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Hugh Caldwell diary, 1888-1889 (see Caldwell finding aid)


Note: Capitals, periods, and commas have been added or eliminated in many instances for clarification purposes. Square brackets [ ] indicate indecipherable text and were necessary especially in the latter half of the diary where an appreciable amount of ink had soaked through several pages in one spot making some words indecipherable. Also, several misspellings occur in the original text, such as "choped" for "chopped," "stoped" for "stopped," and "staid" for "stayed." Misspellings such as these have all been maintained in the transcription. Caldwell sometimes uses the word "they" in instances where the word "the" normally would have been used, i.e. "They prize books were left with me for distribution." Such grammatical anomalies have also been maintained.

Note: The inside covers and first two pages of the diary contain notes, a receipt dated 1872 issued to Caldwell for land payments, lists of names, a list of prizes won[?] at the October 1888 Apsley Exhibition, lists of vegetables planted in Caldwell's garden (1890), and the diary heading, as provided below:

Hugh Caldwells Diary
Clydesdale Post Office
March 1st 1888

March 1888

Thursday, 1 March: Drove to Coe Hill. Then to the crossing. Bought two barrells of salt 2 50/100, 3 gall's coal oil 60 c, 1 lb tea 35 c, cash, back to Coe Hill. Fed & dinner. Got a coal oil barell at Tinys 25 c, R.W.C. I called at Welch's, bought 6 lbs sugar 50 c cash. Paid him four dolalrs on account. Then home.

Frid. 2: Very stormy. Weaving.

Sat. 3: Finished weaving.

Sun. 4: At home.

Mon. 5: At home writing and mailing schedules.

Tues. 6: At home. Allan went for mail. Afternoon I went around assessing.

Wed. 7: Finished assessing beyond Paudash Creek, except James Campbell. I borrowed an ink bottle from Wm. Campbell.

Thur. 8: Went in the Wellington road and finished there, except they Liscums who were all away.

Frid. 9: Got out to Apsley in the evening . Called at D. Andersons. Then to Eastlands and settled in full. Then got an order from A. D[ ], on Jas. Lindsay, for 4 50/100, gave to Wm. Gallon, and got a receipt on account for that amount, then drove home.

Sat. 10: At home writting, etc.

Sund. 11: Very stormy. At home all day.

Mon. 12: Very great storm. At home all day.

Tues. 13: - do - Couldn't go with mail. - do -

Wed. 14: Shoveled road. Had McP., Hill, & P.M. J.T. & Allan assessed a little.

Thur. 15: Drove out for mail.

Frid. 16: Went to Apsley with a grist. Assessed some. J. Elmhursst hurt his arm and could not grind.

Sat. 17: Assessed from Regans to T. Tanners. Had dinner there. Back to Knots, fed horses, then to Baggs's sons funeral.

Sund. 18: Mr. & Mrs. M. Couch came on a visit. R.W. Storey called and I paid him for the grass seed 5 28/100.

Mon. 19: Assessed below Apsley, then brought my grist home. I got Hugh's shanty photo. Very wet night.

Tues. 20. Very wet. Allan walked out for the mail.

Wed. 21. Wet and stormy forenoon. Afternoon Hugh came home from shanty. I went to the funeral of Wm. Kinner, the first in the new grave yard. Freezing at night.

Thurs. 22: Fine but cold. Getting ready to go to town.

Frid. 23: Started for town. Had a few onions for Mrs. L. Reid. Went in with them. Had dinner, fed horses, then to Youngs Point. Got six shoes set, then to Mr. Galbornes with a bag of white fall wheat. Staid all night.

Sat. 24: Called at Stricklands. Then to Leons till after dinner. Waiting to see R.C. Strickland. Didn't see him. Drove to Peterborough. Got check for Hughes time. Then around town. Got no money as banks were closed at one oclock. Went with Mike Flaherty to Wrightons grain store and saw Mr. John Pulett for first time. Saw Rachel & Annie.

Sund. 25: Met E. Sanderson. After breakfast went to see Annie. Rachel came in too. I staid till after tea. Pullets appear to be very nice people. Back to Cavanaghs.

Mon. 26: Got the money. Then got loaded. Saw Mr. Gemmel and paid him 2.25 for carding in presence of Mike Flaherty in T. Cavanaghs bar room. Rain came on and I waited till about 4 oclock, then drove to Deon's in Lakefield, put up for night. Bought some goods. Paid cash for all.

Tues. 27: Drove up to Mr. Golbornes. Had to stay for dinner, then got bag of red fall wheat for seed in exchange for the bag of white wheat. I got an iron mended at the Point and paid for the shoes. Set going down on Friday. I drove to R. McCauley. Fed a little and assessed him & Rd. Defries. Then called at McFadden's and left a message from James Likley. Then to Apsley where James Scott took most of my load. Drove to his place. Fed. Had tea, then got home about 3 or 4 oclock on.

Wed. 28: All well. Didn't rain very much. Rested all day. Very sleepy.

Thurs. 29: At home reading and writing.

Frid. 30: Drove to Coe Hill and delivered J.F. Leclaires outfit to station master and got receipt for same. Bought a waterproof cloak from Landon for wife. Paid 1 50/100. Got a new cap but forgot to fetch it. Assessed Liscums & Linton, also Jas. Campbell. Bought S[ ] & Peper from Welch, paid him 35 cents cash. Snowing. Met Hugh on his way to Roberts. Waited till he came out and he came home with me.

Sat. 31: Went to council meeting. Assessed a few. Called at Mrs. Birds on my way home.

April 1888

Sund. 1: At home. In the evening went to A. Trotters as wife was there.

Mon. 2: Out assessing. Staid at C. Mahers all night.

Tues. 3: Assessing till ten oclock. Then met wife with the mail at Kilburn's. Took her to Mrs. Birds, then called at James Scott's for some oats left there on Tuesday last. After dinner drove with they boys to B. Lynens for some basswood. Were all hollow & snow too deep.

Wed. 4: At home writing, etc.

Thur. 5: Raining nearly all night.

Frid. 6: Drove to Burleigh with assessment roll. Took Wm. Wilson as far as R. McCauley's. I staid at Jas. Hogan's all night.

Sat. 7: Assessed from L. Reids around the Landing and back to Reids and staid all night.

Sund. 8: Drove home. Found all well.

Mon. 9: At home. Wrote a little.

Tues. 10: Drove out with the mail. Got seeds from T.S. Pearce, London. Raining afternoon.

Wed. 11: At home writing. Very wet forenoon. Afternoon I wrote awhile, then took bobsleigh and drove to J.A. Trotters. Got 4 bushels & 19 lbs of barley at 75 c per bushel, they 19 lbs for the cleaning of it, 3 dollars to be paid after Court of Revision next. Mrs. James Trotter visited wife today. Boys finished [chopping] today.

Thurs. 12: Assessing down to and in and below Apsley. Staid all night at R. Edgar's.

Frid. 13: Assessed up home. Helped M.D. O'Brien to butcher a large steer. I emptyed the paunch as I wanted it.

Sat. 14: Had a heavy fall of snow. I copied some, cleaned three bags spring wheat to [ ] for the hogs. M.D.O. brought the paunch on his way to Coe Hill.

Sund. 15: Beautiful morning, at home all day.

Mon. 16: Assessed a little. Don't feel well.

Tues. 17: Allan went with the mail. I asessed a few, writing afternoon. Had first calf today from the white cow.

Wed. 18: Two more calfs this morning. Assessed James Scott and J. & H. Fletcher. Let Jas. Scott have the saddle and rein to got to Coe Hill. Had a shower of snow.

Thurs. 19: Went with Alex Trotter as far as James Scotts, then rode with him to Apsley. Finished assessing and left the roll with the clerk. Gave some papers to George McIlmoyl, to be left at Mr. James Golborne's. Walked up to Mrs. Kilburn's. Had supper and staid all night. Slept with Mr. Irwin Pedlar.

Frid. 20: Walked home. Boys working at land roller. D Connly brought up the saddle but not old Bugg's. He borrowed brace & 3/4 bitt and gage. Had a big fall of snow afternoon.

Sat. 21: At home. Very tired. Afternoon I took some papers and books of Cleary's to their place and gave them to Maggie. Then came home again.

Sund. 22: At home.

Mon. 23: Took 9 B. 21 lbs wheat to the mill. Got in ground. Got 4 1/2 inch & 11 in. bolts, and got 2 irons made into gudgeons for a land roller. Got grist cart rack. Broke on the way home.

Tues. 24. Drove out for the mail. Took a bag of bran and shorts for Mrs. Kilburn. Afternoon had a trustee meeting. Put up notice of a job of stove wood for Old School House, then went to Wm. Scott's.

Wed. 25: Mended the broken rack of the cart. Then drove to W. Scotts and got some peas for use of hog. Then chored about.

Thur. 26: Hauling rail cuts & firewood and brands off the fallow.

Friday 27: Rode to Apsley for the waggon. Not ready. Had dinner at Daley's, fed horses at R'd E's. Didn't pay as no one was there when I left.

Sat. 28: Sowed large & black oats on sod near barn forenoon. Afternoon sowed alongside about 1 1/2 bushels of barley. Then planted at D[ ] East, Jumbo Pumpkin West, Manoth Squash then in garden. East. Yellow. West. Green, in the centre, one drill, new Mitchel Carrot, Tomato, H. Excelsor W. OOX / OXX East. Cut they hogs.

Sund. 29: At home all day.

Mon. 30: Sent to P. Henderson, N.Y. 15 c for jersey parsnip and to S.H. Moore, [N.Y.] for 3 month paper and flower seeds, to be registered at Apsley. Also letters of inquirey to J.L. Childs, Floral Park, N.Y. Draining forenoon, boys stoneing. After dinner we put a new [ ] to the cart. Then they went to look for fish. Draining afternoon. Had heavy rain. Snow at night. I wrote to F.P.H. regarding Cleary's will.

May 1st 1888

Tuesday 1: Went with mail. Got they bulbs and seed from J.L. Childs all right. Boys came home with very few fish. After dinner they went to stoneing pea ground. S. Mulroney & M.D. Obrien came in and we let the contract of 12 cords stove wood to M.D. at 90 cents per cord.

Wed. 2: Draining and choring around.

Thur. 3: While trimming an apple tree, I cut my left hand very badly.

Frid. 4: Afternoon I sowed some oats in barn field. Hugh harrowed. My hand too painful. Then Hugh sowed. We had a very wet night. Mr. B. Lynch came in to see about the wood. I told it was let to M.D. OBrien.

Sat. 5: I went out to Lynch's. Staid there for dinner. Then went to M. Hynes's. Paid prize money to the children. Then Lynch and me spoke to M.D. OBrien about the wood and that we would put notices and let the job legaly. He said all right. We then went to S. Mahoneys. He agree'd with us. Then I wrote 2 notices and gave them to Mr. Lynch on his promise to put them up this evening. I called at James Scott's, then home. Wrote another notice and put it up at my own gate.

Sund. 6: At home forenoon. S. Mahoney came in and after dinner we went to Clearys. I staid till after tea. Mrs. Cleary loaned a book to me to read. Then I came home.

Mon. 7: At home. I dug up little garden and let some water off fields.

Tues. 8: Started early for Apsley. Fed at Con Daleys and had breakfast. Paid him 40 dollars cash and a note for 25 at six months without intrest. Then got a fine looking new waggon all complet. Drove to Chandos P.O., got the mail and got home in good time. Hugh sowed oats. I put seeds in my garden planted the - J. Trotter grafted apple. Then rain.

Wed. 9. Mrs. Caldwell and myself started for Apsley after dinner. At foot of M.D. O'Brien's Hill an axle broke. I borrowed O'Brien's buckboard and went on. Got some plants and cuttings in exchange from Mrs. Adnerson. Had tea, then went to village on business. Wrote to F.P. Henry and to P.O. Vickery. Got a paper from P. Shewan. Got 78 lbs. oats, 65 c., & 16 lbs. pork, 12 1/2 c. from W. Gallon. To get more oats on Saturday. Got a letter at C.P.O. for Mrs. J. Anderson.

Thurs. 10. Took O'Brien's rig home & brought ours home. Fixed it so I can take it to Apsley. I think we then helped Allan to set stakes for new fence then drained a little. Student came and borrowed medical books. Took them to Mrs. A. Trotters.

Frid. 11. Choring around. Forenoon planted [Stachey] from J.L. Childs, F.P., N.Y.

Sat. 12. Drove to Apsley. Got axle[ ] welded at Lindsays. Got bushels more oats, total 7 bus., 16 lbs. pork. Paid in full to Wm. Gallon. Gave him check for mail service, 2.50. He gave me [one] dollar, forgot my chain at Lindsay. Asked Charles Ellerton to bring it to Mrs. M. Birds. Brought a parcel from T.G. Eastland, 25 c. freight on it and a pair of shoes from Lindsay for A. Trotter. They were taken over in the evening. Had Henry Bain.

Sunday 13. At home all day.

Mon. 14. Cleaned all the wheat, 11 bags mixed spring & fall. Went to Jas. Trotter. Asked him to exchange spring wheat for fall. He said yes. John Trotter promised me 2 bushels of oats at 50 cents per bushel. Then went to W. Scotts. He went with me to the old school house where a job of wood was let to John Lynch, lowest, 80 cents per cord.

Tues. 15. White frost this morning. Drove out for mail. Afternoon went to Jas. & John Trotter, then back by P. Hobbins. Home. Then to James Trotters & home.

Wed. 16. Drove out to Ellertons. Got 2 bushels of barley on a/c. Came home. Found Mr. & Mrs. Prouty in a visit to us. Mrs. Prouty paid me for weaving. They staid over night. They boys took 3 bags of F. wheat to McKees and got it choped. Then got a little hay from Robert. Mr. J.C. Brown, P.S. Inspector, examined the school Said he was well pleased. Staid for dinner. Wife gave him a few onions to plant and he could get more in town.

Thurs. 17. I drove to John Trotters with Mrs. Prouty. Had dinner. Went with them to the lake. Then got 75 lbs. oats from J.A. Trotter. Called at Joe Trotters. Borrowed some clover seed. Then home. In the evening Hugh went to James Trotters. Got 5 bus., 40 lb. spring wheat in exchange for fall wheat. He got the clover seed weighed. Had 12 lbs. including bag.

Frid. 18. Hugh finished beyond the peas. Then took the roller to P. Hobbins and brought his spring tooth harrow. Afternoon I sowed about 3 1/2 bushels barley on new land. Harrow does good work.

Sat. 19. I sowed the last of the barley. Afternoon Hugh sowed a bag of Jas. T.'s spring wheat and harrowed it. I put up the blackboard in the school and chored around. A. Trotter paid me 25 cents for T.G. Eastland freight on parcel.

Sund. 20. I went to church to hear Mr. Fitzspatrick. Think he is a smart man. After dinner went to Clearys, then to Hobbins. Had tea, then home.

Mon. 21. Choreing about.

Tues. 22. Drove off with the mail. Got Jersy Parsnip from P. Henderson, N.Y. & papers and mixed flower seed from S.H. Moore, N.Y. Gave flower seeds to wife. Sowed some of the parsnips. Gave Mr. J. Fletcher some to try. Planted fresh squash seeds & tomato seeds.

Wed. 23. At stones, roots & stumps. Hugh finished seeding at 4 oclock, except buckwheat. Got that seed from D. Gauley, 1/2 bushel for use of our roller. M.D. O'Brien & W. Scott got timothy seed at 6 c. per lb. O'Brien paid $1. W. Scott owes 1.44. Robert got the old waggon less wheels & both boys went at the potatoe land with spring tooth harrow.

24 Thursday. Am Sixty-Four years old today. I was moving stones and taking stumps and roots out of hay field.

Frid. 25. [Pigs]. Rolling oats. Rain evening and night. Boys planted potatoes.

Sat. 26. Drove to Websters. Took all their book to them. Left eight of mine. Got four of theirs. Then to Apsley. Attended court of Revisions. Got order for salary and order for three dollars for shoveling snow. Got a peice of bacon from Wm. Gallon. Brought Mrs. Steel up with me.

Sund. 27. Went to church.

Mon. 28. Took 3 bags wheat to McKee. Got it choped. Paid 30 cents. Called at J.D. Waits as wife was there. I had tea. Got a bag of oats from Bob. Our boys came home with us.

Tues. 29. Drove out for the mail. Brought Mrs. E. Bird and a calf from Kilburns to end of road. After dinner Mr. came in on his way to John A. Trotters. He had some dinner. Then I took him the short way to Joe Trotters. In the evening went to S. Mahonys.

Wed. 30. Drove as far as Mrs. Birds on my way to Apsley. Wife went along to bring the horse back. I then walked to Apsley. Helped Mr. Shewan to make up the voters list. Got the money (60) dollars from Mr. D. Anderson. Forgot to pay my taxes. Got some bolts from C. Daley. Paid 15 c. Had tea with him. Got parcel from W. Gallon & one from Mr. Fitzspatrick, P. student for Mrs. A. Trotter, and a letter to be sent to Rose Island P.O. Came to Mrs. M. Birds and staid all night. Boy home, got no work.

Thurs. 31. Got up early. Came home. Got breakfast. Went with the parcels to A. Trotters. Then gave letter to James Trotter. Then rain came on. I fixed the buggy wheels.

June 1888

Frid. 1. Moveing fence and trees and stumps. Robert came in and had tea. Then he took 3 bags of wheat to James Trotters for me. Y.T. weighed it. Had 38 lbs. too much. I carried that much home again.

Sat. 2. Took trees off potatoe land. Moved the fence.

Sund. 3. Went to church. Drove over.

Mon. 4. Took off some stones etc., then plowed.

Tues. 5. Drove to Ellerton's. He promised to make me a pair of light shoes by next Tuesday and make arrangement for some pigs. Then to Chandos for mail. Got new needles from Toronto. Afternoon Allan finished plowing. I sowed the buckwheat. He harrowed it.

Wed. 6. Drove to Apsley. Had a great thunderstorm. Got there before we got wet. Had dinner with A. Doxes at Lindsays. Wife went in to see Mrs. Steen. We staid till after tea. The lightning killed two of M. Hynes's cows.

Thur. 7. Hauling home stove-wood & making road through the fallow & we held trustee meeting at J. Scotts.

