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Accession Number: 96-003

Racey Cartoon List: Drawer 11

# 366 - # 496


366. "Wasting Time and Money"

Negative comment on the part of the Canadian parliament; toomuch talk and too little action


367. "Be Careful How You Laugh"

Humorous comment on a European professor who believes he cantell a person's character by how they laugh


368. "Advertisement"

Humorous comment on "bugs and insects" that plague society,such as the "Filibuster Grub," the "Garrulous Gab Fly," and the "RoyalCommission Maggot"


369. "Those 'Metalized' Suits"

Comment on the invention of metal suits guaranteed to "lasta lifetime"


370. "The Tipping Nuisance, or, A Tip to All Tip Takers"

Comment on the assault on self-respect for people who haveto rely on tipping as part of their income


371. "A Possible Future Event of World-Wide Interest" - June 24, 1933

Humorous comment on the vindication of Miss LaMonte, whoseresearch has proven that the biggest fish do get away


372. "The Future Polar Flight Expedition Starts Out"

A cascading series of rescue attempts surrounding the Arcticflight expedition of a dirigible


373. "Coming Soon: Weekending In the Near Future"

Shows a family complete with dog, camping equipment, andvalises taking off for the weekend on a small airplane


374. "Yes They Have Changed"

Shows the human male face changed through bootleg booze,jazz, and dodging automobile traffic


375. "Spring Fashions"

Portrays a fashionable woman looking into a mirror, bedeckedwith armaments; a male taxpayer is sitting in an armchair lamenting his taxbill


376. "Flag Flying 'umbug"

Racey is decrying the increased tendency to fly flags of allnations on Canadian buildings


377. "The Infinite Variety of Modern Youth"

Shows a couple dancing to jazz to celebrate ThanksgivingDay, Armistice Day, Christmas, and in fact every day in exactly the same way


378. "It's the Little Things That Count"

A comment on the chaos and violence in the world and thedifference that a small act of courtesy and kindness can make to an individual


379. "Suggestion for Completion of Tower Structure"

Depiction of the building of the tower on Parliament Hill asa bunch of elephants standing on a pork barrel


380. "Prospective"

Depicts the usurpation of the ploughshare industry byarmament factories around the world


381. "The Siamese Twins"

"Uncle Sam" speaking to two little twins labelled "WarDebts" and "Reparations" and trying to convince them that they are separateentities


382. "Fifty-five Nation Links"

Depicts "war" shackled to a wall by the League of Nations


383. "At It Again, or, What the Public Would Like to Know" -January 22, 1926

Comment on a tramways line planned for across Mount Royal Parkin Montreal


384. "At Their Door: No Excuse for Delay Now" - May 25, [1926]

A demand for support of hospitals in Montreal


385. "Rubber"

Shows "Uncle Sam" siphoning off profits from the Britishrubber business while hiding behind his own high tariff wall


386. "In Your Own Interest" - ca. 1924

Comment on the high accident toll in Montreal,and asking people to support the Province of Quebec Safety League


387. "The Successful Drummer Returns Home"

An English salesman returning home after having cementedBritish and Canadian labour interests and trade deals


388. "Uncorked - Accidentally"

The genie of bribery and corruption escaping from the United Statesbaseball league


389. "Fore!"

Depicts the democratic presidential candidate Hoover out on the golfcourse


390. [Death of Paul Doumer, 1857-1932]

Commemorates the death by assassination of the President ofFrances, Monday, May 9, 1932


391. "Summer Fashions: Imitation the Sincerest Flattery"- June 5, 1931

Humorous comment on Canada's tariff implemented byBennett following on the heals of the American tariff


392. "If We Were Bolshevists"

Communist mille with people shouting things like "Thump HisNoseski"


393. "The Result of Bad Companionship"

Young villain labelled "Bolshevist Russia" reacting toRamsay and the drubbing he's getting in the British election


394. "Reform Necessary"

Nine-panel cartoon about the necessity for training andeducating people specifically for various communities: sporting communities,intellectual districts, working-man's districts, etc.


