References to "100,000 Anzacs who died to Rid Europe of thePestilent Turk at the Call of civilization."


685. "The Most Interested Spectator"

New constitution for India being watched by the ghost ofDisraeli who made Victoria Empress of India.


686. [Christmas Spirit]

Cartoon showing Santa Claus injecting various gloomy peoplewith a serum of Christmas good will.


687. "The Trans-Atlantic Flight: An Interested Spectatorfrom Shadowland"

A ghostly Champlain [?] watches and airplane flyingoverhead.


688. "Killing the Goose That Lays the Golden Egg"

"High-salaried" labor agitator promoting labor unrest.


689. "Hallowe'en" Oct.29, 1932

Shows Mackenzie King bobbing for apples at the "ImperialConference Trade Pact" tub.


690. [Canadian Broadcasting Woes]

Spirit of Canadian broadcasting beseeching the Americanfederal radio commission.


691. "Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker: From theRidiculous to the Super Ridiculous"

A stern and dangerous-looking Hitler insisting on strictconformity with Nazi policy. He is shown baking only swastika-shaped cakes.


692. "The Knock at the Door"

Man hiding under a bed asking a Dutch woman not to let"them" in to preserve international relations.


693. "A Daniel Comes to Judgement"

Positive comment on Judge Tetreau and others who insist onlong-terms in penitentiary for gun-totting thugs and gangsters.


694. "Danger! Look Out for the Undertow" 1920s

Cartoon showing a Canadian surfing on the waters of"Americanization" being threatened by waves of American films and magazines,American sentiment, American customs and habits, exploitation of Canadiannatural resources and American consumer goods.


695. "The Knock at the Door" 1931

Canadians asking the Canadian Railway InvestigationCommittee to find out why millions of bushels of Canadian wheat were exportedthrough New York and not through Canadian carriers and ports.


696. "'Umbugged"

Thomas has failed to lead the unemployed out of thewilderness.


697. "And in the Meantime"

Racey quotes from the Annual Report of the Dept. of Railwaysand Canals indicating huge debt, while dead weights like "politics" and"growing debt" ride for free squeezing the taxpayer.


698. "In the Canadian Ring" 1929

A plea to let 1928 optimism trounce business depression andpessimism.


699. "A Sick Looking Crown of Patients Await the Opening ofthe Doors"

Cartoon depicting John Bull and Uncle Sam opening the WorldEconomic Conference with a crown of sick and injured "monetary" representativesbehind them such as the dinar, rouble, mark, drachma, rupee, lira, yen andyuan.


700. "And...So Badly for Propaganda"

Soviet Union depicted as worried about the hand-out promisedby England. Russia referred to as Europe's "troublesome bum."


701. "The Empire Will Never See You Let Down"

Promise of support to England from the colonies.


702. "A Warning"

Warns of the American threat to Canadian natural resourcessuch as lumber and pulp wood.


703. "A Field That Needs Protection Badly"

Canadian industrial, agricultural and labor field beingattacked by ravenous American crows and foreign competition.


704. "Once Bitten, Twice Shy"

A warning that if the St. Lawrence waterway is treated thesame way as the Chicago sanitary agreement, Canada will be the loser. What isneeded is an international agreement treaty.


705. "Necessity the Mother of Discovery"

Celebration of the discovery that Canadians do not have torely on coal from American mines closed by strikes, they can use oil just aswell.


706. "A Great Opportunity for Canada" Jan. 17, 1929

Farmer Canada posing in front of his natural power resources"chickens" and defending them against American manufacturers, the Hooversuper-power project, etc.


707. "Ignorance of British Empire Individuality andIndivisibility"

An American senator ignorantly proposes to buy Bermuda.


708. [Woman and 5 Babies]

Unfinished sketch of a woman holding five infants.


709. "A Message to Montreal"

A plea to give generously to the Federated Charities asthose in need face a desperate winter.


710. "And Just at His Busiest Moment"

British Prime Minister busy with world peace plans and beingbothered by a buzzing mosquito - W.L.M. King.


711. "A Bone to Placate Towser, at the Same Time an Objectlesson to Canadian tariff Reformers"

A dog "U.S. farm bloc" gnaws on a bone "tariff increase onCanadian wheat and flour.


712. "Time to End the Condition of Affairs"

Says Canada is a clearing house for the US. by separatingthe desirable immigrants from the undesirables, keeping the latter while theformer move to the USA.


713. "Aspiring to the Meanness Championship: A Medal Shouldbe Presented Here"

Unemployed men in Sydney Nova Scotia were hired to shovelsnow and then paid in received tax bills, not money, while their families wenthungry.


714. " Still They Come"

Says tariffs are a good thing and that new industries arecoming to Canada so as to continue to do business.


715. "The Wrong Time: These Days of Struggle for EconomicRecovery are not the Days for Road-Blocking" August 19, 1933

Warning against strikes.


716. "End of the Ethiopian Roman Holiday: Finis and Exit TheLion of Judah, Which was Thrown to the Christians" May 13, 1938

Shows the lion downed by firing squad being dragged out ofthe Colosseum before a cheering crowd including League of Nations banners.


717. "Has Them Both Guessing"

WLM King and H. Hoover both wondering what the other is upto regarding tariffs.


718. "The 'Eat More Fish' Weeks Being Advocated in ForeignCountries are Greatly Assisted by Canadians Who Persist in Purchasing ForeignInstead of Canadian-Made Goods"

Defense of Canadian markets.


719. "Voices Over the Wall"

United States celebrating their high tariffs while Britainhas no tariffs and markets have been left open.


720. "It will Take Something More Drastic"

Shows Canadian Finance Minister James Robb offer faintopposition to high American tariffs.


