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Accession Number: 84-020

UCND Court Records: 84-020 Box 54/3

Date Age/ Gender Name/Residence/Site of Inquest Coroner Cause of Death
Jan. 12 F/Infant  Cordelia Alberta Nichols
A. Tinney  Dysentery and heart failure
Jan. 17  F/- Lena E. Ennis
Port Hope - Elgin Street
R.A. Corbett Uremic poisoning caused by exposureto Scarlet Fever
Jan. 25 M/-  Frank Merino
E. Latta C.N.R. Italian labourermurdered by rifle shot from Gregori Mancuro
Jan. 26 M/35 Giuseppe Cianflone
Grafton/Cobourg CottageHospital 
H. Elliot  C.N.R. Italian labourer murdered by rifle shot from Gregori Mancuro
Feb. 11 M/52  James Dickson
H. Elliot Weak heart, not being able to controlhimself and Pneumonia
Mar. 15  M/-  Albert Tyler
W. Loucks  Heart failure
May 19 M/-   Frank Benson
Port Hope - Ontario Hotel 
W. McKinley Heart failure due to two weeks ofexcessive intoxication
May 28 M/- Henry Francis Holland
H. Elliot Natural causes
Box 54/4
Jun. - Dec. 1910
Jun. 20  M/-  Thomas Dunk
W. Loucks  Drowning suicide
Jun. 20  M/- Roy Palmer
M. Tucker Hit by G.T.R train near Campbellford
Jul. 6  M/- Unknown Man
Near Colborne
E. Latta   Fell off G.T.R train and fractured neck
Jul. 14 M/-  John Regan
C.M. Sanford    Unwell for some time - natural causes
Aug. 1 M/- William Dunn
Murray Twp. - Near Lovett's Bridge 
C.M. Sanford   Fell off the steamer "North King" while doing his job as a NightWatchman
Sep. 7 M/- William Goslin
Cobourg/Port Hope
H. Elliot   Fell under G.T.R. train wheels
Sep. 19 M/- E.E. Cooper
---    Heart failure
Sep. 20 M/2 Gordon Finney
A.D. Marchland  Accidentally shot in head by Louis Fowler
Sep. 24  M/4 Mark James Childs
C.M. Sanford  Fell from a cart and suffered from cerebral meningitis
Sep. 30  F/- Mary Lawson
C.M. Sanford Heart failure while in the act of gettingout of bed
Oct. 4  M/-  John Wade
A. Tilley   Shot himself, Coroner rules the death as suicide
Nov. 21 M/- Hilton Beggs  --- Accidental
Nov. 24  F/Infant Edith Ann Colter
Port Hope
A. Aldrich   Infantile convulsions and natural causes
Dec. 6  M/27 Emiel Taifrale
W. McKinley Possible Russian citizen who committedsuicide by strangulation

