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Accession Number: 84-020

UCND Court Records: 84-020

Box 53/8: 1900 Age/Gender Name and Residence Coroner/Doctor Cause of Death
[1902] Fire Proctor house fire - Mrs. George Morrison testified   Isolated pages from a fire inquest
Jan. 5 M/- John Moon
Cobourg Gaol
E.C. McNicholl Suicide by drowning in gaol water tank
Mar. 21 M/-

James Bassett
Port Hope

R.A. Corbertt Heart disease - no need for inquest
Apr. 6 M/- John Atkins
Cobourg Gaol
E.C. McNicholl Died of old age
Apr. 26 F/9 mons. Bertha Dervill
John C. Mitchell Nine month old, died from accidental suffocation caused by mother's epileptic episode
May 21 F/Infant Unknown Female Infant
C.M. Sanford Stillborn baby, buried in Burke's Woodby Mother after Doctor told her
Jun. 11 M/- Henry Purdue
Cobourg Gaol
E.C. McNicholl Natural causes
Jun. 16 M/- Christopher McGuire
Cobourg Gaol
E.C. McNicholl Natural causes
Oct. 5 M/- Bridget McMahon
Cobourg Gaol
E.C. McNicholl Typhoid fever
Oct. 11 M/-  Arthur Sloan
Cobourg Gaol
E.C. McNicholl Natural causes
Nov. 8 M/- Lorne Ashby
E. C. McNicholl Insanity and typhoid
Nov. 26 M/- John Elenor
Cobourg Gaol
E.C. McNicholl Natural causes
Dec. 14 M/- James Christy
C.M. Sanford Fell to his death from stage
Box 53/9: 1901        
Jan. 21 M/- Michael Hughes
Port Hope
R.A. Corbert Run over by Engine on Grand Trunk Train
Jan. 29 Females/- Helen and Amelia Knight
A.S. Tilley Buggy ran over by Grand Trunk Train
Feb. 19 M/76 Walter Scott
Cobourg Gaol
E.C. McNicholl Natural causes
Mar. 1 M/- W. Weeks
A.S. Tilley

