Learning Zones

Green Light - GroupworkYellow Light - Quiet StudyRed Light - SilenceFood OKNo Food AllowedNo Beverages Allowed

The library is the information centre and gathering place on campus for individual and group study. The library seeks to provide an environment that is conducive to all learning styles and to foster academic success. The Library has designated areas of the library for silent study, quiet study, group or collaborative study, and space to interact with others. 

To help with this, we have established coded Learning Zones. The purpose of these Zones is to promote the library as a space for research, reflection, discovery, and learning, while minimizing unwelcome disturbance to others. These colour coded learning zones identify different study areas and recommended noise levels and food restrictions to minimize unwelcome disturbances to others. We encourage students to select the Learning Zone that best fits the needs of their library visit.

The Library encourages a climate of mutual respect and civility and expects all library users to comply with the learning zones.

For a link to the full policy on Learning Zones, please click here. If you have questions, please ask library staff for assistance or email us.

Learning Zone Codes

  Expectations Benefits Cautions Locations
Red Light - Silence Silence.
No talking, socializing, or music.
Cell phone ringers off.
Silent area for concentration and studying. Zero tolerance for noise. The 3rd Floor is Red (exception: group study room).
Yellow Light - Quiet Study Quiet study in small groups is allowed.
Cell phone ringers off; no phone conversations.
Media viewing & listening to music is permitted with headphones at low volume.
Group and collaborative study areas. Work productively in the presence of others with some minor noise and distraction. Low-volume conversation relating to academic work is fine; no loud noise, music, socializing, or rowdiness.
(Exception: during instructional sessions organized by MaDGIC on 4th floor.)
Most of the 1st Floor and the 4th Floor.
Green Light - Groupwork Conversation-friendly.
Interact with others;
discreet cell phone use; media viewing & listening to music is permitted with headphones at low volume.
Group and collaborative study areas. Socialize while working. Background or "White noise" for those who prefer it.  Talking is permitted; however, no loud noise, yelling or rowdiness.
The 2nd (Main) Floor.
No Beverages Allowed. Beverages may not be brought into this area. Provides a clean environment for research and study and protects the collection. Zero tolerance for beverages.  Atlas and Air Photo Area on 4th Floor.
Lidded Beverages Allowed. Lidded beverages are permitted. Provides an area for drinking non-alcoholic beverages while working. Reusable containers are encouraged. Please tidy up and dispose of any containers in the appropriate recycle/waste containers.
No alcohol. No uncovered containers.
All  sections of the library (exception: Atlas and Air photo area on 4th floor).
No Food Allowed. No food is  permitted. Provides a clean, smell free environment
for research and study. Protects the collection and equipment.
Zero tolerance for food of ANY kind. All RED zone areas and the atlas/air photo area on the 4th floor.
Snack Food Allowed Consumption of snack food is permitted. See non-allowed items in "Cautions". Provides an area for eating while working, with minimal disruption to others.

Eating of snack food (e.g. granola bars) is permitted on 1st, 2nd and 4th floors. Please tidy up any waste and dispose of containers in the appropriate recycling/waste containers.
Non-allowed items: Food that requires utensils, hot or odorous food. Deliveries of food are prohibited (except authorized deliveries for sponsored events).

Please use cafeterias or Tim Horton's area for meals.

1st, 2nd (Main) and 4th floors (with exception of atlas & air photo section on the 4th floor).




Policy statement and non-compliance

This policy applies to all Bata Library users including students, faculty, community members and visitors to Bata Library. The  policy pertains to all open hours of the library and applies to all designated spaces in the library, exclusive of the archives, administrative space, classrooms or seminar rooms and the washrooms.

The Library encourages a climate of mutual respect and civility and expects all library users to comply with the learning zones. We encourage peer-to-peer monitoring of the zones and request that any necessary reminders to peers be respectful. Any concerns should be reported to a staff member or the Library support desk. Concerns may be reported by:

  • reporting in person to the Library Support Desk, 2nd floor
  • texting the Library support desk at 705-760-5023; please identify floor and area

Library client support staff, student assistants or library security will provide support in responding to complaints. However, if a library client becomes disruptive, confrontational or threatening, Trent Security will be called. 


    This policy is effective as of September 2010. Revised September 2014.