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Professor Shirley Williams - nee (Neganigwane) (Nishnaabe-kwe),
B.A. (Trent), N.L.I.P. Dip. (Lakehead), M.A. (York)
office: Otonabee College 216
telephone: (705) 748-1011 ex. 1477
email: siwilliams@trentu.ca

Shirley Ida Williams is a member of the Bird Clan of the Ojibway and Odawa First Nations of Canada. Her Aboriginal name is "Migizi ow-kwe" meaning "that Eagle Woman". She was born and raised at Wikwemikong, First Nations Unceded Reserve on Manitoulin Island, she now resides in Peterborough. She attended at St. Joseph's Residential School, Spanish, Ontario. Shirley has lectured across Ontario promoting Nishnaabe language and Culture. She received her B.A. degree in Native Studies from Trent University. She received her diploma in Native Language Instructor's Program, Lakehead University and did her M.A. at York University on Environmental Studies on Language and Culture on Manitoulin Dialect in 1996. Shirley started her work in the Native Studies Department in 1986 to develop and promote Native language courses within the department.

Shirley is a consultant and sat as an Elder at Sweetgrass First Nation Language Council, for the Woodland Cultural Center, Brantford, Ontario. She has traveled across Ontario to many Native communities and universities giving: lectures, seminars, workshops on various Native issues including language and culture. She has published a book "Aandeg" meaning "The Crow" and has translated Lenora Keeshig-Tobias's book, called "Bird Talk". She has translated in Ojibway, a pamphlet for the Government on Breast Cancer for Women and other government documents. She has written other articles regarding Native languages and culture. Many others share her enthusiasm for keeping the language alive and strong. She is one of the founding members that came together to form what is now known as the Nishinaabemowin Teg Incorporation. Shirley shares her time and plays an active role in Nishnaabemowin Teg by being a Board Member since its inception in 1995.

Shirley also has numerous projects in the works/under her wing, such as the, RNL project (the Revitalization of the Nishnaabemowin Language Research Project), the Lexicon Dictionary which is a collection of Ojibway and Odawa words organized and presented by themes. She calls it, Gdi-nweninaa, meaning "Our Voice, Our Sound" in Ojibway. She is working on other language text related to her courses Language Instruction on Hockey CD Rom in Ojibway, Cross-word Puzzles and Flash Cards (these are a set of color flash cards which help the students to associate the Nishnaabe words with a picture of the item). In her leisure time she enjoys traveling and dances as a traditional woman dancer following the Pow wow trials during summer time plus teaching at Native Language Instructor's Program during her summer holidays. You might see her one-day at Pow wow, busy making notes for the latest edition of the Nishnaabemowin text which is one of her pet projects.

Recent Publications:

Paper on Ojibwa Hockey CD Rom On the make! SILI Conference, Toronto, Ontario
Gdi-nweninaa, Our Voice, Our Sound, Peterborough, 2002