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June 1910

campaigns for the Methodist missionary organization "Young People's Forward Movement" in Red Deer, Alberta and in the region surrounding North Battlefield, Saskatchewan

September 1910

attends English classes given by Pelham Edgar, who becomes an important intellectual influence

photograph of Pelham Edgar

cartoon of Pelham Edgar (1923)

October 1910

publication of "A Western Experience." Acta Victoriana, 34, No. 1 (October 1910), 3-8 [essay]

appointed Literary Editor and "Class Prophet" of Acta Victoriana

December 1910

EJP with 1911 Third-Year Class Executive

detail of above

photograph of Board of Acta Victoriana 1910-1911

detail of above

c. 1911-1913

photograph of EJP


Winter 1911

becomes engaged to Lydia Trimble

photographs of Lydia Trimble and EJP at time of engagement

11 February 1911

member of two-man debating team which defeats McMaster University for the Kerr Trophy in Convocation Hall

Spring 1911

appointed 3rd vice-president of the Probationers' Association Executive, 1912-13

June 1911

receives Bachelor of Arts degree with First Class Honours and a silver medal for standing second in his class

peddles The Standard Dictionary of Facts in the region of the Athabasca River, with headquarters in Red Deer, Alberta; unsuccessfully operates a refreshment stand at the Regina Exhibition

exchanges property near Turner for two small houses on Atlas Avenue, Toronto

September 1911

begins Master of Arts program in philosophy and psychology at Victoria College (the Philosophy Department includes psychology), the subject of his thesis being "The Demonology of the New Testament in Its Relation to Earlier Developments and to the Mind of Christ"

appointed class assistant in psychology labs


January 1912

denied permission by the Special Committee of the Newfoundland Methodist Conference to marry Lydia Trimble prior to his ordination

Spring 1912

applies to be transferred to the Red Deer Methodist District; application granted (with penalty of having three probationary years expunged from record of pensionable service in Church), but never serves on the circuit there

breaks off engagement with Lydia Trimble

wins a small scholarship for Old Testament studies

3 June 1912

Lydia Trimble dies of "galloping consumption"

7 June 1912

receives Master of Arts degree at Victoria College convocation on day of Lydia Trimble's funeral

July 1912

serves as a summer supply preacher in Streetsville

learns of drowning of George Blewett in Lake Huron while on vacation with his family

September 1912

begins year of studies leading to Bachelor of Divinity degree at Victoria College, though main interest is in psychology

promoted from Class Assistant to Fellow in psychology; new duties include marking scripts and examining projects

continues as an "occasional supply" preacher during the fall and winter terms for the next several years


March 1913

publication of "The Scientific Character of Psychology." Acta Victoriana, 37, No. 6 (March 1913), 300-304 [essay]

13 June 1913

"received into full connexion" by the Central Methodist Church of Toronto

15 June 1913


Summer 1913

beginning of friendship with Viola Leone Whitney, a former classmate and friend of Lydia Trimble

photograph of Viola Whitney as a student at Victoria College

graduates as top student in Bachelor of Divinity program; wins various awards including the Sandford Gold Medal "for general proficiency in the whole B.D. course," which he pawns for seventeen dollars to spend on a dinner for a group of recent Newfoundland emigrés

EJP recalls episode of Stanford Gold Medal:
Version 1 (1 May 1958) [2:42; 1,755Kb]
Version 2 (30 June 1960) [2:13; 1,441Kb]

mid-July 1913

travels to Banff and Lake O'Hara, Alberta with Victoria College professor C.B. Sissons and a group qualifying for the Alpine Club

photograph of EJP and friend at Lake O'Hara

21 July 1913

climbs ten thousand foot Cathedral Mountain with the Alpine Club (recalled in "A Rocky Mountain Experience")

photograph of EJP at Lake O'Hara, ready to climb Cathedral Mountain

photograph of EJP on climb of Cathedral Mountain

September 1913

enrols in the doctoral program in philosophy; promoted to the position of Demonstrator in psychology which involves conducting experiments in colour-discrimination, visual contrasts, after-images, binocular vision, optical illusions and other psycho-physical phenomena

joins, at the invitation of Viola Whitney, the informal poetry class held by Pelham Edgar on Monday evenings at Victoria College; over the next few years, Edgar introduces him to poetry of Wordsworth, Keats, Shelley, Tennyson, Browning, Arnold, Swinburne, Masefield, Bridges, Kipling, Hardy, Yeats; plays by Shaw and Galsworthy; fiction by Wells, Conrad, Arnold Bennett; and introduces him as well to visiting writers including Stephen Leacock, Bliss Carman, Duncan Campbell Scott, Wilson MacDonald


early 1914

engaged to Viola Whitney

writes epic poem featuring "gory, dripping, dragons" [VP, interview with Sandra Djwa Spring 1978] which he destroys after reading to Viola

