Single Rooms: 185
Double Rooms: 44

Triple Rooms: 33
Bathrooms: co-ed; traditional stall style


Click here to view a 3D drawing of a Single room in Otonabee College

Common Rooms

Each of the 8 houses in OC have a common room of their very own.  This common room is shared by the 35-45 students in the house, and is fully furnished with tables, chairs, a flatscreen television and at least one couch. 

Residence Life Coordinator:

Cory Coletta
Phone: (705) 748-1011, ext. 6176

College Office

Head of College: Ashley Wall
Phone: 705-748-1011, ext. 7742

Location: OC 301

Academic Advisor: Christy Carlson

Mailing Address

Otonabee College
Trent University
2151 East Bank Drive
Peterborough, ON
K9L 1Z8

About the College

The college's distinctive buildings range along a cedar ridge overlooking the river from which the college derives its name ('fast, flowing water'). To the east, an uninterrupted vista of rolling rural landscapes; to the west, the newly-constructed Peter Gzowski College and the Science buildings, the Faryon pedestrian bridge, providing easy access to the Bata Library, the Athletic Complex and the other Symons Campus colleges.

Eight "houses" of residence, all of them connected by an interior walkway called "the Street", make up Otonabee's residence. Each house contains single and double bedrooms with desks and closets, a kitchenette and a commons area. There is a laundry room for the college as well. Adjacent to the residence is the College Office where the Principal, College Assistant, and Senior Tutor have their offices. Past "the Link", a set of faculty offices, is located the academic wing.

Room & Furnishings and Dimensions

(The layout of furnishings varies depending on room type and design)

Single Room

One twin bed (storage room underneath)
One chair, desk lamp and desk
One storage table with two drawers (1 small, 1 large)
Two bookshelves (approximately 8 shelves)
Walk-In closet (contains a towel rack, small mirror)
One set of garbage/recycling bins
Wireless internet
Carpeted floor
Fluorescent lighting

Double Room
Two twin beds (storage room underneath)
Two chairs, desk lamps and desks
Two storage tables with two drawers each(1 small, 1 large)
Three bookshelves (approximately 12 shelves)
Two closet wardrobes (contain a towel rack, small mirror, one shelf)
Two bureau's with 4 shelves each
Two sets of garbage/recycling bins
Wireless internet
Carpeted floor
Fluorescent lighting

Triple Room
(For additional information regarding triple rooms, please read the Triple Room FAQ found below)
Three beds (combination of 'Bunk' and 'Loft' style layouts)
Three chairs, desk lamps and desks
In-room storage to accommodate three individuals
Three sets of garbage/recycling bins
Wireless internet
Carpet floors
Fluorescent lighting

Telephone & Internet

The cost of internet is included in residence fees.  Phone service is not provided but is available through Nexicom. 

There are competitive pricing structures for rates that vary depending on the country. For more information please visit

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