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Accession Number: 84-020

UCND Court Records: 84-020

Date Age/Gender Name/Residence Coroner Cause of Death
Box 52/19
Jan. 21 M/- Charles Eddington
Cobourg Gaol
C.E. Ewing Visitation of God
Feb. 7  M/- Thomas Holden
Cobourg Gaol
C.E. Ewing Visitation of God

Mar. 11 

M/-   Franklin John Allen
Charles E. Ewing  Suicide by gun shot wound
Apr. 21 -/Infant Infant
C.M. Sanford Result of a miscarriage, body found in McKenzie Creek
Sept. 6 M/- Robert Hagerty
Cobourg Gaol
C.E. Ewing Visitation of God
Oct. 10 M/- Cornelius Delany
Cobourg Gaol 
C.E. Ewing Visitation of God
Box 52/20
Aug. 21 M/- Ambrose Saunders
Cobourg Gaol
C.E. Ewing  Visitation of God
Oct. 23 -/Infant Unknown Infant
Port Hope
R. Corbett Found badly decomposed
Box 52/21
May 31 M/- Robert Purdy
C.M. Sanford Accident when train left track
Jul. 11 M/-  Bernard McCue
Cobourg Gaol
C.E. Ewing  Visitation of God
Aug. 17  M/-  Cornelius Coughlin
Port Granby
R. Corbett   Suicide by poisoning - ingestion of Paris Green
Sep. 30 M/Infant Unknown Male Infant W.W. Tucker  Found near Newcastle R.R. tracks
Box 52/22 Jan. - Aug.
Jan. 13  M/-  Adam McDowell Sager
Common Gaol, Cobourg
E.C. McNicholl Old age
Apr. 22 F/- Sarah Jane Reynolds
E. McNichol Deceased admitted for being "insane" and died from Acute Cerebral Softening
Jul. 8 M/-  Zachariah Stickles  C.M. Sanford Suicide - ingestion of Carbolic acid
Aug. 7 M/- Albert Wood
E. McNichol Drowned off the east pier in Lake Ontario
Box 52/23 Sep. - Dec
Oct. 6 M/56 Joseph Carter
Cobourg Gaol 
E. Mitchell  Natural causes
Nov. 15 M/-  John Davy
E. Mitchell Struck by a train
Dec. 25 M/- Thomas Scholes
Cobourg Gaol
E. Mitchell  Heart failure
Box 53/1
Jul. 19 M/- John Copeland
Cobourg Gaol
E. McNichol Natural causes
Oct. 2 M/-  Lewis Bradshaw
Port Hope
R. Corbett Hit by train at Barrett's crossing
Oct. 31  M/65 William Dunnett
Alnwick Twp.
E. McNichol  Drowned at Rice Lake
Dec. 24 M/75  Joseph Edwards E. McNichol Natural causes
Box 53/2
Jan. 22 M/- Nicholas Hoskin
Cobourg Gaol
E. McNichol Natural causes
Jan. 22 F/- Ellen Potts
Cobourg Gaol - inmate for vagrancy
E. McNichol  Natural causes and old age
Mar. 9 F/60   Nora Heston
Cobourg Gaol - vagrancy inmate 
E. McNichol Old age
Mar. 20 M/- Harold Oke
Port Hope
Robert Ashley Corbett No inquest necessary. Oke was killed by a falling tree
May 19 F/35  Mrs. Foote
Cramahe Twp.
C.M. Sanford  Some confusion between Coroner and County Crown Attorney re inquest. Body had to be exhumed. No poison found though she died of convulsions after an illness of 2 days.
May 30 M/-  Thomas Gaines
Cobourg Gaol/Brighton
E. McNichol Natural causes
Jul. 22 F/-  Mrs. Kennedy
J.W. Gray                    Was returning from millbrook; found with her head smashed. A piece of rail with blood on it was found near her and no indication that the horse had ever run away before
Aug. 7 F/64 Mary McGill 
Cobourg Gaol/Millbrook 
E. McNichol Heart disease - Lists the woman as a native of Ireland
Sep. 24 M/-   John Jones
Lot, 2 Con. 3, Clarke/Newtonville
R. Corbett Pneumonia following thyphoid fever
Oct. 31 M/- John Cruikshank
Cobourg - King Street Office 
E. McNichol Murder - shot by John Phillips
Oct. 31 M/-  John Phillips
Cobourg - St. Peter's Cemetery
E. McNichol   Suicide by gun shot wound to the head
Nov. 20 M/-  James Brown
E. McNichol  Accidental drowning
Dec. 9 M/66 John Sharpe
Cobourg Gaol - No means of support
E. McNichol Irish carpenter who had disease of the throat
Box 53/3
Sep. 11 F/71  Margaret Rowe
Cobourg Gaol 
E. Mitchell  Natural causes
Sep. 24 M/- Robert Walter Long
Port Hope
R. Corbett Apoplexy
Oct. 1  M/-   Ichabod Richmond
