Make A Payment


Health and Dental Insurance

Students have voted to make membership in a student insurance plan mandatory for most Peterborough, Durham and George Brown students. Premiums cover certain health and dental expenses. Visit the TCSA website for the schedule of benefits available to you under the group insurance plan.

To make premium collection efficient and inexpensive for the Trent Central Student Association, Trent University has agreed to collect/charge the premium to student's accounts. The fee for individual coverage is automatically charged to your student account with family coverage available directly from the TCSA.

Students are encouraged to contact the Student Association or visit the website to learn more about the Student Benefits Plan options and confirm opt-out deadlines as soon as they arrive on campus. It is each student's responsibility to meet all deadlines associated with the Student Benefits Plan.

Students are given the opportunity to opt-out of the Student Benefit Plan if they have alternative coverage. See your Student Association for more details.

All students are responsible to pay the mandatory premium charged to their student account.

If you have questions contact the Trent Central Student Association.