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Gdi-nweninaa (Our Voice - Our Sound)


Gdi-nweninaa is a collection of Ojibway and Odawa words organized and presented by themes.  This type of organization was recommended to Shirley by Aboriginal language students and teachers who wanted an easier way to look up and learn the words in Nishnaabemwin.  The themes are grouped into five chapters: 

Chapter One gives the words of the names of birds, fish, insects, farm animals, forest animals, herbs, trees, plants and flowers. 

Chapter Two consists of Time and includes measurement of time, division of days, sky world, months, commerce, counting and weather. 

Chapter Three is Relatives, along with human anatomy, tasks, mental thoughts, illnesses, aboriginal regalia, contemporary clothing, household belongings, kitchen utensils, foods, fruits and berries, vegetables and meat. 

Chapter Four gives the various aspects of Community such as people, geography, holidays, chores, occupations and public buildings. 

Chapter Five  consists of a number of recreational activities such as games (toys and sports), camping, musical instruments (traditional and contemporary), travel and hobbies.

The majority of the entries in the Gdi-nweninaa are nouns.  Both animate and inanimate nouns are listed and each entry is extended to show the prefixes and suffixes that are used to create the possessive, plural, locative, pejorative, dubitive and preterit forms of the words.  Some verbs are also listed. 

Enaadezewin / Nature

Bineshiinyag / Bineshiinhig Birds
bine partridge
bine (
bine’ig / bnewag (pl.)
bine’iing  (loc.)
nda-bine’im (poss.sing.)
nda-bine’imag (
binens (dim.sing.)
binensag (
nda-binensim  (dim.poss.sing.)
nda-binensimag (
bine’ish  (pej.sing.)
bine’ishag (
binedig (dub.sing.)
binedigenag (
bineba (pret.sing.)
binebaniig (
Giigoonyag  Fish
ogaa pickerel
ogaa (
ogaag / ogaawag (pl.)
ogaang  (loc.)
nda-ogaanhim (poss.sing.)
nda-ogaanhimag (
ogaans (dim.sing.)
ogaansag (
nda-ogaansim (dim.poss.sing.)
nda-ogaansimag  (
ogaanish (pej.sing.)
ogaanhishag (
ogaandig (dub.sing.)
ogaandigenag (
ogaanba (pret.sing.)
ogaanbaniig (
Mshkiki Herbs
nimkiibag thunder weed (poison ivy)
nimkiibag (n.sing)
nimkiibagook (pl.)
nimkiibagkoong (loc.)
nda-nimkiibagoom  (poss.sing.)
nda-nimkiibagoomag  (
nimkiibagoons  (dim.sing.)
nimkiibagoonsan  (
nda-nimkiibagoonsim  (dim.poss.sing.)
nda-nimkiibagoonsimag (
nimkiibagwaash  (pej.sing.)
nimkiibagwaashan (
nimkiibagwaadig (dub.sing.)
nimkiibagwaadigenan (
nimkiibagwaaba (pret.sing.)
nimkiibagwaabaniin (
Minidooshensag Insects
zigime mosquito
zigime (
zigimeg (pl.)
zigimeying (loc.)
nda-zigimem  (poss.sing.)
nda-zigimemag (
zigimens (dim.sing.)
zigimensag (
nda-zigimensim  (dim.poss.sing.)
nda-zigimensimag  (
zigime’ish  (pej.sing.)
zigime’ishag (
zigimedig (dub.sing.)
zigimedigenag (
zigimeba (pret.sing.)
zigimebaniig (
Mitigoog Trees
giizhkenh cedar
giizhkenh (
giizhkenyag (pl.)
giizhkenying (loc.)
ngiizhkenyim (poss.sing.)
ngiizhkenyimag  (
giizhkens (dim.sing.)
giizhkensag (
ngiizhkenysim (dim.poss.sing.)
ngiizhkenysimag (
giizhkenyish (pej.sing.)
giizhkenyishag (
giizhkenydig (dub.sing.)
giizhkenydigenag (
giizhkenyba (pret.sing.)
giizhkenybaniig (
Ookaanag Farm Animals
nimosh dog
nimosh (
nimoshag (pl.)
nimoshing (loc.)
nda-nimoshim (poss.sing.)
nda-nimoshimag (
nimoshens (dim.sing.)
nimoshensag (
nda-nimoshensim (dim.poss.sing.)
nda-nimoshensimag (
nimshish (pej.sing.)
nimshishag (
nimshadig (dub.sing.)
nimshadigenag  (
nimshaaba (pret.sing.)
nimshaabaniig  (
Wesiinyag / Wesiinhig  Forest Animals
waawaashkesh deer
waawaashkesh (
waawaashkeshook (pl.)
waawaashkeshing (loc.)
nwaawaashkeshim  (poss.sing.)
nwaawaashkeshimag (
waawaashkeshiins (dim.sing.)
waawaashkeshiinsag (
nwaawaashkeshiinsim (dim.poss.sing.)
nwaawaashkeshiinsimag (
waawaashkeshish (pej.sing.)
waawaashkeshishag (
waawaashkeshdig (dub.sing.)
waawaashkeshdigenag (
waawaashkeshba (pret.sing.)
waawaashkeshbaniig  (
Zaagkiig Waaskoneyin Plants-Flowers
semaa tobacco
semaa (
semaag (pl.)
semaa’ng  (loc.)
nda-semaa’m  (poss.sing.)
nda-semaa’mag (
semaans (dim.sing.)
semaansag (
nda-semaansim  (dim.poss.sing.)
nda-semaansimag (
semaa’sh  (pej.sing.)
semaa’shag (
semaadig (dub.sing.)
semaadigenag (
semaaba (pret.sing.)
semaabaniig (



