Make A Payment



How to submit a Promissory Note


Log in to your student portal on myTrent using your Trent University username and password.  Click on the FINANCES tab, scroll down to MyAccount and click on the Promissory Note icon.


Machine generated alternative text:


Select the term covered by your funding agreement. If your sponsor is paying your fees for multiple academic terms, you will have to complete a Promissory Note for each term.

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Promissory Note Financial Commitment 
Term - Select the term for which you wish to complete the Promissory Note: 
@ 2016FA

Select your funding source:


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In the Source of Funding field, select the type of funding you are receiving by clicking on the button found on the 
left side of the funding list which corresponds to your funding source - please submit separate promissory notes 
if you are receiving funding from multiple sources on the list of funding types. 
Source of Funding. 
OSAP - Ontario Student Assistance Program funding 
Other Provincial Loan Programs - outside of Ontario 
Saudi Arabia Government Scholarship Financial Guarantee - 
Band Sponsorship Funding - $35 Sponsorship fee applies 
O Trent University staff/dependent fee waiver 
Other government funding outside of Canada 
$35 Sponsorship fee applies 
@ Incoming Exchange Student (on formal exchange program with Trent University) 
Sponsored by external organization - $35 Sponsorship fee applies



If your funding documentation has been sent directly to the university - check the box.  If we do not have a copy of your funding agreement, we will notify you by email.  All students receiving OSAP should check this box



Machine generated alternative text:
Documentation on proof of 
C) My sponsor will submit proof of sponsorship/financial guarantee directly to Trent University OR upload 
your documentation



If you are not receiving OSAP or your sponsor has not sent a copy of your funding agreement directly to the University, upload your proof of sponsorship.  Browse and attach your document, ensuring your file is labelled with your 7 digit student ID number and name.



Machine generated alternative text:
Upload Proof of Sponsorship/Financial Guarantee-not required for OSAP or incoming exchange students. 
Browse... No file selected.



I you need to change the file - click on the Delete button to remove the file and return to the Browse button - you will receive a prompt asking if you really wish to delete the file



Machine generated alternative text:
Really delete file? 



Click OK or Cancel as necessary


To submit your Promissory Note, you are required to read and agree to all terms by checking each box.


Machine generated alternative text:
By electronically submitting this Promissory Note, I have accepted and voluntarily agree to the following terms - 
please click on each check box to indicate your acceptance of the terms (an * indicates a required field - you 
need to check the corresponding check box to indicate you've read and understand the terms of the promissory 


Machine generated alternative text:
@ 1_ I understand that government student loans are for the purpose of funding my education at Trent University. 
I therefore agree that if I have elected to have the government student loan funds deposited into my personal 
bank account I will personally pay the balance on my student account to Trent University. 
@ 2_ I understand that all approved scholarships, bursaries, awards, tuition benefits and sponsorship funding will 
be applied directly to my student account on myTrent during the term_ 
@ 3. I understand that submitting expired, incorrect or incomplete proof of alternate funding sources will delay 
me being granted registered status as "Fees Arranged" by Trent University and that consequently a late fee may be 
@ 4_ I understand that in consideration of being granted registered status at Trent University, I am legally 
obligated to pay all outstanding fees listed on my student account on myTrent, even if my government student 
loans or alternate sources of funding are reduced or denied. I further agree that I will pay all outstanding fees 
upon request of Trent University_ 
@ 5_ I understand that I must remit payment for any balance not covered by another source of funding as 
indicated above, or be subject to late penalties and interest_after September 30th 2016_ 
@ 6_ I understand that any balance which remains outstanding on my student account for more than 30 days 
past the due date for payment of fees, will trigger a Financial Hold which will restrict my access to view grades, 
enroll in courses and obtain transcripts. 
@ 7_ I understand that I am responsible for the related fees on all dropped credits which are outside of the 
financial drop deadlines and as such are not eligible for a financial appeal.


Machine generated alternative text:
@ Acceptance of Terms and Conditions - By electronically submitting this Promissory Note, I acknowledge that 
I have read and understand the terms and conditions. 
Information and Privacy 
Any personal information submitted is collected and used by Trent University under the authority of Section 
18(3)(c) of the Trent University Act, 1963 and will be used only for the stated purpose by the authorized University 
department(s) to inform the provision of academic and administrative services. 



Click the Submit button to send your Promissory Note to our queue for processing.  Once submitted, you will receive a response back to your web browser confirming your submission of the promissory note. You will also receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your promissory note which will display the information that was submitted



Returned submissions -

Submissions that are incomplete or not approved will be returned to the student and will appear in the Notification section on thier myTrent portal.  An email will also be sent.


Machine generated alternative text:
July 4. 2016 
Promissory Note 
You have a pending Returned Submission.


To Review and Revise Your Submission

Click on the returned submission link in the notification section - complete/modify the form as directed in your email and then scroll to the bottom and Submit the form again. If necessary, delete and begin again.

How Do I Know if My Promissory Note has been Processed?

Log in to myTrent, click on the FINANCES tab and open your Statement of Account.

At the bottom of your statement, you will see a statement that your fees have been arranged.




Students paying the semester fee in full will not see this note on their statement, but can confirm good standing by the display of $0.00 balance on their statement. (Education students are required to pay the 50% of the academic year - AY invoice).