Joan Sangster


Professor, FRSC
M.A., Ph.D. (McMaster)
Traill College WH 101.3
(705) 748-1011 x 7705

Research interests: North American women’s history, working class history, law and the state, Aboriginal women’s history, feminist historiography

Current research: Contact Zones: Images of Indigenous life In post World War II Canada

Select Publications: monographs include: Transforming Labour: Women and Work in Postwar Canada (University of Toronto Press); Girl Trouble: Female Delinquency in English Canada (Between the Lines, 2002); Regulating Girls and Women: Sexuality, Family and the Law, 1920-60 (Oxford University Press, 2001) and Earning Respect: Working Women in Small-Town Ontario (University of Toronto Press).

Recent co-edited book: Crossing Boundaries: Women’s Organizing in Europe and the Americas, 1880s-1940s (Uppsala: University of Uppsala Press, 2007) .

Selected recent articles: “Queen of the Picket Line: Beauty Contests in the post World War II labour movement” Labor: Studies in Working Class History of the Americas” 5/4 (2008).

“Making a Fur Coat: Women, the Labouring Body and Working Class History,” International Review of Social History, 52 (2007).

“Constructing the ‘Eskimo’ Wife: White Women’s Travel Writing, Colonialism and the Canadian North,” in Magda Fahrni and Robert Rutherdale, eds., Creating Postwar Canada: Community, Diversity and Disssent, 1945-75 (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2008).

“Archiving Feminist Histories: Women, The ‘Nation’ and Metanarratives in Canadian Historical Writing” Women’s Studies International Forum, 29/3 (May June 2006): 255-6.

"Domesticating Girls: the Sexual Regulation of Aboriginal and Working-class Girls in Twentieth-century Canada", in Katie Pickles and Myra Rutherdale, eds., Contact Zones: Aboriginal and Settler Women in Canada’s Colonial Past (UBC Press, 2005).