In the Table of Texts, published sources are italicized; unpublished sources are in roman type.

For each source listed in the Table of Texts there is a source file, which contains a page-by-page transcription of the text as it appears in the source (for transcription conventions, see Transcribed Versions). The link for the Transcribed Version leads to the location in the source file where the poem appears. Each page of the transcription in the source file is linked to a scanned image of the equivalent page in the source, the link being indicated by the "text" icon:

When the source is a published volume of which Pratt is the sole author (as opposed to periodicals or anthologies), the source file also contains links to the pages in the source which are not transcribed: front and back matter, endpapers, covers, and dust wrappers. These links are indicated by the "image icon":

The source files for published volumes of which Pratt is the sole author also include a descriptive bibliography of the work, based on the "Descriptive Bibliography" by Lila Laakso in E.J. Pratt: Complete Poems, ed. by Sandra Djwa and R.G Moyles, Vol. 2, pp. 373-497 (University of Toronto Press 1989). The descriptive bibliography provides information not accessible through page images, such as scale and materials. It is linked to the appropriate pages in the source file.