Frid. 8. Got all the wood home and fence fixed up. Maggie had a horse colt in the night.

Sat. 9. Up early and found young sorrel colt. Chored around. Allan underbrush in swamp.

Sund. 10. At home. Had some rain.

Mon. 11. Fixing up around. Allan in the swamp. Rained a little at night.

Tues. 12. Went out with the mail. Drove to Ellertons. Got a pair of light shoes, French K[ ] $3.00 on price of young pigs. Mr. Ellerton wants me to bring from town 1 keg of 3 inch nails, one 100 lbs. corn meal, 1 gallon paint oil & six kitchen chairs and six lbs. white lead. He game me eleven dollars. Allan in the swamp.

Wed. 13. Started for Lakefield. Fed and had dinner at R. McCauley's, Burleigh. Called at Golbornes, then to woolen mill. Left wool as it was raining. I put team in D.'s shed and fed them. Then went on business. Then back to G.'s for night.

Thurs. 14. Took G.'s buggy and Dick, wife and me drove to Elbin's, then to Peterborough, left wife with Annie, drove to Ted's new hotel. Had dinner, then on business. Then went for wife around till about 4 oclock. Then back to Lakefield. Fed and had tea at Dion's. Then to G.'s for night.

Frid. 15. Down to Lakefield. Got loaded up, drove to Kearneys for dinner. Then to Jos. Dunsford's. Had tea. Left waggon in D.'s barn. Took horses to W.G. Stones for the night.

Sat. 16. Mr. Stone and me caught a few fish. We got tea and left about five oclock. Got to Mrs. Wilson's about nine. Fed about an hour. Flys very bad. We got home about 3 oclock on.

Sund. 17. All well. Slept nearly all day.

Mon. 18. Chored around. Set out some cabbage plants in little garden.

Tues. 19. Drove to Ellertons with nails, oil, paint & corn meal. Didn't settle as we could not make change. Then out for mail. Got home in good time. Bob & Hugh went to Tuckers barn raising. Gray mare took Hales's horse [includes ink drawing of horse in margin].

Wed. 20. Asking hands for statue [statute] labour and working in little garden. Went to start Jas. Scotts clock. It was going so I came home. Hugh brought home his new buckboard.

Thur. 21. At the statue labour.

Frid. 22. Finished statue labour except Jas. O'Brien.

Sat. 23. Drove to Apsley and home.

Sun. 24. Took wife to church with buckboard.

Mon. 25. Choreing around. Loaned B. Lynch 50 c.

Tues. 26. Went with the mail. Took two pigs to Mr. J. Ellertons. Paid him balance in cash.

Wed. 27. Wife and me drove to Apsley. Got the brace of buggy shafts mended at Lindsays. Had dinner at C. Dallys. Then came home. Hugh was at Longs bee. Alan burned our brush. I pulled the [rye] out of front field.

Thur. 28. Had some cold rain. Boys fencing in fallow after noon. Mr. F. Elmhurst came in. He had dinner. Then I went along to look at the bridge. Then to D.S. Campbells. Then back. We had tea. Then Elmhurst went home.

Frid. 29. Fixing the new waggon and other chores. After dinner made a flower box for wife. Then went and cleaned and oiled James Scotts clock. Then fixed a little at the fence.

Sat. 30. Choring around & reading. H. at D.Campbell's bee. Allan at the potatoes awhile. Made up q'y [quarterly?] report.

July 1888

Sund. 1. Went to church.

Mon. 2. Hoed my garden. Filled large barrel with water for garden, and other chores.

Tues. 3. Drove to Apsley for the mail. Got home before nine. After noon fighting fire.

Wed. 4. Boys and wife at Rob't's bee. I watching fire. Put the horse rake together & other chores.

Thurs. 5. Went to Apsley. Saw Mr. Golborne. Gave him some reading matter to take home. Heard him get judgement against D.A. for lumber. Got home about six oclock.Took teacher to Clearys and out again. After supper wife and me went to B. Johnston's as his wife died today.

Frid. 6. We went to Mrs. R. Johnstons funeral. In the evening I paid the teacher twenty dollars on salery. They prize books were left with me for distribution. I gave some out.

Sat. 7. Allan went to John Trotters bee. I put P. Gooley's horse rake together. Had dinner and came home. Chored some.

Sund. 8. Wife took a horse & rig to church to...

[note: pages have been torn from the diary at this point; it continues part way through the August 14th, 1888 entry, as follows]:

August 1888

[Tues. 14]. ... out, and sent them in by A. McKay per stage. Mrs. Ellerton rode with me. Mr. F., our student, rode behind to end of road, then on seat as Mrs. E. got out. Afternoon got in 3 loads of barley.

Wed. 15. Dull and showery. Boys in fallow. Unloaded the waggon after tea. I cut a few sheaves of large oats.

Thur. 16. Wet in the morning. After dinner they boys loaded the school furniture. Then they went to the beaver marsh. I took the furniture to the old school. Mr. Steel helped me to unload and set up the stove. In the evening we all went to hear the lecture. Rain came on with thunder and lightning. Waited awhile, then drove home through the rain which continued all night.

Frid. 17. Bob came over in the morning on his way to the mill. As it was showery Allan went along. Hugh choped in the fallow. After I went to ask when Jas. Scott could thresh for me. He said Tuesday afternoon. Then we cut a few oats. Bob came in. He left us some flour. The boys went in with Him to cut the marsh.

Sat. 18. I went to Apsley to get things for threshing. There was no sugar. Got home about ten. After dinner I cut a few black oats. They boys got home and worked at the barley. I bound most of the white oats which Hugh cut yesterday. Boys cut the barley.

Sun. 19. Went to see Jas. Scott. Had dinner. Then came back with Pat Mahoney. We called at A. Trotter. Had tea, then home.

Mon. 20. Hugh & Allan cut some oats forenoon. Then Allan went to help Robert. Hugh cut some oats then put up the barley. I asked John A. Trotter to the threshing. I cut some black oats. Bound some of them in the evening. I wrote to J.R. Stratton, M.P.P. about new assessment law.

Tues. 21. Drove out with the mail. Got a letter and papers from (T.O.B.) Toronto. We threshed the fall wheat and barley and a few oats after noon. Had rain. The power wheel broke but we finished.

Wed. 22. Boys pulled peas. I raked some oats. Boys cut some oats.

Thur. 23. Got in one load of barley when rain came on. We cleaned nearly all the wheat. Filled (7) seven bags for James Scott.

Frid. 24. Went to Jas. Scott's to look at a ram lamb. We caught and cut the tail off the one I thought the best. After noon we got in 3 loads, the last of the barley, the last of the white oats and a load of mixed oats.

Sat. 25. I went to Apsley. Got sugar at Eastlands, paid cash 50 c. T.G.E. Had dinner, then drove home. Boys pulled peas.

Sun. 26. At home all day.

Mon. 27. We stacked the beaver hay. Bob helped us. Then Hugh helped him to draw in oats. Allan pulled peas. I cut a few black oats after night. Pat Scott got 15 bushels & 15 lb. (915) [Hillcoxs]. Boys helped us as our boys were not here.

Tues. 28. Drove out for the mail. Got home early. Found I had The Clanricardi mail in place of my own. After noon I cut some oats till I broke the machine. Then got in a load of oats & two loads of peas.

Wed. 29. Drove around by Ellerton's. Left P. card for N.J. Webster. Then to old Mister W's. Left the borrowed books and drove to Apsley. Put in the school levy $200. Got an order for 2 dollars for voters list. Called at D.A.'s. Got no money. Had tea, then went to A. Society & meeting. Got wheel mended by Con [Dally]. Didn't pay him. Got home about eleven. Maurice O'Brien came up with me.

Thur. 30. Butchered the young year old bull. Then drove to Hynes's. Maurice O'Brien got the 100 lbs. of flour for which is to get 2 1/2 bushels of wheat. Then measured 13 1/2 cords of wood delivered by John Lynch. Called at W. Scotts. Got 1/2 inch bitt. Came home. Had dinner. Burned some barleey stubble then.

Frid. 31. Made machine pole. Put it on, got all ready, then bound two Stooks black oats. Started plow.

September 1888

September Sat. 1. Allan went to help Bob. Hugh binding oats. I reaped oats till supper time. Then plowed. Allan came home and helped to bind the buck wheat.

Sund. 2. At home.

Mon. 3. Plowing. Boys harvesting.

Tues. 4. Drove to Apsley with the mail. Got a barrel of flour from W. Gallon. Credit. Hugh finished plowing, then harvesting. Got in two loads of oats.

Wed. 5. I sowed three bushels of wheat. They boys were at R. Gooleys logging bee.

Thurs. 6. Boys at P. Hobbins bee. I finished harrowing wheat, then bound last of black oats after supper. Tried harrowing barley stubble. Too much fire.

Frid. 7. Another boil on my neck. Boys bound oats, then fighting fire till noon. Then at spring wheat till supper. Then brought in the buck wheat and all the oats near the barn. Rain came on in the night.

Sat. 8. Rained all forenoon. Unloaded wagon and cleaned 4 bags barley. I took it to Apsley - sold it to F. Elmhurst at 60 cents per bushel. Got a clevis mended at Lindsays. Couldn't mend wrench. Bought 1 lb. salts, cash 10 cents. N.J.W. Had heavy thunder storm whle in Apsley.

Sund. 9. At home.

Mon. 10. Plowed and bound red wheat.

Tues. 11. Went for mail. Hugh plowed for wheat. Afternoon he team to James Scotts threshing. Wife and me went to J.D. Waits. Had tea at Roberts, then home.

Wed. 12. Hauled in a little. Had some rain.

Thur. 13. Drove wife to Coe Hill for things for the bee. Got goods at Tivy's as Landon had none. Got pair shoes for Kate. Had dinner at A. Smith's. Wife sold him a bag of onions. She paid for dinner. Got home at sundown. Robert signed the contract bond for me as mail carrier. Also so did Hugh. He plowed and sowed G.'s wheat.

Frid. 14. After dinner I took a horse, an axe, chain and shovel. Repaired the road till sundown. Came home. Got supper. Then went back as far as Jas. Trotters to ask hands for our bee on Monday next. Finished harvesting yesterday.

Sat. 15. Asked some hands. Then harrowed. Boys in the fallow.

Sund. 16. Rained all day. Staid at home.

Mon. 17. A fine day. Had P. Gooley & W. Cleary's oxen and our own horses. Got 7 1/2 acres loged. Had a dance in the evening. After dark Annie and her husband came on a visit. Had a wet night.

Tues. 18. Drove out with the mail. A. at H. & G.'s threshing. Hugh at fence.

Wed. 19. Had a little rain in the morning. Allan went to help Bob. Hugh plowed. Annie and John went away after the rain. A gentleman came with a petition to repeal the Scott act. I signed it. Then I threshed black oats and white oats for show.

Thur. 20. Allan and me cleaned they oats & peas forenoon, then Allan went to the fallow. I fixed a little at the barn door, then took the b[ ] of [lome] barley. Hugh finished sowing the barley stubble.

Frid. 21. Cleaned a load of barley afternoon.

Sat. 22. Took the barley to Apsley. Sold 23 B. 45 to F.E., $14.25 c. Paid me ten dollars. Got the balance of load choped for feed. Got up to Mrs. Birds, then drove back to hear a trial but it was private. Staid awhile then came home.

Sun. 23. Afternoon wife and me went to Cleary's for a visit. [H X D 4.]

Mon. 24. Working in the fallow.

Tues. 25. Had to take Mr. Fitzpatrick to Coe Hill.

Wed. 26. Had the team at Bob's threshing.

Thur. 27. At the fallow. Got it ready for seed. Mr. C.R.D. Booth & Lill visited us today.

Frid. 28. Sowed about 2 bushels of red W. wheat.

Sat. 29. Took home P. Gooley's harrow, then hauled rail timber. Allan splitting.

Sund. 30. At home till noon. Then went to J. Scotts and Simon Mahoney's. Back to Scotts, then home.

October 1888

Mon. 1. In the fallow.

Tues. 2. Went for the mail.

Wed. 3. Getting ready for the road.

Thurs. 4. Started between 12 & 1 A.M. Fed and had breakfast, at R. McCauley's. Got to Golborne's about one o'clock. Fed and had dinner. Then drove to they mills. Left wheat & wool, then back to Golborne's for night.

Frid. 5. Got P.O. order cashed. Bought 4.50 of goods. Then to Grahams. Bought 4.75 of goods. Fed and dinner at Dion. After noon went to the show. Got loaded. Had tea at Golborne's, then drove to Holmes. Arrived at 9 o'clock and put up.

Sat. 6. Drove to Buleigh Wilsons for dinner. Called at P.O. Apsley. Got to Booths after dark. Staid all night.

Sund. 7. Came home forenoon. Met Jas. Scott. He gave me council order for [1] dollar.

Mon. 8. Chored about a little.

Tues. 9. Carried the mail. Chored some.

Wed. 10. Getting grain ready for show. Took up some white carrots.

Thur. 11. Butchered a sheep. Then chored a little. Mr. Tho's Hawketty came up with Rachel from Lakefield. Afternoon I went with him to J. Garrows & Joe Roberts, then home again.

Frid. 12. Went to the show. Took fall wheat 1st; W. oats 1st; B oats 1st; barley 1st; peas 1st; mangles 1st; beets 1st; tomatoes 1st; red carrots 2nd; w. carrots 3rd; corn 3rd; p'work quilt 3rd. Gave to T. Hawketty 1 or 2 rose potatoes. Gave the remainder and the cabbage to Mr. H. Garrbut. Got 2 gallons coal oil at Lindsays. Got away before dark. Raining lightly till after 12 o'clock, then heavy.

Sat. 13. Raining forenoon. After dinner I brought in two loads of wood. In the evening I sowed the red wheat Mr. Golborne gave me and the white wheat Mrs. Yodel gave me in the lower corner of the potatoe land.

Sund. 14. At home.

Mon. 15. Got potatoes & carrots into the cellar.

Tues. 16. Drove out with the mail. Then to R. Bullieds. Exchanged his peas for my oats. Then home with the mail. Allan at W. Clearys bee.

Wed. 17. Fencing & drawing off brands, etc. forenoon. Afternoon Allan started to plow.

Thur. 18. Allan went to P. Mahoneys bee. I took 5 bags of barley and one of wheat to Elmhursts mill. Got barley choped & wheat ground. Had good return of wheat. Had dinner at hotel. Owe 10 cents. Got home before dark. Had a good drink of cider from J. Lindsay. Had colt[ ] sharped.

Frid. 19. Had hail and rain in morning. Then Allan went to plow. I cleaned out the hogpen and put in new beding & put out the young pigs. Heavy rain in the evening.

Sat. 20. Split some stakes. Took the reaper apart. Stood the platform up against the barn. Put part in the barn.

Sund. 21. At home.

Mon. 22. Put up a bitt of the fence. Threshed a few black oats & chored, about 2 bushels.

Tues. 23. Carried the mail. Got check for M. Service. Rested. Afternoon borrowed 3 bags of oats from Hillcox - 3 bags oats, 82, 74, 72 = 228.

Wed. 24. Made a little fence. Fell a cedar for stakes. Allan brought it home at dinner time. Then drew rails and wood. I split some stakes and more fence. Went to E. Gauley's raffel in the evening. Raffeled off 8 turkeys, 5 at a dollar, and 3 at 50 c., 6 50/100. Got home about daylight.

Thurs. 25. Finished the fence forenoon. Afternoon put the door of pigpen on the outside.

Frid. 26. Chored about forenoon. Then went to the fallow and cut some rails. Then stoped the plow and branded till night.

Sat. 27. Rained all day. Had the black oats threshed. Then a bagful of buckwhat & peas threshed. Allan cut some wood.

Sund. 28. At home.

Mon. 29. Asked Jas. Scott for one of his wagons to take out dung. Butchered three hogs. Had a little shower of snow. Sent check, 7.50 to D. McLean, Lakefield.

Tues. 30. Got up at 2 o'clock to take Rachel to Apsely. She wouldn't go. I took the mail and a bag of peas & buckwheat. Got it choped. Got prize money, 5.50. Got Rob't's 50 cents also. Got the mail. Bought a small lamp glass. Paid cash 5 cents to Jas. Lindsay. Got to mill just before choping was done. Called at Chandos P.O. Got horse down on O'Brien's hill. Had to cut the harness to get him up. Got home about 12 o'c. Reading afternoon. Did a few chores.

Wed. 31. At the dung. November 1888

Thurs. 1. Took Rachel to Apsley. Saw her and her trunk on the stage. Then fed the horse. Bought 3/4 lb. putty, 13 c.; 5 lbs. oatmeal, 20. Paid cash to Jas. Lindsy. Got home in time for dinner. At dung afternoon.

Frid. 2. At the dung forenoon. Afternoon I took the old mare. Rode to 26 and cleared part of new road to beaver marsh. As it rained all the time I didn't quite finish.

Sat. 3. Filled a load or two. Pain in my side so sore I quit and fixed fences. Let ram loose. In the evening had some rain. After dark, I took Jas. Scott's waggon home and 40 lbs. of pork as he wanted to borrow that much till he would kill.

Sund. 4. Drove to Ellertons with wife. Staid till near evening. Had tea, then left a boot to be mended. Got a piece of buckskin to mend a mitt. Then got home before dark.

Mon. 5. They two little girls went to Ellertons. Took my other boot to be mended. Wife wants to go to Mindels. I drove as far as Longs. Left the horse. Walked the rest of the way. Had dinner at Mindels, then R.W. Storey showed me through the woods to John Longs. I came back to the new road to the beaver marsh and drew off some logs, then home. Girls got back with my boots mended. Allan finished the dung. (great storm

Tues. 6. Allan started to plow the school house field. I drove out with the mail. Wife got home.

Wed. 7. Went over and finished marsh road & a bridge at the water.

Thur. 8. Went to Jas. and W. Scotts asking about threshing. Snow came on about 9 o'clock. I helped W. Scott a little in the evening.

Frid. 9. Had very heavy rain all last night. I was at W. Scott's threshing till about 3 o'clock. I borrowed a pailful of peas from him, then came home. Then ask a hand from P. Gouley & one from P. Hobbins, then home. They threshers were at my place and unloaded. Heavy rain all night.

