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Accession Number: 96-003

Drawer 12

#497 - #627


497. "The Animal Trainer"

Depicts Gen. Foch of Francetrying to train "dogs": Germany,Bulgaria, Austria and Turkey


498. [Hitler]

Shows an angry Hitler addressing 2 birds on perches (one aneagle and one a dove)


499. "An Easter Dove: Il Duce in an Entirely New Role"

Shows a wily looking Mussolini posed as a dove standing on apile of armaments


500. [British Lion] July18, 1934

Shows a lion sharpening his claws with a "protectivearmaments" file


501. "Infectious, or, World Unrest Breaks out in a New Spot"

An angry looking bull dog (John Bull) glares at a "Persian"cat over a bone labelled "oil"


502. "Suspicion, or, The Captain and the Troublesome Kids" 12 June 1933

Cartoon showing 2 kids "war debts" and "tariffs" peeking inthe door at the world economic conference


503. "Lacking At the Radio Show"

Cartoon depicting radio loud speakers in various guises


504. [unfinished cartoon]

Caption reads "Hail to the Salaried Man" and depicts himwearing a hero's badge


505. [R.B. Bennett] 1934

Shows Bennett as a hen sitting on eggs such as taxation,unemployment relief, companies act and tariff.


506. "Sunrise"

"Uncle Sam" as a rooster disappointed in greeting a risingsun of pound sterling (not U.S. dollars)


507. "Quite Possible"

Comment on women's hap fashions


508. [Women in bathing suits frolicking]

Humorous comment on the possibility of the railway openingup Hudson's Bayto summer tourists


509. [woman in flimsy bathing suit cover-up] 8 July 1931

Humorous comment on bathing fashions


510. [Canadian medals]

Canadawon 118 silver and bronze medals - many more than Australia,south Africa or Britain


511. [suspicious United States] 15 September 1939

"Uncle Sam" looking over a fence at 2 Canadian politiciansdepicted as Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer


512. "Nursery Rhymes for Little Coal Shovelers"

Comment on coal strikers and the consumer's to cheapersubstitutes for high-priced anthracite


513. "The International Trade Profundo Duet" 20 November 1933

Depicts mutual reliance of Americaand Russiaon each other's money


514. [war]

Earth begs for mercy from the gods while a dreamer sleeps on


515. "Remembrance"

A reminder that "Poppy Day" is approaching


516. [Canada,United States and Britain]

The British lion challenges Canadaand the U.S.


517. "The Spirit of Peace and Goodwill"

Santa Claus sitting merrily on top of a scarred and batteredworld


518. "Congratulations: the First Byrd to Fly Over It" 1926

Commemorating Admiral Byrd's flight over the North Pole,May, 1926


519. "The Weather" July1926

Suggestions for an office in summer: fans, a bath tub, acold beer.


520. "March is Not September Morn"

Query whether the U.S. will abandon the gold standardfor paper money.


521. "The Stork and Dove"

A "progressive farmer feeding "encouragement" to a stork anda dove.


522. "The Whispering Campaign"

Cartoon about the U.S.election campaign between Smith and Hoover.


523. "Poultry History Repeats: Another Case Where ChickensCame Home to Roost"

A comment on Trotsky covered in chickens labelled, exile,confiscation of belongings, firing squad, etc.


524. "Passing Strange"

Two-panel comment on Soviet propaganda, the myth and thereality


525. "The Starving Giant Trying to Conceal the GhastlyResult of Soviet Rule"

Comment on the famine and desolation in Russia afterthe Revolution


526. "Enter Uncle Samuel"

Uncle Sam arriving at the World Court buffered and protected byamendments


527. "The Growing Canadian Sentiment"

Comment on one-sided U.S.A. high tariffs againstCanadian merchandise


528. "Ontario Awakens - HowAbout Quebec"November 1928

Cartoon about the Ontariopulpwood industry and exportation to the United States; shows Premier Ferguson of Ontario


529. "For Sale All Over Canada Soon" March 1929

Racey wants to keep trade within the British Empire; shows aMountie standing behind a display of British West Indiesfruits


