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Bursaries & Awards

Trent University is committed to supporting financial accessibility to post-secondary education and offers a large number of bursaries and awards for both entering and current students.


Below you will find information about the bursary and awards program at Trent, and links to the specific bursary opportunities:


If you need help along the way, email or call us at 705-748-1524.

What is a Bursary?

A bursary is a financial award granted to students on the basis of financial need. Students must be in receipt of OSAP, or the financial assistance program from another provincial government, to be eligible to receive a bursary at Trent University. Bursaries do not replace OSAP or other provincial government funding, but rather, serve as a supplement to that funding source.


Visit the OSAP & Government Funding pages for more information on provincial government funding programs.

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Entrance Bursaries & Awards

Trent offers a variety of entrance bursaries to new students with demonstrated financial need, who are starting in September and are attending post-secondary education for the first time.


Visit the Entrance Bursares page for more information about entrance bursary options, eligibility, and application.

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In-Course Bursaries

Bursaries are awarded each term for students with demonstrated financial need.  Applications will be available starting in September.


Visit the In-Course & External Bursaries page for more information about in-course bursaries


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Trent Work Study Program (TWSP)

Funded by Trent University, TWSP provides more than 300 part-time jobs on campus for full-time students. Students may earn up to $2,000 during the school year. TWSP is available for students receiving OSAP or the student aid program from another province.

Visit the Trent Work Study Program page out more information about the program, including eligibility and application.

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