Sat. 10. Wet in the morning. Started to thresh about 9 o'clock. Wheat didn't yield very well. 3 bags of buckwheat, 9 bags peas. Oats yeilded very good. Barley only middling. Done and loaded before dark.

Sund. 11. At home.

Mon. 12. Put the straw in shed & into the barn. Then the horse rake. Allan plowed afternoon.

Tues. 13. Drove out with the mail. A Mr. Marigold came up with me. He is a nephew of H. Hillcox. He staid for dinner, then went away. Allan plowed a little.

Wed. 14. Too [ ] to plow in the morning. I chored around. Then banked the north side of house. I cut the hog in the morning. Weather soft.

Thurs. 15. Allan plowing. After dinner plowed a drain on sideline. Then water [ ] parts of fall wheat. Alan went back to plow. I diged at the drain. In the evening went to S. Mahoneys and kept [ ] for their raffle. Got home about 3 o'clock a.m.

Frid. 16. Finished drain on sideline. Then went to Cleary's with a paper with part of black [ ] that was missing. Got some of my book and came home for dinner. Allan plowed till noon. Then went to the swamp and got out some cedar. Had a little snow at night.

Sat. 17. At the cedar till noon. Allan got some wood. I chored about. Had cows tied in stable.

Sund. 18. At home. Ellertons youngsters came before noon.

Mon. 19. Took bobsleighs out and repaired them some. Put plow and harrow inside. Afternoon went to the fallow and had a some sawlogs & rails cuts skided, went to A. Trotters in the evening and borrowed his barley seive.

Tues. 20. Took the cutter out with the mail. Took parts of a sewing machine for F. Howe and gave them to stage driver at Chandos P.O. Afternoon Alex Trotter helped us to butcher a large hog. It was pretty good. In the evening R. Gerrard helped Allan to carry the hog in as it was very heavy. Mr. Caldwell went with her son, R.W.C., to Apsley. The got here about ten o'clock P.M. Mrs. C. sent a bushel of potatoes for Ellerton. Met him on the road. He paid forty cents for them. I paid it over to Mrs. C. when she came home from Apsley. He paid for carriage of his wool.

Wed. 21. I cut some cedar for rails.

Thur. 22. Allan went to W. Cleary's brushing bee. I scided [skidded] the rails in the forenoon. Mr. Ellerton came in about noon. Had dinner, then he paid me seven dollars for a barrel of flour to left at his home as soon as the road is fit to go to mill.

Frid. 23. Butchering beef at Cleary, 5 head. Came home after. Had Cleary's lantren. Left my overcoat and steel. Wm. is to bring them out in the morning on way to R.W.C.'s brushing bee. Jas. & A. Trotter were waiting for me at my place. Jas. wants me to butcher for him in the morning.

Sat. 24. A. went to Bob's brushing bee. T. Cleary brought my overcoat and steel. I ground my knife then went to James Trotters and helped to butcher seven head of cattle. Got done about 4 P.M. He will pay when he gets money. He has my chain and grab hook.

Sund. 25. At home reading.

Mon. 26. We ran the saw twice through a large cedar, then came home and put 4 bags of wheat through the fanning mill. Then W. Cleary came and scidded they cedar. Allan helped him. Kate and me cleaned 2 bags of barley and one of oats to be choped. John Hillcox asked for the girls for a dance tonight. After dinner I warped Hynes's cotton and a little of our own. We put it on one beam. A.E. Hillcox came in and asked us for our consent marry Isabella and we gave it cheerfully. Bella came over and they all went to the dance. D. McLean - Wrote to D. Maclean incloseing balance in full of a/c 7.50, one 5/45628 Standard Bank one 2, Dominion of Canada 248004 50/100 silver.

Tues. 27. Drove in cutter for mail. Rain afternoon.

Wed. 28. Took four bags of wheat to mill, 8 b., 49 lbs. Got 342 1/2 lbs. flour, 2 bags barley & 1 bag oats choped. Got 2 narrow board 17 x 4 1/2, 6 1/2 inches wide, 16 1/2 feet, dinner etc. 45 c. 6 yards cloth, 18 c. [per] yard, cash. Eastland. Cloth was for Mrs. H. Caldwell. Asked D.A. for money. Got none. Got from C. Daley receipt for ring bone. Got 6 shoes sharpened & set and 2 new shoes at Lindsays. W. Cleary came with me to Ellertons road. I drove in there and staid. Rained all day and staid all night.

Thur. 29. Got a few [ ] in a boat. I delivered the barrel of flour he bought last week and let him have another hundred to be paid for when he sells his oats. Got home at ten o'clock. Got the yarn on the beam.

Frid. 30. Started the cloth for Mrs. Hynes in the evening. Bobined all the white yarn.

December 1888

Sat. 1. Weaved all the white yarn before noon then weaved part of the stripe.

Sund. 2. At home. Miss M. Young, teacher, made a short visit today.

Mon. 3. Weaved a little and chored a little.

Tues. 4. Started for Apsley 1/2 after 4. Kate went along to D. Anderson's, then to C. Daley's. Gave my mail bag to T.G. Eastland. Went to W.& G.'s & bought 1 gal. coal oil. Then to Lindsays, 1 P.D. Dye Scarlet, & 4 packages E. Logwood. Paid cash 45 c. to J.W. Ratcliff. M.D. O'Brien sent bag of flour to M. Hynes. Called at Chandos P.O. Left P. card. T. [L--] called and left the flour at Hynes's and got six skeins yarn, 4 white, 2 red. Weaved a little after noon. Had snow at night.

Wed. 5. Got a load of wood. Weaved a little then wrote and sent a five dollar note out, Bank Toronto to Toronto Bank, Peterborough. No. 110978. Drove to Chandos P.O. with letter. Had it registered.

Thur. 6. Finished Hynes's cloth, then after night cleaned 5 bags wheat & 1 bag buckwheat.

Frid. 7. Went to mill. Wife went to Mrs. M. Birds quilting. Got wheat ground. Had 11 b., 2 lbs. Didn't get buckwheat ground. Brought it home again. Gave M.D. O'Brien his bag of flour. Had tea at Mrs. M. Birds, then wife and me got home a little after dark. Allan went to M.D.O. shanty.

Sat. 8. Hauling wood till evening then drove out wife to Mrs. M.M. O'Brien's. Staid an hour or two. Sang a few songs for our teacher.

Sund. 9. Took horses & cutter with wife to Mrs. [Frances] Elmhurst at the farm. She had gone to Apsley. We then drove to Mr. Booths. Gave Mrs. Todd her books. Loaned her Chases Receipts and five other books to read. Had dinner, then Mrs. Todd went away on a visit. We staid awhile, then started for home. Called at P. Windsors to see Mrs. Duggan. Had tea, then home a little after dark. Mrs. Todd gave me 25c. for People & Home Journal.

Mon. 10. Finished drawing wood, 7 loads, then took of Mrs. M. Hynes's cloth, 30 1/2 yrds.

Tues. 11. Drove out with the mail. Gave Mrs. Hynes her cloth. Got back early. Chorering till night.

Wed. 12. Choreing about. Cut oil barrel to water horses. After made a picture frame.

Thur. 13. Went out to school examination. Took all the foolscap I had for the use of the pupils. We re-engaged the teacher at a salery of 265 dollars. Had dinner at B. Lynch's.

Frid. 14. Very cold. Drove to see how our marsh is. It is good. Came home. Mended the house floor, then drove to P. Gooley's for wife. I brought a load of straw to the stable.

Sat. 15. Kate helped me to clean 4 bags for chop, barley & oats. Then I went to mill. I took James Scott down as Council met today. I got one dollar from D.A. owe for my dinner. Left 3 turkeys with Mrs. R. Elmhurst for booth. Mr. Elmhurst paid me 1.50. Rain came on. I got my chop. I brought R.W. Storey & A. Doxes & his son to my place. They staid all night as it was very wet.

Sund. 16. Rained all day. Mr. Storey took the mail for his neighbours. Mr. Doxes went home by the lake. Rained all night.

Mon. 17. Wet in the morning. I chored about and weaved the bit of yarn left in the loom, about 4 yards.

[note: two dried flowers loosely inserted]

Tues. 18 Drove out with the mail. Roads very slipy. Had the agreements with teacher signed and witnessed by Mrs. M.M. O'Brien. After noon I went to Jos. Trotter's with his papers. He paid his subscription for the P.H. Journal for 1889. Called at P. Gooleys & let word that John was appointed auditor with W. Scott of school a/c's.

Wed. 19. At home. Kate went to Apsley. Mr. A. Doxes & John came and staid all night.

Thur. 20. Mr. Doxes went to Apsley. I went to Doxes across the Lake with John, then to Terrels - fixed his clock. Waited for dinner as I wanted to see J. Winter who was working there. Then back home. Mr. Doxes came up and staid all ngiht. He brought shoes for the old grey mare.

Frid. 21. I sold the grey mare to A. Doxes. He shod her and took her away. It is a stormy day. I went to B. Lynch's. Had dinner. He gave me his horse as he was sharp shod. I got his buggy and drove home for my overcoat & robes. Then drove to Apsley. Waited till D. Anderson came home. I got 40 dollars school money, hay for the horse and supper at Elmhursts. Did not pay. Left the halter. Got 6 lbs. raisins 50 c., 6 lbs. currants 50 c., saw handle 25, sugar [ ], 1 pair shoes 1.25, S. turpentine 10, soap 25, total 3.85, not paid. Called on teacher. Paid her 30 dollars on salery. Got home 1/2 after ten. John McPherson came up with me.

Sat. 22. At home. Painted the picture frame and chored. Helped A. Trotter to butcher a large bull. Went to Lynch's with his horse. Left a saw handle for Johny. Called at James Scotts on way home. James Trotter paid me for butchering.

Sund. 23. At home all day.

Mon. 24. Making up the school accounts. Went to William Scotts in the evening. Rain.

Tues. 25. Christmas Day. Went horseback for the mail. Road slipy. After dinner I went to James Scotts. He gave me his team as his horses were sharp. I went to the old school. M. & J. Hynes helped me to load the stove & P. Scott came to help me unload. Then took the team home.

Wed. 26. Had annual meeting. Re-elected secr. Was made present of five dolalrs for extra services. After noon went to Clearys. She will subscrib for [ ] News and Home Journal. Mr. Mindel came and staid all night.

Thurs. 27. Drove to Apsely. Got a pair of shoes, 4s for Mary 1.10; one gal. coal oil 25 c., T.G.E. - credit. Got 60 dollars S. money from D.A. Paid him twenty which he paid on note for me. Then came home after dark. Could get no change.

Frid. 28. At home.

Sat. 29. Rode Dick to J.D. Waits. Roads very bad. Left horse and walked to Coe Hill. Had dinner at Smiths. Forgot to pay for it. Bought six harness needles from Tivy. Got some almacks to distribute. Went around by Saunders's. Bought 1 lb. alum 10 c., 1 P[--] D Dye 10 c., 2 balls show thread 20 c., 2 sewing auls 5 c., one fine comb 10 / .55. Came around by Welch's. I posted a letter, registered it for Toronto Weekly news, 2 50/100. Had one stamp on it. Got one 3 cent stamp & 2 c. Rd. stamp. Think I forgot to pay 5 c. but got certificate for it. Will ask when I go over again. Rode part way out with Ostrom's cadger. Got his tax bill. Got dark before I got home. Got book to read.

Sun. 30. At home till ten. Then to Cleary's with wife. Staid till evening.

Mon. 31. At nomination. Proposed Jas. Scott, seconded by B. Lynch for Ward No.4, seconded R. Cliffords. R. Spencer for Ward No. one.

January 1889

Tuesday 1. Drove in cutter for the mail. Road very rough. Very little snow. Had Mrs. Cleary for dinner and tea. Robert & Bella were here too. They went home after dinner. I gave R. 7 dollars & 5 c. sent by F. Elmhurst.

Wed. 2. Took Democrat and drove out by Ellertons. Got no money. Then to Apsley to council meeting. I saw a most gross injustice in regard to Pat Mahoney's assessment. Shall not forget it. Home a little after dark.

Thurs. 3. Put ironwood shoes on the cutter & other chores.

Frid. 4. Fixed the rack on the sleighs. Brought 3 bags of oats and straw for bedding. Had dinner, then brought some more straw, took back the oats I borrowed from H. Hillcox, 228 lbs. Sent 6 cents to Ingalls, Mass. Wrote to J.B. Armstrong, Guelph, re wheels.

Sat. 5. Rode with Robert to Apsley. Got the balot box and papers.

Sund. 6. Went to James Scotts, then home.

Mon. 7. Held elections. James Scott 57. Trotter 18. Long 1. Total 76. Majority for Scott, 39. Drove in the cutter to Apsley with b. box. R.W. Storey went down and back and staid all night.

Tues. 8. Drove out with mail. Brought the maps and black board to our school. Girls scrubbed the school. Got Toronto News [--].

Wed. 9. Snowed forenoon. I repaired the democrat, put up the black boards. Afternoon had heavy rain, then snow with high wind. A gentleman called with a camera. He had dinner and his horse fed. He then took a photograph of wife, Kate, Mary, Lotty, myself, and our house. Didn't ask his name. He came from Tweed. Will either bring or send photo in 3 or 4 weeks.

Thur. 10. Very stormy. Snowing at home.

Frid. 11. Wife & me started in the cutter for Lakefield. Had dinner at Burleigh Wilson's. Got to Lakefield about 7 o'clock. Put up at Mason's.

Sat. 12. Got goods from Graham on time, 19.43 to John Isbister for steel shoes on cutter, 2.50 cash for ringbone medicine, T.J. Bird 50, stove black & [ ] killer 35 c. cash, [ ] casement 90 c. cash. Left watch for repairs with Patterson, watchmaker. After dinner paid mason's bill, 2.25. Drove to Mr. Golborne's, called and had to stay all night.

Sund. 13. Started at daylight. Had a little snow. Fed and had dinner at Le Reids. Fed and rested an hour at Apsley, then got home about dark.

Mon. 14. Brought a small load of hay from the marsh.

Tuesday 15. Drove out with the mail. After dinner I brought another load of hay from marsh.

Wed. 16. Brought two loads from marsh. Rain came on and rained all night. A person came to collect for Rogue. D. Moher for tea. Didn't pay him.

Thur. 17. Measured wood for R. Johnston, 5 1/4 cords. Paid 5 dollars, owes me 5 cents. Roads icey.

Frid. 18. Wife and me went to Cleary's. I took back the book A Wily Woman, got another Old Bruce Detective Storey, came home and read it before night.

Sat. 19. At home. Road very icey. Cleaned a little barley and two bags wheat.

Sund. 20. At home forenoon. Then went to see how Jas. Scott was going to Apsley on Monday.

Mon. 21. Rode with Jas. Scott to council meeting. Was reapointed assessor by J. Scott, W.H. Hales and the Reeve in opposition to W. Cooney by W. Hales Jun'r & W.H. Langford. Got order for 5 dollars for election. Paid it to T.G. Estland on a/c.

Tues. 22. Drove out with mail. Reading afternoon.

Wednesday 23. Finished drawing marsh hay. Bella & A.E. Hillcox went to Lakefield and were married.

Thurs. 24. Went to mill with 2 bags peas & barley for chop and 2 bags wheat. Bought 1 gall. coal oil. Paid 25 c. to T.G. Eastland. Had they horses sharpened all round at Lindsays. Didn't pay. Got home at 3 P.M. About dark the wedding partie arrived and a housefull of the neighbours, 55 in total. Had a splendid time till daylight.

Frid. 25. Took Cleary's dishes etc. home. Then drew some rail cuts.

Sat. 26. Drew a few more rail cuts.

Sund. 27. At home nearly all day. Wife and me drove to Clearys and right back. Mrs. John Anderson Sen'r of Cardiff came in for a short time. Snow came on. Kate Hogan came and staid all night as it was very stormy.

Mon. 28. Chored about and cleaned 5 bags of wheat.

Tues. 29. Drove to Apsley with the mail. Sent a registered letter to F.M. Lupton, N.Y. Got home about 11 a.m. Got sleigh ready and [ ]. Got premium from F.M. Lupton but no papers.

Wed. 30. Started for town. Reached Mr. Golborne's at dusk. Staid all night. Left 3 bags wheat.

Thurs. 31. Left 3 bags wheat. Drove to mill. Left 2 bags to grind. Got to Cavanaghs for dinner. Got business done & back to T. Hawketys and staid all night.

February 1889

Frid. 1. Drove to H. Garbutt's. Left a bag of black oats for exchange. Then to Lakefield. Got grist, bought 2 barrels of salt & 3 boxes matches at Crawfords. Paid cash 2.25. Bought a chest of dust tea, 78 lbs. at ten cents per lb. to be paid next fall. Fed and had dinner at Robinson's. Bought bottle ink etc., T.J.B. Boot mended, then to Golborne's. Got the farrow wheat in exchange for the Russian wheat. Drove to Burleigh. Staid at Holmes.

Sat. 2. Snowing. Roads heavy. Fed at McCauleys, then to Apsley. Fed and rested an hour, then home about nine.

Sund. 3. At home.

Mond. 4. At home geting Roll ready. Stormed all night.

Tues. 5. Sent 3 dollars to W.H. Hill, Peterboro for renewal policy of Caldwells School House. Very cold and stormy. Drove out with mail. Got F.M. Luptons papers, etc. and Herald Picture for J. McPherson.

Wed. 6. Very cold and stormy. After noon drove to Apsley. Got Mrs. Clearys iron mended, no charge. Got my watch. Paid 25 c. frieght to T.G.E'd. Owe 1.50 to Paterson, Lakefield.

Thurs. 7. At home.

Frid. 8. Took wife to Wallaston to E.A. Hillcox's. Staid all night. Went round by Coe Hill. Left a letter (as P.O. was closed) with Mr. Tivy. He said he would post it for me. It was for Snyder & Co., Madoc.

Sat. 9. Came home by the draw road out John Blackburn's. Got home before noon. After dinner, we drove to Cleary's. I ground the axle of her spinning wheel as it was too large. Got 2 books to read. Had tea, then came home. A.G. came home after dark.

Sund. 10. A fine day. After dinner I drove with Allan to D. O'Briens as Wm. was driving to the camp in the evening. I left A. there and came home.

