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Accession Number: 84-020

UCND Court Records: 84-020  

Box 49/3
Date  Age/Gender   Name/Residence    Coroner Cause of Death
Apr.7  M/- Joseph McCullough
6th Conc. Manvers Twp. (Joseph Ni ckleson's )
W. Lawson Head Wound, Falling of tree, Accidental
May 3 M/- Edward Moment David Brodie -
June 15 F/- Elizabeth Thompson David Brodie -
Aug.10 M/-

Child of Elisa Porter
Percy Twp.

H. Meade Accidental poisoning Elisa Porter. Administered a portion of poppy heads stewed in a sauce and given innocently.
Aug.14 M/- Unknown Soldier, 82nd Reg. Cobourg   David Brodie Fell off gangway of ship "City of Toronto" while disembarking at Cobourg - drowned
Aug. 19 M/-  

Aron Thompson
Lot 35 6th Conc. Darlington Twp.

John Scott  Threshing machine accident
Aug. 24  M/-  

John Phin 
Percy Twp.

David Brodie Visitation from God
Aug. 28   M/-  James Mitchell
John Scott  Suffocated and drowned in Lake Ontario at Cobourg
Nov. 8  M/-  Daniel Livingstone
Lot 20 3rd Con. Clarke Twp.
John Scott Falling of a tree
Dec. 9 M/-  Thomas Hart
Clarke Twp.
John Scott Suffocated and drowned from the effects of intoxication.
Dec. 11 M/ Unknown Benjamin Ewing Drowned in Lake Ontario
Dec. 26 M/ Henry Lyons
Clarke Twp.
John Scott Struck by James Walsh in act of self defese after being attacked by Lyons with a sword
Box 49/4
Jan. - Sep. 1845
Date  Age/Gender   Name/Residence    Coroner Cause of Death
Jan. 6 M/- Unkown
J. Gilchrist Died in prison; injury of the brain
Jan. 22 M/- SmalleySpafford
Cramahe Twp.
Henry Meade Natural Causes
Feb. 1  M/-  John Dalrimple
Murray Twp.
J. Ford Alcohol poisoning
Feb. 4 M/Infant Child of Mary Ann Ventress
Cramahe Twp.
Henry Meade N/A
Feb. 6   M/- Richardson Robertson
Port Hope
David Brodie Natural causes
Feb. 8 M/- Francis Burnet
Town of Cobourg
David Brodie Accidently knocked down and run over by a team of horses drawing a sleigh loaded with wheat
Feb. 28 M/-  William Martin 
Hope Twp
David Brodie Cutting a tree which fell onto him
Mar. 6 M/-  Anthony Hall
Hope Twp.
David Brodie Cutting a tree which fell onto him
Apr. 10 M/- Thomas Murphy
Murray Twp.
J. Ford Wood pile fell on him
Apr. 16 M/- John McCauley
Murray Twp.
J. Ford Drowned in Trent River
Apr. 22 M/- James Jr. Montgomery
Darlington Twp.
John Scott Cut main artery in ankle while chopping wood
May 6 M/- John Rinch D. Brodie A fit brought on by intoxication
May 9 F/- Ann Henderson
Hamilton Twp.
B. Bird Fell off a bridge at Brown's mill - drowned
May 19 F/- Rebecca Masters
Seymour Twp.
H. Meade Accidentally shot by a boy, Christopher Vardy
May 19 F/-  Mary Moore
Trent port - Murray Twp.
J. Ford Drowned accidentally in the Bay of Quinte
May 19 M/- James Brynes
Trent port - Murray Twp.
J. Ford Drowned accidentally in the Bay of Quinte
May 19 M/- James Madagan
Trent port - Murray Twp.
J. Ford Drowned accidentally in the Bay of Quinte
Jun. 10 M/- Thomas Watson
Hamilton Twp.
D. Brodie Fell into flume at Bowskills Mill and drowned
Jun. 13 F/Infant Daughter of Betsy Mitchell
Hope Twp.
B. Bird A fit from a disordered bowel
Jun. 15 M/- Peter Murphy
Murray Twp.
J. Ford Drowned in Trent River
Jul. 7 M/- Martin Hogan
D. Brodie Accidental - drowned
Jul. 7 M/- John Curtain D. Brodie Drowned
Jul. 9 M/-