721. "The Rising Sun"

Shows improvements in discounted Canadian dollar as a resultof a better trade balance with the United States.


722. "Another Oriental Mystery"

Negative cartoon about Turkey.


723. "The Old Uniform"

Nuremburg military parade remark by Marshall Mackinsondeclaring that the spirit of the old army must be carried on.


724. "In the Interest of Peace and National Pride"

The Allied Council meeting in Geneva has agreed that controlover German armaments will cease on January 31, 1927, but, in returning thesword, "there is to be no rattling."


725. "Birds of Experience: Sabre Rattling Scares Them Away"

A warning to Hitler that militarism will frighten awayinvestors from Germany


726. "Generous!"

Isolationist America demanding mandate privileges.


727. "Speaking of Records" April 1931

Competition between America and Britain for setting worldwater speed records. Kaye Don of Britain attained 103.49 miles per hour in Argentinain April 1931 beating the previous record of Gar Wood of America.


728. "The Curtaining Proposition, Or, Canada's All-DevouringWhite Elephant"

Admonition to Sir Henry Thornton (1871-1933), President ofCanadian National Railways to trim significant chunks of the railway cost.


729. "Not Frightened At All: Who Cares?"

A battered economy as a scarecrow besieged by deficits ofthe Merchant Marine and the National Railways.


730. "So simple"

America trying to bully Canada with respect to the St.Lawrence waterway.


731. "The Truth That Hitler Fears: When the German Public, HithertoKept in the Dark, Learns the Truth"

Belief that Germans don't know how much taxes they will soonbe paying; they still think they are enjoying prosperity.


732. "Seeing the Light"

Russia professes that it is ready to participate in thecommission on disarmament and the goddess "Humanity" hopes to be at the tabletoo.


733. "The Healthy Young Growing Apple Tree Commences to BearFruit"

Celebration of Canadian increased exports to Britain afterthe 1932 Imperial Conference.


734. "Drat Those Nazis and Reds! I hope I don't have to UseThis!" October 27, 1939

Uncle Sam is polishing his rifle.


735. [War Debt] June16, 1935

Britain is paying a war debt installment to America.


736. "A Piscatorial Hint" 5 Sept. 1933

A warning that business revival cannot be lured with chronicpessimism.


737. [League of Nations] 28 Sept. 1933

The world (depicted as Noah in an ark) adrift on a sea ofrevolution, nervousness, turmoil, strikes and armaments being approached by thedove carrying a sword.


738. "A Man is Known By His Company" 26 Sept. 1933

Hitler and Naziism arm-in-arm with a thug representing theglorification of war and aggressive power.


739. "Before His Time" 9Jan. 1934

Portrait of Franklin Roosevelt holding his "silver policy"in one hand.


740. "At It Again: the Balkan War Cloud Returns to itsPre-War Peace Conditions" 19 July 1933

Dissent between Italy and Albania.


741. "The Manchurian Flood: A Rescuer in Need of Rescue" Nov. 26, 1931

A lightening bolt of Japanese action strikes a life raft ofinternational relations carrying the League of Nations.


742. "Quite Right" March1, 1934

The Manchurian question and Japanese aggression.


743. "Returning to Normal on the Empire Bridge" 28 August 1933

Advocation of open markets between all members of thecommonwealth following the Imperial Conference held in Ottawa in 1932.


744. "Brutality in Football"

Racey comments that the Canadian game of football is a crossbetween English and American rugby and has the worst features of both.


745. "A Peep into the Future"

Cartoon on the recent pronouncement of Dr. Mayo that medicalresearch is having a great effect on increasing life span and that "seventyyears of age will be young soon." Shows a very old woman and her very old"children" trying to get children's fares on a bus.


746. "Why So Many of Our Song Birds Disappear"

Racey's comment on "slaughtering idiots with a gun" killingadult song birds and leaving nestlings to starve.


747. "Another Milestone Reached" Dec. 31, 1930

An end-of-year cartoon showing the old year as a horrible roadfull of pot holes of depression, unemployment, unrest and disaster.


748. " The Proposed Blue Pencilling of One Piece ofAntiquated Stupidity" 25 November 1933

Celebration of the Macmillan report on banking whichcancelled Section 95 of the Bank Act which restricted married women to havingonly $2,000.00 in bank accounts and needed their husbands permission to makedeposits otherwise.


749. "Times Are Hard? No wonder!"

Criticism of Canadians buying imported goods.


750. [American lumber interests]

Critical comment on American exploitation of Canadian timberresources.


751. "Comfort, Recreation, Amusement, Rest: If Our JailsWere Conducted According to some Visionaries"

Cartoon depicting ease and leisure in Canadian jails.


752. "A Christmas Tragedy"

Cartoon says 300,000 Christmas trees have been cut andshipped to the United States from New Brunswick alone; an extravagant andwasteful use of resources.


753. [Irish Stereotype]

Cartoon shows angry Irishman demanding shorter hours, morepay and "recognition of the poets union."


754. "Simply a Matter of Quid Pro Quo"

Advocates Canada closing ports and privileges to Americanfishermen as America has done to Canada.


755. "The Way Out of Canada" Nov. 3, 1930

Comment on Canadian monetary policy: shows a dollar billbeing led out of Canada by a "foreigner."


756. "Strange Gardening" Sept. 1929

Canada is tending foreign market gardens while its own isneglected.


757. "Lopsided: The One-Armed Tariff Cop on the One-WayStreet"

Canada imports American goods but America does notreciprocate.


758. [Depression] 1931

An optimistic cartoon arguing that business recovery is onthe way because there is a favorable balance of trade for the first nine monthsof 1931 as compared to the trade deficit of 1930.


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