Death caused by drinking and ingestion of medication

Mar. 1 F/- Mrs. Thomas McCullough
A.S. Tilley Husband accused of abusing wife by neighbours. No evidence of abuse. Death ruled as natural causes
Mar. 1 F/- Elizabeth Jane Harris
A.S. Tilley Died of heart disease
Mar. 6 -/Infant Illegit. Child of Edith Richards
A.S. Tilley No cause determined, Coroner says he knows family and rejects the idea that they would injure the child
Mar. 10 M/- Robert H. Rogers
E.C. McNicholl Old age
Apr. 3 F/- Elizabeth Laporte
Cobourg Gaol
E.C. McNicholl Died from old age
Apr. 16 F/- George Whittaker
William Glover Run over by Grand Trunk Train while intoxicated
Jun. 23 M/- Unknown Man
2 miles east of Bowmanville
A.S. Tilley Run over by Grand Trunk Train
Jun. 26 M/- James Kerr
C.M. Sanford Died of natural causes in county Gaol
Aug. 28 M/- Henry Lithgow
G.M. Ferris Run over by Grand Trunk Train
Sep. 17 M/- John Henderson
G.M. Ferris Toronto man riding on Grand Trunk Trainbetween cars fell off train andwas struck
Sep. 26 M/- Daniel O'Connell
G.M. Ferris  Run over by Grand Trunk Train
Dec. 13 M/- John [James] Milne
G.M. Ferris Cause of death unknown. Coroner makes a guessthat the man most likely died after coming in contact a with train
Box 53/10:
Jan.-June 1902
Mar. 7 M/- John Woods
Port Hope
R.A. Corbertt Heart disease
Mar. 20 M/- Unknown Man
Port Britain
R.A. Corbertt Drowned in water
Mar. 24 M/- William Douglas
Port Hope
R.A. Corbertt --
Apr. 14 F/- Mrs. Thomas Thoms
Port Hope
G.M. Ferris Death caused by epilepsy induced alcoholism
Apr. 23 M/12 Lewis Terry A. Tilley Fell asleep while using roller; crushed
Jun. 13 F/- Mary Malone
Port Hope
R.A. Corbertt Natural Causes
Jun. 13 M/- Francesco Chanso
A. Aldrich Killed by train while trying to board it
Box 53/11:
July-Dec. 1902
Jul. 2 F/- Lena Lambert
C.M. Sanford Ingested Paris green, Coroner lays blame onhusband
Jul. 17 M/7 Joseph McNaughton
R.A Corbertt Improper medical treatment from ChristianScientists
July 24 M/- Unknown Man
G.M. Ferris Killed on the Kingston crossing by a train going east
Aug. 25 M/- Donald McLean
Cobourg Gaol
G.M. Ferris Death caused by several attacks of paralyzation (stroke)
Sept. 12 M/80 George Adam Phillips
G.M. Ferris Organic heart disease
Oct. 22 M/- William Carson
G.M. Ferris Suicide
Oct. 24 M/- Unknown Man
G.M. Ferris Hit by a Train
Oct. 27 M/6 Harold Leslie Long
Port Hope
R.A. Corbertt Christian Science treatment resulting in death
Oct. 30 M/20 James Wannamaker
Port Hope
R.A. Corbertt Internal injuries caused by getting hit by train
Nov. 1 M/- James Cross
Cobourg Gaol
G.M. Ferris Old Age and natural causes
Nov. 21 M/- James Learmouth A. Tilley Natural Causes
Dec. 10 F/- Mrs. Caleb Mallory
Cobourg, Kingston Crossing
G.M. Ferris Struck by train
Box 53/12: 1903        
Jan. 21 Males/- Benjamin Everet and T.J. Matthews
Port Hope/Toronto
A.G. Aldrich Involved in Port Hope train wreck
Feb. 21 M/81 Gustav Olas Malenda
Cobourg Gaol
G.M. Ferris Died of natural causes, Coroner recommendsthat the Gaol have a nurse on staff
Mar. 5 M/81 James Rogers
CobourgGaol/Cramahe Vagrant
G.M. Ferris Natural causes
Mar. 16 M/- Richard Shuler
C.M. Sanford Fell in Robluis Mills Canal
May 11 M/80 Peter Myers
Cobourg Gaol
G.M. Ferris Chronic Heart disease resulting in heart failure
Jul. 6 M/- Unknown Man
C.M Sanford Found at Grand Trunk Railway Depot
Jul. 15 M/66 James Johnston
Cobourg Gaol/Cramahe
G.M. Ferris Natural causes; Coroner notes treatment given to inmate
Aug. 6 M/- John Cronk
C.M. Sanford Natural causes
Nov. 9 M/80 Simeon Conney
Cobourg Gaol
G.M. Ferris Natural causes
Nov. 11 F/75 Mary Jane Brookbank
Cobourg Gaol/Clarke
G.M. Ferris Natural causes
Nov. 17 M/- Stephen Parmer Cook
C.M. Sanford Crushed by wagon box after horse was frightened
Nov. 19 M/- James Hudson