John Heard

D. Brodie Drowned in Lake Ontario Accidentally
Sep. 9 M/- Johnston Smith
Hamilton Twp
D. Brodie Gun accidentally went off in boat on the north shore of Rice Lake, hitting deceased in the head
Sep. 10 M/- George Rogers
D. Brodie Run over by James Craig's wagon on King St.
Sep. 15 M/- James Wilson
Hope Twp.
B. Bird Drowned accidentally
Box 49/5
Oct. - Dec. 1845
Date  Age/Gender   Name/Residence    Coroner Cause of Death
Oct. 19 F/Infant Daughter of Sophia Rider
Hope Twp.
B. Bird Natural causes
Oct. 30 M/- James Campbell
Newcastle district
B. Ewing Natural causes
Oct. 30 F/- Mary Anne Wilson
Port Hope
B.Bird Natural causes
Nov. 2 M/- Daniel Markey D. Brodie Suffocated, chocked on vomit. Alcohol related
Nov. 10 M/- Alexander Gilchrist
Lot 11 3rd Conc. Percy Twp.
H. Meade Man of intemperate habits, tree fell on head, caused delirium tremens. Alcohol related death
Nov. 19 M/-

James Emerston
Murray Twp.

J. Ford Wagon upset on top of him. Accidental
Nov. 23 M/- Hugh Lowry
Seymour Twp.
H. Meade Manslaughter. Died from blows and kicks inflicted by unknown at Lower Falls
Nov. 27 M/-  Edwin Carpenter
Lot 5 Conc. 9, Darlington Twp.
J. Scott

While digging a well, encountered quicksand and was covered over and suffocated

Nov. 27 M/- John Carpenter
Lot 5 Conc. 9, Darlington Twp.
J. Scott While digging a well, encountered quicksand and was covered over and suffocated
Dec. 21 M/- Solomon Hooper
Clarke Twp.
John Scott Killed while putting a belt on a machine shaft at a grist mill
Box 49/6
Date  Age/Gender   Name/Residence    Coroner Cause of Death
Jan. 2  M/- Robert Blackney
D. Brodie Natural causes, old and weak
Jan. 3 F/Infant Daughter of Jane and Nathaniel Hewy
Clarke Twp.
B. Bird Visitation of God
Feb. 5 F/-  Susan Elliot
Lot 28 Con. 1 Clarke Twp.
J. Scott Natural causes
Feb. 17 M/-  Patrick O'Neill Jr.
D. Brodie

Loss of blood from cut wrist, intoxication and exposure

Feb. 25 M/- James Hughes
Hope Twp.

Frozen to death

Feb. 25 M/- Samuel Anderson 
Hamilton Twp.
D. Brodie Fatigue from walking through snow to Cobourg in bad weather
Mar. 10 M/-  Thomas Sully
Lot 32 Con. 4, Darlington Twp.
J. Scott Fatal bruise to head from falling logs
Mar. 17  F/- Mary Gray
Darlington Twp.
J. Scott Visitation of God
Mar. 19 F/- Mary Moraghan 
Hope Twp.
B. Bird  Wounded by person or persons unknown and died of injuries
Mar. 30 M/- Thomas Gregory
Lot 32, Con. 4, Clarke Twp.
J. Scott Fell on his head
Apr. 6 M/3 

John Little
Hope Twp.