Dec. 6

M/-  William Ferguson
H. Elliot    Heart and Kidney disease and excessive use of alcohol
Dec. 17 F/-  Josephine Brimacomb
Colborne  -- Bristol Hotel
E. Latta Strangulation at the Bristol hotel, Coroner not determined if death was accidental or from violent act, very suspicious.    
Box 55/1
Jan.- May 1911  
Feb. 2  F/54 Victoria Teasdale
Colborne - Bristol Hotel
E. Latta Heart Failure and excessive alcohol
Mar. 28 F/- Masilla Lisette
W. Loucks Acute indigestion
Apr. 1  M/- William Riley
E. Latta Died of Natural Causes in his shop in the earlyhours of the morning
Apr. 3 F/21 Olive McGraw
Haldimand Twp.    
E. Latta Natural Causes and unknown to Jury
Apr. 4 F/- Mary Nash
Port Hope
A. Aldrich Excessive use of intoxicating liquor and exposureto cold
Apr. 16-17   Colborne Fire - Express Newspaper
King Street, Colborne
R. Snetsinger Leslie Burke charged with arson--Note: Includes photos ofdestruction and blueprints
Apr. 26 M/-  William Little
E. Loucks Worker planting dynamite killed, Coroner determinedman suffered from Pneumonia
Box 55/2
May - Aug. 1911
May 1 M/- William Little
J. Macoun  Dynamite Blast killed him
Jun. 1 M/-   George H. Hornby
Port Hope
A. Aldrich  Drowning
Jun. 8 M/86  William Chapman
Cobourg - House of Refuge
J. McMillen Gangrene
Jun. 16 M/-  James Madill
A. Tilley Train derailment one mile east of Newcastle resulting in death - Coroner blames first class train accommodations
Jun. 23 Males/-  Joseph Angell & Albert Carmike
W. Loucks Poisoning by wood alcohol
Jul. 5 M/-  W.J. Cook
H. Elliot Fell off  East Pier in Cobourg Harbour while intoxicated
Jul. 14 F/- Catherine Gibson
Brighton -- Smithfield  
C.M. Sanford Heart disease
Jul. 19 M/- William Mercer
Port Hope
W. McKinley Explosion at canning factory
Aug. 9  M/Boy Wilfred McMahon
W. McKinley Accidentally drowned after going beyond his depth in water
Aug. 18 M/- George Richardson
Haldimand - Burn's Blacksmith shop
H. Elliot Shock and blood poisoning resulting from beingstruck by a car driven by J. Anderson of Belleville
Aug. 21 M/- William Beer
A. Tilley Suicide by ingestion of Carbolic Acid
Aug. 29 M/- George Wilson
C.M. Sanford Struck by a train two miles west of Brighton
Box 55/3
Sep. - Dec. 1911
Sep. 6 M/38  James Wilkinson
David Scott Haig  Automobile driven by Andrew Bolton went off road in Darlington, and ejected the deceased from the car
Sep. 29 M/-  Theodore Pope
C.M. Sanford   Heart Disease
Oct. 3 Unknown Infant
Half mile from Port Hope
W. McKinley  Unknown cause of death - body decomposing
Oct. 3 M/- William J. Shapter
W. Loucks Killed while train coupling cars
Oct. 4 M/- Donato Di Venangio
W. Loucks  Italian labourer killed when trench collapsed
Oct. 17  M/-  Humphrey Wood
Cobourg - House of Refuge 
H. Elliot Suicide by hanging
Nov. 6  M/- Robert Nelson
G.M. Ferris Natural Causes
Nov. 9 M/- John Fishleigh
Port Hope  
A. Aldrich  Missing man found in Port Hope harbour-- Missing since Jan. 6, 1911
Nov. 9 M/- Albert Darling
Port Hope -File Factory Pond 
A. Aldrich  G.T.R. section man drowned on job
Nov. 9 F/-  Sarah Martin
E. Latta   Natural Causes
Nov. 11 M/36 Thomas Blaker
H. Elliot  Fell and broke spine during Orangemen ritual - wife of the deceased mentions racism in her correspondence with Indian agent.
Nov. 19 M/- George Ray
E. Latta Ran over by freight cars - G.T.R yard
 Dec. 6  M/24  Charles McSorely
Seymour PowerCo
A. Tilley  Accidental electrocution. Note: Photographs and Diagrams included


Dec. 19 M/-  Edward Stanford
W. Loucks Fell out of boat and drowned
Dec. 19 M/- George Eley
Near Fenella
H. Elliot Killed by falling tree after chopping it down
Dec. 19 M/45  Robert Stern
W. Tucker Run over by train in Pontypool
Dec. 27  M/- Hugh Gilmurray
E. Latta Natural Causes - Fell out of buggy
Box 55/4
Jan. - Apr. 1912
Jan. 3 M/34 Wilfred Bush
W. Loucks Electrocuted to death in Northhumberland Pulp and Electric Company substation, Accidentally touched live electrical wires
Jan. 10 M/-  Arthur Linden
C.M. Sanford  Heart failure
Jan. 19 M/52 Charles Prouse
Hope Township - Village of Osaca 
A. Aldrich  Pneumonia and lack of medical attention
Jan. 20  M/-  John Russell Vansicklin
Murray Township 
H.Elliot Struck by Grand Trunk Railway train on the south track near Cheese Factory on Bushes' crossing
Jan. 31 M/- John H. Dodds
Cobourg- House of Refuge  
J. McMillen ---
Feb. 3 M/- William Morrison
Bowmanville - Church Street
A. Tilley  Heart Disease
Mar. 17 F/22 Myrtle Little
W. McKinley Drowned while in a depressed mental condition
Mar. 19 M/- Isacc Dunn W. Loucks Heart failure
Mar. 28 M/-  James Ira Mills
Cobourg/ Ipswich England
H. Elliot Accidentally fell from the east pier into the harbour - Note: personal letters and  photographs from deceased
Apr. 12 M/30 "Trainman" W. G. Shaw
Port Hope
W. McKinley  Died as a result of a train wreck outside of Port Hope 
Apr. 13 M/-  George E. Reid
Cobourg/ PortHope
H. Elliot Died from injuries resulting from a Grand Trunk Rail collision a quarter mile west of  Port Hope
Apr. 14 M/- Unknown Man
A. Tilley Run over by a train
Apr. 22 M/27 Frank D. Currie
Port Hope
A. Aldrich Employee of Midland Construction company died when light pole fell on him


