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2 January 1960

letter to David G. Pitt [praise for preface of Here the Tides Flow]

20 January 1960

letter to R.G. Everson [praise for Everson's poems]

23 January 1960

David G. Pitt visits EJP to discuss Here the Tides Flow and to interview him for possible biography

11 February 1960

letter to David G. Pitt [enjoyed interview]

2 March 1960

makes tape recording for school broadcast

Spring 1960

photograph of EJP with students at graduation party

attends funeral of former University College colleague Malcolm Wallace

photograph of Malcolm Wallace and EJP (June 1956)

1 April 1960

moves from 47 Glencairn Avenue duplex to Clifton Manor on Elm Avenue in south Rosedale

12 April 1960

letter to Ethel Allen [note of thanks (help for moving)]

8 May 1960

photograph of EJP

19 May 1960

interviewed in preparation for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television programme Close-Up

21 May 1960

has stag party for Northrop Frye at York Club

7 June 1960

records poems by Carl Sandburg and "The Prize Cat" and "Erosion" at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation studio for programme on Sandburg

30 June 1960

interviewed at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation studio by J. Frank Willis for television programme Close-Up

EJP interviewed by J. Frank Willis

25 July 1960

letter to Arthur S. Bourinot [note of thanks (More Letters of Duncan Campbell Scott)]

9 August 1960

tapes reminiscences of Arthur Meighen at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation studio for radio memorial

12 August 1960

receives copy of the Oxford Book of Canadian Verse from A.J.M. Smith

13 August 1960

letter to A.J.M. Smith [praise for The Oxford Book of Canadian Verse]

15 August 1960

broadcast of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation programme on Carl Sandburg, including EJP's readings of "The Prize Cat" and "Erosion"

22 September 1960

letter to David G. Pitt [photograph for frontispiece of Here the Tides Flow]

22 September 1960

interviewed on film in Edwards Gardens by J. J. Frank Willis for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television series "Close-Up," to be broadcast on 7 February of the following year

10 November 1960

letter to Sister Dorothy Marie Doyle [recordings of The Titanic]

21 November 1960

reads selections from The Titanic, and of "The Unromantic Moon," "Cherries," "The Good Earth," "Putting Winter to Bed" at Canadian Literature Club

15 December 1960

tapes lecture on King Lear


publication of "Mother and Child." Greeting card illustrated by Claire Pratt, 1961

January 1961

makes last public speaking appearance, at W.A. Deacon's Globe and Mail retirement dinner at the King Edward Hotel

7 February 1961

broadcast of interview by J. J. Frank Willis on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television series "Close-Up"

10 February 1961

letter to Ralph and Betty Gustafson [praise for Gustafson's "On Such a Wet and Blustery Night"]

11 February 1961

letter to George Johnston [note of thanks (letter)]

19 February 1961

letter to Daphne Pratt House [television interview]

Spring 1961

stricken from Methodist church records after remarks on "Close-Up" television show regarding his "misguided" ordination

11 April 1961

receives invitation to attend the Grand Opening ceremony of Memorial University in St. John's and to receive an honorary Doctorate of Letters

12 April 1961

letter to John T. Stoker [declines, because of poor health, invitation to attend the Grand Opening ceremony of Memorial University in St. John's and receive an honorary Doctorate of Letters]

18 May 1961

letter to Jacob Markowitz [praise for newspaper article]

early June 1961

declines personal invitation from Newfoundland Premiere Smallwood to attend the Grand Opening ceremony of Memorial University in St. John's

11 June 1961

letter to C.L. Bennet [reminiscences]

14 June 1961

takes Leonard Cohen to dinner at the York Club; Cohen comes back to the Pratts' apartment and reads "Isaiah" and "A Kite"

25 June 1961

re-broadcast of interview on Close-Up originally broadcast on 7 February 1961

14 July 1961

attends funeral of Mazo de la Roche

26 July 1961

receives letter from Joey Smallwood urging him to attend Convocation at Memorial University

27 July 1961

telegram to Joseph R. (Joey) Smallwood [accepts invitation]

