Study Spaces in Bata Library

Note: The information on this page is subject to change during our temporary relocation, April 2017 - May 2018.

Please consult our page on Bata Library Services During Renovations and the Map of Student Printing, Computing, and Study Locations.

There are 800 study-space seats and 200 teaching-space seats in the Bata Library. Spread over four floors, we offer space for individual study and group work, silent or quiet study; places where you can eat and places where you won't be distracted by other people eating; seats with power outlets.

  • See the Learning Zones for information on noise and food restrictions within the Library.

Group Study Space

  • Large tables on the Main (2nd)  and 4th Floors are popular places for groups to gather for collaborative study, project work, etc.
    • Several of the tables on the Main Floor have power outlets located on the underside of the tables.  (Do not stretch power chords across aisles, as this is a Health & Safety violation.)
    • The 4th Floor is a yellow zone (quiet floor), so noise should be minimal; if your group is disturbing others, you should move to the Main Floor.
  • Conversation Areas on the Main (2nd) Floor are made up of benches and clusters of soft chairs.
    • Bookable Group Study Rooms
      • These are available to students only.  Each member of a group can book the room for one hour per day.
      • Find most of these on the 1st (Lower) Floor.
      • Book them online through the University's Room Booking Portal.

    Workstations with Power

    • WARNING: Power chords must NEVER run across aisles, as this is a violation of Health & Safety regulations and a tripping hazard.
    • More than 230 study seats in the Library have power.
    • If you need to plug in, look for a spot on in front of a window, on any floor.  This includes the windows over the central atrium.
      • Study carrels and tables/desks in these areas are wired.
    • All the private study carrels have electrical outlets.
    • Some of the large tables on the Main Floor also have power - look for stickers on the sides indicating a power outlet underneath the table.
    • BL 201 has tables with power; this room is available for use if it's not booked for group work or teaching.

    Private Study Carrels

    On the 4th Floor there are 16 private day-use carrels for silent, individual study.

    • These are available to anyone, on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • They have no doors.
    • They have electrical outlets, a single desk and chair, and a light.

    There are also private carrels reserved for Graduate students; see the Graduate Student Study Carrels webpage for more details.

      Special Rooms

      • Classrooms: BL 401, 402, 103 (Film Theatre), 107.2 (AJM Smith Conference Room)
        • These are classrooms in Bata Library which are booked through the University's Room Booking Portal.
        • Classes are regularly scheduled in BL 401, 402, BL103 (Film Theatre) and BL 107.2 (AJM Smith Conference Room)
        • Equipment in these rooms is maintained by the University's IT department.
      • Collaboration Space: BL 201
        • The Bata Library Collaboration Space is an active learning room on the 2nd floor of Bata Library funded in part through a generous donation by David and Joan Moore. This proof of concept project by the Library, the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Information Technology (IT) supports collaboration and learning with wireless technology and configurable and accessible furniture.   
        • The room is available for workshops, teaching, training, and meetings and also provides an ideal space for students to collaborate, practice presentation skills and meet for group projects.
        • The room may be reserved through the University's Room Booking Portal.
        • See the Booking Guidelines for this space.
      • Computer Lab: BL 210 (Mac Lab)
        • This room can be booked by instructors for classes and workshops through the University's Room Booking Portal.
        • When not booked for a class, it is available for use.
        • Equipment in these rooms is maintained by the University's IT department.
      • Graduate Students' Reading Room: BL 314
        • Dedicated room for Graduate Students for quiet study and research. 
        • A cardswipe device restricts access to registered Grad students only. If you are having trouble accessing this room, please contact the Campus card office


      • Bata Library houses the largest campus computer lab.  The equipment is maintained by Trent's IT Department, and help is available at the IT HelpDesk.
      • These computers are equipped with Trent's standard software and available on a first-come, first-served basis.  They require a Trent login.
      • There are computers and printers on the Main (2nd) Floor and the 1st (lower) Floor of Bata Library. 
      • Mac computers and Chrome webstations are also located on the Main (2nd) Floor; these don't require a login.