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The Trent Graduate Students’ Association (TGSA) has an active voice at Trent. All registered graduate students, full-time or part-time (including those enrolled under the Trent-Queen's agreement) become, by virtue of the fee paid, a member of the Trent Graduate Students' Association.

About the TGSA

The Trent Graduate Students' Association (TGSA) is a not-for-profit student-led incorporation which acts on behalf of all graduate students enrolled at Trent University. Our goals are to represent your interests, advocate for your needs, and to promote equity and social justice.

We do this by maintaining communication with Trent University administration, faculty, staff, and undergraduate students, as well as organizations outside of the Trent community. Graduate Students are represented on the University Senate, and the Research, Graduate Studies, Education Development (COED), Animal Care, Academic Computer Services, Library Services, Research (NSERC, SSHRC), Special Appeals, and Teaching Awards committees, among others. 

TGSA Activities

The TGSA meets its mandate by administering a health benefits plan for all graduate students, organizing both social and academic events throughout the year, and providing financial support for graduate students. 

We provide financial support directly to students through conference and academic bursaries, as well as to events that foster intellectual growth and a sense of community, such as the Thomas HB Symons Seminar Series.  We also subsidize the costs of thesis binding for graduating students.

In addition, the GSA has created two $1,000 bursaries awarded annually by Graduate Studies to one Master's and one Ph.D. student.  If you have applied to the Fall/Winter bursary, you will be considered for one of these bursaries.

Our social events include summer BBQs and end-of-term banquets, in addition to various monthly events throughout the academic year.

Getting Involved

There are a number of ways to become involved with the TGSA. Students cna run for year-long elected positions or serve on the Board as a program representative. Please visit our "Volunteer" page for a complete list of positions available, or contact to indicate your interest.