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Accession Number: 96-003

Racey Cartoon List: Drawer 10

# 244- # 365


244. "Expensive Experience"

Comment on private vs state ownership in India


245. "A Herculean Task"

Comment on the enormity of implementing an all-India federallegislature


246. "The Two Hurry Off Together Stumbling and FeelingThrough the Dark..."

A medic searching for wounded soldiers on a battlefield


247. "Bang!"

Comment on Japan'sGeneral Togo and the occupation of Vladivostok


248. "En Routeto Self-Government"

Stanley Baldwin and the Indiareform bill; shows an elephant wading through a forest of Conservativepolitical obstructions


249. "One on Hitler and His Thugs"

Caricatures of Britainand Norwaylaughing at the humanitarian actions of the British navy


250. "Spotless"

A guilty-looking Turkish figure dripping with the blood ofArmenians (Armenian massacre)


251. "The Dragon in the Manger"

Refers to fanatical anti-foreign animosity


252. "Miss CanadaWould You Please Wake Up Immediately... The Clock Has Struck May" - May 2, 1909

Comment on the very late spring that year


253. "It's Not Fair" -[September 1927]

Refers to the Dempsey-Tunney fight


254. "After the HolidaySeason"

Shows a woman and a sales clerk gossiping at a basementbargain sale counter


255. "Up It Goes" - February26, 1930

United States high tariffs against Canadian farmproduce


256. "Why Not Abolish the Tip Along With the Name of theWaiter and Make His Self-Respect Complete"

Comment on the proposal to replace the name of waiter withthat of, for example, server


257. "The Holiday Season"

A long and humorous comment on the complicated preparationsfor going away on vacation


258. "The Stuffed Glove"

A boxer portraying a politician


259. "Midnight December 28th"

A humorous comment on burying ugly and unwanted Christmaspresents; shows a sinister character with a pick and shovel in the backyard


260. "A One-Man Affair"

Comment on the sparse following of the united farmerspolitical party


261. "Still the Astute One"

Portrays a Turk conniving against the Greeks


262. "Cold Water"

An Arab throwing cold water (the Jerusalem riots) on a couple depicting theAnglo-Egyptian Treaty


263. "And the Gate Flew Open"

John Bull (England)dressed as Ali-Baba knocking at the gate of Baghdad


264. "The Destructive NileRat"

Depicts Egyptian discontentment savaging the peace of Sudan


265. "South Africa and Her Flag"

The anti-British element in South Africa and their demands fora new flag


266. "Intense Correspondence - Writing to Santa Claus"

Mackenzie King asking Santa Claus for a majority in the nextelection


267. "Foiled!"

Fiscal difficulties in France and the reparationsanti-settlement plot


268. "After the Fight"

Two urchins as Polandand Russia battling with theLeague of Nations and endangering world peace


269. "What a Relief!" - January4, 1924

Two characters as Canadaand Turkeyreading a sign indicating that the Canadian senate ratified a treaty of peacefor the empire


270. "What's Next?"

Sino-Japanese military strategy


271. "Those British!"

A character depicting Russia musing over the end of theBritish coal strike; a humorous comment on what poor revolutionists the Britishare


272. "The Fire Cracker"

Depicts the impending crisis of Shanghai


273. "Swallowing Himself"

The nationalist sector of China as a dragon swallowing histail


274. "A Continuous Breach of Solid Engagements"

John Bull (British) pointing a finger at Russia and its ubiquitousviolations of various sorts


275. "Yes Stop It"

Shows a character as Canadadressed in an outrageous outfit, the result of Soviet clothing being importedinto Canada


276. "Any Relief Welcome"

John Bull (Britain)handing Mesopotamia to Arabia and the Britishtaxpayer shouldering the burden


277. "Doing His Best"

Ramsay MacDonald shown as a snake charmer trying to copewith the Hindu-Muslim sectors in India


278. "Or Take the Awful Consequence"

President Wilson chastising the framers of the new Italyand Yugoslavian agreement


279. "The Unbeliever, or, The Situation in Turkey"

Depicts a Turkish man provoking a vicious allied dog in adoghouse


280. "Maddened by Fanaticism: Biting the Hand That Fed andFreed Him"

A vicious dog as Egypt biting the hand of John Bull


281. "The World and His Wife are Jazzed into 1920"

An noisy orchestra made up of strikes, unrest, politics,Bolshevism, and the H.C. of L. while a weary world dances


282. "Still Busy Sewing the Tares of Discontent in a FertileField" - September 1924

A Russian sewing Red propaganda on a field called "WorldLabor"


283. "Feeding the Animals, And Now For the Dog"

Uncle Sam (U.S.) giving a little treat (the Kellogg Anti-WarPact) to a dove while at the same time supporting additional cruisers for thenavy


284. "Watching His Best Customers"

Uncle Sam peering through a knothole in a high Americantariff fence at Canada'stariff policies


285. "2nd Cruiser Squadron With Prince Louis ofBattenberg" - 1924

Arrival of the British Men of War with Battenberg aboard


286. "The Impudent Litigant"

A Turkish individual and John Bull representing Britain appear before a judge with the League of Nations