20 August 1961

letter to Raymond Gushue [will attend Memorial University convocation if health permits]

7 September 1961

named one of ten recipients of the first Canada Council medals for "distinguished contribution to the cultural life of Canada"

early September

letter to Alan Crawley [note of thanks (congratulations for Canada Council Medal)]

10 September 1961

has a bad fall, scraping his shin, which is slow to heal

11 September 1961

experiences difficulty walking; decides to cancel trip to Newfoundland

12 September 1961

letter to Raymond Gushue [cancels appearance at Memorial University because of fall]

21 September 1961

unable to attend opening of new Victoria College Library (to be renamed the E.J. Pratt Library, after his death)

letter to Kildare Dobbs [note of thanks (congratulations for Canada Council Medal)]

27 September 1961

letter to Margaret Furness MacLeod [note of thanks (congratulations for Canada Council Medal)]

14 October 1961

attends 35-year reunion dinner at Faculty Club of Class of 1926; reads grace from "The Depression Ends" and "Like Mother, Like Daughter"

24 October 1961

letter to H. Pearson Gundy [Bliss Carman]

25 November 1961

has a fall; hurts his head, hand and foot

27 November 1961

death of Lorne Pierce

28 November 1961

John Gray visits to discuss possibility of an edition of The Roosevelt and the Antinoe for Grade 13

30 November 1961

unable to attend memorial service for Lorne Pierce

22 December 1961

receives a telegram announcing the presentation of the Canada Council medals at dinner on 19 February in Ottawa


letter to Vincent Sharman [comments favourably on Sharman's interpretation of closing lines of The Roosevelt and the Antinoe]

1 January 1962

spends quiet day with family; in the evening quotes "Dying Speech of an Old Philosopher" by Walter Savage Landor:
I strove with none, for none was worth my strife;
Nature I loved, and, next to Nature, Art;
I warmed both hands before the fire of Life;
It sinks, and I am ready to depart.

13 January 1962

hesitates about attending Canada Council Awards dinner

7 February 1962

visit from Leonard Brockington, who convices him he should attend the Canada Council Awards dinner

9 February 1962

his brother Calvert is concerned about his health and advises him against making the trip to Ottawa

10 February 1962

decides Viola should to go the Canada Council Awards dinner in his place

16 February 1962

unable to attend dinner in his honour at Conference of the Arts at Victoria College; Viola goes instead and accepts a gift on his behalf; Dennis Lee gives a talk on his work

17 February 1962

Canada Council Awards announced in the Toronto Globe and Mail

18 February 1962

Viola attends the Canda Council Awards dinner and accepts award on EJP's behalf; citation by Leonard Brockington

1 March 1962

receives a copy of the citation from Leonard Brockington

3 March 1962

lunch at the York Club with Leonard Brockington – the first time he is out since 28 December 1961

7 March 1962

tapes readings for a school broadcast for the four western provinces, "Sea-Gulls," A Feline Silhouette," "Erosion," parts of "The Cachalot" and The Roosevelt and the Antinoe, script by Sally Creighton

17 April 1962

letter to Sister Dorothy Marie Doyle [note of thanks (letter)]

23 April 1962

interviewed by William French, Literary Editor of the Globe and Mail, in preparation for a two-part essay entitled "The Master Poet"

goes out in evening and has a fainting episode

May 1962

publication in Atlantic Advocate, 52 (May 1962) of article on Canada Council Award to EJP, including citation by Leonard Brockington and the following poems reprinted from Collected Poems (1958): "The Highway," "The Good Earth," "Erosion," "The Decision," "Come Not the Seasons Here," "Comrades"

1 May 1962

second interview by William French

20 June 1962

visit by William French and photographer who takes photographs of EJP and of Viola

photograph of EJP and Viola

photographs of EJP

3 August 1962

receives advance copies of the first installment of the article by William French from Leonard Brockington; is very pleased

4 August 1962

first installment of "The Master Poet" appears in the Globe and Mail

11 August 1962

second part of "The Master Poet" appears in the Globe and Mail

15 August 1962

letter to John T. Stoker [signature for official register for Memorial University convocation]