A.S. Tilley Killed by train at crossing
Nov. 21 M/- Francis Dilling
A.S. Tilley Accidentally shot with shotgun by GeorgeRichards
Nov. 28 M/- George Ferguson
Port Hope
A. Aldrich Effects of chronic Alcoholism
Nov. 28 M/75 Orin Dickinson
G.M. Ferris Hemorrhage of the brain, heart disease and old age
Dec. 21 M/- George Floody
A. Aldrich Struck by a train while walking on the tracks
Dec. 29 F/- Alice Colwell
Village of Brighton
C.M. Sanford Undetermined
Box 53/13: 1904        
Mar. 17 M/- Abner Colby
G.M. Ferris Died from absorption of ulcers on his legs
Mar. 22 M/- John Carson
G.M. Ferris Died from Heart disease
Apr. 2 M/- John Archer
A. Aldrich Natural causes
Apr. 12 M/- Burnham Devorest
G.M. Ferris Old age
Apr. 24 M/Infant Gordon Bensty
A. Aldrich Natural causes due to convulsions
May 11 F/-  Emily Campbell
C.M. Sanford Fell faint and died while walking with husband
May 12 F/- Amanda Smith
C.M. Sanford Heart failure
May 31 M/- Thomas Carfrey Beman
A.S. Tilley Accidental overdose of headache medication
Jun. 3 M/82 Thomas Delong
Cobourg Gaol/Campbellford Vagrant
G.M. Ferris Old age
Jun. 19 M/- Sidney A. Towl
G.M. Ferris Accidentally drowned
Jun. 20 M/-  John Dodds
A.S. Tilley Natural death caused by Syncope
Jun. 25 M/- Fred Harrison
Hamilton Township
-- Accidental self-inflicted gun shot
Jun. 30 M/87 James Close
Cobourg Gaol
G.M. Ferris Natural causes
Jul. 13 M/- Joseph Wright
G.M. Ferris Heart failure
Jul. 14 M/- Fraser Dunn
C.M. Sanford Mortally wounded in assault by nephew James Dunn
Jul. 25 M/79 Thomas Burns
G.M. Ferris Natural causes and old age, Coroner  notes that Officials tried to save man
Jul. 28 M/- Charles Ashley
A. Aldrich Struck by Grand Trunk train on Midland branch, blames conductor
Aug. 5 M/- Hugh Richard
Cobourg Gaol
G.M. Ferris Cancer of the throat and tongue
Aug. 24 M/- Joseph Smith
Port Hope/Cobourg
A.Aldrich Fell off Grand Trunk Train in Port Hope
Aug. 28 M/70+ George Statt
Village of Solina
  Heart disease
Sep. 1 F/- Mrs. Sarah Ann Johnson
C.M. Sanford Suffered from chronic Bright's disease which lead to heart failure
Sep. 26 M/- William Rowe
C.M. Sanford Natural causes
Oct. 5 M/- William Myers
A.S. Tilley Hit by C.P.R. train, death ruled as accidental due to the deceased beingdeaf and was unable to hear train warning
Oct. 10 F/2 Kathleen Nixon
G.M. Ferris Accidentally drowned
Nov. 13 M/85 George Jamieson
Cobourg Gaol
G.M. Ferris Natural causes and old age
Dec. 1 M/- George Francis Nadoo
M. Marrow Fell off bridge due to lack of barriers
Dec. 5 F/60 Jane Hazlip
G.M. Ferris Exhaustion due to Gangrene
Dec. 10 M/- David Walker
Port Hope
R.A. Corbertt Cancer of the Brain
Dec. 10 M/- John Bradley
R.A. Corbertt Heart disease, found dead in Queens Hotel in Port Hope
Box 53/14: 1905      
Jan. 18   Warkworth Fire
Lot. No. 16, 3rd Con. Warkworth
Joseph E. Rogers -----
Jan. 20 M/- William Franklin
G.M. Ferris Died from a Hemorrhage created by a wound
Feb. 11 F/- Jean Palmer
G.M. Ferris Was struck by a G.T.R. train at Darcy Street crossing
Feb. 25 M/- Frank Liddell
G.M. Ferris Brakeman for train company, run over by train
Mar. 1 M/- John Wesley Carnicke
G.M. Ferris Caught in Shafting at Welsh Tannery in Hastings
Apr. 3 F/- Sarah M. Chaple
G.M. Ferris Deceased says she was attacked by patient at Cobourg's Asylum, Coroner rules the death as natural cause
Apr. 14 M/- Patrick Murphy
G.M. Ferris Natural causes
May 7 M/- William Slanimon
G.M. Ferris Natural causes
May 30 F/- Alice M. Richards
S. Burnkett School teacher committed suicide by drowning in apond
Jun. 4 F/80 Mrs. Henry Goheen
Hamilton Twp.
A. Aldrich Natural causes
Jul. 22 M/- Frank McCauley
H. Elliot Accidentally drowned
Sep. 16 M/- John Watson
East Toronto/Port Hope
A. Aldrich Intoxicated and struck by a train
Nov. 20 M/- Thomas Ashby
Cobourg Gaol
H. Elliot Old age and sclerosis
