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Course Registration

All new and transfer credit students are encouraged to register for courses on-line during the summer. In a future mailing you will receive detailed instructions on course registration procedures. This information will also be posted on our website.

Please review the academic calendar (www.trentu.ca/calendar) to acquaint yourself with degree requirements and academic regulations as well as an academic timetable (www.trentu.ca/timetable) for course offerings.

A four year Honours degree program consists of 20 credits, thus, a normal course load per one academic year will involve 5 credits. Most of Trent’s courses run from September until the end of April: they are called full credit courses.

There are also courses which can be completed within a term: they are called half credit courses (they are marked with the suffix “H”). Fall half courses run from September until December and winter half courses run from January until the end of April. For each completed half course you will receive a 0.5 credit. You can take a combination of full and half credit courses keeping in mind that the total number of credits should equal to 5 credits.

New students are encouraged to explore subjects from as many disciplines as possible. A minimum 3 different disciplines must be represented in the course selection. If you are uncertain about your major (discipline of your specialization) you will have time to decide as you do not officially need to declare a major until your second year.

If you are planning to receive transfer credits, you must confirm your transfer credits with the Registrar’s Office before registering for courses.

An extensive session on academics (how to select your courses, choose a major(s), use your transfer credits, etc.) will be offered during the TIP Orientation Camp.

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