287. "Appealing to Honourable Honor"

A figure depicting world peace pointing out the 9-powertreaty to General Togo of Japan


288. "The Fourteenth Disaster"

A wild ocean with the Treaty of Lausanne barely afloat offthe shoals of reparations


289. "Taking the Waters At Spa"

Lloyd George pointing out the leaks in the ally's peaceterms


290. "Buzz-Z-Z-Z-Z! Or, Such a Birthday Greeting" - February 5, 1934

Depicts Adolf Hitler denouncing the ex-Kaiser of Germany


291. "Constantinople Giants Versus the MesopotamiaPink Socks"

Unfair baseball game between the two contenders


292. "Clothes and the Man"

Cartoon showing labour ministers in Britain having to dress up in fullregalia to appear in court


293. "Mr. Everyman - Attention"

A businessman sitting at his desk working but dreaming aboutplaying golf, sailing, curling, and other pleasurable pastimes; point of thecartoon is to get him to spend less time on himself and more on charity


294. "Mr. Mars is Interviewed"

The personification of war being interviewed by journalists


295. "To the Man With a Flower Garden"

An exhortation to people to be generous to charity and showsa gentleman strolling in his garden


296. "Now Comes the Season When They Come Back to Earth"
Cartoon about people travelling to exotic places


297. "Two Old Ladies Who Do Not Understand the Situation"

Two ladies labelled "Manitoba Free Press" and "London Times"chastising Quebec for not ceding the St.Lawrence Waterway to the U.S.


298. "Settling Itself"

Cook, head of the coal miners union, astonished to see thatthe miners are not following him in continuing the strike


299. "Back From a Holiday in Cuba"

A government official (Rob) pictured as a fisherman holdinga fish labelled "Expansion of Trade With Cuba"


300. "Whaur's Th' Game Ganging Tae At A!

Cartoon making fun of golfers and their attire


301. "Once Again the Magnet Works"

Cartoon showing a huge magnet labelled "Baseball Today"pulling a fan into the park


302. "The Bankers Golf Tournament"

H.R. Wright and W.H. Stevens on a golf green at Kanawaki


303. "Transmutation of Matter"

Relationship between consumers and profiteers


304. "The Wrestling Season has Begun"

Charles Dunning getting a "toe" hold on public debt


305. "An Impression of Miss Margo Asquith At His Majesty'sTheatre"

Caricature of Asquith


306. "The Death Toll Mounts"

Demand that lights should be required on horse-drawncarriages to prevent continued highway deaths


307. "Puir auld Scotlan'!"

Cartoon about the assault on Scottish national institutionslike bagpipes and haggis


308. "What It Means"

Comment on the Peterson shipping contract which the taxpayeris having to pay


309. "The New Atom Gun"

About the possibilities of the "Atom Splitting Gun"


310. "The Traitor, or, Worrying Mother to Distraction" - May 7, 1925

Forke was a Progressive Party politician (1922-1925); aradical group in the party (the Ginger Group) broke away; cartoon shows Forkeas a mother hen with the Ginger Group escaping from the nest


311. "An Impediment In the Path"

Complaint about the exorbitant price of school books


312. "An Interesting Puzzle to Disentangle"

Three British politicians characterized as an interlockingpuzzle


313. "The Marler Scale"

Shows a scale of justice weighing public interest andwelfare on the one hand against the title of honorable on the other hand


314. "All Gone But Two"

Comment on the Bennett government policies being adopted byreform


315. "Strange Mr. Consumer"

Public apathy in the face of profiteering


316. "Some Punkin!"

Depicts the United Farmers of Canada as a huge pumpkin


317. "Word of Nine Letters Denoting an Annual Festival onDecember 25th is Coming"

A family out shopping talking in code in order to keepChristmas secrets


318. "The Football Season Opens"

A U.S.referee of a football game holding a N.R.A. code of rules trying to sort outlabour vs. capital unrest


319. "As They See Themselves"

Comment on the American press that are anti-prohibition;shows a gaunt figure walking through a field with skeletons in it carrying abook of blue laws under his arm


320. "Loaded"

William Cassel, the assistant secretary of state from Washington, demanding that Canada agree to the St. Lawrencedevelopment or face higher tariffs


321. "Why?"

Comment on cheap what and why the price of flour is low butthe price of bread stays high


322. "The Pleasant Surprise"

Canadian taxpayer getting a gift in his Christmas stockinglabelled the "Abolition of the Luxury Tax"


323. "Cheap...Very!"

Cartoon shows the Canadian Parliament buildings with a"Great January Bargain Sale Now On" sign.


324. "Just Like Abraham Lincoln...Only Different"

Critical comment on Crebar and the United Farmers party.


325. "Experience Speaks to Inexperience"

Sounds the "Chinese Question" as a hornet's nest


326. "Pre-Conference Courtesies"

Depicts Britainas John Bull contemplating a tarifftruce.


327. "The Repaired Harp"

Shows Cosgrove playing an Irish harp labelled "Irish Free State"


328. "St. Valentine's Day"

A cartoon in four panels showing valentines being receivedby a landlord (have a heart), Senator King of Utah(he apparently wants Canadato pay waterway fees); Quebec government (Montreal wants some of the liquor and tax profits) and Ontario (should go "wet"with a liquor licensing board.)