Mon. 11. At home.

Tues. 12. Drove out with the mail. Very cold.

Wed. 13. Wife and me went to visit. Fed at Burl Wilsons, then to Jacks Lake. Left wife at W. Shairps. I drove to Barretts shanty, staid all night. Assessed Alex Shairp. Mr. F. Poulett [H--] was very kind to me and my horses.

Thur. 14. Assessed Barrett and [Br--], then W. Shairp Sen'r and Jun'r. Then to [ ]. Then back W. Shairps for dinner, then to depot and assessed Stone and Ritches camps. Then to Apsley, fed and Magie's shoe shifted. Treated James Mc. for Mrs. Cleary, then for myself. Got home about eight. Found all well.

Frid. 15. Fine day. At home all day.

Sat. 16. Stormy. At home all day. Mr. A. Doxes came in and we got him to stay till after dinner. I fed poor Jeanie. She was very tired. Had a little rain in the evening.

Sund. 17. At home. Soft sprinkles of rain. Miss J. Thomas came in and staid afternoon.

Mon. 18. Very stormy. Snowing. I warped 67 yd. Robert got some flour & an auger.

Tues. 19. Drove out with mail. Called at Jas. Scotts. Got Montreal carnival edition, very fine. Roads not so bad as expected. Driving in the evening.

Wed. 20. More snow and drift. Got yarn on the beam. Mr. P. Hobbin came in and got a little liniment as his thumb is very sore.

Thurs. 21. Choreing about. Mr. J. Ellerton came in on his way to Coe Hill. Staid and had dinner, then went on. Stormy in the evening. Blowed and drifted all night.

Frid. 22. Blowing, snowing and drifting. I got the [ ] ready, dinner. Weaved about 2 yards afternoon.

Sat. 23. Extreamly cold. Drifting, but clear. I weaved a little.

Sun. 24. At home. Clear but very cold, drift. Lotty brought Roberts money, 15 dollars.

Mon. 25. Weaved about 10 yards. Clear and mild. Tramped a road through pasture field to sideline.

Tues. 26. Went with the mail. Read and weaved afternoon.

Wed. 27. Weaving a little, about 14 yards.

Thur. 28. Drove to Apsley early. Had to wait for Fletcher as D.A. had no money. Didn't get any till after three o'clock. Then drove to Webster's and staid all night.

March 1889

Friday 1. Drove Apsley. Sent a sample of the schedule and asked for better ones as the ink runs through them. Then drove to O'Briens shanty. Had dinner and fed horses. Then to Brissetts & John Lindsays. Then back to Apsley with the funeral of Mrs. Peters. Then home. Mrs. M. Bird rode as far as her place with me. Home about dark.

Sat. 2. Weave some.

Sund. 3. At home reading.

Mon. 4. Weaving, reading & writing. Fine weather.

Tues. 5. Drove out with the mail. Took some lime to Mrs. M. Bird. Had a cup of tea then back to Kilburns. Got the mail then home.

Wed. 6. Out assessing. Got to P. Windsor's at noon. Had dinner from Mrs. Duggan. Took some early rose to W. Tucker's. Got cups in exchange for them. Worked to Apsley. Saw Mr. T. Hawkety & friend. Got a book Prince of the Blood from W.O. Got home late.

Thur. 7. At home. Weaved a little.

Frid. 8. Weaved all day. Took off 46 yds. Very sick in the night.

Sat. 9. Unwell. Stormy. E.A. and Bella.

Sund. 10. At home.

Mon. 11. Finished our cloth. Robert loaded my bags.

Tues. 12. Drove to Apsley with the mail. Then got ready for the road. Slept till 10 o'clock midnight, then drove to McCauleys on.

Wed. 13. Got to Lakefield before noon. Went to McLeans & left grist, then to R.'s Hotel and had dinner. Paid Patterson repairs, goods at Crawfords 3.88 c., drugs 92 c., expences on road 1.00. Load up and drove to H. Garbutts for night. Left Hawketts halter at Crawfords. 6.40 + 1.20 = 7.60. 1.60 + 3.88 + 92 = 6.40.

Thurs. 14. Got my bag of oats from H. Garbutts to B. Bridge. Egyptian oats. Saw Chas. Stapleton R.O. Took oath as D.R.O. for petition on Scott Act. Got commission and papers. Assessed up to L. Reids. Put up for night.

Frid. 15. Assessed around by Mount Julian. Had dinner at Jas. Reids, tea at Windovers, then to L. Reids for the night. Gave him a pailfull of E. oats.

Sat. 16. Assessed to R. Spencers, then for home. Fed at Elmhurst's. Paid 45 c. Got home in good time. Drove in lane.

Sun. 17. At home. Very tired.

Mon. 18. Put Doxes yarn in the loom.

Tues. 19. Drove out with mail. Got bundel of papers and letters from J.R. Airies.

Wed. 20. Started Doxes cloth. Weaved one yd. forenoon then assessed afternoon from Jos. Trotters to Clearys.

Thur. 21. Drove on the lake to Doxes Landing. Then assessed them. Found John Hart there and put his on. Had a cup of tea. Then worked to [P--]. Found H. Mix there. Assessed all there, then on to W.J.W. Rosebush and had dinner. Then to B. Henry Hubbels and staid over night.

Frid. 22. At work again. Got 20 c. order from Mrs. Wm. Anderson for Vick's seeds, then to Mrs. Simpsons. Had horse fed by N. Hoard. Had dinner with J.G. Woodbeck. Got 20 c. order. Then to McColls mill. He fed my horse and kept me for tea. Then to Wm. Wilson's over night.

Sat. 23. Drove to W. Bass's, back to Wilsons. Left my horse. Wilson & I walked back to Sam Bullied. Then worked back to Wilsons. Had dinner with W. Bullied at A. Wilson's. Got 15 c. order from Mrs. C. McFadden. [do] from W. Bullied to my horse and drove to Newberrys and Daniels. Then across the Bay to J.G. Woodbecks, then around by H. Proutys and over the lake to Proutys for night. Lake unsafe. Got 15 c. order.

Sund. 24. Lake a little better. Drove over to Gooleys landing and home by J.A. Trotters. Home about 9 o'clock. After dinner went on Bob's Juniper with wife to Clearys.

Mon. 25. Writing all day. Mailed ten dollars. Patterson [ ].

Tues. 26. Drove out with mail. Mrs. Kilburn sent for 15 cent of seeds. Closed Vicks 1.20 c. & Pearey 2.05 c. letter.

Wed. 27. Drove out to Apsley with Roll. Then to T. Wilsons. Had tea. Found Mrs. & Miss Bird there. Took them as far as G. Buchanan's. Then drove to G. Wilson Jun'r. Put up the horses and went to T. Nisbetts and Daniel Whitmore's, then back to Wilsons. Mr. Wilson very kindly met me with the lantren as it was very dark.

Thurs. 28. Worked out to Apsley but had tea at Gro. Buchanan's. Omitted W. Defries as his road was unsafe. No person at Liscums. Passed Phil Downings. Will go back. Put up at Elmhursts. Had hay, bed and breakfast.

Frid. 29. Worked to Browns. Had dinner. Then to W.H. Hay. Waited till he came home, then staid over.

Sat. 30. Worked up to J. Leans. Had dinner, then to Apsley. All but Blewith at council meeting. Had 3 shoes shifted at Lindsays, then home.

Sun. 31. Had a shower of snow.

April 1889

Mon. 1. Started early for Burleigh. Axle tree broke near Kilburns. Borrowed his waggon. Drove to Apsley. Left it and got Lindsays stage wagon. Got to Langfords in time for dinner. Then drove on the lake up near Hopkins Island. Examined it and Eden's then to Menzies and left the horses feeding. Then walked to a great many islands till near evening. Too much open water. Went back by other islands to the horses, hitched up and drove to Langfords and put up for night.

Tues. 2. Left Langfords. They have been very kind to me. Drove to T. Spencers, then out again. Then to Burleigh Wilsons for dinner. Arthur Duggan came with me. He paid for my dinner & hay as I refused to drink. We got to Apsley. The axle tree was mended by Lindsay. Hitched to Kilburn's wagon. There I put my rigg together and got home in good time.

Wed. 3. Writing and resting.

Thur. 4. Held election on Scott Act. Had 36 votes. Had (8) eight for, and (28) twenty eight against. Rode to Apsley with C.W. Simmons. Delivered ballot box to Mr. Shewan. Staid over night at E's. Had a bad cold.

Frid. 5. Walked to Mrs. Birds. Got some dinner. Got home very tired and unwell.

Saturday 6. Writing and reading. Had first mail from Coe Hill Mines. Got seeds from J.A. Bruce. Gave Mrs. Cleary her Mamoth Squash.

Sunday 7. Mr. Ellerton came in and had dinner. I went down to Wm. Scotts. He came back with me for a letter.

Mon. 8. After dinner assessed to Tanners. Then went across on the ice to T. Woods and staid all night.

Tues. 9. Worked out to R'd Bullieds. Had dinner, then got to Apsley and to D.Andersons. Went to R't Edgars for night. Left Mrs. S. Scotts paper there as Steph said I might.

Wed. 10. Assessed John Young, then Steers and both Hawkins's. Then back to Steers for dinner. Then to Apsley. Ellerton paid me in full 1.50. Wm. Scott paid me for wheat 1.50. James paid me on a/c 2 11/100. I paid Daleys in full 1.30. Then to D. Anderson and got 1.09 dollars on levy of 1888. Then rode with Menogue to Pat O'Briens. Then we shook hands and parted with Patrick Regan as he starts for Minnisota tommorow. Pat O'Brien drove us to James Scotts. Menogue got one of Scotts horses. He came to my place and borrowed my saddle as he has to go to Coe Hill Mines tommorow.

Thurs. 11. At home copying Roll.

Frid. 12. Went out assessing a little forenoon. After noon copying. Menogue brought the saddle. I put his property on the Roll.

Sat. 13. At home.

Sund. 14. Went as far as M. Hynes's. Had dinner, then came home. Found Mr. & Mrs. Doxes and daughter at my house. Made it all o.k.

Mon. 15. Assessed a little. Went to Apsley. Rode back with D. Connely. Called on W. Scott as he was going to Lakefield. He said he would bring a bag of wheat from L. Station for me. I gave him amount of freight, 35 cents. Will give him 1/2 bushel F. wheat as payment.

Tues. 16. Out assessing, over night at Booth's.

Wed. 17. Rode on stage from Grahams to road end. Then home.

Thur. 18. Our ass. afternoon. Commenced to sow farrow w. & oats. Boys got the new wheat mears. Commenced sowing.

Frid. 19. Assessed all north east, and home.

Sat. 20. At home. Boys sowed new wheat mears.

Sund. 21. At home.

Mon. 22. At home copying.

Tues. 23. Worked to Apsley. Staid all night at hotel. Got a lot of papers from county clerk.

Wed. 24. Didn't finish. Came up with John O'Brien to Maurice's then home with Allan.

Thur. 25. Boys went and got a few fish. I was writing.

Frid. 26. At home copying. Boys went to Bobs a.m. Gave Mrs. Cleary seeds.

Sat. 27. Had rain last night. Showery today.

Sund. 28. Showery.

Mon. 29. At home writing.

Tues. 30. Went to finish the Roll, went with Mrs. Middletons and had dinner, then out by S.E. Scotts & R'd Bullieds. Then to Apsley. Mr. Elmhurst was gone to Peterborough and left no information for me. Assessed Gallon and Shewan & T. Stevens, then gave up the Roll to the T.P. Clerk who receipted it, then gave to me to retain until return of the Reeve. I then rode up with R. Edgar and staid all night.

May 1889

Wed. 1. Went to T. Stevens, then found Reeve had not returned. I came up to Ben Birds and got part of a Snowball Bush, then had dinner at Mrs. Birds. Trimmed a few new fruit trees for her. I had trimmed some for Ben, then came home. Boys finished the barley, then took they stones off the last sowed peas.

Thurs. 2. Allan rolled the peas, then went and got John Gooley's. S.T. harrowed and harrowed a few show oats on new ground. I went to W. Scott, asked for oats. Got none. Then asked A. Trotter. Had none. Asked S. Mahoney about horse. [He] said four dollars.

Frid. 3. Went to and asked McPherson for a bag of oats. Allan went took Maggie to W. Scotts. She took Mahoneys horse. After dinner Allan went to McPherson's and got a loan of 80 lbs of oats. I sowed remainder of show oats, black & white. Then I fixed the large gate. After supper I sowed a few blue peas and an ounce of giant Swedish oats, west of peas, an ounce, 2nd row, of Halstein oats, then 3rd west, an ounce of early archangel oats. All white from John A. Bruce, Hamilton, Ont. (blue plum). [note: drawing of horse in the margin]

Sat. 4. Had the oats rolled, then fall wheat at barn. I sowed beets, mangels, carrots and Australian rhubarb seed. Got plants from Mitchell, Port Hope, not in very good order. Sent Gooleys S.T. harrow home. Finished seeding.

Sund. 5. At home.

Mon. 6. First cow had a calf last night. After dinner Allan and me went to Apsley. I went in to Meddleton with a plant of small red rose and one of yellow rose. Had a cup of tea, then got a root of white peony rose and one of Jobs Tears. Then to S. Scotts with some papers. Then to R. Edgars. Left roots there. Walked to Apsley. Mr. F. Elmhust had gone to Lakefield. Went to D. Andersons. He paid me 25 dollars on a/c of salery. He gave me Will of late James Cleary to make some arrangment for Mrs. Cleary. I paid James Lindsay ten dollars on a/c. Allan and me had tea at hotel. I paid for both, 50 cents to John Elmhurst. No oats at Apsley. Bargained with C. Dally for hub and spokes for wheel of Democrat - to pay three dollars in full. Called at Edgars. Got they roots and a good root of sweet briar. Mr. M. O'Brien rode up with us. We brought Rachel's trunk home.

Tues. 7. At home choreing. Went to Fletchers and paid our taxes, $11 56/100. Then to McPhersons and home.

Wed. 8. Wife and me went to Clearys. Got a book to read, Jesse James. Drew a few loads of wood. They boys are all away. I brought in more wood. It is very hot. Hugh came home. Allan didn't.

Thurs. 9. Got more wood. Hunting for they colts in the evening. Didn't get them. Alex Trotter's children chased them into the marsh.

Frid. 10. Found they colts in James Scotts back field. Rested and read.

Sat. 11. Fixing the lane fences with Hugh till the mail came. Sent 3 dollars to W.H. Moore. Sent 2.50 to the P.M. at Kingston for stamps.

Sund. 12. At home. Alex and Bella came over in the evening and staid all night.

Mond. 13. They went with Simon Mahoney as he was going to Coe Hill. I went to Apsley to D. Anderson. Got Mrs. Clearys papers arranged. Assessed Elmhurst property and B. Bird for lot 39 con. 5, Anstruther. Waited til stage came up but no Rachel. Took some flower roots for Mrs. R. Edgar & rhubarb stalks to Mrs. Gallon. Got my papers from P. Shewan. Left them with T.G. Eastland for Mr. J.R. Airries. Brought the Roll home again. Bought 82 lbs. oats. Paid Webster 1.32.

Tues. 14. Added up the Roll and finished as far as I can. Had a nice rain.

Wed. 15. Took the borrowed oats back to McPherson. Gave him the 82 lbs. Emptied them into a bag of his and left them in the barn as he was not there. Then drew wood all day. At noon sowed a drill of p.p. parsnip and they others are not up. Had more rain in the evening.

Thur. 16. Brought in a load of wood. Then went to the back swamp and brought some poles. I hurt one of my ankles, strained it. Lying Mahoney came in today with another pack of lies about land.

Frid. 17. Foot very painful. I mended some fence and some old harness.

Sat. 18. After second mail, I drove to Apsely. Got Ed. Bird on the road. Took him along. I got the wheel all right. Paid C. Daley 4 dollars in full for wheel and fixing iron on point of pale. Got some nice tomatoe plants from J. R. Airries. Brought E. Bird up to his mothers. Went in and had a cup of tea. Mrs. Bird gave me 5 red cup potatoes for seed. Then came home. All in bed.

Sund. 19. Went to James Scotts, then to B. Lynch's. Had dinner, went to look at some fall wheat. It is good. Then he brought me home in his buggy as my foot was sore.

Mon. 20. I harrowed the potatoe land. It is very dirty. Then started to plow it. They girls planted. Planted Airries's tomato plants.

Tues. 21. Took Maggie mare to S. Mahoney, for the horse not in season. Came home and plowed. Had a little cold rain. Planted pumkin seeds.

Wed. 22. Drove to F. Elmhursts place. Frank was at Apsley. Drove to Websters. Left their book and one of my own Fireside Library. Then to see a long wooled ram and a bull. Then to Apsley. Assessed Elmhursts property. Waited till stage came in, then home. Very cold.

Thur. 23. At home. Choreing around.

Frid. 24. My birth day, am sixty five today. Took Maggie mare to Bill Scotts. She took S. Mahoney horse again. Came home. Put horses out to pasture for the first time this year. Wife said Kate wished to got to Apsley. I got the horses ready and went. Saw no diversion. Had rain afternoon, then got ready to get home. Kate wished to stay for a dance, so I put the horses in stable again and waited till about one o'clock. Stage brought Rachel and a box. Had a very cold drive. Got home about 3 o'clock, on.

Sat. 25. At home.

Sun. 26. Allan came in about daylight. After breakfast wife and me drove to Wollaston to see Alex and Bella. Staid all night.

Mon. 27. Got home about one o'clock. Buggy was all loose. Fixing it up all afternoon. Had rain.

Tues. 28. At the buggy. Got it fixed up again. Rain.

Wed. 29. Attended Court of Revision. Got through all right and Roll adopted. Got two irons on buggy mended at Lindsays.

Thur. 30. Had more rain. Mr. J.C. Brown came in about noon. Put the horse and buggy in drive house and stable. He had dinner. He gave wife some books. Then he examined the school. Only six pupils. Very unsatisfactory. Afterwards had very heavy rain. Mr. Brown consented to remain over night.

