Admission Requirements - B.Sc.F.S.

Admission offers to the Forensic Science (B.Sc.F.S.) program will be based on an evaluation of academic performance.

Students should have a minimum 75% average to apply.

The average will be based on the marks from the 4 pre-requisite courses plus an additional 2 Grade 12 U/M courses.

Applicants to the B.Sc.F.S. program should have:

  • ENG4U, SBI4U, SCH4U, and
  • MCB4U or MHF4U or MCV4U or MGA4U, or
  • the equivalent

A 4U credit in physics is also strongly recommended.

Admission Requirements - Joint Degree

Applying for undergraduate studies at Trent is easy! To view admission requirements, please visit How Do I Apply?

Students in provinces other than Ontario will want to determine if their courses are equivalent to the Ontario courses listed above. Consult the University Viewbook, which contains a chart of course equivalences by province. Please contact the Registrar's Office for more details.

Admission Requirements - Transfer to Year 2 of the Forensic Science Program

It is also possible to transfer into the second year of the Forensic Science Program. Note that you must have completed all of the same courses as those who entered the Program in their first year.

All Trent University students applying for second year entry to the Forensic Science Program must have completed the following courses by May 1, of the current year: FRSC 1010H, FRSC 1011H, FRSC 1100H, Biology 1030H, Chemistry 1000H, Chemistry 1010H, Math 1050Y and 1 full credit.

The form to transfer to Forensic Science second year is now on the portal and can be found under the Academics tab/Admissions