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 “Encouraging scholars to respond to the issue and concerns of the community, as part of their degree, through engaging in community-based research.”


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Community-Based Education

The Community-Based Education (CBE) Program can provide you with an opportunity to enhance your graduate degree.  The program enables you to take your degree into Peterborough and Haliburton Counties by completing community-inspired projects for academic credit.  A Community-Based Education (CBE) project may be carried out as an assignment within a particular course or may become the focus of a major research paper or thesis.   

In coordination with a faculty supervisor, all CBE projects are supported by staff from the Trent Centre for Community-Based Education (Peterborough) and the U-Links Centre for Community-Based Research (Haliburton).  A list of available projects is available at; however, if you are interested in pursuing this opportunity as part of your graduate degree, you are encouraged to contact staff directly.  We can provide more detailed information about current projects, inform you of projects in development, and talk to you about your research ideas to determine if there is a community fit.

The CBE Program is designed to:

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U-Links Centre for Community-Based Research
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