D'bahgan Measurement 
ngo-giizhig one day
ngo-d’bik one night
ngo-name-giizhig one week
ngo-giizis  one month
ngo-b’boon one year 
D’bahgiiswaan Measure of Time
ngod-d’baganed It is one o’clock
ngod-d’baganed-iskwaa-aapta-d’bikad  one hour after midnight
ngod-d’bagaans 1 minute
ngod-d’bagaans jiibwa mdaaswi-d’baganed  1 minute before ten o’clock
ngod-d’bagaans ishkwa mdaaswi-d’baganed 1 minute after ten o’clock
Ezhsing Giizhig Division of Days
biidaaban dawn
biidaaban (n.inan.sing)
biidaabang (loc.)
biidaabans (dim.sing.)
biidaabansag (
biidaabanish (pej.sing.)
biidaabanishag (
biidaabanidig (dub.sing.)
biidaabanidigenan (
biidaabaniba (pret.sing.)
biidaabanibaniig (
Giizhigadoon Weeks Days
Christian influence:
Name-giizhigad It is prayer day
Shkwaa-name-giizhigad It is day after prayer day
Niizh-giizhigad It is second day after prayer day
Zoozep-giizhigad It is St. Joseph’s day
Spinganong It is Consecration day
Jiibaatoo / Jiibaatigo-giizhigad It is the Cross day
Maanii-giizhigad It is Mary’s day
Traditional names:
Ntam-giizhigad first day
Niizhoo-giizhigad  second day of the week
Nso-giizhigad third day of the week
Aaptoosing-giizhigad  half of the week
Niio-giizhigad fourth day
Naano-giizhigad  fifth day
Ngodwaaso-giizhigad sixth day
Aanjinii-giizhigad angel day
Giizhigoong Sky World
dbiki giizis moon
dbiki-giizis (
dbiki-giizookg (pl.)
dbiki-giizoong (loc.)
dbiki-giizoons (dim.sing.)
dbiki-giizoonsag (
dbiki-giizoonish (pej.sing.)
dbiki-giizoondig (dub.sing.)
Giizoog Months
Mnidoo-Giizis January
Mkwa-Giizis February
Onaabdin-Giizis March
Poopoogami-Giizis April
Nmebine-Giizis May
Waabgonii-Giizis June
Miin-Giizis July
Mnoomnii-Giizis August
Waabaabagaa-Giizis September
Bnaakii / Bnakwe / Bnaakwii-Giizis October
Baashkaakodin-Giizis November
Mnidoo-Giizis December
Gindaabkwewin Commerce
zhoon’yaa  money
zhoon’yaa (n.inan.sing)
Niibina zhon’yaa (pl.)
zhon’yaang (loc.)
nzhon’yaam (poss.sing.)
zhoon’yaans (dim.sing.)
zhoon’yaansan (
nzhon’yaasim (dim.poss.sing.)
nzhon’yaasiman (
zhon’yaa’ish (pej.sing.)
zhon’yaa’ishan (
zhon’yaadig (dub.sing.)
zhon’yaadigenag (
zhon’yaaba (pret.sing.)
zhon’yaabaniin (
Gindaaswin Counting
bezhig one
niizh two
nswi three
niiwin four
naanan five
ngodwaaswi six
niizhwaaswi seven
nshwaaswi eight
zhaangswi nine
Naamdikwewin Weather
*** Gdi-nweninaa will contain many possibilities *** 