March 1914

publication of "'Hooked': A Rocky Mountain Experience." Acta Victoriana, 38 (March 1914), 286-291 [short story]

Summer 1914

writes "By the Sea" (later entitled "Evening") while visiting the Whitneys' cottage on the Severn River near Georgian Bay

Autumn 1914

writes "The Sacrifice of Youth" and "Dead on the Field of Honour," the latter in memory of John Lumsden, a student of Victoria College who was killed in the First World War.

photograph of John Lumsden from Acta Victoriana

obituary of John Lumsden from Acta Victoriana

October 1914

publication of The Wind of the West." Acta Victoriana, 39 (October 1914), 14

December 1914

publication of "The Sea." Acta Victoriana, 39 (December 1914), 126


begins work on doctoral dissertation, Studies in Pauline Eschatology, under unsympathetic supervisor, W.G. Smith

EJP comments on reason for undertaking Ph.D. programme (30 June 1960) [1:23; 904Kb]

EJP comments on negative experiences with the Psychology Department and with W.G. Smith (30 June 1960) [1:22; 890Kb]

continues as an occasional supply preacher for churches at Streetsville and later Trafalgar

works full-time on the circuit during August vacations of the regular preacher; makes occasional mid-week visits to Viola Whitney at the Severn River cottage or to her home at Atherley

trades Atlas Avenue houses for a section of land beside a downtown Toronto abattoir, which is then exchanged for land in North York

begins real estate venture with former Methodist College schoolmate Robert LeDrew and Victoria College classmate Walter Brown; they build "five or six" houses on a piece of land on Kenworthy Avenue near the corner of Danforth Avenue and Victoria Park in Toronto's east end; LeDrew and Pratt live in one of these houses between 1916 and 1918, and Pratt falls heir to the property after LeDrew's death in 1919

March 1915

publication of "Unseen Allies." Acta Victoriana, 39 (March 1915), 331

October 1915

publication of "By the Sea." Acta Victoriana, 40 (October 1915), 14

December 1915

publication of "The Sacrifice of Youth." Acta Victoriana, 40 (December 1915), frontispiece


June 1916

publication of "Dead on the Field of Honour." Acta Victoriana, 40 (June 1916), 373

early July 1916

in St. John's in the week after the Newfoundland Regiment is wiped out during the Battle of the Somme, in which his brother Arthur is wounded and briefly missing in action (recalled in "Before a Bulletin Board")

6 July 1916

assists presiding clergyman in the marriage of brother Calvert to Agnes Horwood

September 1916

assigned classroom teaching in addition to laboratory duties in Department of Philosophy; is increasingly unhappy with Department

meets Clarence Hincks, M.D. and Psychiatrist to City Health Department of Toronto, in psychology courses; enlisted by Hincks to assist him in modification of Binet-Simon intelligence tests for first experiments on Canadian children; over next few years assists Hincks and C.K. Clarke at Toronto General Hospital's Psychiatric Clinic; work involves interviewing prisoners at Don Jail

late Autumn 1916

begins Rachel: A Sea Story of Newfoundland in Verse


publication of "The Sea-Shell." The Poets of the Future: A College Anthology, ed. H.T. Schnittkind (Boston: Stratford Co., 1917), 279-281

March 1917

publication of "The Seed Must Die." Acta Victoriana, 41 (March 1917), 255

May 1917

awarded degree of Doctor of Philosophy

June 1917

publication of "The Greater Sacrifice." Acta Victoriana, 41 (June 1917), 320-321

early Summer 1917

serves as summer supply preacher on the Streetsville circuit

works on some "Newfoundland material" dealing with incidents connected with the ministry of John Pratt

completes Rachel: A Sea Story of Newfoundland in Verse; gives a private reading of the poem at the suggestion of a friend, Robert LeDrew

publication of Rachel: A Sea Story of Newfoundland in Verse. New York: privately printed, 1917; publication arranged by Robert LeDrew without EJP's knowledge

