Net Tuition FAQ


Why does the OSAP amount show as $0.00 (or not at all) when I am supposed to be receiving OSAP? 

Your OSAP amount may not display or will display as $0.00 until the Financial Aid Office confirms your enrolment.  It may also display as $0.00 because you have elected to have all OSAP funding directed to your bank account ("do not remit fees on my behalf"). 

Where can I see how much I am to pay? 

Trent is providing OSAP students with a customized statement of account which will provide the amount to be paid to Trent after financial aid is deducted from fees.  Students can check their balance due with Trent on their Statement of Account through their myTrent portal under the FINANCES tab.  

What is the Net Tuition Summary? 

The Net Tuition Summary is an estimate of your tuition costs (not including ancillary and levy fees) after the non-repayable component of your OSAP assessment, plus expected institutional support is deducted from your current term tuition costs.  Your net cost estimate is subject to change if you change your course load, or if there are changes to your OSAP application. 

Why is my Statement of Account different than the Net Tuition Summary? 

You Statement of Account displays your registration and residence costs (if applicable), your expected OSAP entitlement (per term), and institutional support (if eligible).  The Net Tuition Summary displays costs due per term, minus expected non-repayable grants from your OSAP. 

The current balance on my Statement of Account is still showing a balance owing but I am an OSAP student.  Why is this? 

If you still have a current balance owing past the September 30 payment due date you should check the status and funding details of your OSAP application at  

  If you have selected to have your funding directed to your bank account on your OSAP, you will show a balance due until you have made payment to your Student Account at Trent.  Please note, if your OSAP funding for the term does not cover your fees due, you will show a balance owing that is your responsibility to pay. 

What if my OSAP is greater than my costs? 

OSAP will only remit the balance due to Trent. Any remaining OSAP funding will be remitted to the bank account you indicated on your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement with OSAP. 

What is institutional support? 

Institutional Support is funding (Scholarships & Bursaries) you are eligible to receive from Trent provided you meet all of the eligibility requirements. Visit Financial Aid for more information.  

  For all Graduate program inquiries, please visit Graduate Studies.  

What is the difference between tuition and registration fees, and where can I find a breakdown of the compulsory fees I have been billed? 

Registration fees billed to students consist of tuition, ancillary and levy fees.  A breakdown of fees can be found at Financial Services.

What do I do if I can’t pay my remaining balance by the due date? 

Please contact Student Accounts.

What is ‘free tuition’ as per OSAP? 

‘Free tuition’ is in reference to the grants you will receive from OSAP. If eligible, your grants could be equal to your tuition costs with Trent. Please note this is only the tuition costs, not auxiliary or compulsory costs. 

What is Non-Repayable Aid? 

Non-Repayable aid refers to the grants you are receiving from OSAP. Grants are non-repayable aid, therefore ‘free’ funding from OSAP.  

Why are my grants not equal to my cost of tuition? 

Grants are calculated through OSAP's assessment process. Not all students will receive grant funding equal to their tuition costs (ie: free tuition). Students can request their OSAP be reviewed for further explanation by contacting the Financial Aid Office at Trent.  

If I’m getting ‘free tuition’, do I have to pay the school?


Yes, your tuition fees will be reflected on your Statement of Account, and you are responsible for making payment to Trent. The term ‘free tuition’ is only referring to the amount of non-repayable aid (grants) that a student is receiving from OSAP. 

What is Pending OSAP? 

This amount is from your OSAP application. It is the amount of funding to be remitted to Trent towards your balance due. Once the funding has been received from OSAP the "Pending" status will be removed.