Aakoziiwin/ Naapnewin Sickness
ziisbaakwodaapnewin being in the state of sugar diabetes
ziisbaakwodaapnewin (n.)
ziisbaakwodaapne (v.)
ziisbaakwodaapneng (loc.)
ziisbaakwodaapne’wish  (pej.)
ziisbaakwodaapnedig (dub.sing.)
ziisbaakwodaapnedigenag (
ziisbaakwodaapneba (pret.sing.)
ziisbaakwodaapnebaniig (
Jiibaakwe-nakaazwinan Kitchen Utensils
mookmaan knife
mookmaan (n.inan.sing)
mookmaanan (pl.)
mookmaaning (loc.)
nda-mookmaanim (poss.sing.)
nda-mookmaaniman (
mookmaanens (dim.sing.)
mookmaansan (
nda-mookmaanemsim (dim.poss.sing.)
nda-mookmaanensiman (
mookmaanish (pej.sing.)
mookmaanishan (
mookmaandig (dub.sing.)
mookmaandigenan (
mookmaanba (pret.sing.)
mookmaanbaniin (
Maanwang Fruits / Berries
de’min / ode’imin strawberry
de’min / ode’imin (n.inan.sing)
de’minan  (pl.)
de’mining (loc.)
nde’minim (poss.sing.)
nde’minman (
de’minens (dim.sing.)
de’minensan (
nde’minensim (dim.poss.sing.)
nde’minensiman (
de’minish (pej.sing.)
de’minishan (
de’mindig (dub.sing.)
de’mindigenan (
de’minba (pret.sing.)
de’minbaniin (
Miijim Food
nboop soup
nboop (n.inan.sing)
nbooping (loc.)
nboobiins (dim.sing.)
nboobyisham  (pej.sing.)
nboobiidig (dub.sing.)
Nda-nakiiwin My Tasks 
miigwech thank you
Nenmowin Mental thoughts
baapaawin the state of laughter
baapaawin (n.)
baapaapi (v.)
baapaaping (loc.)
Netaawgingin Vegetables
pin potato
pin (
piniig (pl.)
pining (loc.)
nda-piniim (poss.sing.)
nda-piniimag (
piniins (dim.sing.)
piniinsag (
nda-piniisim (dim.poss.sing.)
nda-piniisimag (
pinish (pej.sing.)
pinishag (
pindig (dub.sing.)
pindigenag (
pinba (pret.sing.)
pinbaniig (
Nishnaabe Gwiwnan Aboriginal Regalia
waawaashkeshii-wegani-mjigoodenh deer hide dress
waawaashkeshii-wegani-aanziiyaan deer hide breech cloth
waawaashkeshii-kaadni-wegan deer hide leggings
Nishnaabe-zhigaawin Dances
dodemogaawin clan dance
Gwenan Contemporary Clothing
aanzyaan loin cloth
aanzyaan (n.inan.sing)
aanzyaanan (pl.)
aanzyaaning (loc.)
nda-aanzyaanim (poss.sing.)
nda-aanzyaaniman (
aanzyaanens (dim.sing.)
aanzyaanensan (
nda-aanzyaanensim (dim.poss.sing.)
nda-aanzyaanensiman (
aanzyaanish (pej.sing.)
aanzyaanishan (
aanzyaandig (dub.sing.)
aanzyaandigenan (
aanzyaanba (pret.sing.)
aanzyaanbaniin (
Nwendaagewin My Relatives
nzigosis my aunt
nzigosis (
nzigosisag (pl.)
nzigosising (loc.)
nzigosisens (dim.sing.)
nzigosisensag (
nzigosishish (pej.sing.)
nzigosisdig (dub.sing.)
nzigosisdigenag  (
nzigosisba (pret.sing.)
nzigosisbaniig (
Wiigwaaming -dbendaaswin Household furniture / belongings
taaswin cupboard
taaswin (n.inan.sing.)
taaswinan (pl.)
taaswining (loc.)
nda-taaswinim (poss.sing.)
nda-taaswiniman (
taaswaans (dim.sing.)
taaswaansan (
nda-taaswaansim  (dim.poss.sing.)
nda-taaswaansiman (
taaswinish (pej.sing.)
taaswinishan (
taaswindig (dub.sing.)
taaswindigenan (
taaswinba (pret.sing.)
taaswinbaniin (
Wiiyaw Human Anatomy
de' heart
de (n.inan.sing)
de’en (pl.)
de’eng (loc.)
nde (poss.sing.)
nde’iman (
de’ens (dim.sing.)
de’ensan (
nde’sim (dim.poss.sing.)
nde’siman  (
de’enyish (pej.sing.)
de’enyishan (
de’edig (dub.sing.)
de’edigenan (
de’ba (pret.sing.)
de’ebaniin (
Wiiyaas Meat
waawaashkesh-wiiyaas venison
waawaashkesh-wiiyaas  (n.inan.sing)
waawaashkesh-wiiyaasan (pl.)
waawaashkesh-wiiyaasing (loc.)
nwaawaashkesh-wiiyaasim (poss.sing.)
nwaawaashkesh-wiiyaasiman  (
waawaashkesh-wiiyaasens (dim.sing.)
waawaashkesh-wiiyaasensan (
nwaawaashkesh-wiiyaasensim (dim.poss.sing.)
nwaawaashkesh-wiiyaasensiman (
waawaashkesh-wiiyaasish (pej.sing.)
waawaashkesh-wiiyaasishen (
waawaashkesh-wiiyaasdig (dub.sing.)
waawaashkesh-wiiyaasdigenan (
waawaashkesh-wiiyaasba (pret.sing.)
waawaashkesh-wiiyaasbaniin (