329. "Stop a Moment"

Advocating charity and the Salvation Army


330. "The Truthful Truth"

A two-panel cartoon comparing the rhetoric of a romantic manand a politician if they only told the truth, e.g. : "Darling I love you! Ifonly you'll be my housekeeper, cook, valet, laundress, nursemaid, housemaid,charwoman, and general odd-job man..."


331. "The Man Who Refuses to Practice What He Preaches"

Comment on the average M.P. who spouts economy but spendswildly.


332. "The Mudlarking Candidates"

Political opponents shown slinging mud (innuendo, personalabuse and criticism) at each other as citizens watch


333. "Fiction"

Shows a shelf of books of Germany's best sellers: i.e.. "Englandon her Knees 1915 edition, 1916, 1917,1918, etc.


334. "John Bull"

Shows John bull (Britain)holding a leaflet of agreement between the U.S.and Britainin the face of "Hitler's stupid bombast."


335. "He Forgets They are Grown Up"

Depicts Colonial Office of Britain as a nursemaid, alongwith John Bull, herding Canada,Australia, South Africa, New Zealand


336. "His Hosts Silverware, or, Caught With the Goods"

Scotland Yard is accosting a Russian representative withBritish documents falling out of his pockets


337. "The Real Leader of the Government"

R. Forke of the Progressive Party dominating the Kinggovernment.


338. "The Steamroller"

Steamroller labelled "Industrial Conditions" crushing a bear(market).


339. "The Toast...Failure to the Coolidge DisarmamentParley"

Shows "War" drinking a toast with "armament manufacturer"


340. "Testing the Placability of the Allied Powers in TrueTurkish Fashion"

Caricature of Turkey hoising petard of "generalsand officials connected with the war" and declaring his innocence


341. "Putting 'Stall' in Installment"

Caricature of Germany wailing about lack of moneyto pay reparations and begging for mercy


342. "Getting into Line on the Same Road"

Comment on the common vision of Britainand the United Statesre disarmament policies


343. "Rubber Again"

Comment on unfair trade policies between Britain and the United States with respect torubber production


344. "The Modern Chinese Puzzle"

Heavily armed China character drunk on power


345. "Canada'sInterests Are Your Interests" - 1924

Comment on public apathy towards Canada's affairs and interests


346. "The Ark- Making It Big Enough To hold All the Animals" - 1921

Shows the new Liberal platform as an ark being made largeenough to hold such "animals" as "grain growers," the "farmer," the "profiteer"etc.


347. "The Doors That Should be Wide Open to Him"

British immigrant knocking on the door of Canada'simmigration department


348 "The Executioner"

"Majority Rule" being beheaded by minority deadlock


349. "Obey That Impulse - Do it Now"

Another exhortation to the apathetic Canadian citizen totake an interest in the affairs of the country


350. "Let Go!"

Comment on Canada'sunnecessary dependence on Columbiafor coal and merchandise


351. "In the Senate Chamber, Ottawa"

Comment on Sir Richard W. Scott's continued control althoughan elderly white-haired man


352. "A Challenge to the World"

Uncle Sam holding a document entitled "Treaty With Powers ofthe World Prohibiting the Use of Submarines Entirely" which he will sign ifevery other power does so as well


353. "The Olympiad"

Comment on unsportsmanlike conduct at the Olympic Games


354. "Remembrance"

A soldier blowing into a bugle while another soldier standswith head bowed


355. "Nazi Ambition" - 1939

An ambivalent Hitler standing in front of the destruction ofPoland


356. "Periodical: Some Hoary Old Acquaintances Pop Up Again"- 1934

Reciprocity, the Balkan war cloud, imminent prosperity, andalchemism as jack-in-the-boxes


357. "Gentle Spring Piped In By Pan" - April 12, 1940

Scene of a blizzard


358. "The Dauntless Spirit of St.George One More" - April 23, 1938

A "Deficit Dragon" nailed to a castle door by lion-heartedknight, "John Bull"


359. "His Tariff Dilemma" - March 14, 1910

"Uncle Sam" cutting off his nose (export trade with Canada) with a knife labelled "Maximum Rates" -re U.S.tariff rates


360. "Not a Very Stable Base" - April 19, 1909

The angel of peace poised on the prows of three battle ships


361. "A Historic and Significant Occasion" - September 30, 1931

The laying of a France-German entente cornerstone on theFoundation of Common Sense


362. "The Fair Maiden On Her Way to the Court of Justice"

A caricature of "Truth" confronting election protests in Quebec


363. "Suggestion for TorontoExhibition"

A carnival scene commenting on Premier W.L.M. King and Canada'sequality of status


364. "Dispelling the Fog"

A positive comment on Cosgrave who has been disputingexaggerations about the Irish problem


365. "Haytime and the New Hired Man"

The election of Ontario Premier Mitch Hepburn, 1934, and hisattempts to boost the economy to cut the costs, such as the salaries ofministers





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