5 July 1917

letter to Viola Whitney [Pratt] [finished typing Rachel: A Sea Story of Newfoundland in Verse; sending copy to her and to Pelham Edgar]

18 August 1917

letter to Mrs. F.H. Wallace [wife of Dr. F.H. Wallace, Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Literature and Dean of Theology at Victoria College, enclosing copy of Rachel: A Sea Story of Newfoundland in Verse]

October 1917

publication of "For Valour." Acta Victoriana, 42 (October 1917), 11-13

December 1917

publication of "The Sea." Rebel, 2 (December 1917), 88

publication of "The Great Mother." Acta Victoriana, 42 (December 1917), 135


18 January 1918

letter to Duncan Campbell Scott [request to begin correspondence after hearing Pelham Edgar read selections from "Lundy's Lane"]

February 1918

publication of "The Largess of 1917." Acta Victoriana, 42 (February 1918), 248-249

March 1918

publication of "The Dear Illusion." Acta Victoriana, 42 (March 1918), 312

23 March 1918

publication of "Invocation." University Monthly, 18, No. 6 (March 1918), 219-220

publication of "The Angler." Rebel, 2 (March 1918), 230

publication of "The University and Social Service." Rebel, 2, No. 6 (March 1918), 266-267 [letter]

23 April 1918

letter to Arthur L. Phelps [sending copy of Acta Victoriana containing "'The Dear Illusion'; requests some of Phelps' poetry in return]

26 April 1918

accompanies Hincks and Clarke to meeting in Ottawa; seconds the motion which establishes the National Committee for Mental Hygiene, later the Canadian Mental Health Association, which he continues to support throughout his life

June 1918

publication of "The Wooden Cross." Acta Victoriana, 42 (June 1918), 363-364


appointed Director of Mental Health for Schools by the City of Toronto's Health Department; conducts survey of Toronto's Western Avenue School in order to examine the correlation between measured I.Q. and home environment

9 August 1918

letter to Arthur L. Phelps [plans to visit Bobcaygeon; wedding to Viola Whitney "next Tuesday week"]

20 August 1918

marries Viola Leone Whitney; they spend week-long honeymoon in a borrowed cottage in Muskoka and move into a small apartment on Dupont Street where he begins lifelong practice of entertaining wide range of guests, especially young writers

wedding photograph

September 1918

assigned courses in philosophy and a special course in psychology designed for the School of Social Work

declines job offer from Queen's University Department of Philosophy

revival of earlier interest in functionalist psychology of John Dewey and J.R. Angell, and beginning of lifelong interest in thought of William James

18 September 1918

letter to Arthur L. Phelps [unable to afford lot in Bobcaygeon (purchased by Phelps); encourages Phelps to write]

21 September 1918

letter to Arthur L. Phelps [an appreciation of Phelps' sonnet sequence]

October 1918

publication of "October, 1918." Acta Victoriana, 43 (October 1918), 19-20

publication of introduction to "The Last Home Letter of Hedley Goodyear." Acta Victoriana, 43, No. 1 (October 1918), 60

December 1918

begins "Clay," a "philosophic lyrical drama" later published in part as "A Fragment from a Story"; writes little else while at work on "Clay" over the next two years


January 1919

publication of "Amerongen." Acta Victoriana, 43 (January 1919), 157

March 1919

publication of "The Dear Illusion." Rebel, 3 (March 1919), 218

May 1919

begins eight-week course on treatment of psychological disorders of returning War veterans for nurses and other institutional workers at the School of Social Service

June 1919

publication of "The Hidden Scar." Acta Victoriana, 43 (June 1919), 332

8 July 1919

begins four-week course entitled "Psychology: General and Special" at the University of Toronto Summer School for Teachers

December 1919

publication of "A Dialogue by a Stream." Rebel, 4 (December 1919), 131

publication of "In Memoriam." Acta Victoriana, War Supplement (December 1919), 7

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