Frid. 31. Warmer this morning but wet. Wife gave him a parcel of rhubarb and he went away. We had very heavy rains again. Den Connly came with a buggy, left it and took my democrat to got to Apsley for a young sow. I put a stand in the [ ] for wife's flowers. I planted a hill of mamoth squash seeds from Simmirs and some of Pearce blood beets in blank spaces. Wrote to Patterson Bro's, Woodstock for James Scott asking for extension of time.

June 1889

Sat. 1. More rain forenoon. Draining afternoon. Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery from Winnipeg & Lakefield came to see Rachel. Pat Scott brought the waggon home and took his buggy. I gave him a half bushel of buckwheat.

Sund. 2. Fair but cool. Jefferys went away in the morning. Mr. W. Gallon brought up Mr. Spear, a Presbyterian student. We went to church to hear him. He is pretty good.

Mon. 3. A slight shower of rain. Cleaned last of wheat and got ready for Lakefield.

Tues. 4. Started about 3 o'clock for Lakefield, drove to W.H. Langfords and had dinner. Gave Mrs. L. some papers. Got Lakefield early. Staid Dion's.

Wed. 5. Drove into Douro and found Edward Nolan and wife and children all well. Had heavy rain. Put in the horses and fed them, then had dinner. Then went to John Cochlin. Bought 3 bags of oats, 245 lbs. Paid 245 cents, then left wife at Nolans. Ellen rode with me to Lakefield. She went home with Cochlin. I was disappointed about h. grass seed. Drove to Mr. Golbornes and staid all night.

Thur. 6. Took Golborne's waggon to Lakefield as mine was loaded. Bought a bushel of horse tooth corn, 95 c. cash as I could get no h. grass seed. Bought a whipsocket 10 c., 10 lbs. nails 35 c., factory cotton 250 c., 7 yds. toweling 60 c., blueing oxford 25 c., horse shoeing 40 c., expences at hotel 225 c., all paid. Back to Mr. Golborne's. Had dinner. Then to McFarlane's and fed. Then to A. Duggans for night. Lost my whips on way up.

Frid. 7. Reached Apsley at 11 o'clock. Fed and staid till two o'clock as rain came on. Got a little wet on the way home about 4 o'clock.

Sat. 8. Resting & reading. Allan came home.

Sund. 9. Wet forenoon. Showery afternoon. I went to P. Gooleys. Had tea, then to Hobbins, then home. White cow had a fine red bull calf in the evening.

Mon. 10. Allan plowed for corn & buckwheat. I drained some.

Tues. 11. Chored around.

Wed. 12. Cleaned buckwheat, 1 1/2 bushels. Sowed a bushel horse tooth corn and some buckwheat. Aftennoon sowed more b. wheat and some g. millet.

Thur. 13. Allan went to Clearys choping bee. Girls went in the evening. I chored around.

Frid. 14. I plowed till noon. Then Allan took stones off the corn & buckwheat. Then plowed.

Sat. 15. Had very heavy rain with thunder & lightning. Allan plowed a little. I piled lumber and other chores. Received a letter from Branchton. Grandmother is dieing.

Sund. 16. At home getting ready to start for Burleigh or Lakefield at midnight to find wife as she may wish to go home to see about her mother.

Mon. 17. Reached W.H. Langford's at 5 o'clock morning. Staid two hours. Had breakfst then to Holme's. Asked about the boat. Drove hard to Young's Point, just in time. Found wife on boat, took her out, got rig repaired, drove to Golborne's. Fed and had dinner, gave them some reading, P.H. Journal, then to the village. Tried hard to get news from Galt or Branchton. Got no satisfaction. Then to Golbornes for night.

Tues. 18. Tried both telegraph & telephone without success. Got Allan's money, then at 11 o'clock a.m., got wife a ticket for Peterborough. Gave her 12 dollars from Allan. Then drove to the Point. Got Dick shod. Met O'Briens boys, then put up at Macfarlans.

Wed. 19. Called at P. Windsors, then at Langfords. Got horse [haps], then to depot. Had a few books for J. Aldborough. Fed the horses, then to Apsley. Fed again, then drove home after dark. Had rain with thunder & lightning. Called at Mrs. Kilburns and message from Mr. Livingston, Norwood. Got home about 11 o'clock. Found all well.

Thur. 20. Very tired. Let horses rest till noon. Allan called the hands for S. Labour for next Thursday. After dinner I sowed millet and buckwheat. Allan harrowed it in.

Frid. 21. Started to plow summer fallow. Had terrible rain storm.

Sat. 22. A. plowed till ten o'clock then went to Apsley. Got letter from wife. Mother dead. Home Wednesday.

Sun. 23. At home reading and resting. After noon went to James Scott's for a short time.

Mond. 24. Choreing. Cut thistles and burrs off road, etc.

Tues. 25. Choreing forenoon. After dinner took some papers for Middleton. S.E. Scott and W.H. O'Brien. Rested Mrs. Bird's, then to Middletons. Staid till after tea. Gave him the papers. Then to S.E. Scott's and staid morning.

Wed. 26. Raining. Borrowed Mrs. Scott's umbrella. Walked to Apsley. Gave paper & books to W.H. O'Brien. Got two of Websters book for O'Brien. P. Shewan didn't make voter's list. He had to got to Lakefield. I went to T. Wilson's - not at home. Had dinner. Back to Apsley. Bought one large screw clevis and three small ones from C. Daley for 50 cents cash. Waited till stage came up. Wife was on it. Allan brought the light rig for us. He rode up with Hobbins.

Thur. 27. At work on road, statute labour.

Friday 28. Do [as above]. All done but J. O'Brien and our boys.

Sat. 29. After dinner Allan and me took horses, plow and scraper and worked till night. He did his work. I put in 1/2 day for Hugh.

Sun. 30. At home.

July 1889

Mon. 1. Walked to Apsley. Rested and had a cup of tea at Mrs. Birds. Got very little of the voters list made as we didn't begin till 1/2 past 4. Staid till morning.

Tues. 2. Began voter list at seven o'clock. Finished at 11 3/4. Rode up with James Scott.

Wed. 3. Looking about the place. Sold six lambs to Robert Howden for 13.50. Received 1.50 to be delivered at Apsley on 15 August. Balance to be received then.

Thur. 4. Around home. Afternoon went to James Scott's. Started his clock. Had tea, then went to Clearys. Then home.

Frid. 5. Went as far as Paudash Creek and examined the road. Called at Hillcoxs and McPhersons, then home. Paid Teacher twenty dollars on a/c of salery. Simon Mahoney came and signed the half yearly report. Then after tea, I went with him as far as J. Trotter's. I waited till he went in and spoke to Miss Young. Then went along to Jas. Scott's, then home.

Sat. 6. Helped to put the hay rack on the waggon. Then brought out the horse rake. Wrote to R.H. Best & Sidmer Ross & Co. After return mail I sent report to J.C. Brown. Then I raked what hay Allan cut. Then we took in to drive house, unloaded it. Then I went to Jas. Scott. Then to P. Mahoney. Asked for a hand and yoke of oxen. Then to James Trotter. He was not at home.

Sun. 7. Wife and me went to Hobbins. They were not at home. Called at P. Gooley for a short time. Had tea, then home. Spoke to Mrs. Cleary on her return from the Trent.

Mon. 8. Had a gang of nine men on the road near Paudash bridge. Had 3 teams. Hugh came home.

Tues. 9. Had ten men on the road & 3 teams. Got done. Think we made a good job.

Wed. 10. Went to see Jas. Scott, Lynch, S. Mahoney and M. Hynes. Then to Cleary's, then home.

Thurs. 17. Rode with W. Scott to court at Apsley. Took some irons to be mended by Daley. After court assisted Shewan to revise the voters list for Judge Weller. Staid at Daley.

Frid. 12. Got irons repaired. Paid 25 cent in full. Paid John Elmhurst one dollar in full for yesterday and today. Staid till evening, then walked home along with Robert Fletcher. Got home about nine.

Sat. 13. At home.

Sund. 14. At home. After dinner wife and me went to see Mrs. Cleary and Mrs. Cooling.

Mond. 15. Boys mowing. F. Elmhurst came and had dinner. Left his horse while he and I walked over the road as far as the new graveyard to see what improvement we had made. He is highly pleased, and authorized me to make some more as soon as possible. After tea I drove to Apsely. I got from Lindsay, sugar $1.00, [ ] paper, [ ], total 1 1 5/100 c. James Scott rode up home with me to his own place. Menogue rode also from B. Lynch's gate.

Tues. 16. At the hay. Mrs. Cleary & Mrs. Cooling came on a visit today.

Wed. 17. I went out and paid Mrs. Kate O'Brien 1.50 to clean the old school house before teaching begins. Then went at the hay.

Thur. 18. At the hay.

Frid. 19. Rain and thunder & lightning from half past 3 a.m. till 3 p.m. Afterwards we took the horses, plow and scraper and the boys and repaired the road.

Sat. 20. At the road till noon. After noon Mrs. Cleary & Mrs. Cooling came for the mail. I wrote a letter to John Burnham for B. Lynch re Hynes. Boys haul the few potatoes. Preacher Mr. Spear came in, had tea. He is very nice. He will teach Sabbath School.

Sund. 21. At home till evening, then went to see W. Scott. Didn't see him. Came back by A. Trotters and staid awhile.

Mon. 22. Drove to Apsley. Saw Shewan and the Roll. Got voters lists. Got gallon coal oil, American 35 c., paid 30 c. Jas. Lindsay. Round by Ellertons. Had dinner. He came with me and cut wheat till rain came on about 8 [st--].

Tues. 23. Ellerton finished the red wheat - s.w. corner, about 48 dozen sheaves. I raked some hay. After tea E. Moyed and me got in some hay then I went to Clearys and butchered a ram.

Wed. 24. Borrowed a grass scyth from A. Trotter for Ellerton to mow for us. Finished mowing.

Thur. 25. Started about four o'clock, a.m. Mr. Ellerton rode out along. He took they boys scythes out. My rig broke down at Cleggs, got it to Apsley. Left it at Lindsays, gave P. Cannady 4 dollars to buy bacon. Also ordered 100 lbs. flour for Ellerton. Rode horse home. Felt very sick from falling out of rig. Got home about ten. Got reaper together, then to dinner. Couldn't eat. Started cutting wheat at barn. Finished at tea time, then raked hay. Allan put it up. Boys set up the wheat, 59 [stooks].

Fried. 26. Boys went to help Ellerton. Girls and me raked and put up hay. After tea went to James Scott and butchered a heifer. Pretty fat.

Sat. 27. Rode to Apsley. Got [rigg]. Borrowed a [ ] as I had forotten one. Got pork & flour & Ellertons goods to amount of four dollars. Got for self 1 lb. soda, 1/2 lb. mustard. Left for home half after six. At Jas. Scotts at eight. Called there. Had breakfast. Then Mr. Scott gave me a part of the beef which I butchered yesterday. Got home 1/2 past nine. Hay too damp to rake. Didn't go to Ellertons till about tea time. They boys home.

Sund. 28. Took Mr. Spear out as far as Ellertons road. Met young Brown. Then came home.

Mon. 29. Had heavey rain this morning early. They boys went to Ellertons to mow if he wished, then to come home at evening. Mr. Ellerton came here with Hugh.

Tues. 30. Ellerton and Hugh were to cut barley. I took the team and waggon with horse rake and raked hay for Ellerton.

Wed. 31. Do [as above] - do, and barley. Allan put up the hay and mowed 1/2 day.

August 1989

Thur. 1. Came home but left rake and Allan.

Frid. 2. Went to Jas. Trotters to see the binder at work. It had no chance and didn't do very well. Staid and had dinner. Binder did better after noon. After tea I went to our own wheat and carried sheaves, etc. till sundown.

Sat. 3. At home till after noon. Allan still at Ellerton's. Ellerton cutting our wheat. After dinner I drove to Ellertons. Tried the hay - too wet. Allan came home with me. Met Ellerton. Allan finished mowing for Ellerton.

Sun. 4. At home. Had rain in the morning.

Mon. 5. Allan and me drove to Ellertons. Raked and put up the last of his hay. Loaded the rake. I broke one tooth, the First. Ellerton finished our fall wheat, then came home. He mended my boot. He pegged on the sole. He gave me a bag of lime to put on some quake grass. We brought the rake home.

Tues. 6. They boys cut a little grass, then brought in they hay cocks, three loads, then brought in 115 stooks of wheat. Mr. Elmhurst and J. Scott came and gave me a pay sheet and money for the hands. I paid Hobbins in full 2.50 and 50 c. (3.00) for Jas. Scott. Paid H. & T. Cleary in full 3.75 and 25 c. for James Scott, 4.00. Paid S. Mahoney 2.00. Owe him 50 c. After tea I went with Jas Scott and helped to butcher another beef.

Wed. 7. Boys helping Bob. I chored around.

Thurs. 8. Boys brought in all the barley, 159 stooks, then one load of hay & fall wheat, 13 stooks.

Frid. 9. Boys went to help Bob. Came back afternoon and they went to Apsley.

Sat. 10. Got 5 loads, 78 stooks, 32 out yet. Had a slight shower in the evening.

Sund. 11. Took wife over to Rickauls's to see T.O. Bridgwater and family. Staid till about 4 o'clock. Didn't see Mrs. Rickauls as she was away. Called at Ellerton and staid about an hour, then home.

Mon. 12. Raining in the morning. Unloaded the waggon. Then they boys took some stones of the follow.

Tues. 13. Boys at the stones forenoon, then Mr. Ellerton came and got his cradle ready. Rained again. We loaded the school furniture and I took it out. Ellerton helped me to unload it and put up the stove. Then he went home. Boys brought in last of F. wheat. Had more rain.

Wed. 14. Rain again. Boys throwed some dung out of sheep pen.

Thur. 15. Boys at the stones forenoon. I fixed fences. Afternoon we cut over 30 stook of Br. spring wheat. Mr. Ellerton came over. I went to A. Trotters. He gave me 70 cents to get a pair binding mitts.

Frid. 16. Raining. Boys in sheep pen. I drove to Apsley. Had horses front feet shod and plow coulter sharpened at Lindsays, then brought Mrs. Joe Roberts up with me.

Sat. 17. At home. I cut the archangle oats today. Wife went to see Bella who is unwell.

Sound. 18. Drove over to see Bella. She is some better. Staid all night.

Mond. 19. Staid till after dinner. I went with Alex'r to John Gilroys for awhile. Drove to Tivy's. Asked for binding mitts. Had none. Tried Johnstons. Had none. Called at Miss Welch's to see the flowers. Got home early. Had tea, then went with wife to Cleary's, then back before dark.

Tues. 20. Drove to Apsely. Got tabbaco 25 c., sweet oil 15 c., red 4 ounces 4 c. charged, at Lindsays. Got plow coulter ready for use, got no binding mitts for A. Trotter. After tea went over and gave A. Trotter his money 70 c., R. Johnston got the tobbacco. Spring wheat all cut.

Wed. 21. Showery forenoon. Finished the Egyptian oats and large whie oats at the lane. Mr. Ellerton went home int he evening. I cut the Holstein oats and a sheaf of tartar oats.

Thurs. 22. Boys pulling peas. Mr. & Mrs. Bridgewater and Mrs. R. Bullied visited us today. I cut a few black and a few white oats.

Frid. 23. At the peas. I cut some black oats.

Sat. 24. At home. Went as far as Jas. Trotters then back with stage. Miss Young, teacher, called. I mailed the check for grant. I butchered a lamb.

Sund. 25. Had a visit of Mr. B. Lynch and a Mr. Kemp, J. Menogue's miller. Went to see J. Scott.

Mon. 26. At J. Scotts threshing. Butchered lamb for him. Asked hands and teams to threshing.

Tues. 27. Threshing at home. Had Den O'Brien & team and Stephen Scott and team, hands F. Hobbins, J. Gooley, W. Cleary, M. Hillcox. Had many good yeild of grain.

Wed. 28. At council meeting. Got order for work on road. Got papers from Mr. J. R. Airries and some pickles, to be paid for in peas. I got old pipe and round elbow at Eastland 25 c. cash. Pipe & elbow and and six panes glass for school at Lindsays, charged. Rode up with E. Gooley. Left pipe & 3 panes glass at Kate O'Briens for Lynch. Left p. & elbow in J. Scotts waggon.

Thur. 29. Took horses to S. Scotts threshing. Boys at peas.

Frid. 30. Hugh cut around oats, then at peas. I reaped oats. After dinner Allan went to P. Hobbins threshing. I finished reaping oats by tea time.

Sat. 31. A. back to Hobbins all day. I cradled a few black oats. Hugh finished peas, then bound oats.

September 1889

Sunday 1. At home.

Mon. 2. Harvesting.

Tues. 3. Hauling in. Kate went to McKee's for coal oil. Mr. Booth called and put up a voter's list. He and R'd Elmhurst had dinner.

Wed. 4. Hauling in. Burned a part of the stubble off the new land. Had a little rain in the night.

Thur. 5. Hauled a load of peas. Too wet. Rained. Cleaned some wheat for W.H. Hales and a small grist. Had a wet night.

Frid. 6. Took 3 bags seed wheat, six 1/2 bushels to W.H. Hales. Had dinner and some nice honey. Then got (2) two five pound cans of honey at 12 1/2 cents per lb., $1 25/100 on a/c, balance due $5 25/100. Maggie very lame. Got shoes tightened at Lindsays. Got home about dark. I left Mr. Airries pail and towel with T.G.E. Bought 3 yds [duck] & a fine fiddle string, from T.G.E. for Hugh. Paid cash 91 cents. D.A. cashed council order for repairs on road, $2.50.

Sat. 7. All hands choring. I went to Cleary's & got a lamb for meat. Killed in the evening. Allan cut some buckwheat.

Sunday 8. At home. M. Hynes came in today for awhile.

Monday 9. Stacked last of oats and peas.

Tues. 10. Hillcox borrowed two bags fall wheat. M. Hynes bought 7 bushels of fall wheat, $1 dollar per bushel, 7.00. Gave me an order on Joseph Trotter for that amount. Went out to Lynchs in the evening to examine old school house. Simon did not come. I rode home with P. Hobbins. They boys set up some buckwheat, then put a roof on the stack on the stuble. We burned straw.

Wed. 11. Hugh went to Fletcher's logging bee. Allan went to plow in new land stubble. I pulled millet for seed. Finished the millet.