530. "A Very Democratic Gentleman" February 1929

Shows Uncle Sam in the company of a bully with a big cluband at the same time the Kellogg Peace Pact


531. "At the Hague Show" 1929

Shows Snowden as a champion British bulldog


532. "The Foundering Ship" Saturday, October 4 1924

Shows Ramsay MacDonald out on rough seas threatened by theAnglo-Soviet treaty


533. "Coming Around Slowly" December 3, 1928

A damsel "Columbia"being wooed by the "World Court"


534. "An Object Lesson for Ottawa" August13, 1928

Four-panel comment on the inadequacy of Canadian navy incomparison to other commonwealth countries


535. "Greater Unemployment Prospect" October 7, 1925

William Lyon Mackenzie King threatening Quebec with low tariffs


536. "Would He?" December19, 1924

Cartoon about the St. Lawrence River which questions whether,if the situation were reversed, that is if the U.S.owned most of the territory that the river ran through would Canada get themajority of the rights to the river


537. "Excellent Example of Result of Canadian IndependentAction in Settling International Difficulties" March 29, 1926

Cartoon about the U.S.A. stealing water rights fromthe Canadian government


538. "Up to Him Now" November26, 1927

Questions whether the U.S. Congress will stop Chicago from diverting water from Lake Michigan


539. "His Golden Rule" January4, 1926

Comment on the U.S. high tariff wall


540. "Kicking Him Out" February19, 1929

Comment on legislation which affects the 500 Canadians whocross to Detroit to work every day as comparedto the 4500 Americans who cross to work in Canada every day


541. "Dutch Scenes: Sunset in Holland" May9, 1919

Shows the Allies coming in a police van to evict illegaloccupants from a building in Holland


542. "Snapshots at Parliament: The Old and the New Foster" March 12, 1912

About George Foster, Minister of Trade and Commerce


543. "Snapshots at Parliament: Colonel H.R. Smith, Sergeantat Arms of the House of Commons" February20, 1912

Cartoon of Smith


544. "An Easy to Make it So" March 1925

Comment on the positive aspects of daylight saving time


545. "Snapshots in Parliament: The Honourable RudolpheLemieux in a Contemplative Mood" March4, 1912

Cartoon of Lemieux


546. "The Brightest Outlook for Many Years" 1926

Shows the dawn of a new year featuring art, science,literature, commerce, labor, and international politics


547. "This Hard-Shelled Modern World"

Lithographic print of a Racey cartoon; shows a squirrellabelled "Common Sense" trying to get through a world labelled "The ToughestNut"


548. "To My Horror I Heard a Wheel Coming Behind Me andTurning I Saw My Spy Coming Towards Me As Fast As He Could"

Portrays a soldier in a desolated area with a shadowy figureapproaching him on a bicycle


549. "The Despair of His Enemies: The Old Phoenix is Risingto the Occasion Once More"

Shows John Bull and the Allies rising from the flames ofpreparedness


550. [Preparedness for War]

Cartoon about instructing children in the use of gas masksand devising special respirators for babies


551. "The Only Two Who Wish for a Breakdown"

Cartoon shows Mars, the God of War, drinking a toast with anarmament manufacturer


552. [The British EmpireThreatened by War]

Cartoon showing the British Empirescanning the skies filled with airplanes with a pair of binoculars


553. "Making Men of Them: A Great and Good WorkWell-Performed as Results Prove"

Shows the helping hand of the Salvation Army leading animmigrant boy to self-reliance and independence


554. "Bicentenary"

Cartoon on the bicentenary of Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe


555. "After Eight Strenuous Years"

Depicts King Henry V hanging his sword in retirement


556. [Canadian Labor] September2, 1929

Shows a pleasant working relationship between Canadian laborand business


557. [Labor Unrest and Miners]

Cartoon shows suffering consumer caught between anaggressive miner and an aggressive mine owner


558. "Something Wrong"

Racey is comment on the gap that the price that the farmergets for livestock and what the consumer has to pay in butcher shops. Retailprices apparently are at war price levels


559. "One Basic Explanation of the Serious Exodus to the U.S." May 26, 1928

Racey wants imports decreased and exports increased toimprove trade conditions in Canada


560. [Canadian Produced Goods]

The Canadian (represented by a gentleman wearing by aMounties cap) is being persuaded by "Common Sense" to buy Canadian goods


561. "The Home Circle"

Implores Canadians to buy Canadian goods and circulate moneyefficiently.


