Safety and Security

Safety is very important. For many students it is during university when they first live on their own, or first live with other students and not their families. Learning about safety and security issues is therefore extremely important, so that living off-campus while attending school is a safe and fun experience. Below are important contact numbers, addresses and web sites, to be used as a handy reference guide.

Emergency Services Contact Information

In an emergency please dial 911

Peterborough Fire Department Peterborough-Lakefield Community Police Service 
County of Peterborough EMS
210 Sherbrooke St.
Peterborough, ON
K9H 3K7
Tel.: (705) 745-3281 (main line)
Tel.: (705) 745-3284 (fire prevention)
Fax: (705) 745-2460
Web site
500 Water Street, Box 2050
Peterborough, ON
Box 2050
Tel.: (705) 876-1122 
Fax: (705) 743-1540
Web site

Station #1 - City of Peterborough
Station #2 - Village of Lakefield
Station #3 - Village of Apsley
Tel.: (705) 743-5263
Web site

Trent University Health and Safety Resources Contact Information

Trent University Health Services  Trent University Security Trent University Walk Home
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 7B8
Tel.: 748-1481
Fax: 748-1055
Web site
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 7B8
Tel.: (705) 748-1328
Web site
Champlain College, #306
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 7B8
Tel.: (705) 742-FOOT (3668)
Web site

Municipal Health Services Contact Information

Peterborough Regional Health Centre Peterborough Clinic Peterborough City-County Health Unit 
1 Hospital Drive 
Peterborough, ON 
K9J 7C6 
Tel.: 743-2121
Web site
327 Charlotte Street
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 7C3
Tel.: 743-2040
Fax: 743-4392
Web site
10 Hospital Drive
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 8M1
Tel.: 743-1000
Fax: 743-2897
Tel.: 748-2021 (Sexual Health Clinic)
Fax: 748-3865 (Sexual Heath Clinic)
Web site

Provincial Government Ministries Contact Information

Ministry of Public Safety and Security (Office of the Fire Marshal) Ministry of Public Safety and Security (Office of the Fire Marshal)
Head Office
5775 Yonge Street, 7th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M2M 4J1
Tel.: (416) 325-3100
Fax: (416) 325-3126
Web site
Southern Region (which includes Peterborough)
2284 Nursery Road
Midhurst, Ontario
L0L 1X0
Tel.: 725-7258
Fax: 725-7259
Web site

Utilities Contact Information

Peterborough Utilities Services Inc. Utilities Emergency Contact Numbers (24 hours a day)
P. O. Box 4125, Station Main
1867 Ashburnham Drive
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 6Z5
Tel.: 748-6900 (customer service)
Tel.: 748-9300 (general inquiries)
Tel.: 748-9301 (automated voice attendant)
Fax: 748-6761 (customer service)
Web site

Power outage - 748-9300
Water problem - 748-9300 
Sewer problem - 745-1386

Utilities problems may initially not seem to be an emergency, but during winter a problem with heat or hydro might very well be. These contact numbers are staffed twenty-four hours a day.


Renter's Insurance

Here are some links to either web pages that will list Insurance brokers, agents, or providers, or websites of some insurance providers. It is a good idea to have Tenant's insurance in case your personal belongings become damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Your landlord's insurance on your unit will not cover your belongings.


Safety Checklist

Are smoke detectors installed? (especially near sleeping areas)
Do the smoke detectors all work?
Do the smoke detectors have hush buttons?
Do I have spare batteries for the smoke detectors?
Are the smoke detectors checked at least once a month?
Is there a fire extinguisher in the house? Does everyone know how to use it?
Do I know at least two ways out of my room and accommodations?
Is there a a fire safety emergency plan? (with a pre-arranged meeting place)
Does the landlord keep in accordance with all safety regulations and by-laws?
Are all door locks working?
Are windows properly secured and able to be locked?
Are all stairs in good working order? Are they cleared of snow in ice in the winter?

Do I have Renter's insurance in case my belongings get stolen or damaged?