395. "Independence"

University-gowned Britisher shaking hands with Iraq welcoming Iraqinto the League of Nations


396. "An Embarrassing Question"

A proud RCMP officer singing "Oh Canada" impervious to the pettypolitics of Canadians


397. "The Anti-Daylight Saving Campaign"

Humorous look at supposedly ludicrous opposition to daylightsaving time


398. "Preposterous"

Comment on the United Stateswith its high tariff wall being outraged by Frances doing the same thing


399. "The Juggler"

Robb, the Minister of Finance, trying to manage bothprotection and low tariff


400. "The Cause of Fifty Percent of Humanity's Restlessness"

Shows fanaticism as a slavering tiger


401. "The Lesson of the Banana"

Comment on trade within the British empire and talks aboutthe first cargo of bananas to come straight into Canadafrom the British West Indies


402. "A Large Crop"

Comment on the coming election; shows an old farmer standingin a field with a huge crop of "candidates"


403. "The Budget Weather"

Shows public opinion getting hotter and hotter in oppositionto the Cheque Stamp Tax


404. "The Tragedy of Ontario"

Comment on prohibition in Ontario


405. "The Stinging Nettle"

Depicts Premier Ferguson running into trouble with the Ontario liquor policyquestion


406. "The Mad Tea Party"

The leader of the Social Credit Party as the mad hatter


407. [Prohibition]


408. [CanadaWins Olympic Hockey Championship, 1932]


409. "Children Ancient and Modern"

Two-panel cartoon showing fathers from different centuriesbribing their children, on the one hand, a dollar, and on the other hand, acar, if they won't drink or smoke


410. "The Fashion Reaches Mount Olympus"

Shows a foot racer as Mercury


411. "Collapse"

Shows an indigent Russian communist begging for help fromworld capital


412. "He Wastes His ForestSubstance in Riotous Publication" - February13, 1924

Shows an Uncle Sam-like character brandishing a weapon acrossthe border at Canadian pulpwood supply


413. [The World Arms Race]

A character that could be Mars, God of War, smiling happilyin the face of world powers and their race for arms


414. "The Man from the Moon"

Comment on the royal commission on the Canadian constitution


415. "Curious, Isn't It?"

Comment on people being mean and Scrooge-like and blaming iton the Depression


416. [Canadian National Railway Debt] - 1932

Commenting on the CNR accruing over $60 million a year indeficits


417. "Prognostication"

Six panels showing differing points of view on what's instore for the world


418. "Back to Front, or, After the Redistribution Exit" - May 20, 1933

Quebecafter a fall down a set of stairs labelled "Parliamentary Redistribution"


419. "A Suggestion: Why Not a Correct Coat of Arms for Canada"

Racey suggests a coat of arms featuring lumber, water,tariff, minerals, politics, apathy, U.S. interests, and pork-barrelling


420. "The Moat and the Beam"

Disagreements between Ontarioand Quebecover the manufacture and the sale of booze


421. "'Tis a Strange World, Mates"

Two-panel showing a British loafer on the dole making moremoney than the Russian worker


422. "Humor in Russia At Last"

Internal conflicts in Russia, anarchists vs. Bolsheviks


423. "Reform Needed in Madame Montreal's Kitchen"

Comment on the too-close relationship between the police andpolitics


424. "The American St. George"

Shows President Hoover fighting dragons labelled foreign andAmerican combines


425. "The American Superpower Interests are NotPhilanthropists"

A warning to Canadanot to squander the natural power resources of the St. Lawrence River byselling them off to the U.S.