6 September 1962

tapes reminiscences of Pelham Edgar tape for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio programme Wednesday Night

9 September 1962

feels ill and has difficulty walking – the beginning of a decline, due to heart problems, from which never fully recovers

15 November 1962

quoted in the cover story in The United Church Observer as expressing concern with the obscurity of much of modern poetry

cover of The United Church Observer

29 November 1962

school broadcast on EJP by J. Frank Willis

30 November 1962

begins to receive callers for the first time since falling ill on 9 September 1962


publication of The Titanic. Poems for Upper School (1963), 1-41

Winter 1963

letter to Jacob Markowitz [greetings and encouragement]

1 January 1963

goes out for dinner for the first time in four months, and for the last time before his death

10 January 1963

letter to Father Stanley Murphy [thank you for birthday gift; friends in the Basilian order]

2 February 1963

receives sketches by Grade 4 students at Havergal College for "Frost" and accompanying birthday greetings

after 2 February 1963

letter to Grade 4 Students of Havergall College [note of thanks (sketches and birthday greetings)]

6 February 1963

80th birthday tribute to EJP on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation arranged by Ronald Hambleton

7 February 1963

letter to Ronald Hambleton [appreciation for the birthday tribute on CBC]

10 February 1963

letter to Raymond Gushue [note of thanks (birthday telegram)]

11 February 1963

letter to Leo Cox [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation birthday broadcast]

February 1963

letter to Douglas and Hazel Bush [note of thanks (birthday greetings)]

letter to David G. Pitt [note of thanks (birthday card)]

letter to Margaret Slater [greetings]

letter to Margaret Wilton [note of thanks (birthday card)]

13 March 1963

receives copy of Canadian Author and Bookman, containing article by William Arthur Deacon, "Laureate Uncrowned: A Personal Study of E.J. Pratt," and with photograph of EJP on cover

14 March 1963

letter to William Arthur Deacon [note of thanks (Deacon's article "Laureate Uncrowned: A Personal Study of E.J. Pratt")]

Spring 1963

memorizes, with Viola's help, the opening lines of the third book of Paradise Lost; has Viola read to him from favourite books, including a biography of Napoleon and an account of Sir John Franklin's last expedition

April 1963

letter to Ronald G. Everson [note of thanks for his letter]

28 April 1963

the Reverend John Morgan preaches a sermon on EJP's poetry at the Unitarian Church; Claire brings home the text which Viola reads to EJP

4 May 1963

receives copy of Douglas Library Notes containing "Lament of the Wets", an unpublished portion of The Witches' Brew of which Queen's has the only extant copy

20 August 1923

reads The Witches' Brew at fifth anniversary celebration at Bobcaygeon

15 June 1963

receives royalties cheque for Collected Poems (1958); 564 copies sold in previous year

25 June 1963

Viola interviewed by Canadian Press re EJP

receives note from Norhrop Frye saying that he is dedicating Fables of Identity to EJP

19 October 1963

brother Calvert suffers a stroke

20 October 1963

Northrop Frye visits with a copy of Fables of Identity

1 November 1963

receives royalties cheque for Ten Selected Poems; 1035 copies sold

13 November 1963

death of brother Calvert in St. John's; is not informed of the death

15 December 1963

listens to Canadian Broadcast Corporation radio broadcast about the Titanic including extracts from The Titanic


29 February 1964

receives visit from Prime Minister Lester Pearson

March 1964

letter to Sister Dorothy Marie Doyle [note of thanks (letter)]

12 April 1964

family decides he should be hospitalized because of cardiac and other complications; put on waiting list for Riverside Hospital

22 April 1964

admitted to Riverside Hospital

26 April 1964

heart stops 10:00 a.m.; pronounced dead at 10:20 a.m.; joking with nurses just before the end

28 April 1964

memorial service at University of Toronto Convocation Hall with full civic and academic honours, with elegy composed and performed on the organ by Healey Willan and tribute by Victoria College President Dr. Arthur Moore

interred in Mount Pleasant Cemetery

programme for the memorial service

tribute by President Moore

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