Trent University has earned a reputation for exceptional teaching and innovative research activity.  The University as a whole nurtures a collaborative atmosphere in which students from across the country and around the world are encouraged to engage in interdisciplinary learning while enjoying a variety of social and cultural activities.  For graduate students in particular, Trent affords a rich research and learning environment.


Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies at Trent University

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Trent University has a well-established reputation for excellence and innovation in the field of Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies.  The Canadian Studies Ph.D. and the M.A. in Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies are embedded in that legacy, drawing on faculty from the humanities, social sciences and other interdisciplinary fields.  The richness that such diversity provides fosters the interdisciplinarity that lies at the heart of the programs.  Trent University prides itself on developing a collegial and collaborative atmosphere between students and faculty, something readily fostered by the Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies, which draws together scholars and students from the local, national and international community. ort.Canadian Studiesity

As a Research Centre for Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies, the Frost Centre:

  • Promotes and funds new research initiatives under the Centre's liaison and facilitating umbrella.
  • Supports research and faculty development through the sponsorship of colloquia, conferences and  workshops.
  • Facilitates inter-institutional communication, expanding opportunities for faculty in a small university to participate in large-scale research with larger centres.
  • Creates opportunities for outside scholars to work at Trent on joint projects during sabbaticals or leaves.
  • Encourages young scholars and post-doctoral fellows through Centre-sponsored collaborative research programs.
  • Encourages scholars to respond to the issue of concerns of the community, as part of their degree, through engaging in community-based research http://www.trentu.ca/academic/tccbe/projects.html
  • Oversees theVisiting Roberta Bondar Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Northern and Polar Studies .
  • Publishes the Frost Report annually.

"Although Trent is a relatively small university, and the Frost Centre a relatively small department within it, I always felt that I was a part of something very important, worthwhile and inspirational. In particular, I found the interdisciplinary emphasis, which focused on Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies, challenging, stimulating and extremely rewarding. My time at the Frost Center has shaped my academic career in a myriad of positive ways." Lynda Mannik

Karleen Pendleton Jimenez
Acting Director
Kerr House, Traill College
Trent University

Telephone: (705) 748-1011 x 7705

Email: kpendletonjimenez@trentu.ca

Cathy Schoel
Administrative Assistant and Graduate Programs & Research Centre Coordinator
Kerr House, Traill College
Trent University
Telephone: (705) 748-1750
Email: cathyschoel (at) trentu.ca

Office Location
Suite 103, Kerr House, Traill College, Trent University
299 Dublin Street
Peterborough, Ontario K9H 7P4

Telephone Number: (705)748-1750
Fax Number: (705) 748-1801
E-mail: frostcentre (at) trentu.ca


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