In-Course Bursaries

Trent University is committed to supporting financial accessibility to post-secondary education.


Current students with a demonstrated financial need may be eligible for bursary to supplement their primary source of funding (OSAP or aid program from another province). Students who meet the qualifications may apply for a Trent University general bursary, or a donor sponsored bursary (listed below) each term they require financial assistance.


Below you will find information regarding in-course and external bursary options:


If you need help along the way, email or call us at (705) 748-1524

Student Support (OTSS)

In 1996-1997 the Province of Ontario established the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund to assist students with a financial need. Fifty percent of this endowed fund is provided by the Province and 50% has been provided through fundraising by the University. Annual proceeds from investment earnings are available in the form of in-course bursaries to Ontario residents. A second phase of OSOTF was introduced in 2003. In some instances, academic excellence as well as financial need will be a determining factor. All bursaries and awards established or modified since 1996-1997 must adhere to the OSOTF guidelines listed below. In 2005 the Province of Ontario established the OTSS matching gift program to replace the OSOTF program. The OSOTF guidelines noted above also apply to bursaries and awards established through the generosity of donors and matching OTSS funds.

OSOTF & OTSS Eligibility Guidelines


Students must be Ontario residents to receive OSOTF and OTSS bursaries and awards. To qualify for provincial residency: prior to the beginning of their current full-time post-secondary study session, students or their parents or their spouses must have lived in Ontario for at least 12 consecutive months without being full-time post-secondary students. Students must demonstrate financial need and be in receipt of OSAP to qualify for OSOTF and OTSS bursaries and awards.


Eligible students may apply for OSOTF and OTSS bursaries using the General Bursary application available on the Financial Aid website.


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In-Course Bursaries

Bursaries are awarded each term for students with demonstrated financial need. To demonstrate financial need, students must be in receipt of OSAP, Canada part time student loans, First Nations band funding, or the government financial aid program of their home province.

Students may complete one application each term to be assessed for all available bursary funding. The application is available, at the beginning of each term, in the myTrent student portal.

For a full list of all of our Donor sponsored bursaries, please refer to the Undergraduate Scholarships, Prizes, Bursaries & Awards listing available on the Academic Calendar web page: trentu.ca/calendar/


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External Bursaries

Students are also encouraged to investigate external bursary opportunities:


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