Thurs. 12. Threshed the new white oats, then bound some of the milet after tea. Then Mr. B. Lynch came in and we cleaned for him five or six bushels of wheat for seed. He is to weigh it himself. Hugh cut last of buckwheat and set up some that was cut and some millet.

Frid. 13. Chored around forenoon. After dinner got in a small load of millet & b. wheat then set up the remainder of the millet. Took in the tartar oats.

Sat. 14. Hugh Cleary got six bushels & 26 lb. wheat. Moses came in and fed and had dinner.

[note: one dried flower loosely inserted]

Sund. 15. At home.

Mon. 16. Took the lambs to Apsley. Joe Trotter paid me for Hynes's wheat 7 dollars. I paid W. Gallon 1.70 in full. Paid T.G.E. 95 c. in full. Took Allan's boot from A. Smith as it was not mended. I got an iron mended at Lindsays & 1 lb. putty. Drove around by Ellertons. Got Allans boot mended and had tea. Then home after dark. I borowed Ellertons S.T. Harrow.

Tues. 17. Boys away at C. picknic. I sowed & harrowed.

Wed. 18. Seeding. Wrote notice for repairing old school house. Seeding.

Thur. 19. Seeding, about 3 bushels red wheat after he [clawson]. Rain in the night.

Frid. 20. Wet forenoon. Cleaned wheat & tailings. Boys sowed some. Afternoon more rain.

Sat. 21. Wet morning. Finished sowing after dinner. Mrs. Cleary settled with me for wheat and lambs all right. The Cardiff pedlar came in. He bought 1 pelt 25 c. & 2 lamb skins 60 c. each, 1.45. We got 1 spool 5 c., 3 nots linen thread 5 c. Owed him 70 c. total so he left the skins and will settle next trip.

Sun. 22. Hard frost last night. At home. Went to Fletchers with a paper which he didn't get yesterday. Lotty came home today. I am glad.

Mon. 23. Very hard frost last night with Ice. Allan & me cut some corn. We took last of buckwheat & millet.

Tuesday 24. Set Allan to plow. Hugh cut corn. I fenced the stack. Threshed the new buckwheat, then weaved a little. Filled all the white yarn after night.

Wed. 25. Weaved till noon. Then went to the old school house. We let the job of repairs to Michael O'Brien at 4.50. Then held a trustee meeting and made arrangement for repairs, etc. on Caldwell's school houe. Then home in time for supper. Then 2 1/2 bags of wheat, and the new buckwheat 1/2 bushel of one lb.

Thur. 26. Weaved all Doxes woolen yarn and a little cotton, [then] bobined more cotton. After tea went and looked at the marsh. Rode from lot 20 to lot 26 with Joe Tinney.

Frid. 27. Sowed and harrowed 2 bushel f. wheat. They boys cut the beaver hay.

Sat. 28. Repaired bridge over O'Briens creek, then took out a large stone on road and filled up the hole. Then came home to attend to mail. No papers but news and reviews. Then got dinner and took about bushels wheat & 5 bushels to chop at Apsley mill as I heard council would meet. Postponed till next Saturday. Got home about dark. Boys stacked the beaver hay.

Sund. 29. At home.

Mon. 30. Boys brought in four loads of corn. Then rain came on. Had very heavy storm afternoon & all night.

October 1889

Tues. 1. Choring around all day. Boys cut wood afternoon.

Wed. 2. Boys at wood. I threshed some spring wheat.

Thurs. 3. Rained all day. Boys threshed black and white oats and peas, then cleaned they tailings ready for chop. Loaned Mrs. Cleary 25 c.

Frid. 4. Had SNOW. Boys taking out [manure]. Went to Fletchers in the evening and told him that Council tommorrow and wanted his Roll.

Sat. 5. Took rig and a bag of wheat and two of chop stuff and took Fletcher to Apsley. W.H. Hales gave me 3 dollars on the wheat, bal. due 2.25. Got a dollar of sugar 1.10, lamp wick (5 c.) and a pair No.5 shoes for Lotty. Don't know the price.

Sund. 6. At home. Alex H. came in. Bella better.

Mon. 7. Getting ready for show. After noon butchered a heifer for Jas. Scott. I borrowed a quarter, 104 lbs., to be returned when I kill. Boys finished the dung. They brought the beef from Scotts.

Tues. 8. Cleaning grain, etc.

Wed. 9. Pulled the roots for show. Very good. Cleaned more grain afternoon. Washed the roots after night.

Thur. 10. Boys went to Coe Hill. I chored all forenoon, then cleaned some barley. Paid H. 5.00 advance on school repairs.

Frid. 11. Started for Apsley 1/2 past 5 o'clock. Took Lotty along. Made 13 entries. Got 11 prizes, 5 first & 6 2nd. Got pair shoes 1.25, 2 1/4 lb. tins of mustard 20 c. at Lindsays. Got home before dark. Returned the honey tins to W.H. Hales [ ] Scott paid me for two bus. seed wheat.

Sat. 12. At home. Allan plowing. Rained a little.

Sund. 13. At home. Fine day. Two Miss Ellerton came on a visit today.

Mon. 14. Drove Hugh's colt to Apsley. Took Ellerton's harrow. Got 3 clips at Lindsay's and six bolts from Daley. Paid him cash. The colt upset the rig and himself but was not hurt. The rig was not injured much. But my left leg was bruised very badly. Got all fixed up. Took Jas. Campbell along round to Ellertons where we delivered the harrow and irons, then had tea as the wipple tree was broken. I borrowed one from Mr. E. and got home about ten o'clock p.m.

Tues. 15. At home. Leg very sore.

Wed. 16. Went to Joe Trotter's. Then with wife in a boat to Doxes. Staid till after ten. Then to Winter's by Doxes boat. Staid all night.

Thurs. 17. Mr. Winter set us across the lake to Gooley's landing. We got home 1/2 past ten, A.M. Found Rachel and Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery at our house on a visit.

Frid. 18. Chored about. Put spring poles in the wagon.

Sat. 19. Do [as above]. Took the ears off the corn and put them up[stairs].

Sund. 20. First wild geese. At home. Mrs. & [ ] Doxes came and staid awhile. Mr. & Mrs. Ellerton drove here with his new team. All had dinner then Doxes went away. After tea Ellertons went home. Mr. Jeffrey & me heard wild geese. All hand came out and saw a very large flock going south.

Mon. 21. Wife and me put tar paper on east end of hen coop and one strip on west end of sheep pen. I carried all the corn stalks from road into [ ] house then gathered corn in field into 2 large stooks. Allan went to Den O'Brien's loging bee. Hugh plowed in his place. Mr. Jeffery hunted. He shot 2 partridges. Finished plowing at south end, then plowed in the school house field. Saw more wd. geese.

Tues. 22. Started about 4 a.m. for Apsley with wife. Took they Jeffrey's & Rachel. They went on Eastlands stage for Lakefield for 75 c. each, a trunk free. I fed horses. Got a gallon coal oil 25 c., & hoar hound candies at Lindsay's as he couldn't make change. Bought 2 lbs. nails at T.G.E., 10 cents cash. N.J. Webster went to D.A.'s. Got prize money, five dollar 37 cents. Gave wife 50 cents as her tomatoes took first prize. Got home before noon. After, carried in some roots, then fixed sheep pen a little.

Wed. 23. Threshed some peas, then carried last of they roots in. They were put in cellar, about seven bags total, carrots, red & white parsnips, long & round beets, and mangles. Then went along sideline to north of lot 15 con. 15. Very little timber.

Thurs. 24. I went through R. Johnstons bush, then through Denis O'Briens to Menogues mill. Then to B. Lynch's. Staid for dinner, then home. Hugh helped me to clean peas and barley for hog feed 5 bags, three 1/2 bags wheat for grist, then grain 3 bags for horse feed. I put thatch on both ends of oat stack. Then turned the roller in the shed and run it back against the north end of shed. Then carried the boards from pig pen and put them on top of lumber pile. Then gathered leaves and covered Lychnis viscaria before dinner. Had a light shower of hail about noon.

Frid. 25. Chored till dinner time. Afternoon took the grist and grain to Menogues mill.

Sat. 26. Got the Book [T.] of Border from Gage & Co., Toronto. All our papers came today after two o'clock. I went and got my grist and chop, got the last of our potatoes into the cellar.

Sund. 27. At home reading.

Mon. 28. Repaired the bobin wheel and put W. Todd's yarn on the bobin. Allan took the team to Cleary's threshing.

Tues. 29. Allan & team at Cleary's. Hugh went afternoon. B. Lynch, S. Mahoney & Miss M. Young came in with Miss M. Fobert who wishes to teach for us next year. We hired her at a salary of 235 dollars on condition that she obtain a permit from the J. of P. Schools, Peterborough.

Wed. 30. I wrote the agreements, then went to Mrs. M.M. O'Brien's where they were signed and witnessed. Then came home. I got the steer into the stable, then went W. Scotts threshing. A. at C.'s till noon.

Thur. 31. Butchered our steer after breakfast, then plowed till noon. Then took 108 lbs. to Jas. Scotts for 104 lbs which I borrowed from him. Then Allan returned the weight beam to W. Scott, then plowed till night. I got Todd's yarn on the beam. After night I filled 4 skeins yarn. Mrs. Cleary came for awhile.

November 1889

Frid. 1. Weaved 3 yards. Then went with old Mr. Hogan as far as Lynch's, then to Simmons, then around the lake to Clearys. Had dinner, then home and weaved a yard or two. Mrs. R. Fletcher came in and had tea.

Sat. 2. Finished plowing forenoon for this season. I weaved ten yards. Had a good deal of rain. Afternoon and night Allan drove toApsley afternoon. Came back about one o'clock, a.m. Rig all broke up.

Sund. 3. Wife and me went to Cleary's for awhile.

Mon. 5. Finished Todd's cloth, 27 yards. More than 5 skeins yarn left. It is a beautiful piece of cloth and good, 2 70/100. [I am] tired, sore & feverish.

Tues. 5. Very unwell. Have a swelling on my jaw by a loose tooth. Can hardly eat. Went to Cleary's and got a little oatmeal for porridge.

Wed. 6. Fixing at hen coop door, etc. Allan took team to Hillcox threshing afternoon.

Thur. 7. A. at Hillcox's with team. I chored about.

Frid. 8. Allan a threshing till afternoon. Then brought a load of wood. John Cleary returned my barley.

Sat. 9. Cleaned six bags barley to be choped for they rigs and horses. Allan took it to Menogue's mill and got it choped.

Sun. 10. I went to Jas. Trotter's and staid till after dinner, then home. Then to James Scotts for a short time, then home.

Mon. 11. I took the b[--] of 12 bushels of barley forenoon, then piled wood at the school. Allan drew. I went over to A. Trotters to look at Tuckers mill. Todd's son came and paid me for weaving, 2.70. I gave him the bags and left yarn which I forgot on Saturday.

Tues. 12. Finished the wood at school house, ten cord, forenoon. Then cleaned 6 bags barely & 6 1/2 bags fall wheat. Then got it loaded for the road.

Wed. 13. Drove to Apsely. Got 4 new shoes on horses at Lindsays. Raining [ ] and had dinner. Paid Richard cash. When rain stoped I started. Got to Burleigh bridge 1/2 past seven. It was raining then. Put up for the night. Bought a pail at Lindsay's. Charged [2] c.

Thurs. 14. Sold J. Holmes 6 1/2 bushels barley at 45 c. Drove to Young's Point. Sold 2 bags wheat and 3 bags barley. Left 6 bags 12/40 lbs. wheat for grist. Drove to Lakefield. Fed horses at Hunter's then went to Jeffres. Had dinner, x 25. Then bought [ ] at Crawfords 2.35, clock spring .50, sugar at Estlands 1.00, at Harpers .30, T.J. Birds 1.15 [.25 + 2.35 + .50 + 1.00 + .30 + 1.15 = 5.55]. Back to Y.P. to mill. Got grist. Left some papers for Miss Golborne. Got to Holmes's and put for night.

Frid. 15. Froze hard enough to [carry]. Holme's bill 3.00. Drove to Burleigh Wilson's. Fed and dinner .50 at Lindsays. Left oil cloth. Bought cheese & crakers 25 c. cash. J. [ ] got at dusk.

Sat. 16. Put new spring on clock. All right.

Sund. 17. Went to Jas. Scotts, then to P. Gooley's. Then home.

Mon. 18. Butchered the hogs. Had John Hillcox. Paid Hugh for work & wood for S. House [ ] . Chored about afternoon.

Tues. 19. Drove to Coe Hill. Mrs. had butter sold to Tivy at 15 c. I bought a broom for S. House 25 c. Got home before dark. Had some rain. Roads bad. Drove to Dr. Hardings. Not at home. Brought a shanty boy named Graham from mines to [wait]. Had wet night.

Wed. 20. Butchering at James Scotts forenoon. Took back W. Scotts beam & ball. Weighed one hog 316. Other will be about 310. Had another very wet night.

Thurs. 21. Hauled 2 loads of stones and put them in horse path for machine. Raining.

Frid. 22. Showery. Allan brought some wood. I threshed the millet seed. Have a bushel.

Sat. 23. Allan at Gooleys threshing. Colder. I chored.

Sun. 24. Went to Joe Trotters. He is very poorly. I rode out with Sandy. He was going for the Doctor but turned back. I went on to R. Gerrards. Took his pictures over.

Mon. 25. At home fixing for threshing. In the evening went with wife to see the Dr. at Joe Trotters. He is all right.

Tues. 26. Went to E. Gooley's to hear when they threshers would be with me. In the evening went for they starts and [ ].

Wed. 27. Very stormy, snowing. Threshed some.

Thurs. 28. More stormy, do [as above]. Finished threshing. Pully broke forenoon [ ] (borowed plow>.

Frid. 29. Riging up. Allan getting wood W. Scott.

Sat. 30. Choring around. Allan finished drawing wood.

December 1889

Sund. 1st. At home. Nice day.

Mon. 2. I drove Dick with the cutter to Apsley. Got gallon Amer. c. oil at Lindsay's. Bought a box E. Logwood & 4 ounces B. Vitrol at Eastlands. Paid cash 47 cent. N.J.W. asked for Rolls. Not come yet. Got home about one o'clock. Got dinner. Then dyed my overcoat. I met Mrs. S. Scott Sen'r, a prisoner on her way to jail. After night I filled seven bobins of warp.

Tues. 3. Fine, but cold, hard frost. I filled more bobins. Pat'k Scott got 3 bags peas, 399 lbs. or six bushels & 39.

Wed. 4. Warped. Beamed. Tursted and started the cloth. Then put 5 skiens white yarn on the pirne.

Thur. 5. Snowing. Spent forenoon at the sheep house. Allan helped me. Weaved five yards afternoon. After supper I pirned about six skeins of yarn.

Frid. 6. Weaved five yards. All the white wanted, [then] fixed the cutter and fxed around the stable till night.

Sat. 7. Started for Peterborough. Allan took me to Apsley with horse & cutter. Then I rode on Kennedy stage to Lakefield. Then went to Mr. Gobornes as he wished to see me.

Sund. 8. At Golborne's all day as it was very wet. Sleighing gone.

Mon. 9. Took my wool from Eastlands where it had been for nearly four weeks. I took it by train to Peterborough. Staid at T. Cavanagh's with T. Wood.

Tues. 10. Went to the court house, organissed and ajourned. Bought a box stove and some pipes second hand. Left it with Annie till I can bring it home in sleigh.

Wed. 11. At court.

Thurs. 12. do [as above]. Dismissed about 4 o'clock. Went to Annies and staid all night.

Frid. 13. Bought some goods. Got them and the wool to the station. Went back to settle my bill - too late for train. Walked up the track to Lakefield. Staid Hunters all night.

Sat. 14. Goods came by train. I made bargain with Tude & Smith for a sow. Went to see Rachel. Saw Ellen too. Then went to Golbornes and staid all night.

Sund. 15. At Golbornes all day.

Mon. 16. Couldn't get goods on stage. Left them in charge of James Jeffrey. Came up with H. Sutherland to Apsley then rode home with H. Fletcher.

Tues. 17. Weaving.

Wed. 18. Finished weaving. Then chored about.

Thurs. 19. Choring around.

Frid. 20. Snowing. Afternoon I drove to Apsley. Rain came on. I got some school money from D. Anderson. Paid teacher 30 dollars. Called at Mrs. M.M. O'Briens and paid her five dollars. H.S. didn't bring my goods as he promised.

Sat. 21. Drove out to Mrs. O'Briens for school register and annual report. Got a horse blanket which I droped last night. John Scott brought it up. After noon I fixed and put the [ ] to the cutter as I intended to drive to Lakefield. Feel unwell.

Sund. 22. Too unwell to go out and too stormy.

Mon. 23. Cleaned up the barn floor and put the new wheat through the [ ]. Have 17 1/2 bushels. In the evening I drove to Apsley. Got my luggage as old Mr. Eastland brought it up. Paid to N.J. Webster 75 c. freight. I paid Mr. T. Wood the two dollars he loaned me at Lakefield. Got a gallon coal oil at Lindsays.

Tues. 24. Allan and me put 8 wood screws in the table legs. It is good and steady now. Then we cleaned six bags of spring wheat. Then I put a new crossbar on the cutter [ ] and made a new wipple tree. Bella & El[ ] came and staid a little while. Had a heavy snow storm. Allan drove off after Hugh as he was coming home. Had heavy rain after the snow.

Wed. 25. Christmas Day. Bella & E.A. came after dinner and staid all night.

Thurs. 26. At annual meeting. W. Scott was elected trustee. I was voted five dollars for extra services. Trustees then re-elected me as Sec'r Trea'r. Had a terrific wind storm. Had dinner at B. Lynch's. Then I brought W. Scott back in my cutter.

Frid. 27. Drove out to Pearce's corner with they boys on their way to the shanty. Called at Ellertons on my way back. Had dinner. Then brought the school furniture to our school. P. Hobbins & P. Gooley helped me to load up. I told B. Lynch that our girls would light school fire.

Sat. 28. Fixed up to go to Apsley as wife wanted to go and horses wanted showing. Got horses sharpened and a small iron for front of double [ ].

