New Employee Orientation

1. Departmental Introduction Prior to Start Date:


Manager's play a key role in orienting new employees. Prior to the start date of a new employee, Manager's are encouraged to review the"Hiring Checklist - In Advance" where employees will be introduced to Trent University and many of its departments and services. 

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Hiring Checklist - In Advance


2. Departmental Introduction After Start Date:

Once the employee has started, Manager's are encouraged to review the "Hiring Checklist -Arrival" where employees will learn their role, the expectations and Trent's policies.

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Hiring Checklist -Arrival


3. Mandatory Training:


All new employees in Ontario, including student employees, casual employees, TAs, markers and volunteers receiving an honorarium of $500 or more, are required by law to complete the Ministry of Labour Health and Safety Worker Awareness Training on their first day of employment. New supervisors are required to complete the Ministry of Labour Health and Safety Supervisor Awareness Training.

Employees are only required to complete this Health and Safety Awareness training once. New employees who have completed their training at Trent University do not require proof of completion to be sent. If new employees have already completed this training through another employer, they must provide proof of completion to their supervisor prior to their start date. Supervisors are required to attach the proof of completion with the employee’s hiring paperwork, and inform Risk Management by email that the employee has already completed the training. Proof of completion will be retained on the employee’s personnel file.

Campus Violence and Harassment, Human Rights and AODA, WHMIS, and Privacy Training must also be completed within one week of commencing employment. All mandatory training can be accessed through Blackboard on the MyTrent Learning System: https://my.trentu.ca/portal.

Note: Students/staff that have a staff email account set up, are automatically enrolled in the mandatory training listed above. Those that do not have a staff email account, must email Risk Management to be manually enrolled.

New employees are also required to complete the "Employee Health & Safety Orientation Checklist". Trent University is committed to promoting health and safety in the work place by endeavouring to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses.

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Employee Health & Safety Orientation Checklist


4. Trent University New Employee Orientation:

Various departments from across campus have worked together to create an accessible, creative and informative online orientation for all new employees to access. All employees are invited to complete this training by logging in to their MyTrent Account using their employee username and password, then launch the Blackboard Learning System Application. Alongside the Online Employee Orientation, in-person networking opportunities will be held each semester for all new employees to provide an opportunity to meet other colleagues, develop a greater connection with the Trent community, and go on a guided tour of the campus.