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Refund Schedule


The refund tables outline the percentage at certain dates during the academic year at which credit is calculated for full withdrawal from the University or for a course drop by a part-time student. The actual amount of refund will depend on the amount of fees actually paid. The refund schedule assumes that all fees are paid. Student Association and Organization Fees are not refundable by the University.

Important information about refunds

  1. Students are advised to check the refund schedule prior to dropping courses. Credit will only be issued for courses dropped within posted refund deadlines.

  2. Refunds on accounts will not be processed unless 100% of all fees for the academic session have been paid.

  3. Students withdrawing and receiving a refund will have the refund processed within 45 days of the withdrawal date.

  4. Refunds of residence fees are subject to the terms of your residence contract. 
    Dropping a course or withdrawing from the University doesn't automatically cancel your residence reservation or your residence contract. Contact the Housing website for more information.

  5. Refund Administrative Fee of $25.00 will be charged.

    a. The University does not reimburse third parties and will issue  a refund only to students (excluding sponsored students).
    b. Refunds of overpayments paid on the Trent University website will be refunded through the same process. 
    c. Refunds for excess funds transferred to the student account by wire payment will not be refunded by cheque to the student, but will be returned by wire to point of origin. 

International Students

International students requesting a refund for non-attendance, are required to provide one of the following documents to the university:

Wire Transfer Refund Request Form

  1. Letter confirming enrolment at another Canadian university.
  2. Confirmation of change of immigration status by Citizenship &
    Immigration Canada.
  3. Refusal of study permit/visa application by Citizenship &
    Immigration Canada.

Archived Refund Schedules


Fall 2016/Winter 2017

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