Nov. 20 M/72 Henry Knight
Cobourg Gaol
H. Elliot Old age
Nov. 23 F/-  Susan Alberta Ridnor
C.M. Sanford Suicide caused by temporary insanity
Nov. 24 M/68 Frederick Perrott
H. Elliot Softening of the brain and visitation by God and in a natural way
Nov. 27 M/- James Gibson
H. Elliot Old age and visitation by God
Dec. 23 F/- Elizabeth Davey
G.M. Ferris Natural causes and old age
Box 53/15: 1906        
Jan. 19 M/- Johnston Brewster
Cobourg Gaol/Haldimand
H.Elliot Old age
Feb. 22 F/60 Mary Ann Johnston
H. Elliot Exhaustion due to Gangrene
Feb. 26 M/- Charles Lowe
C.M. Sanford Natural causes and Heart disease
Mar. 7 M/- John Dinwoodie Roddick
G.M. Ferris Overdosed on headache relief medication
Apr. 19 M/- James [Reaves]
H. Elliot Being of unsound mind accidentally drowned himself in a stream near Hull's Coroner on Division Street
Apr. 20 M/- Edward Terry
H. Elliot Crushed by a heavy piece of timber
May 21 M/85 John Coon
Lot4, Con. 2  Murray
C.M. Sanford Heart Failure at property of Barney McAuley
Jun. 26 M/- Arthur P. German
H. Elliot Struck by train near Ontario St. in Cobourg. Coroner blames Grand Trunk Railway
Jul. 28 F/- Ann Jane Brookbank
H. Elliot Apoplexy
Aug. 1 M/- James Hoeey
H. Elliot Heart Failure
Aug. 6 M/- George Albert Burke
A. Tilley Drowned
Aug. 10 M/- George Martin Ayer
Lot 1, Con. 4, Brighton
C.M. Sanford Fit of temporary insanity lead to suicide by Carbolic acid
Aug. 15 M/Student Albert O. Fritz
C.M. Sanford Fell out of a canoe and drowned
Aug. 28 M/- Levi Taylor
H. Elliot Drowned, attached suicide note
Sep. 1 M/- Gates Van Wicklin
Cobourg Gaol
H. Elliot Senile decay
Sep. 5 F/-  Margaret Oliver
H. Elliot Accidental overdose of medicine
Oct. 6 F/78 Ann Paul
Cobourg Gaol
H. Elliot Old age
Oct. 29 Females/-  Janet Penman Wilson and Mary Curtis
Bowmanville- Home for the aged
A. Tilley Killed in a house fire
Nov. 5 M/80 Alexander Yarrow
Brighton, 1 mile east of town
C.M. Sanford Run over by train while walking on the train tracks, was deaf and did not hear train
Nov. 14 M/- James Dart Sr.
F. Trebecoer Suffered a heart attack while chopping wood
Dec. 4 M/78 Thomas Richards
H. Elliot Old age
Dec. 21 M/- James Henderson
H. Elliot  Struck by Grand Trunk train
Dec. 28 M/- James Kirk
Cobourg,Belmoral Hotel
H. Elliot Heart failure
Dec. 28 M/-  David Andrews
H. Elliot Died while trying to steal a ride on a Grand Trunk train on George Street
Box 53/16:
Jan.-May 1907
Jan. 7 M/- Unknown man named Riley
F. Trebecoer Run over by C.P.R train 3 miles outside of Burketon
Jan. 9 F/Infant Daughter of Elija Gibbs
F. Trebecoer Natural causes
Jan. 28 M/- Robert Ferguson
Port Hope
A. Aldrich Exposure to cold
Feb. 2 M/- Richard Michael Tunnicliff
C.M. Sanford Accidental discharge of gun by JohnWebb
Feb. 4 F/- Ellen Hayhurst
Bowmanville - Joseph Brittian's servant
A. Tilley Due to convulsions
Feb. 13 F/75 Catherine McMullen & brother James McMullen
Port Hope/Campbellcroft
W. McKinley Cold and exposure
Mar. 29 M/40 Alfred Pelling
E.E. Latta Run over by Grand Trunk train
Apr. 9 F/20 Louise Jamieson
Port Hope
A. Aldrich Committed suicide by drowning herself in Lake Ontario after lover had left her
Apr. 11 M/- Sylvester Dolly
Hamilton Twp.
A. Aldrich Fell off wagon in a state of intoxication
May 6 M/- Charles Finley
A.Tilley Accidental drowning while playing in well
May 22 M/- Unknown Man
Cramahe Twp.  
C.M. Sanford Drowned in small stream on Grand Trunk Railwayproperty
Box 53/17:
June-Dec. 1907
Jun. 24 M/- John Singer
A. Aldrich Crushed under a train car while performing his duty as a brakeman
Jun. 24 M/-  Harry B. Wright
A. Aldrich Electrocuted to death while performing his duty as a telegraph linesman
Jun. 25 M/- James Baxter
A. Aldrich Ingestion of Carbolic acid by deceased
Jul. 6 M/72 John McCollough
C.M. Sanford

