Professor James Buttle

B.A. (Hons.), University of Toronto
Ph.D., University of Southampton

Research and Teaching Interests:

Jim Buttle's research focuses on hydrological and hydrochemical processes, and their response to landscape change. His current work examines soil water, groundwater and streamflow response to forest harvesting in various landscapes across Ontario.

Jim teaches a variety of undergraduate courses in Physical Geography, including Earth’s Physical Processes and Environments, Hydrology, Hydrogeology, and  Large-scale Geomorphology . Each course emphasizes the field work aspects of the subject, as well as the application of modelling approaches.

Selected Recent Publications:

Ali G, Tetzlaff D, McDonnell JJ, Soulsby C, Carey S, Laudon H, McGuire K, Buttle JM, Seibert J, Shanley J. 2015. Comparison of threshold hydrologic response across northern catchments. Hydrological Processes 29: 3575-3591.

Tetzlaff D, Buttle JM, Carey SK van Huijgevoort MHJ, Laudon H, McNamara J, Mitchell CPJ, Spence C, Gabor RS, Soulsby C. 2015. A preliminary assessment of water partitioning and ecohydrological coupling in northern headwaters using stable isotopes and conceptual runoff models. Hydrological Processes 29: 5153-5173.

Bialkowski R, Buttle JM. 2015. Stemflow and throughfall contributions to soil water recharge under trees with differing branch architectures. Hydrological Processes 29: 4068-4082.

Tetzlaff D, Buttle JM, Carey SK, McGuire K, Laudon H, Soulsby C. 2015. Tracer-based assessment of flow paths, storage and runoff generation in northern catchments: a review. Hydrological Processes 29: 3475-3490.

Frost PC, K. Song K, Buttle JM, Marsalek J, McDonald A, Xenopoulos MA. 2015. Urban biogeochemistry of trace elements: What can the sediments of stormwater ponds tell us? Urban Ecosystems 18: 763-775.

Buttle JM, Greenwood WJ, Gerber RE. 2015. Spatiotemporal patterns of stream runoff and baseflow for basins draining the Oak Ridges Moraine, southern Ontario, Canada. Canadian Water Resources Journal 40: 3-22

Oni SK, Futter MN, Buttle J, Dillon PJ. 2015. Hydrological footprints of urban developments in the Lake Simcoe watershed, Canada: A combined paired-watershed and change detection modeling approach. Hydrological Processses 29: 1829-1843.

Egginton P, Beall F, Buttle J. 2014. Reforestation – climate change and water resource implications. The Forestry Chronicle 90: 516-524.

Buttle JM, Toye HJ, Greenwood WJ, Bialkowski R. 2014. Stemflow and soil water recharge during rainfall in a red pine chronosequence on the Oak Ridges Moraine, southern Ontario, Canada. Journal of Hydrology 517: 777-790.

Creed IF, Spargo AT, Jones JA, Buttle JM, Adams MB, Beall FD, Booth E, J. Campbell J, Clow D, Elder K, Green MB, Grimm NB, Miniat C, Ramlal P, Saha A, Sebestyen S, Spittlehouse D, Sterling S, Williams MW, Winkler R, Yao H. 2014. Changing forest water yields in response to climate warming: Results from long-term experimental watershed sites across North America. Global Change Biology 20: 3191-3208.

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Ali G, Tetzlaff D, Kruitbos L, Soulsby C, Carey S, McDonnell J, Buttle J, Laudon H, Seibert J, McGuire K, Shanley J. 2013. Analysis of hydrological seasonality and across northern catchments using monthly precipitation-runoff polygon metrics. Hydrological Sciences Journal 59: 1-17.