Sund. 29. At home. Wife and girls went to church with the cutter. Had heavy rain.

Mon. 30. Drove to Apsley. Took Jas. Scott along. Road very icey and some spots bare at the nomination. Then brought Mr. J.A. Macdonald and H. Hillcox up with me. McD. came in and had tea. Then I took him and our girls to Hillcoxs to a partie.

Tues. 31. Took the team with wife and Mr. & Mrs. & Arthur Hillcox. Drove to E.A. Hillcox's.

January 1890

Wed. 1. New Years Day. Rain came on about eleven o'clock. Rained all afternoon and nearly all night.

Thur. 2. Rained till noon. Got dinner. Then started for. Had an upsett. Got righted. Had good weather afternoon. Got home about 4 o'clock. Bella sent out some lamb skins to be traded to a pedler. After supper [wife] and me went to A. Trotters as Mr. [ ], John Anderson were there. Staid an hour or two. Freezing hard.

Frid. 3. Made [ ] the dead letters a/c, 1 letter & 1 paper. We had Wallace Hoard to dinner. Were glad to see him.

Sat. 4. Chored till about 2 o'clock. Then drove to Apsley for the balot box and papers. Didn't get them. Staid at the hotel by request of the reeves.

Sun. 5. Staid at hotel till about six o'clock evening, then got b. box & papers. Raining all day. Mr. John Lane of Peterborough verey kindly loaned me his overcoat.

Mond. 6. Held the election. Had 83 votes, Elmhurst 77, Hales 6, one being John Hales vote. Allan took Mr. Lane's overcoat to Apsley. After supper I took my waggon to James Scotts as he was with me and wanted to go to Apsley. We left the wagon and took a buggy. Gave b. box and papers to P. Shewan. Staid till midnight then got they horses and came home. James Scott asked for the horses to go back to Apsely. I let him have them.

Tues. 7. At home. In the evening they boys came home with the horses and buggy. Hugh went away to his work. Allan went to bed. He is lame.

Wed. 8. At home choreing around. Fixed the hay rack.

Thurs. 9. Getting a little straw for feeding horses.

Frid. 10. Got some more straw [ ] badly frozen.

Sat. 11. Very stormy all day. [Snow] and hail.

Sund. 12. At home. Rained all night.

Mond. 13. Had a terrific storm of wind.

Tues. 14. All day repairing damages, fine day.

Wed. 15. Took a little pea straw from the stack to the stable for horse feed, then took some into the barn for sheep feed. I paid Kate 2 dollars for scrubbing the school house. She went to Apsley with Bob. She got a gallon of coal oil at Lindsays. Paid cash 30 cents.

Thurs. 16. Chored a little. Then drove to Apsley as F. Elmhurst wished to see me. He wants a map of the proposed new road across the outlet of Loon Lake, as he wishes to send it to our member so as it may be put in the estimates at next session. Got order for election and got it cashed. Got a ten dollar B'k bill. Have to return five dollars to D. Anderson next Monday. Came home and made part of the map.

Frid. 17. Snowed a little in the morning. Cut some of the straw stack. After noon put two [ ] into the barn. Then put a shoe on [ ] sleigh and put a good load of pea straw into the drive house. Don't feel very well. After night finished the map.

Sat. 18. Chored forenoon. After dinner when mail returned I drove to the marsh. Not very bad. I broke some ice down, then came home.

Sund. 19. At home all day. Rained in the night.

Mon. 20. A little rain in the morning. Drove to Apsley by Tuckers. Didn't call. Called for F.E. Took him to Apsley. Withdrew my application for assessorship. P. Shewan paid me two dollars he owed me. I paid it to Jas. Lindsay on a/c. Got receipt then home. Rained a good deal then [ ].

Tues. 21. Got the sleigh ready to draw hay.

Wed. 22. Got a small load of marsh hay home. Kate helped to unload. After dinner I went for another load. Robert pitched it on for me. Kate helped again to unload.

Thur. 23. Robert pitched a small load, all that was good. After noon I made a [bolster] for the hind bobsleigh. Had a little snow.

Frid. 24. Got sleighs fixed. Put on a new bottom for the box then chored about. In the evening replied to R.L. [P--].

Sat. 25. Robert came and helped me to clean six bags of wheat for me to sell, and two bags of peas and a bag of e. oats for himself. He then loaded the sleigh, 16 bags wheat and one bag of oats for feed. I took the loaded sleigh into drive house.

Sun. 26. At home. After noon I drove Hugh to the Shanty.

Mond. 27. Started about 3 o'clock morning for Peterborough with wheat. Got to Golborne's at five o'clock and put up. I sold 2/4 [or 274] bushels to John Holmes at 84 cents.

Tues. 28. Left 9 bushels of red fern wheat for seed for Golborne. The sold 21 [35 b. lbs.] at 82 cents to D. McLean. Then drove to Peterborough. Sold hide and skin, then got my stove and drove to [Cav] and had dinner. Went to the court house for a few minutes, then bought hardware 5 10/100, dry goods 2 88/100, pot barley 25/, large kettle one dollar, pair specks 1.00, court plaster 5 c., 2 stove pipe dampers 50 cents. Drove back to Lakefield. Called on Rachel and left the slipers to be changed. Then to Golbornes. [5.10, 2.88, 2.50, 1.00, .50, .25, .35 - 14.18].

Wed. 29. Got 2 bags seed potatoes and a few apples. The drove to the mill and got [ ] 4 1/4 bushels peas for seed, 56 cents, and got balance of wheat in cash. Then to Holmes [for dinner]. G. & E. Bullied had dinner too. We were together to Apsley. Got home safe.

Thurs. 30. At home. Mrs. F. Mindel is here on a visit. Brought everything in but the kettle.

Frid. 31. At home forenoon. After dinner I took the cutter and took Mrs. F. Mindel home. Came back and found Mr. & Mrs. Winter at our place.

February 1890

Sat. 1. At home. They Winters's staid till after dinner. Weather a little soft.

Sund. 2. At home all day.

Mon. 3. Drew 4 loads of wood (all that is cut) in the forenoon. Afternoon I cleaned four bags barley peas & oats for chop.

Tues. 4. Raining, hailing. Chored around.

Wed. 5. Rained some. At night we shelled a little corn. Rain in the night.

Thur. 6. Verey slipy, all ice. We shelled remainder of corn. Have nearly a bagfull.

Frid. 7. Verey hard frost and bright shineing sun. Very stormy evening. Robert took 4 bags to chop for me.

Sat. 8. Cold. Robert brought the chop about noon. I mailed 10 c. to Shaw Stocking Co., Lowell, Mass. for old fashoned calender. [ ] received the P. Ho. Journal but no premium [ ] pictures from Y. News. Hugh came in the evening.

Sund. 9. Took H. in cutter to Windsor's [ ]. Called at J. Scotts with mail.

Mon. 10. Drove to Apsley. Kate went too. Posted letter for J.R. Airries wanted money for teacher. Mr. Anderson was not at home. Got a dipper for school, J. L. cash 10 c. Home at dusk.

Tues. 11. Drove with wife to Wallaston. Posted a letter for calender, Lowell, Mass., 10 c. Found Alex & Bella all well. Staid for dinner, then home at dusk.

Wed. 12. Snowed a little. [ ] 3 1/3 cords of light wood at our school house and paid him 3 dollars. After school I went over and took up a plank of the floor to let they boys get their lost pencils.

Thur. 13. Cleaned 3 bags spring wheat, then put the fall wheat out of the barrels into bags & took it to the barn. Then drove to Rob't Johnstons for an old pump and etc. He gave me a small whipple tree with two hooks on it. Teacher called and had tea. Loaned her book on botany. Got others f. her.

Frid. 14. Cleaned 4 bags more spring wheat. Have no more. Had a good deal of rain.

Sat. 15. [ ] about 5 bags fall wheat. Got pictures [ ] News Printing Co. but none yet for Cleary. [ ] came in late and staid all night.

Sund. 16. At home.

Mon. 17. Drove to Apsley. Got horses sharpened all round. Went to D. Andersons for school money. Got none. Got 2 gallons A. coal oil at Lindsay's. Paid cash, 70 c. Drove straight to Fletchers with a message from F. Elmhursts. Back home about 11 o'clock. Afternoon I cleaned 3 bags barley & one oats. Verey stormy. I tacked the maps in school.

Tues. 18. At home. In the evening I loaded up and left the sleigh in the lane all ready.

Wed. 19. Drove to Wilson's. Rested 1/2 an hour. Fed hay and watered. Drove to McCauleys for dinner. Then to Young's Point. Left grist with Golborne. Drove to his house and put up for night.

Thurs. 20. Drove to Lakefield. Sold wheat to McLean 80 c., barley to Hull 35 c. Paid a little to C. Crawford. Bought nails 20 c., shoes 1.25, rubbers 75 c., pencils 15 c. cash. Then paid a little to R. Graham $5. Bought goods, sugar 1.00, tea 2.00, soap 1.00, and charged (2 brooms .50) Harper 25 c., axle grease - cash, casement halter 35 c., needles 25 c. cash. Also barrel salt Crawford 1.60 cash, gum arabic 5 c. cash Bird. Went to Jeffres. He told me Rachel was in Peterborough. Got the [ ] they left for me. Then to Golbornes for night. It was a terribly stormy day. [395, 450, 25 c., 65 c., hotel 40 c.]

Frid. 21. To mill. Got grist [for the] home. Got to McCauleys about 1 o'clock in company with W. Martin. Dinner and hay 40 c. Watered at Burleigh Wilson. Apsley at dark. Fed hay and tea 40 c. cash. Left at 15 9 (nine). Road verey bad. Didn't get home till after 2 o'clock morning. Martin staid with us till morning as horses were tired.

Sat. 22. At home. Mrs. Cleary's pictures came by mail today. Sent for on 11th January. Robert came in on his way home and staid all night. Hugh came in too.

Sun. 23. At home reading till after dinner. Then took Hugh as far as Pearces.

Mon. 24. Put the rack on the sleighs. Drove to Bob's and brought a load of hay ready for the shanty. Weather verey soft.

Tues. 25. Took my load of hay 1760 lbs. Roberts load 1745 lbs. We stoped on the road and fed the horses oats on the snow and ate a lunch. Got to shanty about 1/2 past two. Had dinner, unloaded the. Put up for night. Had rain on the way and in the night.

Wed. 26. [ ] very soft. Got home about 11 o'clock. [ ] the hay rack and a halter, etc. [ ] soft.

Thurs. 28. Drove to Bobs. Loaded two loads of hay, then brought a load home for the shanty in the morning. Rained heavy in the night.

Frid. 28. Took the load into the drive house. Rained all day.

March 1890

Sat. 1. Fine clear day but cold hard frost. After dinner I drove to Apsley for school money. Got 15.00 dollars instead of 176.00. Drove up to W. Websters with some books. Had tea. Got a little reading matter, then drove to Brett's shanty for Mr. F. Poulette didn't come. I drove home alone.

Sund. 2. At home. Beautiful day.

Mon. 3. Took the load of hay to R's shanty.

Tues. 4. Brought G. Bush out to my place. After dinner drove to Roberts for another load of hay. Let bush off at sideline. Built both loads, then brought my load home.

Wed. 5. Drove to the shanty with hay. Staid all night.

Thurs. 6. Brought John Young as far as Tuckers. After dinner went over and loaded Robert's for shanty, then got a load for myself and brought it home into the drive house.

Frid. 7. Unloaded part of hay. Then drove with wife in the cutter to G. Bush's place, and gave him a letter containing sixteen dollars, 2 fives, 1 two & 4 onesm colected by subscription from the men in the shanty. Then over to Mindels. Staid till after tea, then home about dark. Called at Longs.

Sat. 8. Unloaded last of hay. Mrs. J. & Mrs. E. Cleary came for the mail and staid till evening. Hugh came home at night.

Sund. 9. At home. Took Hugh in the cutter as far as Pearce's. Then home. Sleighing nearly done. I went to D.A. and got 70 dollars of school money.

Mon. 10. I got 5 bags of peas ready for J.B. Airries.

Tues. 11. Didn't got with the peas as it was wet.

Wed. 12. Drove to Airries. Delivered they peas. Got 18 bushels of potatoes, a little J's buckwheat and a few fish and a small tin pail with pickles, then took the ice for home. Lost Dick in the lake - went nearly across. Staid at a shanty all night. They very kindly gave me dry clothes and did all the could for me.

Thur. 13. Walked out to John Lanes. He took his [ ] down and brought my sleigh and what was left of my load to his place. Had [ ] then he took them to Apsley, from there [ ] Trotter & S. Mahoney brought me the things home. I received help, pity and sympathy from every body to I got to my house. Then I received the only thing but pity or sympathy.

Frid. 14. Very unwell from being so much in the water. I spliced the lines and halters.

Sat. 15. Had a fall of about 5 or 6 inches of snow.

Sun. 16. At home. Colder.

Mon. 17. At home choring. Put on the harnes & hitched the gray colt and drove to J. Scotts lane and back to sideline then to Cleary's barn. Then home.

Tues. 18. Hitched it again and drove to [ ] creek. Then over to Clearys. Put the team in the stable. Staid awhile then had tea and drove home.

Wed. 19. Put Maggie to the cutter and down to Apsley. Then to Wm. Websters. Had dinner. Exchanged some books. Back to Apsley. Waited till I saw F. Elmhurst. Didn't take my affadavit to H. Giles assessment. Got home about dark.

Thurs. 20. Drove to Roberts. Left the colt. Put the shafts to the cutter and drove to Coe Hill. Got [ ] up and large evelops at Tivy's. Made the affadavit before him. Posted the letter. Got a paper & some letters, then back to Roberts. Had dinner. Got colt hitched and drove home. Had snow at night. Colt goes real nice.

Frid. 21. At home. Had heavy rain forenoon. Robert borrowed 2 bags on his way to mill. Allan came home.

Sat. 22. At home. Hugh came home this morning. Jack Lane, Apsley, came up and I gave him they 2 bags of peas I promised him for bringing sleigh, harness, etc. from Jacks Lake. In the evening I attended a trustee meeting at W. Scotts. Borrowed his b[ ].

Sund. 23. At home all day.

Mon. 24. Choreing around.

Tues. 25. do do [as above]. Sent an order with Allan to Coe Hill on A. Doxes for 2.75 and a note to Dr. Harding to send me eight dollars. He didn't get either. Had snow & rain.

Wed. 26. Putting up fence, etc. Drove to Fletchers. Got ninety one dollars school money [ ] an order with stamp for that amount. I can pay the teacher, Miss Young [ ]. Little mare is lame, has hurt herself.

Thurs. 27. Putting up fences as well I can on account of snow and ice.

Frid. 28. At home. Put up some more fence.

Sat. 29. Went to Gooleys to see John. He was out in the woods. I hadn't time to wait. Came home. Had dinner. Then went to old school house and Mrs. M.M. O'Briens and let a job of 7 cords hard stove wood & 5 cords light wood to M.D. O'Brien at 80 cents per cord. Came home, then drove to Roberts with wife. He will take her to A. Hillcox tommorrow. Had tea, then home.

Sund. 30. Drove to Peter Gooleys and spoke to John. Then home. Then to Robers with letter P.O.I.K. Had dinner, then home.

Mon. 31. Drove to Apsley afternoon. Waited till stage came in. Got no barley from Giles or Golborne. Sent by P. Kennedys to H. Giles 2 lbs. Japanese buckwheat. Got some papers from Jas. Swanston. Got upset comming home and sprained my wrist.

April 1890

Tues. 1. Drove to Roberts then home. After dinner cleaned about 5 bushels of pease as old Mr. Hogan said he would call for [ ] as he came back from the mill. He [didn't] call.

Wed. 2. At home all day.

Thur. 3. Chored a little then rode with John Trotter to look at my fall wheat. I think it is not very bad. Had very heavy rain afternoon and night.

Frid. 4. Went out through the fields. Very soft. Snow is going very fast. Afternoon had another fall of snow. Enough to cover the ground.

Sat. 5. At home. Snow nearly all gone again. Got missing papers of W. News. Got seeds from P. Henderson & Vick all about right. Sent 8 dol. & P.O. order for salary. 3.95. Total 11.94. Full am't for last note on h. rake. Patt'n.

Sund. 6. At home forenoon.

Mon. 7. Choreing all day. getting a rig ready to go to Apsley.

Tues. 8. Drove to Apsley. Got a pair of new shoes on fore feet of the colt and Maggie's fore feet shifted. Got my boots repaired, 1/2 soled 60 c., 2 boxes of matches 25 c. at Lindsays. Took E'd & Jim Clearys clothes to Apsley. Got home before dark.

Wed. 9. At home. Got notice that Bella was very ill.

Thurs. 10. About one or 2 o'clock started along with [ ] for Wollaston. Got there about 6 or 7. Found Bella some better. Dr. Harding went off.

Frid. 11. [Still] at A's. Bella getting along slowly.

Sat. 12. Dr. H. came back about one o'clock, a.m. We started for home after breakfast. Bought a good m. wrench from Tivy. Paid 60 cent. Got to Hillcox's. Staid for dinner. The home roads very bad. Snow nearly all gone.

Sund. 13. Went to James Scotts. Thence to John Menogue's. Had tea. Thence to M. Hynes's. Asked him to bring me a bushel of clover seed from Peterborough. Gave him a five dollar bill. Then home. Two black lambs today. First lambs.

Mon. 14. Took the harrow apart.

Tues. 15. Rode with James Scott on my own cart as far as J. D. Waits. I intended going to see Bella but the water was too high. Went to Geo. Smith's. Not at home. Had dinner then went to Robert Storeys for Smith. He came home with me and weighed a bushel of timothy seed. He owed me a dollar & half (1.50). Will pay the balance when he calls for it. Left my bag with the seed for James Scott to bring along with his own.

Wed. 16. Working at the harrow. F.E. brought me a bushel of clover seed, 4.70. He put in the horses and had dinner. Then we drove over to John Gooley's as F.E. wanted to see Jas. Scott. Then I came home through the woods.

Thur. 17. Allan brought Bobs team and drew wood out of Hugh's fallow to the road. He brought two loads home. Then two loads out of the woods. I worked at the harrow.

Frid. 18. Chored till noon. After dinenr I went to Hogan's and got the money for the peas.

