Multimedia Room

The Multimedia Room of the Bata Library houses Photocopier/Scanners, Microforms, the Media Viewing Suite, and Current Periodicals. This room is located on the back wall of the Main (2nd) Floor, across from the base of the staircase. Assistance with any of these services is available from the staff door at the back of the room.

Photocopying & Scanning

The photocopiers can scan a document onto paper, or create a .pdf document for saving to a USB drive or emailing.

  • A black & white paper copy costs $.07 per page when you use your TrentU card or $.10 per page when you use the coin-operated photocopier.
  • Scanning to email or a USB drive is free.

One of our photocopiers accepts coins; the others accept only the TrentU card. 


Main (2nd) Floor Bata

  • 2 machines in the Multimedia Room - TrentU Card only
  • 1 machine in the Multimedia Room (BL 208) - coins only
  • 1 machine near the elevators - TrentU Card only

Using the TrentU Card to Copy or Scan

  1. Tap your card at the wireless icon on the front of the machine.
    • The first time you use a machine, it prompts you to authenticate your card by logging in with your myTrent username/password. 
    • Press the "Home" button on the control pad. On the screen, select what you wish to do:
      • "Copy" to create a paper copy.
      • "Scan" to create a .pdf for emailing or saving to a USB drive.
      • Insert your USB stick on the left side of the control panel, OR
      • Enter the TrentU email address you wish to send it to.
  2. When you're done, press the "Log Out" button on the control pad. 

This image shows the control pad and the screen:

Image of the control pad and home screen.

If you don't Log Out of your session at the end, the next person will be copying on your card, unless enough time has passed for it to time out.

Instructions are provided at each machine.  Download a copy of these instructions in .pdf format.

Adding Funds to Your TrentU Card

You can add funds to your TrentU card online, at the TrentU card office, or at the Durham Campus Library.

To add funds online, find the link in myTrent, under "Finances".

See details on the TrentU Card site.


Questions and concerns about the TrentU card system should be directed to the TrentU Card office.

Help with the photocopiers is available from the door at the back of the Multimedia Room (BL 208) in Bata Library during weekdays and from the Circulation Desk at other times.


Some of our library materials, particularly newspapers and some serials, are only available on microform (microfilm or microfiche). Historical collections are also available in this format. All microforms are listed in TOPCAT, which provides location and call number information.

Copies of microfilm or microfiche pages may be made using one of the special reader/printer machines in the Multimedia Room. These machines are coin or copy card operated. There are 3 machines: one is for viewing only, one is for viewing/printing, and the third is for viewing/printing/scanning images to a flash drive or network space. Instructions are kept by the machines.

Media Viewing Suite

The Media Viewing Suite has two VCR/DVD machines and 2 TVs for viewing videos, both DVD and VHS.  A  Viewing Suite key can be signed out by current students, staff or faculty at the Circulation Desk for 3 hours, to view these videos.

Current Periodicals

Current periodicals are current issues of print (hard-copy) subscriptions received at Bata Library. They are shelved alphabetically by title. These issues can be removed from the room for reading, but they cannot be taken outside the library.

As a rule, periodicals remain in this room as "current" until a volume is complete. In many cases, a volume represents a year's worth of issues, but each title has its own numbering system. Eventually the issues are sent outside the library for binding, after which they are shelved in the stacks under their call number. During the binding process (several weeks), the issues are unavailable.

Current issues are recorded in TOPCAT: look at the most recent issues received under "Periodical" in the TOPCAT record. Items bound and on the stacks are listed individually.

Only about 5% of our periodicals are received in print, so this is not a full representation of the journals available at Trent. The majority of our subscriptions are for online access and no physical copy is ever sent to the library. To find a journal in the library, use TOPCAT or Journals A-Z and search by journal title. See our online tutorials: Online Journals and Print Journals.


Assistance with all of these services is generally available Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. Ask at the door at the back of the room. Outside of these hours, ask at the Library Service Desk.

Assistance with the TrentU Card is available at the TrentU Card office.


Please read the notices regarding Copyright regulations. Copyright regulations are also posted in the photocopying areas. It is the responsibility of the individual doing the copying to comply with these federal regulations. If you have general questions regarding copyright, ask for assistance. However, the library does not provide legal interpretations of complex issues.