B. Bird Suffocated and drowned in a well
Jul. 5 M/- Lewis Rutherford
Murray Twp.
J. Ford Drowned at Trent River
Jul. 11 M/-  Michael Tremain Sr.
Lot 32, Con. 8, Clarke Twp.
J. Scott Suffered great chest pain, natural causes
Jul. 16 M/- Jacob Richardson
Cramahe Twp.
H. Meade Hung himself with a rope while labouring under mental derangement
Jul. 29 M/- John Brown
Clarke Twp.
B. Bird Thrown from his wagon accidentally due to poor condition of the highway
Aug. 21 M/-  David Howes
Hope Twp.
B. Bird  Fell from Port Hope wharf into Lake Ontario and drowned
Oct. 24 M/- Unknown Person
Hope Twp.
B. Bird Drowned in Lake Ontario [May be Oliver Sprowls or Oliver Sprowde]
Oct. 25 M/- John Elles
Murray Twp.
J. Ford Accidentally drowned
Oct. 28  M/-  Phillip Cornish
Lot 11, Con. 1, Darlington Twp. (A. Dixon was owner)
J. Scott   Natural causes
Oct. 28 F/- Sarah Burke J. Scott Shot herself with a rifle - suicide
Dec. 12 M/Child Child of Jane James
Murray Twp.
H. Meade Natural causes
Box 49/7
Date  Age/Gender   Name/Residence    Coroner Cause of Death
[1847] M/- William Marsh - Suicide by laudanum
Feb. 26 M/- Daniel McCarthy
Lot 22, Con. 2, Clarke Twp.
J. Scott  Bled to death from an old wound on right leg. Note: carpenter wound
Feb. 14 M/-   Thomas Radcliff
Lot 27, Broken Front Con. Clarke Twp.
J. Scott Fell into Lake Ontario opposite Lot 27 and drowned
Feb. 20  M/- William Falls
Lot 13, Broken Front Con. Clarke Twp.
J. Scott Knife wound to jugular vein while trying to slaughter a hog
May 8 M/-  George Hogle
Clarke Twp.
J. Scott Inflammation of the lungs
May 15 M/-  Harvey Babcock
Seymour Twp.
H. Meade  Drowned in William Meyers pond while intoxicated
May 20 M/- William Murphy
Hamilton Twp.
D. Brodie  Upset canoe on Rice Lake and drowned
May 29 M/-  Joseph Bullman
Haldimand Twp. 
B. Ewing Fell from horse
Jun. 5 M/- William Leger
Darlington Twp.
John Scott Fell out of his wagon when travelling over a rough road
Jun. 8 M/-  Francis Manning
Hamilton Twp.
D. Brodie Upset canoe on Rice Lake and drowned
Jun. 19 M/- Michael Loftus
D. Brodie "A lunatic," suicide by drowning in Rice Lake
Jul. 11 M/-  Unknown Male [William Johnston]
Hope Twp.
B. Bird Supposedly the body of William Johnston, died of Natural causes - Small Pox
Jul. 26 M/- Michael Tracy
D. Brodie Died of alcohol poisoning while in tavern owned by John Connolly on King Street
Aug. 5 M/- James Kernaghan
R.D. Chatterton Found in the harbour at Cobourg. Was an attorney from Toronto. Was to lodge with a friend, Mr. Elliott, but found he had recently died. Extensive testimony.
Aug. 20 F/- Ellen Campbell
Hope Twp.
B. Bird  Natural causes - Dysentery
Aug. 21 M/- William Gibbs
Hope Twp.
B. Bird Accidentally drowned
Aug. 27  M/-  Robert Jackson
Clarke Twp. 
J. Scott Bowel complication and visitation of God
Aug. 30 M/-  William Robbins
Port Hope  
B. Bird Natural causes - Dysentery
Sept. 1 M/- Unknown Man [Campbell]
R.D. Chatterton Drowned off harbour wharf.  Subsequently discovered to be a man named Campbell with a wife and children in Peterborough.
Sept. 11 M/- Drew Morie
Hope Twp 
B. Bird Fell in well situated on the property of James Clarke
Sept. 25 F/- Catherine Runan
D. Brodie  Inflammation of the lungs
Sept. 25 M/-    Charles Brown
Hope Twp.
B. Bird Natural causes
Oct. 4  M/- Thomas Usher
D. Brodie  While disembarking from "The Admiral" steamboat deceased fell into water and drowned. Alcohol related
Oct. 6 F/Child Mary Anne Walsh
Port Hope
B. Bird Drowned
Oct. 10 F/-   Mary Anne Elsey
Hope Twp.
B. Bird Found drowned in Smith's Creek near Samuel J.   Power's saw mill
Dec. 17   M/-  Baptist Clement  B. Ewing Natural Causes
Box 49/8
Date  Age/Gender   Name/Residence    Coroner Cause of Death
Apr. 8   M/- Keith Boot
Port Hope
B. Bird Self poisoning
Apr. 21 M/- Unknown Male
Seymour Twp.
- Lumberman crossing the river lost his footing and drowned, went over in the dam to Myer's Mill
May. 19 M/- James Wilson
Cavan Twp.
T.V. Tupper Eating a virulent narcotic found near a creek in Cavan Twp.
May 25 M/- Daniel McAuley
Murray Twp.
J. Ford  Lumberman drowned on River Trent
Jul. 25  M/- Lawrence Maguire
Cavan Twp.
T.V. Tupper Accidentally due to exhaustion near Coal Creek in Hamilton Twp.
Aug. 26 M/-  Augustus Burnett
B. Ewing Drowned while crossing from Presqu'ile Point
Sep. 20 M/-   John Smieley
Cramahe Twp.
H. Meade Death by fits through excessive drinking
Sep. 20 F/- Jane [Hopock] ?
Haldimand Twp.
B. Ewing [Illegible]
Sep. 29 M/- Abraham Taylor D. Brodie Drowned in Lake Ontario
Nov. 18 M/- John James M. Nelson
Lot 27, Con. 3, Clarke Twp.
J. Scott Kicked near the jugular vein by a horse
Nov. 26   M/- Thomas Taylor
D. Brodie Drowned in Lake Ontario
Nov. 30 M/- William Adams
Port Hope
J. Dunbar Drowned in Lake Ontario at Port Hope
Dec. 2  M/- Peter Arnott
Clarke Twp.
J. Beavis Visitation by God
Dec. 4 M/- Solomon Hamond
Hamilton Twp.
D. Brodie  Hand on the schooner "Canada" who drowned between Cobourg and Port Hope, near Gull Island
Dec. 4 M/-  Alexander McDowel
Haldimand Twp.
B. Ewing Drowned in Lake Ontario
Dec. 4  M/-  John Hammond
Haldimand Twp.
B. Ewing Drowned in Lake Ontario
Dec. 10 F/-  Siras Potter
Haldimand Twp.
B. Ewing Subject to fits. Found dead in a wood.
Box 49/9
Date  Age/Gender   Name/Residence    Coroner Cause of Death
Jan. 24 M/- John McNee
Port Hope
J. Dunbar Exposure to the cold while intoxicated near John Reynold's Hotel
Jan. 26 M/- John MacMillian
Clarke Twp.
J. Beavis Injuries received when a tree fell on him
Feb. 11 M/-