Sat. 19. Got ready to go to Coe Hill. Then to A. Hillcox. Mail carrier told me wife was comming on foot. I drove in and found her at Roberts. I turned back. In the evening went out to Hyne's with Geo. Bullied as he wanted some clover seed. My seed was at J. Scotts. I got 15 lbs. from Hynes and let him have that for 1 15/100, seed to be replaced to Hynes. Got 30 cents change from Mrs. H. She paid 25 cents of my money for James Scotts clover seed. Called at Scotts. James is very ill with diarhea.

Sund. 20. Wife and me went to look at the fall wheat. Then we went over to see Mrs. Cleary and staid awhile.

Mon. 21. Took a bag of red spring wheat and a bag of peas to Alex Hillcox. Bella was ill with pains. Sent for Doctor. She was [better] at noon when I [ ] there. Dr. came at sundown. I staid all afternoon & night.

Tues. 22. [Went] to Coe Hill. Got some harrow irons mended and some bolts at blacksmith shop. Paid 30 cents in full. Bought 4 3-inch 3/8 bolts at Tivys, 14 c. cash. Waited an hour and half for Doctor. Then drove his place. Found him there. He gave me an order on James Trotter for 6 50/100. Then I drove to Geo. Smiths. Had dinner. Got my bushel of timothy seed and two bushels for James Scott. Then home. In the evening I went to J. Scott's. He is better. Den came up with the clover seed. I weighed it. Sent the half of it and his bag of timothy seed.

Wed. 23. Put on the irons and got the harrow ready. Feel very sore and a little sick. Had a little rain. After noon we cleaned 8 bags and a barrel full of barley.

Thur. 24. Frost too hard to harrow. Boys working at Hugh's harrow. Robert came and got one bag of Eg. oats, one bag peas. Nearly 2 bags of red spring wheat. He got 12 1/2 lbs. of clover seed. I paid three dollars of the money which F. Elmhurst paid for clover seed and bag leaving a balance of twenty cents. He said to keep the change. Allan went to pick stones with Rob't at noon. Mr. Ellerton came in and left his [ ] while he went on to P. M[ ] or elsewhere for spring wheat. [In] the evening I went to Jas. Trotters. He [ ] the doctors order of 6.50. Then I paid him [ ] of his bull, 1.50.

Fri. 25. Very hard frost. Afternoon I sowed the first seed. Giant Sweedish Oats, next ditch, then Mixed, then E.A. Angel, then Holstien. Then Hendersons Clydesdale. Then Vick, A. [B--], Then Mr. Golborne's 2 rowed Barley. Harrowed all. Then sowed barley between ditch and sideline. S. Mahoney came and I wrote 2 letters for him.

Sat. 26. After noon when mail came back, wife & me walked to Ellerton's. Rain come on. We got there about 5 o'clock. After tea I went over to Dinneens camp at the bridge. Staid at Ellerton's all night.

Sund. 27. After breakfast Ellerton and me went to D's camp. We had snow in the last night after tea. Ellerton got out his team and brought us right to our own gate.

Mon. 28. Sowed & finished the school house field.

Tues. 29. Boys took some stones of the barley. Rain came on about ten o'clock. After dinner we cleaned some peas and oats. Faired up and they boys went to Sucker Creek.

Wed. 30. [Boys] came home afternoon with a pail full of fish.

May 1890

Thurs. 1. Sowed peas & oat and picked up roots. Ground very wet.

Frid. 2. Seeding. Afternoon Hugh sowed wheat for himself. Allen harrowed it.

Sat. 3. Had the prize black oats sowed. Then bearded wheat. Then Egyptian oats. Rain came on in the evening and had to quit. Robert came over. I mended his harness with rivets.

Sund. 4. At home all day.

Mon. 5. Sowed oats on the last [ ]. Plowing.

Tues. 6. Chored a little. Hugh sowed barley for himself. Allan harrowed it. I went to Joe Trotters, then home. After supper we cleaned some peas & oats.

Wed. 7. I went to Loon Lake. E. & P. Gooley put me across. I went to A. Doxes for money. Got none. Came back to Kirby's camp. Had dinner. Then John Trotter brought me across. I tried for awhile to make his clock strick right but couldn't. I borrowed a book from him (The Headless Horseman).

Thurs. 8. Sowed some grass seed and other chores. Rained.

Frid. 9. Some more seed.

Sat. 10. Sowed peas & oats. Allan harrowed.

Sund. 11. At home.

Mon. 12. Seeded the land I sowed yesterday. Allan plowed a little, then laid up with cold. I plowed afternoon.

Tues. 13. Hugh had the team. After dinner I started for Apsley. Rode with B. Lynch & J. Scott to Birds corner. Then I went to Middleton and staid for tea then Mr. Middleton & me went to Apsley. Called at S.E. Scotts. Saw him at Apsley. He don't want the clover seed. I left J.B. Airries's bag with some papers, Peoples H. Journal and a few seed at Eastlands, Y.E. Sen'r for Mr. Airries when he calls. Bought a paper, Steel Bro's parsnips & one of lettuce seed, cash 10 c. Got a gall. a coal oil [at] Lindsays. Charged. Heard Mr. Blezzard. Then rode up with Lynch.

Wed. 14. Hugh had the team for noon. I went to Simeon Mahoneys and bargained for two pigs, two dollars each, to give a black ewe lamb as part pay. They are a week old now. After noon Hugh went with Cleary's boys for fish. I plowed a little and sowed and harrowed a bushel of harrow wheat. (570 lb. bag peas. J.S.). Heard Mr. Blezzard in our school house. Jas. Scott got 11 bushels & 1/2 peas.

Thurs. 15. Planted the corn & carrot land & more. Hugh came home with some fish. I plowed the garden after noon as he didn't want the team. G. Zinger came in and staid all night.

Frid. 16. Had my colt cut by Geo. Zinger. Charge is two dollar. I went with him to Wm. Scott's, then to James Scott's. He came back to Wm's. We helped to have his colt cut. Then J. Scott arranged with Zinger for my 2 dollars as Zinger owed J. Scott. He told me Mrs. Scott owed my wife one dollar. I was to pay it to her. I did so. I went to R.J. Gerrards for a horse, [ ] and to pay for a plowshare, which James Scott got. He couldn't make change. I staid for dinner, then came home.

Sat. 17. At home. Had a storm of snow, hail and rain. I received the election proclamation and a request to put it up. I did so, but the wind blew it down. I put it up again in the evening, when the wind luled. I mailed the card to Mr. B. Morrow stateing what I had done.

Sund. 18. At home all day.

Mon. 19. Chored about. Tho's Caldwell came and asked me to write a statement of his property for W.[ ] [ ] [ ] so, after supper I put a new lock [on] school desk.

Tues. 20. Raining in the morning. We planted a few hills of potatoes. I sowed 7 drills of white carrots. I let James Scott have a bag of barley 2 1/2 b.

Wed. 21. Ice on the water this morning. White frost.

Thurs. 22. Trying to repair the light waggon. Didn't feel well. Afternoon Allan plowed in the potatoe land. After supper I went to S. Mahoney's and asked for a sow pig. He said yes. Then I called Jas. Scott's. I promised him another bag of barley.

Frid. 23. Raining in the morning. Working at the light wagon. Allan finished plowing for potatoes.

Sat. 24. I am 66 years of age today. After second mail I drove to M. Henry's, then to Mahers, then to Meddleton's. Had tea. Staid awhile. Got some potatoes, Beauty of Hebron. Also a pailful of white potatoes that were grown from seed. Then called at Mrs. Johnson Birds. She was not at home. Got home at dark.

Sun. 25. Had very heavy rain. Alex came over and after tea I took him in as far as [ ] D. Waits.

Mon. 26. [ ] showery all day.

Tues. 27. Hugh harrowed part of potatoe land. Then plowed on his own place for potatoes. I went to Kilburn's with a root of bee larkspur [and] a few grains of corn. Longfellow for Mrs. Meddleton. Sent them by Dan Maher. I some papers sent by Miss Golborne. They were detained too long. I rode back with stage driver. Got home for dinner.

Wed. 28. Got most of the potatoes planted.

Thurs. 29. Had the potatoes finished.

Frid. 30. Borrowed P. Hobbin's spring tooth harrow and harrowed in a bushel of barley on Blanck's in the fall wheat. Then took the harrow back. Went to Jas. Scotts.

Sat. 31. Rode on stage to Chandos P.O. Paid 10 c. Walked to Mrs. Birds, rested awhile and had dinner, then walked to Apsley. Got an iron fixed. Paid 10 c. I left it at the Hotel. Saw J.R. Airries. Got a few seeds from him. Bought a lb. shot. Paid 10 c. to Mr. Eastland, Sen'r. Bought hoarhound candie at Lindsays. Paid J.Le. 10 c. Got ballot box & papers from P. Sh[ ]. Made oath before C.R.D. Booth. Had tea with Richard Elmhurst and two [ ] [ ] only one to be returned. Made [ ] with Jas. Scott and had [ ] [ ] . Home.

June 1990

Sund. 1. Went to Joe Trotter's, then to John Trotter. Had dinner, then had sail on the lake. Then had tea and came home. He to me not to give the book.

Mon. 2. I plowed for corn & buckwheat.

Tues. 3. Plowed a little, then sowed corn. Cleaned the buckwheat, but didn't sow as it looked rain. I harrowed the corn one way. Had very heavy rain in the evening and night.

Wed. 4. Sowed some buckwheat, then harrowed it. Then cross harrowed it and the corn. After noon got the papers ready. Spoke to teacher for the desk. Then got the cormpartment ready, etc. Very hot weather. Had terific storm of lightning. Thunder and rain in the evening.

Thur. 5. Held election in school house. Polled sixty seven (67) votes, 57 for Blezzard, (10) ten for Kidd. There was another terific rain storm with thunder and lightning. Drove to Apsley and gave my ballot box to P. Shewan [as] I could not go to Peterborough. [ ] Scott went along and back [ ] [ ] and had supper with him. [ ] home about two o'clock on.

Frid. 6. After [ ] [ ] went to Simon Mahoneys. Got two pigs at two dollars each. Paid him 1.50 cash and to give him a black ewe lamb in the fall at 2.50. I mended the rigs after dinner. Then drove to W. Websters for some books. Had a storm of rain & hail. Then we drove to Apsley and back to his place where I staid.

Sat. 7. Put the Maggie mare to his horse. Had breakfast. Got some books to read. 2 Budgets and Lost Lenore. Also part of my own. Within an Inch of His Life and Dolores. Then home. Met the stage below A. Trotters. Set out 2 tomato plants I got from Mr. Airries. Gave some to my wife. [drawing of horse in margin].

Sund. 8. Went to P. Hobbins's. Then to J.A. Trotters with two books, Chambers's Misceleney. Had dinner then got my own books which they had read, then home.

Mon. 9. Started to plow. Allan said he would do it. Martin Hillcox took his waggon out of our drive house to go to Lakefield. I sent a parcel of papers with him for Miss M. Golborne to left at her residence.

Tues. 10. Cleaned some grain for chop and other chores. Boys put the stove [out] in the cookhouse at noon. Hugh [ ] [ ] all the dung at the horse stable [ ] [ ] cleaned out the sheep house. [Allan] plowed till supper time, then [ ] [ ] [ ] to fence. Wife sowed more cabbage seed.

Wed. 11. Hugh and me drove to Apsley. Took 2 bags of peas and oats to chop. Got the plow [ ] steeled at Lindsays. Then drove to W. Websters. He was away. We saw the mare and colt. We had dinner, then home. Hugh plowed. Paid Kate for lighting school fires - 5 dollars.

Thurs. 12. Hugh plowed. I called the hands to the road.

Frid. 13 do do [as above]. I sowed buckwheat and millet. Hugh harrowed. Had more rain. After tea I finished sowing buckwheat and millet for the present.

Sat. 14. Hugh finished harrowing. Allan came home from Wallaston.

Sund. 15. At home. Ellerton's girls came and staid till evening. I went to James Scotts. Was not at home.

Mond. 16. Wrote and put a notice of contract. Then started for Lynch's to put the others. Met Mr. J.C. Brown. Turned back with him. He inspected and examined our school. He said he was well pleased. Better than he had been for some years. I fed his horse, then we had dinner. Then he went on to next school. [ ] [ ] Wm. Webster and wife came, and after [ ] [ ] looked around. We traded [ ] [ ] I gave him my gray mare and he [ ] [ ] old mare and foal and is to give me three yearling steers when the hay is off my fields, and to take care of them till then as if they were his own. After tea they drove away but left their dog behind. I rode with him to Lynch's. John Lynch put up one notice and I went to John Menogue's and he put up the other. [in the margin]: Our old red cow had a fine bull calf, all red from McPh[ ] bull. Intend to raise it.

Tues. 17. Made a horse rake, and other chores. In the evening I went to Joe Trotter's and home again. Very cool in the night.

Wed. 18. Started for W. Websters with his dog. I met S. Mahoney on his way to Cleary's near James Scott's. I missed the dog and thinking he might have followed S. Mahoney, I went through the woods to Clearys. Saw the dog there. I was very tired so I staid till after dinner, then came home again but didn't see the dog since. After tea, I pulled the rye out of the fall wheat which a very fair crop for this season.

Thurs. 19. Doing statue labour.

Frid. 20. do do [as above]. All done. [ ] O'Donnel got a good deal of [ ] done. Had dinner at Hillcox [ ]. Some [ ].

Sat. 21. At home. Mr. & Mrs. [ ] came and staid till after [ ].

Sund. 22. Went to Clearys and staid till after noon.

Mon. 23. Got up at 3 o'clock. Got lunch and walked to W. Webster's. Had breakfast. Then rode to Apsley. Helped Peyton Shewan to make voter's list. Finished about 6 o'clock. Had dinner at Elmhursts. Paid John 25 c. & [ ] and paid 20 c. Bought 2 doz. screws from Lindsay. Paid 10 c. cash. Rode up with Simon Mahoney to old school house. We let a contract of eight seats and desk for old S.H. at 1.50/100. Each to be put in on or before August 17th next.

Tues. 24. Went to Roberts for my axe. Didn't see him. Came home and got some long shingle blocks home and got a frow at Hobbins and split a few.

Wed. 25. Cleaned some wheat. Then they folks went to the picknick. I cleaned the oats. Have a barrel full, then split a few shingles.

Thurs. 26. Took the grist to Menogue's mill. Had 7 bushels & 52 lb. got [ ] . [ ] 2 1/2 bushels peas & barley & 1 1/2 bus. [ ] [ ]. Got home after noon. Then put [ ] shingles on the end of barn.

Frid. 27. [ ] [ ] [ ] the barn. Went to school. [ ] [ ] [ ] about the seats. [in the margin]: Dark red cow to the bull, our own.

Sat. 28. Choreing at the barn & shaving shingles.

Sunday 29. At home all day.

Mon. 30. Very hot. I finished the horse rake and put a few shingles on the barn. Went to look at Cleary's fire.

July 1890


Tues. 1. Took bags of peas to F. Elmhursts mill. I staid and had dinner, then drove to the village. Bought 2 black spools, no.12, at Lindsays. Paid cash, 10 c. and 2 do [black spools], no.10, at Eastlands. Paid cash, 10 c. Got a council order for 2 dollars, ass't voter's list. Then bought a pair pants at Lindsays, 1.50. Paid with the council order. Got balance in cash, 50 c. Had a great deal of rain, thunder & lightning. Got home after one o'clock midnight, just before more rain.

Wed. 2. Alex & Bell were here. After breakfast they went away. I went to Hillcox with them. Rain came on. I we staid till after dinner. More rain came so they didn't go away. I came home, got supper and took the book, The Headless Horseman, back to John Trotter and three of my own, Chambers Miss'y. Got back [ ] of my own.

Thurs. 3. Weeded and then [ ] and planted cabbage in they [ ].

Frid. 4. Choreing on the barn, etc. Went to W. Scotts. Got his name on the school report.

Sat. 5. After dinner I drove to Apsley. I got 2 gallons coal oil at Lindsay's. Left 2 vol. Chamber's Mess'y for R'd E. Got 2 book, Death Ship & _______ from Mrs. R.E. Got a book, That Frenchman, at C. Dally's. It is N.J. Webster's.

Sund. 6. Drove to the Couches and staid till after tea. Then home.

Mon. 7. Took wife with dishes, etc. to Roberts as he had a logging bee. Came back and did some chores. Had a great thunder storm. In the evening drove over and brought wife and her things home.

Tues. 8. Went to see James Scott. He was at Hobbins. Went there. Rain came on. I staid for dinner, then home. [in the margin]: cow X.

Wed. 9. Put the horse rake together and got the hay rack gathered up. Carlos Proutty came in and had dinner. I hoed my garden in the evening.

Thurs. 10. [ ] the rack till tea time. Then raked [hay]. Allan put it up.

Frid. 11. [ ] [ ] for Paris Green. Went to [ ] [ ] and made afidavitt for Stephen Scott regarding his wound. Bought 1/2 lb. Paris Green, 20 c., and 1/2 lb. S. Tobbaco, 25 c. Paid cash to T.G. Eastland. Then drove to S.E. Scott. He gave me a sett of [trac] chains as they were of no use to him. He sent his sycth & [ ] with me.

Sat. 12. Allan and me brought in a load of hay. Then I went to rakeing. I put up a few cocks.

Sunday 13. Mrs. M. Bird, Robert Bird & wife came and spent the day with us.

Mon. 14. Had S.E. Scott, C. Ellerton & Jas. Hamer mowing with they boys. I raked all that was cut before today. They boys put it up. I got 3 rake teeth from R.H. Best to be paid for in the fall. I broke one today.

Tues. 15. Drove to Apsley for sugar. Got none. Got a little mustard and fly paper at Lindsays. Not paid. Gave N.J. Webster a book, Within an Inch of His Life. He let me have two, Looking Back & ___________. Got home in time for tea. Then went to Fletcher with check for 24 dollars from [ ] [ ]. Got 18 dollars and due bill for [ ] . Then went to McPherson. He couldn't change a bill so I didn't pay him [ ] dollar. Looked awhile for [ ] [ ] [ ] got out. I took S.E. Scott to Mr. Middleton's. From there he went home. Got my hand [ ].

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