Hit by a train while driving across the Kingston crossing tracks

Jul. 17 M/65 (Col.) Magnus Scholz
John W. Gray Came to his death by fractured skull, accidental
Jul. 25 F/- Eliza Jane Day
H. Elliot Killed in a runaway accident
Jul. 27 M/- William Gimlet
A. Tilley Rig slid off Kingston road which aggravated his Heart condition
Jul. 27 F/26 Mary Johnston
C.M. Sanford Heart failure
Jul. 30 M/- John Jones
G.M. Ferris Suicide poisoning by Paris green
Aug. 2 -/Infant Child of Julia Downey
G.M. Ferris Natural causes
Aug. 3 M/10 Delbert  Halford
A. Aldrich Thrown from butcher's wagon when the horse that he was riding became frightened by a car
Aug. 8 M/- William Hudson
G.M. Ferris Accidental
Aug. 28 M/- Edward Wansborough
J. Gray C.P Railway conductor killed when twotrains collided due to an airbrake failure
Sep. 15 M/- William Jamieson
Cold Springs
H. Elliot Lumbering Accident
Oct. 1 M/- John Morris
A. Tilley Died after being struck by train while trying to pick up his shovel
Oct. 30 M/60 David Sullivan
A. Aldrich Run over by Grand Trunk train
Nov. 2 F/- Susan Hutchinson [Hutchison]
C.M. Sanford Heart failure and weakness
Nov. 7 M/- Charles Stanford
A. Tilley G.T.R worker fell off train
Nov. 11 M/- Dominico Troisi
H. Elliot Railway accident the result of his own carelessness
Dec. 8 M/3 George Lowe
C.M. Sanford Child died from Pneumonia, Coroner blames father for not calling a Doctor
Dec. 28 M/- Arthur B. Hutchinson
H. Elliot Trying to board a moving train
Box 54/1:1908        
Feb. 8  M/60 Edward Hartwell
Lot8, Con. 2, Murray
C.M. Sanford Wilson Arnott's farm-hand, died of alcoholism and apoplexy
Feb. 12 M/75 Joseph Gunyo
C.M. Sanford Heart disease
Feb. 21 M/- William Earls
G.M. Ferris Natural causes
Feb. 28 M/47 Harvey Norman Spafford
3 Miles from Brighton
C.M. Sanford Frozen following intoxication
Jun. 11 M/- Charles Bradley
E. Latta Hung himself in barn
Jun. 29 M/- William Wallace
Port Hope - Queen's Hotel, Toronto
A. Aldrich Ingestion of Carbolic acid
Jul. 30 M/- W.J. Prince
W. Montgomery Killed by a train
Sep. 18 M/- Henry Neville
Port Hope 
A. Aldrich Hit by train and injured skull
Nov. 4 M/- John Johnson
E. Latta Suffocation cause by the accidental caving in of a wall
Nov. 5 M/- William Mowbray
C.M. Sanford Brakeman on G.T.R. crushed between two cars
Nov. 6 Males/- Robert Rowe and J. Gauthier
A. Tinney Train Wreck
Nov. 16 F/- Cecila Spry
Port Hope
A. Aldrich Natural causes cardiac syncope
Nov. 22 M/- Thomas Andrews
G.M. Ferris  Accident
Nov. 23 M/- Edward Findley
A. Tinney Sandbanks train wreck, Coroner blames C.P.R. workers
Dec. 21 M/6 weeks Eddy Louis Phillips W. McKinley Bronchitis, child never saw Doctor
Box 54/2: 1909        
Jan. 10   Cobourg Fire
Robert Cockburn residence, Swayne Street, Cobourg
H. Holland Lit matches or cigarettes
Feb. 9 M/- Charles Harnden
A. Tilley Suicide by strangulation while in police custody after being declared mentally insane
Mar. 22 M/-  Thomas Redner
G.M. Ferris Self inflicted injuries
Jun. 17 M/- John Brimacombe
Glover's livery stable, Bowmanville
A. Tilley Epilepsy and/or natural death
Jul. 6 M/- William Turner
W. Loucks Heart failure
Jul. 6 M/- Augustus Sawers
W. Loucks Drowning
Jul. 6 M/- Albert Dunn
W. Loucks Drowning
Jul. 28 F/- Virtuous Eagleson H. Elliot Suicidal drowning while temporarily insane
Sept. 6 M/- Alexander Bunyan
E. Latta Fell off freight train
Sept. 30 M/- Wesley Douglas
H. Elliot Self-inflicted gun shot wound - suicide
Oct. 27 M/45 J. Andrew Hyde
E. Latta Accidental ingesting of Carbolic acid
Oct. 29 M/- Bennedilto Rossilli
W. Loucks Construction accident - hit by train tie in chest


Dec. 3 M/- Richard Clayton
Hamilton Twp.
G.M. Ferris Natural causes
Dec. 6 F/Infant daughter of Florence Paeden
Port Hope
W. McKinley Disease
Dec. 13 M/- Herbert Wesley Hooey
A. Tilley Employed at Burketon Station - hit on the head by passing train

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