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Accession Number: 96-003

Drawer 14

#759 - #843


759. "His Idea of tolerance"

Depicts a Soviet propagandists demanding toleration butoffering no such toleration to others.


760. "Expert Seamanship Required"

French crisis threatening to break apart the League ofNations


761. [American Senate's Rejection of the League of Nations Peace Treaty]

Negative cartoon showing an angry Statue of Liberty holdingthe Senate's rejection notice.


762. "Rejected Family Co-Operation"

Britain and Ramsay Macdonald reject the Imperial Conferencewhich included all members of the Commonwealth.


763. "Notice to Quit but Welcome to Stay"

China's ousting of foreigners but inviting them to stay onfor business purposes.


764. "Derby Day"

John Bull's office closed on Derby Day but foreign nationsand problems waiting at his door.


765. "Another Scheme Gone Awry"

Soviet scuppering of the League of Nations disarmamentcommission.


766. "To the Woods"

Depicts German war criminals escaping and fleeing intoSwitzerland.


767. "Looking for Non-Neutral Knotholes"

The President of the Carnegie Institute in America hasoffered a reward for the capture of Adolf Hitler.


768. "In Literary Circles"

The ex crown prince of Germany has written a biographycritical of his father and stepmother


769. "In the Land of the Sacred White Elephant"


770. "The Periodical Inspection"

"World armaments" looks at John Bull and Uncle Sam andwonders if he will be reduced this time round.


771. "The Powder Barrel"

Depicts the Chinese situation as explosive and dangerous andrequiring great diplomacy


772. "Picture of a Citizen Making Out a Cheque to Pay hisIncome Tax"

A taxpayer perplexed because he thought German indemnity wassupposed to pay for the war, not his taxes.


773. "If the Criminal Tried Himself, What Would the VerdictBe?"

Baron von Lersner has proposed that the Germans accused ofwar atrocities be tried in Germany which Racey finds ludicrous.


774. "The Great Value of Sport"

Sport in Germany has diverted attention from a parade ofmilitary monarchists.


775. "Disillusionment, or, the Sure Cure"

Emma Goldman cartoon showing her as being opposed toBolshevik atrocities although she had previously endorsed what Racey calls the"bloodstained autocratic oppression of the masses."


776. "Hope"

British empire depicted as being on an ark watching a dove(Smuts) returning with optimistic prospects.


777. "Looking Up" 8June 1933

An optimistic cartoon regarding the economy and worldevents.


778. "Has To Be Watched Instead of Relied On"

Montreal aldermen more interested in personal power andprivilege than in looking after such matters as Montreal hospitals.


779-843 Miscellaneous; no titles and no readily discerniblesubject. Note: Numbers 831 and 832 are drawings [possibly court house sketches] signed by Henri Julien (1852-1908).

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