Resources for Researchers and Writers

Academic Skills Workshops for Graduate Students

Critical Reading at the Graduate Level

Are you buried under a mountain of reading for your graduate courses or comprehensive exams? This workshop will explore how to read efficiently and effectively at the graduate level as well as present different methods of note taking when reading for different purposes.

  • Upon request

Writing at the Graduate Level

This workshop will discuss approaches to common writing assignments at the graduate level, from abstracts to literature reviews to papers. It will explore how to create, structure, and support arguments in graduate-level writing as well as review concepts of grammar and style.

  • Upon request


Time Management for Thesis and Dissertation Writers

This workshop will explore key time management principles and show how they can help you to define your academic goals, achieve balance in your life, and ease your anxiety. We will discuss specific strategies for long and short term planning, project management, and understanding and avoiding procrastination. After the presentation, participants will have the chance to use time management tools in order to begin their own time management plans. Come join us and begin to take control of your time - and your life.

  • Upon request

Presenting Your Research

This workshop will provide guidance on how to approach different types of research presentations including class presentations, conference papers, poster sessions, and even the two-minute conversational description of what your thesis is about.  We will discuss how to isolate main topics to be addressed, how to organize presentations, and how to become an effective public speaker.

  • Upon request

Bata Library Workshops for Graduate Students   

Fall Workshops

Introduction to Library Research at Trent for Graduate Students


Introduction to Citation Management: RefWorks, Mendeley, Zotero, etc....



Resources for Time Management and Study Skills

"Successful Transitions: Beginning Graduate Studies"
This booklet provides advice to ease the transition to graduate-level work, covering topics such as reading strategies, common graduate assignments, and the thesis/MRP process.

"Time Management For Graduate Students"
Tailored specifically for graduate students, this booklet applies the principles of time management to your teaching, writing, and research responsibilities.

The Outline as Time Management Tool - Blank (Word)
The outline can be a powerful tool for organizing your ideas and your time.This worksheet will help you learn how to identify, prioritize, and accomplish specific writing tasks in a timely manner.

Templates for Time Management

  • 24/7 Weekly Schedule
  • 4-Month Calendar - Blank

Resources for Research                                   

Bata Library Resources for Graduate Students
This page offers an overview of library resources and services for graduate students.

Bata Library Subject Guides
These pages offer a comprehensive list of indexes, web sites, and reference materials relevant to particular disciplines.

MaDGIC - Maps, Data & Government Information Centre
The Maps, Data and Government Information Centre (MaDGIC) serves as the campus centre for geospatial and statistical data, government publications, aerial photography and satellite imagery, maps and other cartographic resources. The Centre provides research and teaching support to the Trent community.   In addition the Centre gives workshops, hosts seminars, provides GIS support, and collaborates with members of the university and the external community on research projects. The Centre coordinates the University's ESRI campus site license for GIS software and ESRI Virtual Campus Training, and manages the University’s site licenses for spatial and statistical data. Key agreements include with the City of Peterborough, County of Peterborough, DMTI, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange, and Statistics Canada. The Centre would be delighted to assist with your research and teaching needs, and to participate in collaborative research projects.  

Academic Skills Documentation Guide
This web site provides detailed information on how to reference sources in all of the major documentation styles.

Research and Noteteaking
This booklet offers basic guidelines and advice on efficient research and note taking strategies.

Resources for Writers

Common Writing Assignments in Graduate Classes
This booklet provides a brief overview of the most commonly assigned papers in graduate courses.

Writing Conferences at the Academic Skills Centre
You can book a free and confidential appointment to discuss any aspect of your writing. Academic Skills instructors can help you organize your ideas, outline your paper, or upgrade your grammar skills. They can also look at partial drafts and comment on grammar, organization, and clarity. The ASC offers booked appointments at main campus from Tuesday-Friday and at Traill College on Wednesday afternoons. Call 748-1720 to book your appointment.

Academic Skills Online Guide to Grammar and Clear Writing
This web site provides guidance on how to identify and correct common grammatical and stylistic errors.

Bata Library's List of Graduate Writing Guides
Organized by subject, the library offers a comprehensive list of print and e-books on writing and publishing.

Resources for Academic Integrity

Graduate Student Academic Integrity Policy
This document outlines your responsibilities to maintain academic integrity as a graduate student at Trent. Note that this document is different from Trent's Undergraduate Academic Integrity Policy.

Avoiding Plagiarism by using Good Writing Techniques
This booklet shows the relationship between good research and writing skills and maintaining academic integrity.

Graduate Thesis Writers' Group

The Graduate Thesis Writers’ Group meets fortnightly during the summer term to discuss thesis-writing goals and challenges. The purpose of this group is to support writing and productivity, to encourage effective goal setting, and to establish accountability for grad students writing a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. Discussion topics encourage participants to carefully consider writing as product and process; we’ll talk about procrastination, perfectionism, organization, writer’s block, revision, and more.

In addition, group members share their writing-in-progress, offering thoughtful feedback on writing, with particular focus on clarity, organization, integration of evidence, and style. This review process is reflective and grounded in the premise that careful and purposeful reading can lead to better writing.

This group is open to Trent graduate students from all programs. Participants will have access to blackboard for sharing files, downloading handouts on the writing process, and communicating with group members. This online support offers accessible solutions for students who are unable to attend meetings in Peterborough.

The thesis writers' group is facilitated by Academic Skills at Trent. For further information, please contact ASC instructor, Erin Stewart Eves.


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