John Kennedy
James Pottins residence, Hope Twp.

J. Dunbar   Visitation of God
Mar. 16 M/-   David Turney Jr.
Cramahe Twp.
H. Meade Self-inflicted gunshot wound while labouring under mental derangement
Apr. 27 F/- Mary Wright
Con. 6, Hope Twp.
J. Dunbar -
May 3 M/- Samuel Brock
Hope Twp.
R. Maxwell Accidentally drowned in Luke Bedford's mill pond
May 31 M/- William Williams
Opposite Lot 34, Con Broken Front, Darlington
J. Scott Drowned in Lake Ontario opposite Lot 34, Broken Front
June 16 M/- Patrick Reilly
Seymour Twp.
Arthur Murphy Accidentally drowned in the River Trent
June 18 M/- Unknown man D. Brodie Found drowned in Lake Ontario
Jul. 3 M/-  Richard Spencer Sr.
Cramahe Twp.
H. Meade Drowned at Presqu'ile Bay
Jul. 11 M/- James Hill
Hope Twp.
R. Maxwell Side of barn fell on him during a barn raising
Jul. 19 M/Infant William Henry Mcfeterage
Hope Twp.
R. Maxwell Infant boy run over by a wagon driven by a 12 year old boy at Burton's Mill, 1 mile north of Port Hope
Jul. 20 M/-  Francis Kavanagh
Seymour Twp.
B. Ewing  Drowned in Trent River
Jul. 23 M/-  Isaac Colman
D. Brodie Visitation of God
Jul. 24 M/- Thomas Armstrong
Rice Lake
R. Maxwell Fell off the "Lady Elgin" while taking a fit of apoplexy, Rice Lake, Bewdley
Jul. 30 M/-  James Burns
Port Granby
J. Beavis Drowned in a mill pond at Port Granby
Sep. 12 M/- John Fisher
W. Lawson Fell off wagon loaded with oat sheaves
Sep. 24 M/Infant Newborn Infant
Hamilton Twp. 
D. Brodie Criminal and wilful neglect and exposure
Sep. 29 M/- John Close
Hamilton Twp.
D. Brodie Visitation of God
Oct. 2 M/- Anthony Herrington
Murray Twp.
H. Meade Run over by a wagon at Hemlock Bridge, Murray Twp.
Oct. 6  M/- John McGill
Port Hope
R. Maxwell  Deceased described as a "coloured man" man found drowned on the beach at Port Hope
Oct. 13 F/Child Lewesa Jordan
Hope Twp.
R. Maxwell Burned to death playing with matches
Oct. 15 M/- Bartley McCarty
Seymour Twp.
H. Meade Drowned in River Trent
Oct. 27 M/- Donald McTavish
B. Ewing  -
Nov. 11 M/- Richard Boyle
Cavan Twp.
W. Lawson Visitation of God during devotion at meeting
Dec. 8 M/- William Collins Jas. Dunbar Accidentally - wounded by a falling tree
Dec. 30 M/Child William Roper H. Meade Accidentally smothered

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