Trent-in Ghana

Application deadline:

February 10, 2017

Trent-in Ghana Program enables undergraduates to deepen their understanding of comparative and international development by living , studying and working in Ghana.

The program is based in Cape Coast in the South and Tamale, in the Northern Region.   Exposure to these various locations enables students to become familiar with the diverse cultures and regions of Ghana. 

Students spend a full academic year in Ghana, from September until the end of April, participate in several field trips, and work for twelve weeks with a development organisation.  Students register in five full credit course equivalents, and may not drop any while on the program. Ghanaian academics and development professionals provide instruction.  TIG selects five Ghanaian students to join the program.


"I think that the program has given me a lot more than I could have ever imagined. The time spent in Ghana gave me the confidence to travel anywhere. really. Coupled with that is the unique development perspective hat it offers. To eperience such a situation, with its heartaches, road bloacks and the up hill battle of development related work at such a oung age is something that offers nothing but a chance to grow"

Bromley Frey, IDS Student and Trent-in Ghana Participant


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