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The Timeline consists of a chronological listing of information about Pratt's life and works.

Each entry (or set of entries from the same period) is preceded by a date or range of dates. Where possible, the exact date is given, but, in some cases, dates may be no more specific than a year, or even several years.

Up to four categories of information are given for each date, in the following order:

  1. events in Pratt's life (excluding publications)
  2. publication of poetry
  3. publication of other works
  4. letters (recipient and subject matter noted)

All references to individual poems are linked to the appropriate Poem Pages.

In addition, there are links to images of various sorts (photographs, drawings, paintings, certificates, programmes, maps, etc.) preceded by the "image" icon:

and to audio recordings of Pratt's readings, commentaries, and reminiscences preceded by the "audio recording" icon:

The main sources of information for the Timeline are:

Note: All image and audio links are active. However, currently the only links to Poem Pages which are active are the ones leading to Behind the Log.