562. "The Cause of the High......"

Comment on exasperation of consumer over high taxation.


563. "A $500,000.000 Speculative Road"

Comment on international canal schemes leading tobankruptcy.


564. [Business Pessimism]

Shows a ship labelled "business" weighted down by theanchors of income tax and tariff conditions and mired in "discouragement."


565. "Blocking the Road"

Depicts a horse and cart labelled "winter" halting cartraffic.


566. "Midsummer-Nights 'Umbug"

Comment on rearmament


567. [Bear Market]

Comment on the stock market and shows a bear shaking a treefull of shares


568. "Wisdom"

Depicts Uncle Sam saying that it is lucky for me that I gotrid of the nationalized railroads and a further comment on Coolidge's promise toreduce taxes


569. "Two Independent Souls With But a Single Thought"

Agreement between British and American bankers thatcancelling the war debt would solve the world depression


570. "Chameleon Currency"

Shows a Canadian pondering the value of an American coin


571. "If Those Mining Stock Agents Told the Truth"

Comment on worthless mining stocks


572. [The ChicagoAgricultural Exposition] 1932

Shows that Canadawon most of the prizes at the Exposition


573. "A Gloom Chaser" 1931

Comment on the stock market and advises an end to pessimismbecause Canadahas made industrial progress in the last year


574. "Driving the Market Away" September 2, 1925

Shows an exploited consumer threatened by another coalstrike and looking for substitutes


575. "A Few of Many Questions"

Comment on exploited taxpayers by public utilities companies


576. "Needlessly at the Mercy of the Foreign Coal PriceGougers"

A plea for using Canadian coal rather than relying on U.S. imports


577. "Summer Sports"

Depicts a tennis game where the middle class is beingvolleyed by labour on one side and capitalist profiteers on the other


578. "Will There Be Any Core?" February 15, 1928

Depicts Robb, Minister of Finance, presenting a budgetrepresented as an apple


579. "Stability Necessary" July 12, 1926

Plea for Canadian voters to elect a majority government sothat some work can be done


580. [Ontario vs. Quebec budget spending] February 1929

Racey says that Ontariospends twice as much on public health and four times as much on education as wealthyQuebec


581. "The Easterner in the West - No. 12" June 8, 1927

Two-panel cartoon showing a tourist from eastern Canadaencountering a Doukhobor farmer


582. "The Easterner in the West - No. 2" May 10, 1927

Cartoon about Ontarioresidents waiting for the Ontario Liquor Commission to open shop


583. "The Lady Knocks" October25, 1930

Depression cartoon asking people to be generous in thedifficult year ahead


584. "This Years Christmas Wait Waiting" December 9, 1925

Shows the public reacting to the high prices of coal


585. [Naziism]

Shows angel of peace battered and broken


586. "Titles in Canada" December 5, 1930

Depicts Canadian world championship wheat and poultry


587. "Marketing Advice"

The marketing of Canadian wheat


588. "The Great Disappointment"

Shows an angry looking German listening outside the door ofthe peace conference disappointed that the participants are working togetherharmoniously


589. "The Easterner in the West - No. 7" May 18, 1927

Easterners in Vancouvercommenting on the safety


590. "An A.B. Has Fears" October 1929

Cartoon about rationing


591. "Pro Patria, or, Our Lady of Glowing Patriotism" 28 April, 1926

Comment on jewellery and money pouring into the public pursein Francein response to a request to help with the French financial crisis


592. "The Modern Woman"

A negative comment on modern woman of 40 looking 20 becauseof scanty clothing


593. "Caught in the Spotlight" July 31, 1931

About the Beauharnois scandal


594. [SaskatchewanPolitics]

Depicts Social Credit candidates as howling tomcats


595. [Stock Markets] October13, 1934

Shows a businessman answering his door to a bulldog labelled"Canadian Investing Public"