Apr. 23 M/- Harry Richards
E. Latta Bullet wound to the temple, the deceased suffered from depression, Coroner rules death a suicide
Apr. 23 F/-  Blanche Larke
E. Latta   Suicide by bullet to temple
Apr. 24 M/- William Bennett
G.M. Ferris Natural Causes
Apr. 29 M/Infant  Sisson Infant A. Aldrich Stillborn child of John and Rachel Sisson
Box 55/5:
May - Oct.  1912
May 6 M/-  George Murphy
E. Latta Suicide by hanging in barn
May 17 M/- Anton Bleit
W. Loucks  Suicide by drowning
May 27 M/- William Oliver Stevens
A. Aldrich Accidental gunshot wound to head by Everand Yates
May 28 M/- Nelson Wilcox
A. Tilley Suicide by drinking Carbolic acid
Jun. 12 M/- Enrico Gnoncchini
G.M. Ferris  Accidentally struck by train
Jun. 22 M/- David Dodds
A. Tilley Found dead in bed
Jun. 27 M/- Donald Gunn
E. Latta Struck by a train
Jun. 28  M/70 William Laing
A. Tilley Struck by a train
Jul. 1 F/- Fannie Rose
Cobourg- House of Refuge
J. F. McMillan  Heart Trouble
Jul. 2 M/- Thomas Johnston
Cobourg - Home of Refuge
J. F.Mcmillan Old age and paralysis
Jul. 3  M/-  John Cody 
E. McNicholl Tuberculosis
Jul. 24 M/-  Albert McCormick
Murray Twp.
H.Elliot Run over by train while intoxicated
Jul. 25 M/- Andrew Barton
H. Elliot Natural Causes - feet had been amputated for frost bite
Jul. 25   F/- Mrs. W.J. McDonald
Cobourg - House of Refuge
J.F. McMillen  Old age and heart trouble
Aug. 15 M/-  Henry Spotton
Port Hope  
A. Aldrich Excessive alcohol use/alcohol poisoning
Sep. 2 M/84 James Collins
H. Elliot Struck by train
Sep. 3 M/23   George Clarke Matthews
H. Elliot Stuck by train
Sep. 16 M/- James Hutchinson
W. Loucks Struck by train
Sep. 20 M/- Andros Ernico
A. Tilley Killed by train while working on C.P.R. line
Sep. 29 F/26 Olive Blain
E. Latta  Toronto area woman who accidentally drowned in Lake Ontario in May 1911
Sep. 30 M/-  Fredrick Phillips
W. McKinley Accident at sawmill, bled to death
Box 55/6
Oct. - Dec.  1912
Oct. 11 M/-   Marmaduke Terrill
H. Elliot Struck by object while riding on train
Oct. 15 M/36  Earnest Ramson
A. Aldrich Caught in the machinery at the Standard Ideal Company and went into shock
Oct. 20 M/-  Peter Allen
Hamilton Township 
H. Elliot  Ran over by a Grand Trunk Railway train at a crossing
Oct. 28 F/-  Hattie Luella Maud Riley
Lot. 1-7 Con.2 Murray  Twp.
C.M. Sanford Heart failure - mentions she was in Rockwood Asylum in 1906
Nov. 2 M/-   John Johnston
C.M. Sanford Heart failure
Nov. 6  M/    Thomas Tuer
A. Aldrich  Electrocuted to death while working for the Port Hope Electric Light Co
Nov. 11 M/- Martin Pender
G.M. Ferris  Natural causes
Nov. 18 F/- Mabel Macoun G.M. Ferris  Post Anaesthetic Poisoning
Nov. 28   M/-   Harry Broden
H. Elliot Struck by machinery at Provincial Steel plant
Nov. 30 M/66 Josiah Parsons
Clarke Twp.
A. Tilley Killed while on duty for Grand Trunk Railway as a section man, hit by train. 
Dec. 7 M/boy Leonard Smoke, a "small Indian boy"
G.M Ferris Accidental discharge of rifle by older brother
Dec. 9 M/-  William Dean [Deal] [Doal] [Deer] [Dave] [Dare]
G.M. Ferris  C.N.R. chef fell off back of the train
Dec. 31 M/37 Evon Locovitch
A. Tilley  Austrian national who was a farm labourer was killed by steam engine farm equipment.
Box 55/7
Jan. - Jul.  1913
Jan. 5 M/21 James Adams
M. Tucker C.P.R. fireman killed in train collision near Pontypool.
Jan. 6 M/- Joseph Gorman
Port Hope
A. Aldrich Perforation of the walls of the stomach -excessive use of alcohol
Jan. 18 M/- Thomas Harper
Cobourg - House of Refuge  
J. F. McMillan Natural causes
Jan. 21 M/-  Florence A. Scott
H. Elliot Heart failure
Jan. 30 M/- Daniel F. Vails
H. Elliot Struck by train
Jan. 30 F/- Sushannah Elizabeth Curtis
A. Aldrich Drowned in a state of an unsound mind- suicide
Feb. 3 M/60  Reuben Flindall
Lot 20, Con. B, Murray Twp.
C.M Sanford    Blow to the head administered by his son Bruce Flindall in an act of self defence
Feb. 13 M/- Alex Peters
H. Elliot  Fell off grain wagon
Feb. 19 M/18 Edward Armes
Lot 10, Con. 8, Percy Twp.
James Richards English labourer from Norwich killed by falling tree
Feb. 26  M/-    Charles A. Drinkwater
Cobourg Gaol
G.M. Ferris Chronic inflammation of the bladder
Mar. 12 M/81 John McMillan
Cobourg - House of Refuge 
J. McMillan Natural causes
Mar. 17 M/- Robert Atkinson
Cobourg - House of Refuge 
J. McMillan Natural causes
Mar. 25 M/- William Lennent
Cobourg - House of Refuge
J. McMillan Bronchitis
Apr. 15 M/35   Unknown Man
A. D. McArthur  Suicide by train
May 13 M/-  Ernest Smith
Cartwright Twp. - home of Robert Mckee
A. D. McArthur  Suicide by hanging
May 13 M/- George Bradley
Cobourg - House of Refuge  
J. McMillan  Paralysis
Jun. 6 F/-  Marion Helen Forrest
H. Elliot   Just before leaving to go to the Guelph Sanatorium the deceased committed suicide by ingesting Lysol
Jun. 10 M/6  Reginald Jamieson