426. "Another World Championship"

Six-panel cartoon on the short-lived revolution in Poland


427. [English Tourists in Canada]

Two bewildered and bug-bitten hikers who lasted one day on ahiking expedition north of Quebec


428. "The Re-Opening of Wembley Exhibition"

Six-panel cartoon featuring aspects of Canadian society thatirritate Racey


429. "Whew! Worse Than Ever"
Comment on foreign smut publications coming into Canada


430. "Wanted - Tariff Discretion"

Comment on anti-British disloyal propaganda in publicationsflooding into Canada


431. "A Guide for the Children"
Comment on "Modern Poisonous Rubbish" publications


432. "Yes, But in the Wrong Direction"

Two characters each labelled "Half of the World" approachingeach other armed


433. "Sometimes They Come True"

A dreamer dreaming of peace, progress, and economically united states of Europe in harmony with the League of Nations


434. "Her Old Tom Cat"

Ex Kaiser of Germany as a stray cat being offered $3 millionin war reparations


435. "His Pet Telescope"

Shows a war monger gleeful at the deadlocked disarmamentquestion


436. "The Slimy Trail Again"

Comment on the threat of the Soviet Union against India via Afghanistan

437. "Before and After"

Comment on women working to get the vote and then being toobusy to exercise their franchise.


438. "Life in the Jungle"

Shows Nazi state as an eagle pounching on innocent"rabbits": Poland, Balkans, with the Russian bear waiting in the underbrush.


439. "A Complicated Situation in England: The Early BirdsGetting the Worm"

Shows 3 electoral candidates as birds tearing at a Britishelectorate worm.


440. "Professor B.K. Sandwell, McGill University"

Depicts Sandwell addressing an author's association ofCanada about the sorry state of Canadian literature.


441. "At the Shouties"

Critical comment on the loudness of movies.


442. "If We Were Bolshevists"

Depicts dirty messy "Bolshevists" being charged before ajudge with having taken a bath.


443. "One Born Every Quarter of a Second and Twins at That"

Shows the stock market as a candle with moths(suckers/investors) flocking to it, trying to get rich quick and being killed.


444. [Animal Rights]

Racey (who was very fond of animals) depicts a horse in asanta suit under a Christmas tree decorated with apples, carrots. Under thetree are bags of oats labelled "League of Justice for Animals."


445. "The Other Half of the World"

A 4-panel cartoon showing varying conditions and opinions inthe world (for example, one-half of the world drowning in surplus wheat and theother half starving.


446. "Mad Clear Through"

Shows an angry British lion besieged by the red plot, theCampbell case, Russian loans and the anglo-Russian treaty.


447. "Perfidious King"

Shows Quebec Bloc as a jilted damsel watching the West beingwooed by W.L.M. King and the promise of low tariffs.


448. "Canada Prepares"

War cartoon showing the allies heavily armed and wearing gasmasks.


449. "The Nazi Hierarchy at the European Trough"

Cartyoon showing Hitler, Goebbels and Goering as pigs eatingat a trough labelled "A Degenerate and Vicious Trio."


450. "A Powerful Ally" - 18 May 1933

Depiction of USA as 'Theseus' wielding a club of 'Roosevelt's World Appeal' and slaying theminotaur.


451. "World Currency" - Feb.20, 1934

Shows dilemma of dealing with differing currencies withrespect to imprts and exports in the world market.


452. "Hoist the Sail"

Cartoon showing women voters on a beach watching a sail boatwith a mast reading "Vote for Binks the Champion of Womans' Rights."


453. "The Coming Waterways Conference"

Shows W.L.M. King as a small boy standing up to a USA bullyover St. Lawrence river water rights.


454. [Naziism]

Depicts a cave man fiercely fighting at the mouth of a cavefull of Nazi vipers.


455."Out of Gear"

Depicts a German armed robot seemingly facing Paris butactually marching back to Germany.


456. "Quite Plain and Simple"

Humorous comment on the confusing and complex Irishsituation.


457. "'Bargaining' a la Mode in a Land of Freedom - InShooting"

Comment on the USA and Canada dispute over the St. Lawrencewaterway rights.


458. "April 1st - Not Biting This Time"

Another cartoon re the USA-Canada St. Lawrence WaterwaysScheme


459 "Crossing it off the List"

Cartoon showing gansters deciding to leave Montreal after arecent crack-down on crime.


460. [Canadian andBritish trade Relatations]

Depicts a member of the RCMP with "Canadian Cattle" talkingover a fence to "John Bull" ie U.K.


461. "Is a Border-Line World Record ... International Peace"

Shows an angel of peace looking sadly at "Uncle Sam" servingup huge air defence appropriations to the "birds of war."


