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Confidentiality of Student Fee Information

Privacy Protection" for Student Accounts

The handling of all personal information by the University is governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All information regarding student fees is treated as confidential and will normally only be released to individual students. In cases where sponsoring government and private agencies and organizations or individuals are paying fees on the student's behalf, the student may wish to waive the right of privacy and allow the University to release information about the status of fees to avoid any interruption in payment. To ensure that the necessary fee information is available to sponsoring agencies, etc. students must complete the Release of Information Form, found under Forms on the Academic tab in myTrent.

Log into the myTrent portal

  1. Click on the Academic tab
  2. Find the Release of Information form found under the FORMS heading
  3. Click on the link to Add or Release Name
  4. Complete the form with the required information
  5. Tick the Student Account Information (Fees) Release box and submit the form

Tuition Tax Receipt Information Click here

Change of Address

It is the student's responsibility to maintain current and up-to-date mailing address, e-mail and contact information on the records of the University. Address changes and updates to contact information may be done through MyTrent.