Bowmanville, King Street


A. Tilley Hit by Car
Jun. 15 M/- Silas Cook
Cobourg - House of Refuge
J. McMillan Natural Causes
Jun. 16 F/-    Emeline Bowen
A. Aldrich Fell into a cistern and drowned, cause of fall wasepileptic seizure
Jun. 22 M/-   Harold George Webb
H. Elliot Accidental gun shot wound inflicted by HughPatterson
Jul. 18 M/-   Benjamin McMundy
Cobourg - House of Refuge
J. McMillan Natural Causes
Jul. 26  M/45  Dennis Martin
Hamilton Twp.  
G.M. Ferris Struck by train at Cobourg crossing
Jul. 27 F/-   Martha Perrin
Cobourg - University Ave
G.M. Ferris  Automobile crashed into train, ejecting the deceased
Box 55/8
Aug. - Dec. 1913
Aug. 2  M/- William Hart

Cobourg - House of Refuge

J. McMillan Natural Causes
Aug. 5 M/-   Joseph Colona
A. Tilley Accidental drowning
Aug. 26  M/48 Thomas McCreish
G.M. Ferris  Exposure to extreme heat and habitualconvulsions due to alcohol
Aug. 26 M/18 Asterio Stefano
West of Bowmanville   
A. Tilley Recent immigrant to Canada from Petras, Greece - hit by train
Sep. 1 M/- Robert E. Bullock
C.M. Sanford Fell out of motorboat into water
Sep. 3 M/54 Nicola Yonnone
W. McKinley   Italian rail construction worker from Foggia run over by train while operating a hand cart