596. "The Nuisance in Our Midst"

Shows a pair of pro-Nazis disturbers upsetting law and orderin Canada


597. "The Genesis of Unification" June 25, 1937

Advocates the uniting of the CNR and the CPR telegraphservices


598. "A Shock to Her System"

Comment on political partisanship and the support ofWoodsworth of the CCF for the new deal measures


599. [Canadian and British Relationships]

Depicts Canadaproffering an abundance of agricultural products to Britain


600. [MontrealPolitics]

Depicts public criticism of a deal with Montreal Water andPower Company


601. [Masculine Attire]

Two-panel cartoon about changing male fashions


602. [The New Year]

Shows the ghost of the past year as the clock strikes twelve


603. [British and Turkey Relations]

Depicts John Bull offering a loan (a dish of milk) to a petcat (Turkey)


604. "The Modern Jekyll and Hyde"

Depicts Bolshevism as a toxic brew making the world amiserable place


605. "If We Were Bolshevists"

Humorous depiction of Bolshevists as dirty and unwashed


606. "If We Were Bolshevists"

Depicts a male Bolshevist bringing home his hog-tied wife ina cart


607. "Back to Barbarism"

Two-panel cartoon comparing the Stone Age to BolshevistRussia as to the position of wives


608. "Dispossessing the Goose"

Racey includes an allegory about a goose and the golden eggson the back of this cartoon which shows a Bolshevist slaying a goose labelled"Capital & Industry"


609. "Running True to Form: The Expurgated Russian PublicLibrary of the Future"

Shows bookshelves filled with derogatory titles


610. "Who, Which, What, Why, and How Big Are You?"

The subtitle for the cartoon "A Prospective Visitor to EveryCanadian Home This Year," that is, there is going to be a Canadian census


611. "Experienced"

Cartoon about the number of pedestrians who are beinginjured by traffic


612. "Forest PreservationWeek"

Comment on Canada'ssecond greatest source of income threatened by exploitation, insects, fire, anddisease


613. "The New Skipper"

Cartoon about the success of the United Farmers of Ontarioin recent election


614. "Ye Merrie Yuletide" December 10, 1924

Comment on American designs on Canadian pulpwood


615. "Parliamentary Recess Soon?"

Shows a man watching female swimmers through binoculars


616. "The Holiday Season"

Shows the owner of distilleries and breweries contemplatinghis empire while on a pastoral holiday with his family


617. "Register" November29, 1928

Comment on the apathy of American voters who are failing toregister to vote


618. "A Thanksgiving Lament" November 12, 1928

Comment on animal rights and using turkey feathers to stuffpillows


619. "'Umbug, or Art in "Excelsior""

Depicts the lamentable state of the Canadian Great Warmemorial collection of paintings which are apparently languishing in a cellarin Ottawa


620. "What the Uneasy Public Wish to Know" September 18, 1924

A demand for police protection against prostitution, ruinedyouth, crime, gambling, immorality, dissipation, and dope


621. "Retrospection"

Racey's complaint that hundreds of millions of Canadiandollars are going to the U.S.for goods that could have been manufactured in Canada with a proper protectivetariff


622. "The Hyphen Controversy" July 31, 1933

Racey's demand that Canadians learn to speak French becauseit's one of the most beautiful languages and almost every French Canadianspeaks English


623. "Why?"

A two-panel cartoon asking why we are eating imported appleswhen there are barrels of the best Canadian apples in the world left to rot onthe ground


624. "More Power to Her: A Brave Struggle Against GreatOdds"

Shows Quebecwomen in a canoe battling against indifference, prejudice, politics, andignorance in their struggle for equality


625. "Excelsior: The Banner Held High at Long Last"

Shows a feminist proponent ascending a mountain ofenfranchisement


626. "Beware"

Cartoon with a gentleman warning hockey that it is in dangerof following lacrosse which has been killed as a national sport by brutality,thuggery, and a lack of sportsmanship


627. "The Crooked Politician's Good Friend"

A demand to electors that they work to nominate and electworthy candidates instead of being apathetic


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