Paying your fees with OSAP, Scholarships and Bursaries:

How to pay your fees

You may use OSAP, and Trent scholarships and bursaries to pay your fees. For information on fee payments, and deadlines, please visit the Student Accounts web site.

Paying with OSAP

Paying fees with OSAP is easy. Pay the required tuition advance to the Student Accounts office. You may then use OSAP, scholarships, entrance bursaries and your own resources to pay the balance.

OSAP is released in two installments; 60% in the fall term and 40% in the winter term.

You have two ways to pay with OSAP:

1) When you apply for OSAP, indicate that you would like Trent University to remit fees on your behalf. The Financial Aid office will calculate your fees and remit the installment amount directly to the Student Accounts office. Please make sure you check your Student Account regularly to ensure that your account is paid.

2) When you apply for OSAP, indicate that you do not want Trent to remit fees on your behalf. You want all money to go directly to you, and you will take responsibility for payment.

Important notes:

No matter which method you select, you must check to make sure your student account is fully paid. OSAP is not designed to cover 100% of all fees. If you are living in residence, you may have to remit extra money (depending on the cost of your room) to fully pay all your fees.

Make sure that you have submitted all the required paperwork to complete the OSAP process. Your Master Financial Agreement must be taken to a designatied post office - in person. Bring Government issued photo ID and your SIN card. Visit the Canlearn web site for a list of designated post offices. This only needs to be done in your first year. Your signature and consent pages must be mailed to the Financial Aid office at Trent University.

To check your funding: please visit the OSAP web site

To check your student account: please log in to the student portal, click on the tab 'my account' and select your statement of account.

Paying with a Trent Scholarship or Bursary

Final scholarship and entrance bursary notices will be sent to your Trent email by mid August.

All Scholarship and bursary awards will be credited directly to your student account during the fall term.  Simply subtract the amount of your anticipated scholarship or bursary from your total fees owing. No late fees will be charged.

How to get help:

Phone: 705-748-1524

Oshawa students toll free: 905-435-5102 x1524

Email: financialaid@trentu.ca

Please provide student number on all emails and phone messages.

Peterborough Students

Visit the Financial Aid Office in Blackburn Hall.

Office hours:
Mon-Thursday: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Friday: 10: am - 4:00 pm.

Please bring:
1. Your SIN card
2. Valid Government issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc)

Oshawa students

Oshawa students may contact the Financial Aid office by email at financialaid@trentu.ca or call 905-435-5102 x1524.

Please provide student number on all emails and phone messages.