Roberta Bondar Fellowship
in Northern and Polar Studies

A Frost Centre Postdoctoral Fellowship

The position is for a 12 month term (with an option of a one time 12 month renewal) at a salary of $50,000, plus a research allowance. This position is aimed at recently graduated Ph.D.’s (within 5 years of graduation) with research interests in any area of Northern and Polar studies, focusing on, but not strictly limited to, Canada’s North. The candidate is expected to reside locally and participate in the general milieu of Trent and especially its Northern Studies activities. Specific duties consist of teaching one course equivalent in the area of the candidate’s specialty and two public lectures.

In accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, this advertisement is directed to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada. 

The Bondar Fellowship application information for the 2017-18 period is available here.

2015-2017 Bondar Fellow - Dr. Rafico Ruiz

Dr. Ruiz began his two years as the Roberta Bondar fellow in August 2015, during which he will work closely with Dr. Stephen Bocking in the Environmental and Resource Studies program. Dr. Ruiz will also deliver public lectures, as well as a new senior undergraduate course relating to northern studies that will be of interest to students in a wide range of degree programs.

Dr. Ruiz, who holds a Ph.D. in Communication Studies and the History and Theory of Architecture from McGill University, comes at the study of the North with a humanities background. His research tells the story of how under increasingly widespread conditions of water scarcity, various corporate and state actors are turning to North Atlantic icebergs as a potential water source to address a future with fewer and more expensive sources of water.

2012-2014 Bondar Fellow - Dr. Allice Legat

Community-Based Research Activities:

Project Community Group Links
Boreal Caribou (To?dzi ) Habitat and Disturbance in Wek’e`ezhi`i Wek'eezhii Renewable Resource Board www.wrrb.ca

Tlicho Govenment www.tlicho.ca


Please check our youtube page for past speaking engagements of our Bondar Fellows, and also for the North at Trent lectures series.