Make A Payment


Payment Fees

Upon registering in a course, students accept responsibility for all financial obligations with the University regardless of how the fees are being funded. (e.g., RESP's, government loans). It is also the responsibility of students to be aware of all financial and academic deadlines and to ensure they are officially registered in their courses using myTrent.

Credit will not be issued for dropped courses once financial deadlines are past. Payments will be applied to any balance owing from prior sessions before being applied to current session fees. Students who register for courses but do not attend classes are responsible for all fees.

If we do not receive your payment on time, a late fee of $75 plus interest at a rate of 12% per annum or 1% monthly. 

Promissory Note *New*

The Promissory Note allows you to defer payment of your term fees because you have approved funding from a source that will make payment after the start of term and after the payment due date.  All students in undergraduate, post-graduate, and Bachelor of Education programs should complete the promissory note if they have an approved source of funding and would like to request a payment deferral.

Approved Funding Sources


  • OSAP or Other Provincial Student Loans
  • Saudi Arabia Government Scholarship Financial Guarantee*
  • Band Sponsorship Funding*
  • Trent University Tuition Waiver
  • Other government funding outside of Canada
  • Incoming Exchange Student (on formal exchange program with Trent University)
  • Third-party Sponsorship*


*$35 Sponsorship fee applies


All students completing the Promissory Note are required to indicate their source of funding and upload funding documentation with their submission.  OSAP students do not need to provide documentation as the University is able to confirm entitlement directly with the Ministry. 

If there are no errors on your Promissory Note submission, your Promissory Note will be processed in 5 business days.  Once we confirm how you are paying your fees, your registered status at the bottom of your account statement will be updated to "Fees Arranged".  If there is a problem, we will contact you at your TrentU.ca email address.


Promissory Notes are due by September 1st so we know how your fees will be paid.  Students with "Fees Arranged" status can defer payment until September 30, 2016.  After September 30th, accounts will be subject to a late payment fee, interest on the unpaid account balance and will have their account blocked.

Instructions for Completing Promissory Note

For answers to questions about the Promissory Note, read our frequently asked questions.