Odenaawin / Community

Bemaadzijig People
bemaadizid a person / life
bemaadizid (
bemaadizi (v.)
bemaadizijig (pl.)
nda-bemaadiziim (poss.sing.)my life
Enkamigaak Geography
zaagigan lake
zaagigan (n.inan.sing)
zaagiganan (pl.)
zaagiganing (loc.)
nzaagiganim (poss.sing.)
nzaagiganiman (
zaagigans (dim.sing.)
zaagigansan (
n-zaagigansim  (dim.poss.sing.)
n-zaagigansiman  (
zaagiganish (pej.sing.)
zaagigan’shan (
zaagigandig (dub.sing.)
zaagigandigenan (
zaagiganba (pret.sing.)
zaagiganbaniin (
Gchi-twaa-giizhigadoon Special Holidays
Nimkwadaadin / nimkoodaadin New Year’s Day
Gimaa-giizhigad  Boxing Day
Bangwi-giizhigad / Pangwi  Ash Wednesday
Gchi-twaa-Spiinaganwang Holy Thursday
Mkadeke-giizhigad Good Friday
Gchi-twaa-Maanii-giizhigad  Holy Saturday
Baakwan / Gchi-name-giizhigad Easter
Dbiskaawin  Birthday
Gchi-gimaa-kwe-giizhigad Queen Victoria’s Day
Ngashi-giizhigad Mother’s Day
Noos-giizhigad Father’s Day
Nishnaabe-dkaami-giizhigad  Native Border crossing day
Nokii-giizhigad  Labor Day
Miigwechwi-giizhigad Thanksgiving Day
Disewin/tasenwan Halloween
Jiibaya-giizhigad  All Soul’s Day
Niibaanamom Christmas
Nswi-m’shkodewin-gchi-twaa monjiddowin  3 Fire’s Gathering Spiritual Celebrations
Eshkakimig-kwe-giizhigad  Mother Earth Day
Kewin giizhigad  Flag Day
Zhimaagnishii-giizhigad Remembrance Day
Nooswinke-giizhigad  Naming Ceremony Day
Niibiwekegamagad Making of marriage ceremony
Ndadiziikewin State of giving birth
Wiigkimowin Invitation
Gchi-gimaa-zhenmogowin  King’s welfare day
Zhenmogowin State of pitifulness (welfare)
Ziigindaaswin Baptism
Nakiiwin / Naadmaagewin Chores / Helpfulness
Waawaashkeshiiken Go deer hunting
Nakiiwnan Occupations
gtige-nini  farmer
gtige-nini  (
gtige-ninoog / wag (pl.)
gtige-niniing (loc.)
nda-gtige-niniim  (poss.sing.)
nda-gtige-niniimag  (
gtige-niniins (dim.sing.)
gtige-niniinsag (
nda-gtige-niniinsim  (dim.poss.sing.)
nda-gtige-niniinsimag  (
gtige-niniiyish  (pej.sing.)
gtige-niniiyiishag  (
gtige-niniidig (vub.sing.)
gtige-niniidegenag (
gtige-niniiba  (pret.sing.)
gtige-niniibaniig  (
Wiigwaaman Public buildings
wiiyaas-daawegamig butcher shop / meat store
wiiyaas-daawegamig (n.inan.sing)
wiiyaas-daawegamigoon (pl.)
wiiyaas-daawegamigoong (loc.)
nda-wiiyaas-daawegamig (poss.sing.)
nda-wiiyaas-daawegamgooman (
wiiyaas-daawegamgoons (dim.sing.)
wiiyaas-daawegamgoonsan  (
nda-wiiyaas-daawegamgoonsim (dim.poss.sing.)
nda-wiiyaas-daawegamgoonsiman (
wiiyaas-daawegamgwash  (pej.sing.)
wiiyaas-daawegamgwashan  (
wiiyaas-daawegamdig  (dub.sing.)
wiiyaas-daawegamdigenan  (
wiiyaas-daawegamba  (pret.sing.)
wiiyaas-daawegambaniin  (