Sep. 10 F/- Jane Mousell 
Port Hope
W. McKinley Natural causes
Sep. 15 F/79 Elya McCormack 
Cobourg - House of Refuge
J. McMillan  Natural causes
Oct. 8 M/- Wallace Hubbs
McCormicks Pit - Murray  
H. Elliot  Hit on head by dipper of steam shovel belonging to Central Ontario Railway
Oct. 8  M/- Thomas Fitzgerald
H. Elliot   Suffocation due to vomiting - alcoholinduced
Oct. 21 F/-   Olive Tuttle
E. Latta Ingestion of Carbolic acid, Coroner rules death a suicide
Oct. 31 M/40 Albert E. Knight
Clarke Twp./Toronto 
A. Tilley  Run over by flat-car owned by Western Rail Company inClarke Twp.
Nov. 3 M/-  George Croft
G.M. Ferris  Fell into the waters in a state of intoxication
Nov. 6 M/-  Patrick Cunningham 
H. Elliot Accidentally struck by Grand Trunk train between Ontario and Victoria street
Nov. 7 M/44 William Zufelt
Lot 8, Con. 6, Percy Twp.
H. Elliot Fell and died from complications from the fall
Nov. 10  M/- John Muskrat
G.M. Ferris Accidental drowning - Coroner states that the deceased is "Indian"
Nov. 25 M/85 Benjamin Simpson
C.M. Sanford Old age and heart failure
Nov. 26  M/25 Antonio Andriola
Port Hope 
A. Aldrich  Railway construction work; was run over by train
Dec. 4 M/  William Peterson 
Cobourg - Colony Hotel 
H. Elliot   Typhoid fever and complications from Pneumonia  
Dec. 31 M/-  Charles Thomas Kirk
James Richards Burned to death in a house fire
Box 55/9
Jan. - Apr. 1914
Jan. 6  M/80 William Griffith
Cobourg - House of Refuge
 J. McMillan Old age
Jan. 20 M/-   James J. Lucas
H. Elliot  Accidentally struck by Grand Trunk train
Jan. 26 M/20  Charles Scrivens
H. Elliot Electrocuted while working at the Canadian Westinghouse Company plant in Healy Falls
Feb. 17 F/88 Mary Linton
Cobourg - House of Refuge
J. McMillan Natural causes
Feb. 20 F/81 Mrs. John McMullen
Cobourg - House of Refuge 
J. McMillan Poor health
Mar. 17 M/- John McCaffrey
H. Elliot Accidental drowning
Mar. 25 F/- Agnes Clegg
W. Loucks Epileptic convulsion
Apr. 2 M/- Willard B. Spader
G.M. Ferris Suicide - gunshot to the temple
Apr. 15 M/- Fred James A. Tilley  Natural causes
Apr. 17 M/-   Gorden K. Greenslade
H. Elliot   Struck by Grand Trunk train while trying to boardfreight train
Apr. 28 M/-   Wallace Milner
Cobourg - King St
G.M. Ferris   Heart disease
Box 55/10
May - Dec. 1914
May 1  F/92 Mrs. Service
Cobourg - House of Refuge
J. McMillan Natural causes
May 28 M/35  Donald Black
A. Aldrich Fell off Grand Trunk train while trying to steal a ride
Jun. 2 M/80  Gilbert Doxsee
Cobourg - House of Refuge
J. McMillan Natural causes
Jun. 11 M/-   Unknown Man
Tucker Struck by train
Jun. 16  F/84  Mary Quinn
Cobourg - House of Refuge
J. McMillan   Natural causes
Jun. 17  M/-  George Staton
W. Loucks Accidental drowning
Jun. 20 F/75    Jessie Rowe
Port Hope/Cobourg - House of Refuge
J. McMillan Natural causes
Jun. 23 F/- Helena Brother
Port Hope 
A. Aldrich  Illegitimate child (one of twins) of Ameka Brother, malnourished
Jun. 29 F/- Sarah Cole

Cobourg - House of Refuge

J. McMillan Natural causes
Jul. 27 M/52 Unknown Male
Murray Twp.
H. Elliot Struck by Grand Trunk train in Murray Twp. near Trenton
Jul. 27 F/- Mary Kennedy
Port Hope
A. Aldrich Suicidal drowning
Aug. 6 F/Infant Mary W. Brother
A. Aldrich Underdeveloped and malnourished - one of twins (see Helena Brother above)
Aug. 6  M/- Thomas Quantz
C.M. Sanford Heart failure
Aug. 17 M/66  Charles Lucy
C.M. Sanford Struck by train C.P.R. train east of Centre Street
Sep. 14 M/86  Francis Foster
Cobourg - House of Refuge  
J. McMillan   Natural causes
Sep. 21 M/- Cecil Roy Herring
Port Hope  
A. Aldrich  Epileptic convulsions
Sep. 24 M/63 Lemuel Jones
Cramahe Twp.   
E. Latta  Natural causes - heart failure
Oct. 2  M/65  Unknown Man
Cramahe Twp.
J. Archer Brown "Frenchman" found 2 miles east of Colborne- natural causes
Oct. 5  F/94 Mrs. White
Cobourg - House of Refuge
J. McMillan Natural causes
Oct. 6 F/95 Ann Cox
Cobourg - House of Refuge 
J. McMillan Natural causes
Oct. 25 M/- Robert Johnston
Port Hope 
A. Aldrich Natural causes
Nov. 6  M/-  Frank Allore
J. Archer Brown Struck by train in Murray Twp.
Nov. 23  M/- Robert McMahon
Port Hope
A. Aldrich Run over by a Grand Trunk train
Dec. 4 M/-  George Thompson
W. Loucks Accidental drowning

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