462. "The Dog: 'Look What the 'Umbugs Tied to My Tail'"

Comment on the USA blaming Canada for importation of liquorduring prohibition (which Racey denies)


463. "Every Silver Lining Has its Dark Cloud"

Comment on the Washington oil scandal and the Canadian HomeBank scandal.


464. "Query"

Wondering why Canada is importing USA coal when it has 16%of the world's coal supply in Canada.


465. "Fire Prevention Week"

Canada has the worst statistics on damage from fires throughcigarette butts, matches and camp fires


466. "An Object lesson to the World"

Arbitration between Canada and the U.S.


467. [Monetary Matters]

Shows USA and Canada shaking hands over mutually agreeablefinancial matters.


468. "Quite Correct"

Depicts 5 men from different races expressing dismay and differingfears around Christmas time


469. "Another disastrous Famine Pending"

Depicts Russia before and after Bolshevist rule (after isdeprivation and starvation)


470. [Armed and War-Like World] - 1935

Angel of peace holding a scroll that reads "No Nobel peaceprize for 1935"


471. "A Little Canine Philosophy"

Shows a Staffordshire terrier wearing a muzzle. Raceywonders why officialdom doesn't worry as much about real health problems asthey do about the muzzling of dogs.


472. "Writ Large and Deep on the SCroll of Fame" 1934

Commemoration of the work of Madame Marie Curie.


473. "The K.K.K. Now Own a University"

Shows hooded members fo the Ku Klux Klan as professors oftar and feathering, branding, hanging and horse-back riding.


474. "Laughing in the Face of Justice"

Shows criminals as rats easily escaping justice trap.


475. "At the Foot of the Throne" 30 April 1935

Women of Quebec seeking the vote.


476. "The Russian Bear Adrift"

The Bear on an ice floe drifting on a sea of Bolshevism.


477. "From and Unexpected Quarter"

Depicts a Moslem and a Hindu in negotiations and "SikhDemands" as a snake intervening


478. "The Infant Prodigy" 1930

A cartoon concerning the radio and all the noise it ismaking now with speeches, bedtime stories, news, propaganda, music, politicsand sports


479. "The Mathematical Peace Angel in the U.S.A."

Albert Einsteinportrayed as an angel advocating passivism


480. "Samuel and HisFriend" 1940

Uncle Sam (USA) suggests that Canada and the USA stop seawaynegotiations becasue of unrest in the world.


481. "The Judgement of Paris Up To Date"

Depicts the Saar handing over votes to Nazi Germany in Dutchdisguise


482. "Treaty Reaction"

Reaction of Canadian wheat market to fixed prices.


483. [Canadian Wheat]

Shows Canadian wheat sitting on top of the world


484. "Why?" 1928

Bread prices ar ataying high even though Canadian wheat hasenjoyed the highest yields ever


485. "We Haven't Too Many Factories Over Here"

Comment on cost of American labour to manufacture goods fromCanadian raw materials


486. [Bad Business News] 26 December 1930

A 2-panel cartoon about optimism vanquishing pessimisticbusiness stories.


487. [Angry Scotsmen] 5 May 1939


488. "Work and Save"

Comment on the impossibility of saving by taxpayersoverburdened by income tax


489. "Domineering Autocracy"

Advocating that consumers buy more modestly priced coke,coal, anthracite and Alberta coal


490. [Museum of Extinct Species]

Homo sapiens has been added to a display case.


491. "A Note For Our Welcome Visitors, the British Journalists"18 August 1927

Comment on the provision of weapons for British immigrantsin case of Indians, bears, etc.


492. [Palestinian Issues]

Shows the British lion having his tail twisted by Palestine


493."Help Needed"

Comment on the price of Canadian wheat


494. [unfinished cartoon]

Two figures shivering in a blizzard


495. "At the Curling Rinks"

Cartoon of Rev. Frank Charters, Chaplain at St. Andrew's


496. [aftermath of a political contest]

Liberal and Conservative candidates with blocks of ice ontheir heads and obviously suffering from hangovers shake hands and congratulateeach other



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