                 Pogadakamagizowin / Recreation

Damnowaanzhsan Toys / Games
damnowin game
damnowin (n)
damno (v)
damnonan (pl.)
damnoning (loc.)
ndamnonim (poss.sing.)
ndamnoniman (
damnowaans (dim.sing.)
damnowaansan (
n-damnowaansim (dim.poss.sing.)
n-damnowaansiman (
damnonish (pej.sing.)
damnonishan (
damnonadig (dub.sing.)
damnonadigenan (
damnonaba (pret.sing.)
damnonabaniin (
Damnowewinan Sports / Games
bkwaakwadokewin ball game
bkwaakwadokewin (n.)
bkwaakwadoke (v.)
bkwaakwadokenan (pl.)
bkwaakwadokeng (loc.)
Gbezhiiwin Camping
jiimaan boat
jiimaan (n.inan.sing)
jiimaanan (pl.)
jiimaaning (loc.)
nda-jiimaanim (poss.sing.)
nda-jiimaaniman (
jiimaanens (dim.sing.)
jiimaans (
nda-jiimaanensim (dim.poss.sing.)
nda-jiimaansiman (
jiimaanish (pej.sing.)
jiimaanshan (
jiimaandig (dub.sing.)
jiimaandigenan (
jiimaanba (pret.sing.)
jiimaanbaniin (
Gchi-zhaa’aazhi-madwewechiganan Traditional Music Instruments
jiingtam-namaazowin  the act of spirit calling songs
jiingtam-namaazowin (n.)
jiingtam-namaazo  (v.)
jiingtam-namaazong  (loc.)
Nongwa madwewechiganan Contemporary Music Instruments
daabaani-madwewechigan car radio
Paayaang Travel
zhooshjiwe-daaban sled
zhooshjiwe-daaban  (
zhooshjiwe-daabaanhzo / zhoozhooshjiwe (v.)
zhooshjiwe-daabaanag (pl.)
zhooshjiwe-daabaaning  (loc.)
n-zhooshjiwe-daabaanim (poss.sing.)
n-zhooshjiwe-daabaanimag (
zhooshjiwe-daabaanens (dim.sing.)
zhooshjiwe-daabaanensag  (
ndoo-zhooshjiwe-daabaanensim  (dim.poss.sing.)
ndoo-zhooshjiwe-daabaanensimag (
zhooshjiwe-daabaanish (pej.sing.)
zhooshjiwe-daabaanishag (
zhooshjiwe-daabaandig (dub.sing.)
zhooshjiwe-daabaandigenag  (
zhooshjiwe-daabaanba  (pret.sing.)
zhooshjiwe-daabaanbaniig (
Pogadakamagizowin Hobbies
wiigwaaskewin the art of birchbark picking
wiigwaaskenh (
wiigwaaske (v.)
wiigwaaskeng (loc.)
nwiigwaasim (poss.sing.)
nwiigwaasiman (
wiigwaasens (dim.sing.)
wiigwaasensan (
nwiigwaasensim (dim.poss.sing.)
nwiigwaasensiman (
wiigwaasenhish (pej.sing.)
wiigwaasenhishan (
wiigwaas’dig (dub.sing.)
wiigwaas’digenan (
wiigwaaseba (pret.sing.)
wiigwaasebaniin (



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