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By the end of February, T2202A tax receipts will be available to students on-line at MyTrent.

Past students have 18 months from their last registration after leaving Trent to log into the portal and retrieve tax forms. For assistance with forgotten user IDs and passwords, please contact the Helpdesk at:

2016 Tax forms can be retrieved as follows:

Current Students

1. Log into your myTrent portal

2. Click the Finances tab

3. Click the Tax Forms icon

4. Open the appropriate tax folder for the tax form you want to access.


Alumni Student Access:


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For further login assistance email or call 1-866-449-0072.

T2202A Tax Receipt

Canada Customs & Revenue Agency dictates that to be eligible to receive a T2202a the fees paid to an educational institution must exceed $100.00 and courses must be at a post-secondary level. The T2202A will show the eligible fee amounts for the Tuition Tax Credit for the applicable taxation year. The calculation includes all registration fees except transportation and student levies. The full-time and part-time education amount is calculated based on the number of months a student is actively enrolled in an eligible course.

Note: Residence fees are not eligible for the tax form. If you have questions about this ineligibility, please direct your inquiries to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Reporting Errors or Obtaining Duplicates: a prior-year tax form can be provided at a cost of $18.50 per tax form and will take 24 hours to produce.

University privacy guidelines will not allow the release of student information to any one other than the student concerned without the online consent from the student. Further information on the University's privacy policy is available on our Access & Privacy Policies page.

Tuition Amount Calculations

Time Period Covered

The Income Tax Act provides for a tax credit in respect of eligible tuition and other fees paid or assessed for a taxation year (January to December inclusive).

Receipts issued will cover only sessions attended during each particular taxation (calendar) year. As a consequence, amounts covering the full academic session that commences in September 2016 and ends in April 2017 will not be used. Only the September to December 2016 and other terms during 2016 will be covered by the certificate.

For example, a student paid $1000 tuition for one full course that is offered over the Fall/Winter academic session 2016/2017 (September - April).

The 2015 T2022A certificate will show:

Session Periods = Sept-Dec 2016
Tuition Fees = $500
In other words, tuition receipted will show only the assessed cost of those course registrations, or part thereof, that actually occur during the 2016 taxation (calendar) year. (Using the above example, the remaining $500 will be receipted on the 2017 tax certificate.)

Tuition Assessed versus Tuition Paid
Tax receipts issued by Trent University will show the amount of eligible tuition and other fees assessed, not the amount of tuition actually paid during a taxation (calendar) year.

T4A Tax Receipts
T4A tax receipts are issued for either scholarships, bursaries or other monetary awards. These slips are mailed to the most recent address on your official file and can also be accessed on your MyTrent portal.

T4 Tax Receipts

T4 tax receipts are issued by an employer to employees for income they earned in the calendar year. For information on these T4's only, contact the Payroll Office.

Ontario Tax Credit

If you lived in a residence at a designated Ontario university, college or private school residence, you can claim only $25 as your occupancy cost for the part of the year you lived in such a residence.

Ontario tax credits are funded by the province. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) administers the program on behalf of Ontario through the federal income tax system. Claim your $25 tax credit included in your federal T1-General income tax return. Visit for more information An official letter from the University is not required as the student completes the information requested in the declaration for the property tax credit.

The Canada Revenue Agency stipulates that you cannot claim meals and lodging as tuition fees. Current information on CRA regulations and guidelines for tuition and education amounts can be found online on the Students and Income Tax page.

Assistance with Your Claims
Canada Revenue Agency guidelines for students 'Students and Income Tax' can be obtained directly from their web site at:

Additional Tax Links
Canada Revenue Agency

Change of Address

It is the student's responsibility to maintain current and up-to-date mailing address, e-mail and contact information on the records of the University. Address changes and updates to contact information may be done through MyTrent.