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Questions of the Week?

We have provided the answer to some of the current frequently asked questions.

                     Promissory Note *New*

Q. The Promissory Note is new, how do I know if I need to complete it?

A. If you are receiving funding from any of our approved funding sources, you need submit a Promissory Note to the University so we know how you are paying your fees.

Q.  Why do I have to complete a Promissory Note?

A. The Promissoy Note allows you to defer payment of your term fees  because you have approved funding from a source that will make your payment after the start of term and after the payment due date. 

Q.  What if I submit my Promissory Note late?

A. If we don't have your Promissory Note by September 1st, your account will be billed a late fee, interest will accrue and your account will be blocked.  Your Promissory Note will be accepted late during the deferral period but you will be responsible for the $75.00 late fee.

Q.  I submitted my Promissory Note but my status has not changed to "Fees Arranged?

A. If there are no errors on your Promissory Note sumission, your Promissory Note will be processed in 3 business days.  If there is a problem with your submission, we will notify you by email and give you 3 business days to resolve the problem without incurring a late fee.  Be sure to check your email account regularly.


Q: I am receiving OSAP funding, do I have to pay my fees by the September 1st payment deadline?

A: No, you do not have to pay your fees by September 1st but you are required to submit a Promissory Note by this date.  Once the University confimrs your funding, we will update your payment status to "Fees Arranged".  This status will allow you to defer your payment until September 30th. Please note, accounts that remain outstanding after the end of the deferral period will be charged a $75.00 late payment fee, the unpaid balance will be subject to interest and the account will be blocked.