Cobourg Gaol
E. McNichol Natural causes
Oct. 15 F/- Bridget Sennet
E. McNichol  Struck by train at William St. crossing
Nov. 7 M/44 Robert Elford
E. McNichol  Self-inflicted knife wound
Nov. 16 M/94   James Nelson
Cobourg Gaol/Manvers Twp.
E. McNichol  Old age
Nov. 16 M/78 Adam Wilson
Cobourg Gaol
E. McNicholl Feeble elderly man who came into the gaol to the indigents quarters at the same time as James Nelson
Dec. 18 M/78 William Noble E. McNichol Natural causes
Box 53/4
Feb. 3 M/- Julia Booth
Port Hope
R. Corbett Burst a blood vessel; natural causes and no inquest necessary
Mar. 30 M/Infant Infant Son of Julia O'Brien
C.M. Sanford Fractured skull, compression of the windpipe. Infant weight: 2 lbs. - 17 yr. old mother died 5 days later
Apr. 3 F/- Ann Scott
Cobourg Gaol
E. McNichol Natural causes
Apr. 17 M/Infant Infant son of Agnes Winterbottom
Murray Twp. 
N.Dean Stillborn
May 11 M/-  William Bartrain
Cobourg Gaol
E. McNichol  Natural causes
Jul. 2 M/-  Joseph Carey
Cobourg Gaol 
E. McNichol   Old age
Jul. 26 M/37 Thomas McMillan
Cobourg Gaol
E. McNichol Tubercular Peritonitis
Aug. 5 F/-  Mary Yeomans
Cobourg Gaol   
E.C. McNichol Natural causes
Oct. 4 F/-  Ann Cronk
Cobourg Gaol 
E. McNichol Natural causes
Oct. 11 M/-   George McCartney
Cobourg Gaol
E. McNichol   Natural causes
Oct. 16 M/74 Col. Thomas Benson
C.M. Sanford Died in Mr. Spilsbury's field; seems to have been depressed and possibly took poison
Nov. 27 M/- Johnston Turkington
Cobourg Gaol
E. McNichol Heart Failure
Box 53/5 Jan. - Jul.
Apr. 8 M/48  John Leach
Cobourg Gaol/Haldimand Twp.  
E. McNichol  Consumption
Apr. 22 M/  John McManus
Cobourg Gaol/Haldimand Twp.
E. McNichol  Consumption
Apr. 22 M/-   Andrew Davison
Port Hope
R. Corbett Hit by a train
May 25   Fire
Chattel property Lot 15, Con. C, Murray Twp.
- -
Jul. 21 F/- Annie London R.A. Corbett Drowned either accidentally or by suicide; no inquest necessary
Box 53/6 Aug. - Dec.
Aug. 1 M/10  George Simpson Roberts
Cobourg - D'arcy Street   
E. McNichol  Hit by G.T.R train
Sep. 1 M/108  George Hannah
Cobourg Gaol - Haldimand
E. McNichol Old age - born in Ireland in 1790; took part in the Battle of the Wind Mill at Prescott in 1837.
Oct. 16 M/55 Milo Haight
Port Hope
A. Aldrich Drowned in Harbour whether from accident or otherwise
Oct. 24 F/55 Harriet Mack
Cobourg Gaol
E. McNichol  Natural causes
Oct. 24 M/- James [Swinson] R.A. Corbett Natural causes
Box 53/7
Mar. 4 M/93 Archibald Campbell
Cobourg Gaol
E. McNichol  Died of old age-- Coroner notes man came from N. Ireland
Mar. 17 F/92   Jemima Livingston
Cobourg Gaol  
E. McNichol  Pneumonia
May 5 M/80 James Chesney
E. McNichol  Natural causes
May 29 M/4 Henry Victor Beatty
Elizabethville/Port Hope
R. Corbett  Neglect caused by belief in Christian Science
Jul. 1  F/- Mrs. Dodds
R. Corbett Fell down the stairs with coal oil lamp, set herself on fire
Jul. 25 M/- Mrs. Albert B. Goodwin
J. Mitchell Died from overdose  effects of Anaesthetic at Dentist Harnden's office. Drug was administered by Dr.Tilley
Jul. 30 M/- Unknown Man
R. Corbett Walking on G.T.R tracks 3 miles East of Port Hope hit by a train
Aug. 8 M/-  Mary Graham, wife of Robt. Graham
Hope Twp.  
R. Corbett  Suicide by poisoning - ingestion of cedar oilapparently in an attempt to produce abortion
Aug. 21 M/Infant Stillborn son of Mary Angus
R. Corbett  Natural causes. Dr. Turner of Millbrook attended the mother and no inquest was necessary
Aug. 21 M/66 David Perry 
Cobourg Gaol/Haldimand Twp.
E. McNichol   Natural causes
Oct. 26 M/-  Henry W. Bowler
Port Hope
A. Aldrich Train collusion


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